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The Borgias~ The New Tudors?

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 6 April 2011 at 12:24 am

        What is a girl to do when The Game ends and that became the popular post on her blog? It ended. I feel lost. I feel full of questions. I feel as if there should have been more to say, more to write, and I feel like I had to find a new show to fill in the gap. So in the middle of watching Julia bring one of my favorite books to life (Eat, Pray, Love) and feeling hopeless as if I, too, will be in my mid 40s until I travel to a foreign land to find an exotic love….an ad for The Borgias comes across my computer.  PERFECT!

        So, a Google search ensues! After a few previews, my inner historian’s interest being peaked and pure geekdom rising to salute the find, I have decided that I will blog about this show. I doubt that any of my readers will watch it, but it wont stop me. Aside from my witty, sarcastic and flat out rude commentary, I have a scholastic side that seeks entertainment in eras before my time. I live in realistic fantasy. Moments where I can see things come to life as they may have been, and maybe….just maybe…they can help me to make sense of where I stand. So, maybe this show can answer some of my questions.

        Questions, like…..why does this resemble The Tudors? I am SUCH a Tudors fan, so I employ you to do it justice should you be a remix. But I will watch the series premiere tonight at 9pm on Showtime.

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        Yes, I wrote this on Sunday and it is NOT Sunday today, but……it will be worth reading and you can catch up on your episodes as you read this. No telling what is in store.  It’s tagline says that it is the Original Crime Family…..we shall see.

Just finished my Muse Cafe interview (Twitter: @Muse_Cafe) just in time for me to catch the show….

Wow!!! The intro screams artwork of 1942. Think DaVinci, The Other Boleyn….beautiful. Pope Innocent VII ( I think) is dying. I MUST GOOGLE the true history of this family. I feel like I am in a historical DaVinci Code.  And even though I am not of Catholic faith… I wish not to show signs of disrespect to the religion while watching this……

But….as this scene of raunchiness flashes before my eyes, resembling that of Sparticus, I don’t think that I will be alone in my going to hell. Wait… I am CONFUSED!!!! The clergy that was just having sex with some strange woman just chased his SISTER down, laid on top of her and was eerily Kentucky Kissing Cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis kind of close. YUCK!!! Okay, if this isnt gross.

The prince hath forbidden fighting in Verona streets!!! lmao! The random outbreak of fights with citizens so close to such skilled and choreographed swordsmanship…..makesme chuckle and look for Mercutio. Wow… they actually played cards that far back into history? Interesting! So Shakespeare played Tunk? Let me find out that Henry The VIII played Spades! hahahaha.

The voting of a new pope takes me back to my days at The Catholic University of America and the passing of Pope John Paul II and the electing of Pope Benedict. How accurate. Black smoke meant I could go back to sleep for another day. But HOO-RAH for the German Pope!!! Okay, so this is quite slow, but I figure that it will all pick up at the change of power once a new pope has been chosen. And this makes the non-Catholic even more weary of the clergy. I couldn’t believe that these same actions stopped after this family died. Yes, I think I will stick with my direct line to God, thank you very much.

Okay, soooo the Papal chair was bought. WHOOPEE!!! But I need to know the scandal of this youngest son. The wench called him a bastard, but he got upset by it. I wonder why. And I am confused with the fact of clergymembers having family. They can do that?

So Rodrigo Borgia is a Spanish pope with the crowning name of Pope Alexander VI. WOW! One of the Cardinals called him and “ape”. Okay…. Borgia, you have my permission to corrupt! Like, hiring the help meant to kill the Pope and telling him to poison another cardinal…lol.

Okay….. i must admit, I stopped writing after the cardinal was poisoned. It got too good for me to watch and write. So…. my apologies. It is getting good. I mean, you must capture my WHOLE attention in order to get me to stop multi-tasking, and this show did exactly that. I laid down on the bed and actually enjoyed the rest of the show. I think this show, no….correction… I KNOW this show is a keeper. And it was even more fascinating to find out that the movie The Godfather is fashioned after the Borgias family. Great old Al Pacino is nothing more than the eldest Borgia son. SMH. Who knew!!!!


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Stay tuned for next week’s episode: The Stench of Borgia

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