Tia & Tamera ~ It Had to be Said

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Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

Episode 3: I Do!

Episode 4: It Had to be Said

I’m on a roll!!! This is my second of five blogs tonight. 3 more to go. Check out Basketball Wives of L.A.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

I love that Tia is keeping a video journal for her pregnancy. She said she cant shave her legs…lol. COMEDY!!! What? You cant wax when you are pregnant.

I love how Tamera is Mrs. Housely.  Their wedding pics are sooooo romantic. And then they went to Greece for their honeymoon!!!! I simply LOVE Adam and Tamera as a couple. I love Andrea as well. She is a great best friend.

HOSEA!!!!! He is like my piece of candy every episode that he shows up! Lol. SEXY! I love how he is honest but in a loving way. He keeps it real without being hurtful. I love their friendship. They are soooooooo comical together. Hahahahahahahaha. WOW!!!! Tia looks GIGANTIC this episode. Haven’t only two weeks passed since the wedding? How did she get that big in two weeks?

Hold the fuck up! Did Tia just say that she felt left out before the wedding? Boo… all of the chances that Tamera gave you to be there for her ( outside of you being in the hospital) and you were ALWAYS late getting there or said you weren’t going to go, and NOW you feel left out? If you don’t kiss my ass and compare the flavor to what just came out of your mouth!

WAIT! Did Tia just yawn and then complain about how hot it is while Tamera is trying to tell her about the honeymoon? She is so rude. I cant take it. I really cannot take it. But Tamera lying on Tia’s stomach was soooo cute. They should have taken that as a picture!!

Wow! So Tia’s baby has been breech and he is STILL breached in her third trimester.  If this baby doesn’t turn around then she will have a C-section and will need to heal for 8 weeks. Unfortunately, she has to be back on the set of The Game in 6 weeks. I know she’s already had the baby (in real life) but I hope that everything turned out well.

I want to take a cooking class. Hmmm Greek Spinach Pie!!!! I love spinach so this sound yummy. I’m jealous. Okay, Tia shouldn’t pull her hair towards her face….it makes her look thicker. She should pull her hair back, she looks thinner. Bwhahahaha I love Tamera dancing while she eats…hahahaha comedy! I would love to hang with her.

Are you serious? You can turn a baby around from the breech position through chiropractic? Are you shitting me now? Why does the doctor look like the Huncback of Nortre Dame when he turned to the side? Yikes! I have a chiropractic appointment on Thursday…but watching her get hers done freaks me out. I love getting it done, but hate watching it.

Sooooo how has Tamera done her laundry all of these years? I mean, I understand… that’s why I have maids. Hi, Rosa and Carmen. But I know how to do clothes… I just hate to do laundry. That’s why I just pay someone else to do it. Why cant she pay for maids to wash her clothes?

So Tia sits down and informs Tamera that she felt left out on her wedding day. And then Tia cut her off. Honey, if you wanted to be there when she gets ready to walk down the aisle then you should have walked over there. She is the bride… she was focused on her wedding.

Tamera is about to blow in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, TWIN RELEASE!!!!!

You guys already know that I am on #TeamTamera during this fight. I don’t think that Tia gets to play the pregnancy card. I had a Cambodian woman who is 6 months pregnant give me a pedicure today. I am sure she is tired, but she got to work on time, and she did a wonderful job. You don’t get to pull the pregnancy card.

Aww….Adam’s shirt shrunk. And Adam is cooking. I did mention that I love him ( not for myself) but as a man’s man, right? He’s perfect. Does he have a brother? No, seriously.

Hahahhah I cant stop laughing at all of these inventions and techniques that she is trying to get the baby to turn around. Tia is cracking me up. This reminds me of the “Bust-o-Meter” that was supposed to enhance Vanessa’s breast on The Cosby Show. Hahahaha. And Cory caught her crawling and asked if she was cleaning…lol. I love Cory too. He is a great husband and will make an amazing dad.

Aww…. I love how Tamera is trying to be domestic for Adam. He is gonna die of starvation but at least she put in a great effort. Lol. I love how they made a deal that Adam washes and Tamera folds…lol. PERFECT!

Okay, where has Tia’s fitness trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, been this entire pregnancy? I’m not saying she wasn’t on her job… I’m just saying that her skills don’t seem to be used. Lol.

Wait, Tia didn’t know what kegel exercises were? Shame. She didn’t know placenta either. What do they teach these girls?

Am I the ONLY one to notice that Tamera is the ONLY one who says : I know that I have a problem but my sister needs me and I am going to go there.”? I only heard Tia say that for the wedding shower. And I am not tryin to be all up in Tamera’s v-jay-jay, but I think she has entered the world of “womanhood”, if you catch my drift, and now she has a little more oomph to stand up for herself and I love it. That passive stuff was bugging me. Still on #TeamTamera.

Tia just got back from the doctor’s appointment and she found out that the baby is still breached. Wow! I just want to hug her.

Next Episode: Wendy aka Tasha Mack is coming on the next episode! I cant wait. I cant wait to see it! I am loving it. Okay… time to go blog about Alphas!




~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I love this show and the drama..
    But Tia should stop using her baby as an excuse, and TRY to control her pregnancy emotions.

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