Tia & Tamera ~ Embracing Womanhood

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Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

Episode 3: I Do!

Episode 4: It Had to be Said

Episode 5: Breech of Plans

Episode 6: Embracing Womanhood

In Short, I love this show. And I heard that they have a second season…I’m cised!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

So, I find it hilarious how Tamera keeps checking out Tia’s boobs…lol.

Good advice. Tamera tells Tia that she shouldn’t lose herself in her marriage. But I didn’t know that Tamera stopped acting because of her relationship with Adam. But, I feel Tamera’s side of the story as well. They are both making great points. I think Tamera should do what is good for her, while acting WHEN she wants and loving Adam at the same time.

I simply love Tia’s agent/manager… forgot who she was. Lol. She cracks me up. Ummm… Tia’s c-section is 2 weeks away and her baby’s room is so empty that it is a shame.

Raphael, Tamera’s acting coach…. I’ve seen him before but I don’t know where. But I LOVE the advice that he is giving her as well. I want him as my acting coach. I need him! I LOVE TAMERA and all of her therapy sessions…lol.

Bwhahahahah! I love how Tamera revealed that you can get “really sore” because of newly wed reunions. Lol. Yeh, Adam is putting in the work! Wait, so they are driving Adam’s car? And he doesn’t know? Lord, please don’t let anything happen to that car while they are drinking. I LOVE Cheri, she asks the questions that I would ask. Lol. And Tamera has confirmed that Adam is the man we all know him to be in the bedroom-she has not had to fake it yet! Lol.

The ONLY time I think that Tia and Tamera look alike are when Tamera has her hair pulled back. Any other time I can tell them apart…..of course when Tia wasn’t pregnant…lol.

WHAT?!!! Tia has been put on bed rest. And now it is time for Tamera to tell Tia to sit her butt down. I think that they could each use a piece of one another; they are both extremes at opposite ends of the spectrum. Lol.

So Tia is using the same company that designed JLo’s nursery. Cute! Tia wants neutral colors and peaceful. They said… show up with the baby and we will do the rest.

Jackee meets up with Tamera. They discuss what roles Tamera should audition for. She wants to establish herself as her own identity within who she is. Jackee tells her to admit to who she is and to embrace her flaws- that is character development.

So Tia asks Tamera to stay over, but Tamera says that is Adam is home, she has to be there with Adam. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Fight for your husband.  BWhahahahaha Tamera point out the hair on her big toe and Tia’s toe jam. Lol. And then the camera zooms in….lmao! I cant stop laughing.

So the R.N. come over to teach them CPR. I didn’t know that mothers have to learn how to do that. Makes sense. So everyone gets pumped on their chest in the center of the chest equal to the nipple line. Nice to know. So you should use two fingers and pump to 30 and then blow in their mouth.  Bwhahahahahaha Tamaera took the face off the baby dummy. Hahahahaah The face came off… I cant help but laugh. I LOVE TAMERA!!! I could be really cool friends with Tamera.

Petit Tresor Is working magic in Tia’s nursery. I will need to keep them , or someone along my budget, when I get pregnant. Lol.

Bwhahahahah. Tamera said that her ideal role would be to do a guest appearance as a crackhead. I CANT DEAL WITH HER!!! I’m going to pee on myself from laughing at her. Hahahahaha. I love it! P.S. I want this blouse that Cheri has on while they are walking.

Hahahaha. Tia promised to let Petit Tresor surprise her with the room, but she tried to sneak upstairs and she got caught. Awww… Tia does a video diary and she decided that she was going to talk directly to Corey Jr. Awwww…she’s going to make me cry. That was precious.

Rapheal gives Tamera this interrogation scene character that is NO WHERE near what she is accustomed to portraying. But she keeps laughing. What I love about Tamera is that she unconsciously admits her flaws. That is beautiful. I also feel like we get to witness Tamera step into her womanhood. THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! This last take on the scene, once she cried, was amazing!!!! WOW! Yeh, you go girl! I feel honored to watch that.

Bwhahahaha! I think I tinkled myself as Tia did her “ I Love To Eat” dance. And when she talked in Tamera’s face she covered her nose and admitted she smelled the garlic on Tia’s breath.  Aww… Tia thought that would be a good idea to have everyone in the family to do a video entry to Cory Jr. Tia gave the best advice. She started crying. I love how she said that is Tia says no, call her… but if Cory says no then don’t call her. Lol. I giggle every time Tamera kisses Tia’s belly. Lol.

Petit Tresor comes down to bring the twins upstairs to witness the finished nursery. I’m excited as if I were there. Lol. they walk into the nursery and it is simplistically gorgeous! It is a neutral color pallet and I love it! Beautiful.

Tamera calls her agent and tells him to tell the acting powers that be that she is ready to get back into acting. I cant wait!

Next Week: COMEDY!!! Tamera is going to test the breast pump machine. First Lady Michelle Obama is on the show, Tamera is going to be on Access Hollywood and much more! Can’t wait!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. He’s on Once Upon A Time. He plays Henry’s psychiatrist.

  2. Her acting coach’s name is Raphael Sbarge. He’s been mostly TV shows, such as, ER, Crossing Jordan, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, Drop Dead Diva, Will & Grace, No Ordinary Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, etc. as a character actor – generally on only 1-3 episodes for each show. He was also in Independence Day, Pearl Harbor, Message in a Bottle, BASEketball, and Risky Business.

  3. I. Love. This. Show!! Tia cracks me up and Tamera is just extra sometimes. I loved last week when Wendy came over and Tia was cracking UP! I can’t wait to see what happens next season. Guess I will need to get caught up with The Game. Can totally relate to Tia telling her sister to not lose herself in being married, I think she did that for a long time prior to the wedding. I’d love to see the other family members, though. Feels like I’m reliving my pregnancy all over again. 🙂

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