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Breaking In~ Need for Speed and Comedy

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Episode 1: Crazy Old Lady

COVER YOUR MOUTH, BITCH!!!!! LMAO! Yep, still funny as hell.

So, last week was the funniest week in television for me. Breaking In is now one of my favorite shows to come home and blog about. This show will be one of those shows that will become one of those classics. And everyone who knows me knows….I dont give out a compliment so easily. So take it!

Well, I just woke up from a much needed nap. My body is falling apart from my failure to listen to it telling me that I need to take some things off of my plate. But, here I am, pillow faced and hot ass breath about to blog about this show. TMI? COVER YOUR MOUTH, BITCH! lol.  I dont have to talk while I type, and I am laying back down as soon as it goes off….so, dont judge me. Enjoy!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #5FingerDiscount !

LMAO!!! Wait… did Dutch just say he’s out like Michael Bolton? Funny. And he even makes Muppets for romantic gifts? lol.

And how do you fix a bathroom blow dryer that SUCKS IN your shirt right off your back? I thought it was called a BLOW dryer.

And really? Does a boss tell you to taze yourself in the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLMAO!!!!! Josh just tazed himself in the face just because OZ told him to do so. LMAO!!Where they do that at? LMAO!! And really, Cameron? Did you just pull a Cable Guy and say “Get ‘er Done!” lmao! Sorry… that is still funny to me whether people still says it or not…lol.

LMAO!!! SO the point of this show is that a Nascar driver, Jimmy, comes to Contra_Security and informs them that during a previous race his head monitor to the tower was over powered by strange music. So, there is obviously a mole in this pit crew. Cash’s dumbass says “Well, as long as he doesnt have a mole on his lug nut.” lmao! What? It was no “cover yoru mouth, bitch” but I found it funny.

LMAO!!!! Wait…. so, apparently Breaking In is not beneath making Dick Cheney jokes referencing him shooting his friend in the face. Political humor makes me all tingly inside. So, are the writers Democrat? lmao I heard that Cheney was going to make a personal appearance but he just didnt have the “heart” to tell some of the tougher jokes. LMAO! I crack me up. & Fuck you if you didnt get that joke. Go read something that has pictures.

P.S. I’m gonna turn Dick Cheney into a verb. I think that it will make me sound extremely hood if I walk into the hood and pull a Nino Brown. I can see it now….”Sit your $5 ass down before I make change….or Dick Cheney your ass.” Yep….thugalicious!

Okay, I am NOT really feelings Cash’s role in this episode. He is suppose to be the token negro who makes me laugh. And although that would normally make my inner panther protest Faux (Fox), I really do miss it today. So…..what else is Cash going to fix that we will later find out that Oz is behind the magical printer that Cash thinks he has power over.

LMAO! Yeh, is this the episode where Cameron says out-of-date shit like “Fa Sho”? Yeh, non-ethnic people…dont try shit like that. by the time that you hear it and think to exercise it….it is no longer cool by its originators. Just an FYI. Nothing says “Late Motherfucker” than being the only ethnic diva at an Auburn Alumni football party and hearing my fellow graduates yelling DJ Khaled/T-Pain’s All I Do Is Win every time that Cam Newton does an awesome play. Okay…I digress, but my point still stands.

Ummmm….was Josh talking into a pen microphone. Why did he repeat syphilis? lmao! And WOW!!!! How in the world do you make Christmas in Central Park in someone’s house?!!! I mean the snow machine inside? But, romantically sentimental.

And yes. I called it. Cash has just been OZED. Yes, Oz is now a verb like Dick Cheney, except mine is cooler. And wowzers!!! Dutch has been hired full-time.  Shame… I just want to cry for Cameron.

Okay, this Episode wasnt as funny as I would have liked. There was nothing extremely memorable about it. *Sigh* See, this is what happens when you give something new props so soon. Its as if the Universe sucks the power you thought that you had when giving a compliment. But, I have faith…it will be funny next week.


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