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Toya~ Rehab…..Rehab

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Episode 1: A Family Affair

           Yeh, so with this falling on the same night & time as The Braxtons and Sinbad, I don’t know how much longer I can blog about this show. What is their relevance to our society other than the fact that she use to be Lil Wayne’s wife, and will always be the mother of his child? *Sigh* The entertainment side of me says that I should continue to blog to stay up on current “what’s happenings” but then the logical side of me say “Bitch, you really don’t give a damn for these people outside of the fact that they are human and you want to see everyone do well for themselves. ” *inhale*. So yeh, we will see how long I blog about this one too. I hope y’all don’t expect this one to be on time… like the day after it airs… not gonna happen, boo boo.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #AndWeCareB/c?

Okay, Yes, I am late on this too. Too much comes on television in the same night for me to remember what it is that I was suppose to blog about. Also, they come on at the same time. So work with a sister.

Basically, this episode was more about Anita going to rehab than anything else. To hear what she went through as a child that caused her to begin drugs actually made me sympathize with her. My biological father was/is on drugs and I don’t connect her struggle with his, but I do understand the connection between the abuse and the addiction.

Memphitz (sp)….Toya’s man…. does he have a brother? lol. I mean really, that is a man there. I am so happy for Toya in that aspect of her life. We need to see more men like him not afraid to tell their women ( with the world watching) how much they care about them and want them in their lives. I think that makes him a man right down to his core. Most guys wouldn’t do what he does when the cameras are not around and they definitely wouldn’t do what he does when the cameras are around, so BRAVO to a good black man.

The rest of Toya’s family is constantly working on trying to get their connection together. I just found out that Toya has a baby sister….who knew? But she is trying to be a role model for her and I applaud that. I know that they will all work it out. I am just trying to figure out what I am suppose to be learning through my blogging of the show. Are any of you even reading this particular blog post? Let me know in the comment section.

Sorry I cant remember much else to blog about, but that is all that I can remember.


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Lisa Raye~Birth of a Runner

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Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Episode 2: Take 2, Literally

Episode 3: What Chilli Wants?

So, last week was one of those shows where I had to face what was going on in my life as I blogged. Yes, it is hard to know that I am in the same boat as a woman who is beautiful as hell….and know that she will get a relationship before me.  And not to mention that the entire week was filled with a ton of relationship challenges….the guys that I came in contact with last week challenged me to the core.

With all of that being said…. I hope that this week’s episode does NOT make me look inside of myself.  Well, let’s go.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #Diamond

I know that I just said Take 2 above…..but that was Thursday when I thought I was ready to write this. So, to say that I am late in writing this would be an understatement. I am sooooooooo sick that it is not even funny. I hate spring and I hate that if I think about getting sick…..I am down for 3 weeks. So, to everyone who was looking for this to be posted on Friday, my deepest apologies. Please know that I have been well medicated, dehydrated, and plain knocked the hell out and preparing for Easter Sunday. I would have rather been writing this.

Now that it is Sunday and I just woke up from a coma after church at 10pm after only an hour or so of sleep from last night…yadda yadda, yadda….I figured I could write this before The Borgias came on.

Take 2 (Literally) in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #AllWhite

Okay, so Lisa Raye is running her first 5k marathon for the Susan G Komen: Race for the Cure. Hmmm…. I will take Lisa Raye’s cue and I will begin to condition myself to run my first 5k marathon all the way through by spring races in 2012. I think that is a believable time frame, right? And so does her trainer not have a last name?

Okay, so remember the cousin that lost the suitcase? Isnt that her assistant? Why have we not seen her since they have returned from Puerto Rico? Did she fire the poor girl? And truth be told….. karma is a bitch. Because watching all of those reruns of that episode Lisa Raye did joke about her cousin losing her bag and boasting about how she had hers. And in several shots when the fans are taking pics….the Louis V suitcase is visibly in the background, and not even Lisa Raye is near the bag, but….I digress.

Now, on to this new stylist. Wait, back up. Joe eXclusive……I don’t know if his outer appearance would have made me trust him enough to even give him an opportunity to dress me, but I guess I could learn not to judge a bargain basement book by its cover. What? You thought that just because it was Easter that I would be easy on him? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! You know better. Okay, back to this new stylist. Her name is Okera. She pronounces is Oh-k-ear-ah. Cute. Too close to okra to keep my humor in tact. BUUUUUUUT!

I love her mother’s house….the little bit that we got to see. And the dog, Diamond…is so cute. Now, if i could get my dog, Stanely Blu to give a high-five he will be the coolest dog in the neighborhood…lol. Right now he’s smart, but too smart for his own good…lol. Wow… how about I am just now learning about Circle of Promise….wait, no, I take that back. I remember Gabrielle Union mentioned it on The Mo’Nique Show. My Aunt Sharon, is a survivor of breast cancer… so to watch this episode hits home for me, too. Now, Lisa Raye putting on make-up to run a race continues to remind me that there will be something that I dont understand about her in every episode….lol. I guess it is a celebrity thing. But I do see Lisa Raye caring for her make-up artist touched me so very much. THAT is not a celebrity thing, that is a human thing. Those are moments that I love to see in Lisa Raye.

Man, I am watching them run and I am wondering….why are they running so damn fast!!! Slow it down people… I am getting tired just watching them. I would do what I call the “fat girl shuffle”, that’s more of an accelerate walk …less of a jog yet more than a walk. But I applaud her for her effort. Lawd….did I promise to be able to do that by next Spring?  YEA!!!!!!!!! Lisa Raye finished the race!!!!!!!! That really touched me. Okay… so yes, I can do it! Well… I learned a ton from this episode….can’t wait for the next.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Borgias~The Borgias in Love

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed

Today is Easter Sunday….I wonder what debauchery will be brought forth in this episode. Hmmm…whatever it is, I pray that it is worth asking for forgiveness.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2,2 #Crime, #Family, #Murder, #Amen

WOW!!! How creepy to have Lucrezia come out of the water that way, all pale and float into the painting in the ceiling!!!!!!! PERFECT ENTRANCE AND BRAVO TO THE CINEMATOGAPHER & DIRECTOR!!!!

I still feel terrible for Lucrezia and the man she was forced to marry. Shame! I know for a fact that I was born in a time where I too am given to option to love the man I marry. Who would have thought this would have ever been a perfect choice for her. Shame on her father! That last episode and every scene with Lucrezia and her husband Swartza….still bring emotions for me. Great job on the writers!

Now, Cesare and this woman who he met at his sister’s wedding….wow! Dudes back then could meet a woman from a dance, catch feelings and be ready to kill for her? Where did that part of the male chivalry and romance go?….lol. So this woman is married and yet, that does not stop Cesare from wanting her.  And of course Cesare’s mother brings forth the idea that he could leave the church to have a life with this woman if he so dared. Wow…. Cesare told the woman that he would put her heart “in fear of its life, but he would never harm it.” WHO WROTE THAT?!!! I need to follow them around to obtain such genius.

I need for them to speak more clearly!!!! I just missed a very important line due to mumbling!!! Something about threatening Lucrezia’s husband with some kind of possibility. It would have to deal with Giovanni Swartza’s nephew, i suppose.

Rovere is spending all of this time traveling; first Naples, then Florence, and now Milan? Oh wait…..so it was not Lucrezia’s husband (Swartza) that the Pope spoke of…but his cousin is Giovanni Swartza. But wait… did he (Giovanni) just pee through the floor onto his nephew for him to drink? EWWWWW! But at what point was Rovere fulfilling his cardinal duties?

And I must find out more about this Machiavelli from Florence; the same who spoke with Rovere and now seeks out Cesare. Wow… the clever wordplay of this episode is enough to make me touch myself……like watching this guy take baths as Lucrezia watches. Oh…so the handsome servant is Paulo. Hmmmmm…lol

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The revealing for the portrait for Princess Silvia from Navarre(sp) almost had me choke on my Sauvignon Blanc…lol. Juan’s face was simply priceless….lol.

But help me understand, is Lucrezia so longing for companionship that after being practically raped she is so connected to the servant, Paulo? But I guess some victims behave differently. But brilliant to have Paulo mess with Swartza’s saddle to make him fall.

LMAO!!!!!! So the Cardinal (Swartza) was caught with his cousin, twice removed Jerry Lee Lewis style, leaving his room with sexual purposes floating in the air when the pope walks in. Funny how the pope said, “I would hope more than twice removed”.  And his going to Milan killed the Duke that was chained in the floor, the nephew. Wow…..thsoe people had not a care in the world.

I quote “Now my best would break your promise, Borgia” . Even the Assassin is a poet, I see.

Wait… does the pope carry a flask? Ummmm….so communion is a daily ritual for His Holiness? lol.  *takes a sip*

Damn, Cesare…… a dude disrespected your mother and you killed the Barron? Remind me not to say anything about your mother, Vannozza(sp).

So, Swartza did fall off of his horse and broke his leg… back then that could almost be deadly if not set correctly. But I think that this should be a warning to the heads of households who do not properly treat those who support them. I make a personal reference on that sentiment. Oh, what I would give to return to 1492………And Scene.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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