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The Borgias~ El Fin

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed (Lucrezia’s Wedding)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode 6: F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing (The French King)

Episode 7: Swartza, You are NOT the Father (Death on a Pale Horse)

Episode 8: Sgt. Lucrezia (The Art of War)

Episode 9: Nobody

As rumor, or fact, should have it…. this is the season finale. I must say that I am not prepared to let it go. Damnit! 

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #CrimeMurderFamilyAmen !

LMAO!!! King Charles called Cardinal Rovere a clown. Well put!

I must say, it humors me to see that both the French King and Cardinal Rovere are being played by the 15 year-old Lucrzia….lol. Never underestimate a woman at any age! lol DAYUM!!!! The pope in the friar’s robe tripped up the King of France too.  Good call!

And the way that Cesare snuck up on Lucrezia…. he better be happy that they are in a time before guns… because he would have been shot if he snuck up behind me like that. lol

The way that Lucrezia fainted made me laugh a little. I mean we saw it coming. I called it! Sforza, you are NOT the father…lol. Where is Maury’s great-great x infinity grandfather…lol?

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!!! I think that the Pope is looking for this “precedent” for the cardinals that left the vatican to prove a point and his control. Shame, but I like it!

Ursela Bonadair (sp), now Sister Martha, is going to hide out Lucrezia until the baby is born. Soooooo, they were hiding pregnant women back then too? I thought that was something they started in the 50s. lol.

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!! Wow! The French King just straight hijacked Cardinal Cesare as a legget(sp). Hmmmm. Yeh, I smell a set up!

Okay, you can’t convince me that the Pope isn’t a pimp the way that he is straight out Holy Pimp Slapping these cardinals for leaving the vatican under threat of invasion from the French Army. Vice Cardinal Sforza just dropped a ton of his private land over to the Pope….lmao! He pimp hand is strong! I wonder how does it feel to be hoe slapped by the man of God?

And Cardinal Rovere…. this Christian ninja right here….lol. He is brave as hell.

Yes, Cesare, you are a hostage of the French Army…lol…! BUT DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYUM!!!! Did you and Micheletto just kil the two French guards that were suppose to protect you? GANGSTA BORGIA!! lmao!!! I mean Micheletto killed old doo with a cheese cutter….lol.

OH SNAP!!! Is Micheletto about to kill Giovanni Sforza?!!!! Damn. I suggest that no one mess with Lucezia…lol.  If all brothers were so eternally protective. Where are they taking him? I mean, they had old dude in a potato sack. lmao!

LMAO!!!! Lucrezia just said that her husband Sforza is impotent. And then the Vatican lawyer suggested that he publicly prove his potency. lol… hilarious!!! Sforza looks pissed!!! lol.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! How pregnant must Lucrezia be to already be showing? The time laps is confusing. And these two ugly fugly looking hooker are enough to make me never be turned on again. And I mean, really…….would they demonstrate sex IN the vatican in FRONT of the Pope and the college of Cardinals? LMAO!!!! Yeh, they pimped you , boo!!! lmao! I wish getting an annulment were still this easy! And then the news travels fast and the court jesters outside cracked me up. Shame!

So ladies, you should not worry. Lucrezia was a teenage pregnancy as well! lmao! Statistics start early in the Christian faith…lol. And she had a boy!!!! Awww how sweet. Lucrezia is a single mother…lol.

Dang!!! So plague kill the people of Naples, or was that the aftermath of Micheletto?

How strange for parents to reminisce over your children while your whore is standing in front of you.

Wow… that last scene with the entire family was beautiful. I can’t WAIT for it to come back on. I am going to miss it… I wont know what to do with myself in its absence!!! I guess I will survive.



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The Borgias~ Sgt. Lucrezia

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed (Lucrezia’s Wedding)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode 6: F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing (The French King)

Episode 7: Swartza, You are NOT the Father (Death on a Pale Horse)

Episode 8: Sgt. Lucrezia (The Art of War)

Episode 9: Nobody


Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #CrimeMurderFamilyAmen !

So, truth be told, I have been spelling Giovanni’s name incorrectly. His name is Giovanni Sforza. Wowzers! And all this time I have been calling him Swartza…lol.

Ummm. Really. Juan is in a whore house when he has his brother’s wife at is disposal? Really. And I saw more saggy breasts in this whore house than should have been allowed , but I guess that a body is a body, right. And ewwww, Cesare dipped Juan’s head into the whore house bucket water. Yucky!!!

Damn, poor Paulo. I mean, really!!! Sforza, why must you whip him just because he wont tell you where Lucrezia is headed. But will you shut the hell up so that you may survive this whipping!!! Damn, Paulo… just hush! No need to get sassy with Sforza while he is whipping you. OUCH!

And again, I will NEVER understand why Juan was placed in control over the Papacy Army. SMDH.

Cardinal Sforza suggests that they abandonRomein the wake of the French Army coming towards them? Hmmmm I wonder if he has joined forces with his cousins. And why does Cesare not wear the cardinal hat like the rest of the cardinals? But at least the Pope will stay inRome.

My mouth almost fell off my face when Lucrezia and her father’s mistress, Julia, encountered the French Army on the road toRome.

Okay, Preach Juan. I SOMEWHAT agree with meeting the French Army further away from Rome so that they cannot use their cannons to destroy the walls of Rome. I mean, he is looking a little thuggish; straight loving his swagger. Go Juan! It’s your fight day! Lol.

WOW! I forgot that Micheletto (the Assassin) even existed. I wondered what happened to him.

Ummm… yeh, Cardinal Rovere is so bold to walk to where Julia and Lucrezia are being held by the French Army. But I must say, Lucrezia is a smart cookie; especially since they have been invited to dine with the French’s King Charles. And the way these ladies are playing King Charles at the dinner table should be patented…lol.

HOT DAMN!!!! The way that these chained cannon balls tore through the front line of the Papal Army was purely gross. Now, I do wish that the graphics persons would have given greater detail to the dead bodies… they look fake as hell. Lol.  Yes, Lucrezia is such a smart woman… the way she ran across the field to negotiate this offer to her brother, Juan, on behalf of King Charles’ bloodless entry to Rome is genius. Now, if in fact King Charles is aimed is to attackNaples, then Lucrezia just made the biggest and simplest military move I have ever seen in my entire life.

OUCH! Cesare calledRomean “old whore waiting once more for her ravishment”. Hmmmm. I wonder how this will play out.  And Juan used the word “lemming”? That term was used back in 1492? I just thought it was a video game for Sega…lmao. The more I stare at Juan’s hair it just looks like he gets his hair done at the same place as Donald Trump’s comb-over.

Now, try as he might, The Pope cant make me believe that he isn’t hiding….lol. He wants to hid in the simple garments. But It was a nice touch how he said it was to face his enemies the same way that The Savior faced his in his final hours. GENIUS! Scandalous, but genius. Man, those sandals look like some worn down American Eagle sandles.

And now, Cesare is trying to get his mistress to flee from her nunnery. Woman, RUN!!!

Wow! I cannot wait to see next week’s Season Finale!!!!


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The Borgias~ Swartza, You are NOT the Father

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed (Lucrezia’s Wedding)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode 6: F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing (The French King)

Episode 7: Swartza, You are NOT the Father (Death on a Pale Horse)

Episode 8: The Art of War

Episode 9: Nobody

Today was packed with soooo much to do. I discovered how to take notes in church on my Nook Color, cooked dinner for the week with my mentee, and managed to pick out all of my clothes for the week. Why, you ask? Because… I am turning my life around for the better…..and I want to have more time and energy to come home and blog for all of you wonderful people. So, all of that to say, Sorry for being late with posting this blog but I still love you… please still love me. lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #CrimeMurderFamilyAMEN!

Okay, soooooo there was too  much going on for me to pay attention while I was cleaning my house. Yes, I clean at 10pm on Sundays…lol.

First off.. still calling Roman Police on Joffre’s wife. THAT IS SICK!!! You will NEVER make me like the fact that children had to consummate their marriages to older people. Just flat-out nasty! And Sanje (sp), Joffre’s wife is still having an affair with Jaun. SHAME ON JUAN!!!!!

Lucrezia is still getting her groove on with Paulo, with the helpf of Francesca, the maid servant. Swartza was getting better and wanted to get his groove on until I think that Lucrezia slicked the floor and made him slip and hurt his leg again, preventing him from having sex. Rumor has it…. they havent slept together since Swartza broke his leg. So, in my Maury voice, in the case of the morning sickness being exhibited by Lucrezia and found out by the pope’s mistress…. Swartza, you are NOT the father….lmao! Paulo, looks like you’re gonna be a baby’s daddy! lol. But….only Lucrezia and her father’s mistress know about this.

Speaking of mistresses, Cesare seeks out to find the woman whose husband he killed. She was housed in a nunnery which fell under his cardinal house. She fought and held on to her vows as a nun and pushed him away. I have a feeling that he will be back….and eventually she will give in. Girl, you know you want some Cesare!

Rovere is still at it. The King of France has marched through a city ( can’t remember which) and killed a bunch of innocent people. Children and women were slain in the streets. And the fight choreographer had a thing for showing slashed necks as if nothing else could be stabbed. I think I got the picture after the 5th slashed neck. Rovere pleads with the King to allow him to march ahead to Florence and seek Florence’s surrender so that peace may follow instead of the massacre that occurred that day. I would too if I heard the voice of Uncle Fester’s earlier premonition of the bloodshed that would follow if war were to break out in Italy.

The King of Florence was straight gangster. He made the King of France ride with his lance backwards and even lowered the gate to the city low enough that would make him have to ride with it backwards. Rovere and the Florence king spoke of rumors of the both of them being excommunicated if they participate or surrender to the King of France. The King of Florence sai, ” Well, I guess it will have to depend on one’s definition of Surrender.” CAN WE SAY GANGSTER!!!

Well, the entire Swartza family is joining the rest of the country and will allow the French Army to march through. Despite the promise Lucrezia’s husband made to support the Pope when he married her, he is joining the decision of his cousin’s and will not protect the House of Borgia. SHAME ON THIS BROKE LEG, LIMP DICK HAVING HEATHEN!!!. Did you not hear me say, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! hahahahahah.

If anything else occurred? I cannot remember. Blame it on my busy life and not on my willingness to entertain. See ya next week. And Scene!


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The Borgias~ F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed (Lucrezia’s Wedding)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode 6: F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing (The French King)

Episode 7: Death on a Pale Horse

Episode 8: The Art of War

Episode 9: Nobody

I should have written this last night, but I had to prepare for this morning. But, rest assured that I did at least watch the show…. so, shall we?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, ,2 , 2, 2, 2 #CrimeMurderFamilyAmen

Okay, off the bat…. this episode was clearly a reflection of a sexually oppressed writer. I think the only male butt and female’s breast I didn’t see in this episode was Vannozza ( the mother of the Pope’s children) and her husband. There were freaks to the left of them, freaks to the right of them….lol.

So, outside of all the blatant fornication, there really was some progression in the plot….I think. Rovere was still milling about the country trying to bring France to Rome’s front door. Which to me is the STUPIDEST thing to do. Why kill innocent lives just to bring down the papacy? I feel like I should have called on the Charmed sisters. P3 to the rescue!!! But he succeeded in getting the King Charles of France to agree to begin a war, right after he showed him the destruction that a cannon can do to a castle wall. Yes, I have always wanted to shoot a cannon into the side of my own castle wall……sign number one.

Lucrezia has quickly settled in to her role of Battered Wives 101. After setting up Swartza to fall off the horse, where he subsequently broke his leg, she has taken on the role of his caretaker. He immediately apologizes for the way that he treated her merely because she has Borgia blood in her veins. She wipes it away as she has more tricks than this up her sleeves. She later mentions to Cesare that she finds that a confined husband is a more tame husband.  Her an Paulo kick up their sexual raunchiness up a notch. Yes, nothing says “freak me baby” like poison ivy in the ass after a romp in the forrest or sex on an old, creaky maritial bed. Even the servants are helping to keep Paulo and Lucrezia’s sexual activities under wraps. Swartza once heard the bed squeaking from the room he now sleeps in due to his injury and seeks out the cause of this noise. He was under suspicion that some sexual activity was going on, but the servants stopped him in the hall by showing him that the noise he heard was merely the squeaky butter churn. CLEAR GENIUS!!!

Juan was supposedly next in line to be married, as Cesare is now a cardinal and cannot be married. They show the bastard daughter of King Ferrante of The House of Aragon (Naples). It is agreed that Joffre, the youngest who I believe is only 13, will be the one to marry her. Juan makes up some excuse that he must go check out this betrothed woman on Joffre’s behalf. Upon getting to Naples he has dinner and is given Sancia, the Dukess ( which is my first time hearing the term), as a tour guide of the castle. Sancia and Juan found it rather erotic to have sex on the table of the embalmed dead people who King Ferrante kept in his castle. Yes, THIS was new levels of freakdom for me.

Another level of Freakdom is that Sancia still married Joffre Borgia, and moments before entering the marital bedroom to consummate their marriage, she was behind the wall having sex with Juan. Yes, I find it highly creepy and a means to file a child molestation charge on those who felt it okay for a 130year-old Joffre to consummate his marriage with this 20-something-year-old illegitimate child of King Ferrante.  The scene, down to the fade out was rather creepy and uncomfortable to me. Just saying….. But at least his mother was allowed to attend his wedding. And oh… Cesare and Vannozza picked up on the subtle clues that when it came to Joffre’s betrothed wife…. Juan already hit that…lol. Well, they gave that impression, any way.

Cesare, which I find it interesting to keep hearing everyone pronounce his name Chess-ah-ray, finally gets some booty from the nobleman’s wife. For 3 weeks they broke her wedding vows and some of his Cardinal vows as well, just for her to discover that her husband was found dead with knife wounds to the chest. She feels guilty, gets all dramatic, Cesare says that he will hunt her down and she will never get rid of him, and she joins a nunnery. *Cues Shakespeare Abridged* “Get thee to a nunnery!”

Juan happens to be at his mother’s cottage when her husband shows up; not to be confused with the Pope, mind you. He gets enraged and beats the living spit out of this dude. All under the premise that rumor has it one of the Borgia children are indeed Vanozza’s. Juan confronts the Pope, to which the Pope replies “You are our son”. I think he was speaking in the papacy sense, as in You are the son of the Pope, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I don’t think that he means, Mine and your mother’s.

There is soooo much here, and judging by the simple Google search that I did to find Sancia’s name, this series could go on for YEARS!!!!! I don’t want to spoil it, but research showed me that people get married more than once, and the debauchery continues! STAY TUNED!!! Amen


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The Borgias~The Borgias in Love

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed

Today is Easter Sunday….I wonder what debauchery will be brought forth in this episode. Hmmm…whatever it is, I pray that it is worth asking for forgiveness.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2,2 #Crime, #Family, #Murder, #Amen

WOW!!! How creepy to have Lucrezia come out of the water that way, all pale and float into the painting in the ceiling!!!!!!! PERFECT ENTRANCE AND BRAVO TO THE CINEMATOGAPHER & DIRECTOR!!!!

I still feel terrible for Lucrezia and the man she was forced to marry. Shame! I know for a fact that I was born in a time where I too am given to option to love the man I marry. Who would have thought this would have ever been a perfect choice for her. Shame on her father! That last episode and every scene with Lucrezia and her husband Swartza….still bring emotions for me. Great job on the writers!

Now, Cesare and this woman who he met at his sister’s wedding….wow! Dudes back then could meet a woman from a dance, catch feelings and be ready to kill for her? Where did that part of the male chivalry and romance go?….lol. So this woman is married and yet, that does not stop Cesare from wanting her.  And of course Cesare’s mother brings forth the idea that he could leave the church to have a life with this woman if he so dared. Wow…. Cesare told the woman that he would put her heart “in fear of its life, but he would never harm it.” WHO WROTE THAT?!!! I need to follow them around to obtain such genius.

I need for them to speak more clearly!!!! I just missed a very important line due to mumbling!!! Something about threatening Lucrezia’s husband with some kind of possibility. It would have to deal with Giovanni Swartza’s nephew, i suppose.

Rovere is spending all of this time traveling; first Naples, then Florence, and now Milan? Oh wait…..so it was not Lucrezia’s husband (Swartza) that the Pope spoke of…but his cousin is Giovanni Swartza. But wait… did he (Giovanni) just pee through the floor onto his nephew for him to drink? EWWWWW! But at what point was Rovere fulfilling his cardinal duties?

And I must find out more about this Machiavelli from Florence; the same who spoke with Rovere and now seeks out Cesare. Wow… the clever wordplay of this episode is enough to make me touch myself……like watching this guy take baths as Lucrezia watches. Oh…so the handsome servant is Paulo. Hmmmmm…lol

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The revealing for the portrait for Princess Silvia from Navarre(sp) almost had me choke on my Sauvignon Blanc…lol. Juan’s face was simply priceless….lol.

But help me understand, is Lucrezia so longing for companionship that after being practically raped she is so connected to the servant, Paulo? But I guess some victims behave differently. But brilliant to have Paulo mess with Swartza’s saddle to make him fall.

LMAO!!!!!! So the Cardinal (Swartza) was caught with his cousin, twice removed Jerry Lee Lewis style, leaving his room with sexual purposes floating in the air when the pope walks in. Funny how the pope said, “I would hope more than twice removed”.  And his going to Milan killed the Duke that was chained in the floor, the nephew. Wow…..thsoe people had not a care in the world.

I quote “Now my best would break your promise, Borgia” . Even the Assassin is a poet, I see.

Wait… does the pope carry a flask? Ummmm….so communion is a daily ritual for His Holiness? lol.  *takes a sip*

Damn, Cesare…… a dude disrespected your mother and you killed the Barron? Remind me not to say anything about your mother, Vannozza(sp).

So, Swartza did fall off of his horse and broke his leg… back then that could almost be deadly if not set correctly. But I think that this should be a warning to the heads of households who do not properly treat those who support them. I make a personal reference on that sentiment. Oh, what I would give to return to 1492………And Scene.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Borgias~ Something Borrowed

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

I must confess… it becomes harder and harder for me to blog about this show in my original format. I get so caught up in trying to watch the show that I actually forget that I am supposed to be blogging. I find that I have to watch the show once through to gain the concept and string of events and then I must come back and watch it again to blog uninterrupted. And with an hour-long show, I find that to be too much of my already limited time. So, we will see if this stays as a part of my blog list.

I really want it to stay, really, I do. lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,2 #Crime, Family, Murder, Amen

So this episode,Lucrezia’s Wedding, starts off with a beautiful scenery of Florence and Cardinal Della Rovere riding into the city walls. Some man of the cloth, unknown at the moment but bares a close resemblance to Uncle Fester, is hailing from the pulpit how Pope Alexander (Borgia) is an abomination to the church. Such strong words, don’t you think? But I just know that this is right up Cardinal Rovere’s ally.

Lucrezia is seen in bed sick, from incest maybe…but at the moment I am unsure. Cesare is seen taking care of his beloved sister. If this is cold feet…. I want hot feet;she seems to be breaking a sweat from a fever. Waiiiiit, is she upset at the horrible death of Jem? She mentions that she shall never have another friend like “him”. HOW DARE CESARE LIE!!! He told Lucrezia that Jem died from swamp fever. I have seen a moor die from many a things, but seldom a mosquito bite! And yes, I am still upset about the manner in which they killed him in the last episode. And sure, I know that they took creative liberties with the script and who knows, maybe Jem never asked to switch over to Christianity… but if he did…. I have a good feeling I know where the Borgias currently reside. Hell, even if he remained a Muslim and they killed him I know that I could ask Lucifer to give a Borgia a finger after passing the salt at the dinner table.  but I digress.

The scene with the pope and his wife or was she just his long-term mistress too? Whoever she is, there scene together is one that brought forth so much information. The pope has banned Lucrezia’s mother (Vannozza dei Cattani) from attending the wedding as not to bring forth any form of scandal. As legend has it, Rodrigo’s wife is rumored to have been a courtesan. Hmmm… so she was good enough to wife, have children, but not good enough to attend the pope’s daughter’s wedding? Confusion. Speak of scandal. *southern Baptist church fan, leans in pew to spread the news*

Cesare, the lying bastard, meets with the Assassin (Micheletto)  and a hooded mystery man who looks more like the apothecary from Romeo & Juliet or the hooded MJ upon entry from Remember the Times.  Cesare asks, “What is he? Benedictine or Franciscan?” Hmmm… *google search*

Benedictine refers to the spirituality and consecrated life in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict, written by Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century for the cenobitic communities he founded in central Italy.

Most Franciscans are members of Roman Catholic religious orders founded by Saint Francis of Assisi. The most prominent group is the Order of Friars Minor, commonly called simply the “Franciscans.”


From what I can gather, both groups were banned for one reason or another and its Catholic members were placed into exile. Will do more research to find how that is relevant to this time frame, but as it stands…there is your answer. Or my answer since I asked. lol.

So, the Assassin has brought him to see Cesare. When asked the aforementioned question, Micheletto mentions that he is of some “order” …one of which diction would have been helpful to clarify. But, since Cesare mentions his “begging bowl” one would rely on history to know that is a Buddhist term. Anywho, Cesare mentions that he can go to Florence, probably to scope out dirt on Uncle Fester, and return it back to the Assassin. And again… I have no clue what the hooded man’s name is. I think he said John something, but I do know that he is at the eminent’s service…lmao. And the scars on his face may very well betray him as they did the Assassin in the salt baths.

The pope’s mistress and his daughter are still close; baffles me if that would EVER happen today. Lucrezia mentions that Jem still visits her in her dreams and Giulia Farnese tells her not to worry. And Lucrezia confesses that the Moor has a secret to tell her and that, in her dreams, she must kiss Jem to comfort him. She asks Giulia if it is permissible to kiss a Moor in her dreams to which she answers that everything is permissible in our dreams.

The scene where Giulia teaches Lucrezia about kissing reminds me of the park scene in Cruel Intentions.  A “chaste kiss” is very innocent and full of promise. Then there is the “kiss of pleasure” which begins to promise. And the kissing lesson is broken…and Giulia leaks the secret of her mother not attending Lucrezia’s wedding. Upon inquiring the truth from the pope…he storms away without promising her of her mother’s attention.

Sidebar: I am only 13 minutes into the show! Packed with drama…..I must find a better way to describe this! BUT I LOVE THE SCANDAL!

LMAO!!! The theatre show is frigging hilarious! the woman on the floor cleaning with the man behind her simulating doggy style almost made me bite my tongue! I am sure doggy style has been around for ages, but so out in the open? Hmmmmm Nice to know.

And how sneaky of Cardinaly Rovere to request that Florence alow France to march through their city in order to invade Italy. I really must do research, but I don’t want to spoil the series.

Now, who is this Theo character? He said so much that I got even ore confused. Was he previously Vannozza dei Cattani’s lover? Waiiiiiiit, Theo is Vannozza’s husband/ I am so confused, then how is she in the Vatican with the pope? And why is Theo so afraid of Cesare? CONFUSION, CONFUSION, CONFUSION!!!!

Now Uncle Fester is scaring me with his description of his dream. he dreams of a cleric in red who will welcome a northern army ( France) to come and bring destruction to Rome. He even mentioned that the Borgia pope will be dead. I’ve always been wary of prophets…. but…continue.

And look… Christopher Columbus provides a savage for the Pope to look at. Are you going to kill this one like you did Jem? What? Just asking. lol.

How ironic that Cardinal Rovere can ask the question if it is a sin to spill blood for the greater good and to banish evil. I’m not calling out any religions….but I think you catch my drift. SMDH. And how could he not know that the supposed man of the cloth in the confessional is not a man of the cloth. Sure, only we would know it is the hooded man… but come on! Watch who you tell your business too.  I am not telling a minister jack! This is why I have a direct line to the LAWD…..have mercy! The hooded man let it slip out and called him Cardinal. DAMN!!!! Cardinal Rovere just stabbed this son of a bitch in the eye. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Okay…. the play and the vulgarity…flashing breasts…smh. I knew they went too far into the episode without sex. lol.

And boy, I damn near forgot that Joffre even existed. For a moment there I thought he was the Borgia version of the twins from Let’s Stay Together. lmao

Thanks the heavens above for the Americas! If it were up to the old country there would be no Bridezillas due to arranged marriages. How would I spend my Saturdays? But this wedding is gorgeous!The actress who plays Lucrezia is absolutely stunning. *Girl Crush*

How BOLD of the pope to parade his hoe. The nerve, I tell you! But even bolder is the courage of Cesare to bring his mother to the aftermath of the wedding in sheer defiance of the pope’s orders. Such a turn on. lol. But nothing beats the confusion that I have of such a vulgar play displayed for the POPE after a WEDDING. Say it with me now, CONFUSION!!!

But this bedroom scene between Lucrezia and Swartza(sp)…..NO!!! I am emotional over this. He called their wedding a farce! But to rape her! *sharpens my knife* THAT IS UNCALLED FOR! I never understood how guys could get so angry that they get turned on enough to get an erection. I must stop writing…..I am pissed, furious, and amazed by the cinematography and its ability to make me get this angry at what I just saw. Brava!


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The Borgias~Stench of Borgia

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

        Primed and ready to write. Sitting here blogging and webcam chatting with my boy Steve (interesting to say the least since it is booty call hours….and that is where I shall leave that) But he has perked my interest to write more honestly about this episode as it comes on. Yes, I too am turning down cuddle time to blog. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! My grind is starting to take a weird turn for the lonely! lol. This is the 3rd time I have done so. Oh well!

        Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2 Crime, Murder, Family, Amen

        Wow…. I love this show. I have to remember how to spell everyone’s name. Of course I know Juan… but Cesare… I must try to remember. Wow…did Rodrigo just say that he thought that Jesus was crucified by Romans…lol. Funny.. WAIT!!!!

        The prince of Naple’s voice is highly annoying. And this Cardinal snitching on Borgia is retarded. But what was the purpose of a room full of dead stuffed people? I am so confused. entertained, but confused. So much dramatics just to rid the stench of Borgia.  So were the dead his father’s advisories?

        It baffles me why the father would send the stupid son to war? What does the pope get out of keeping Cesare there? OH MY WORD!!! Why is the traitor helper dude sitting in the banquet hall full of dead people just staring at them? I am soooo creeped out by that. Yuck! So not sexy. I have to see if there is any truth to a banquet hall full of dead people as soon as I can figure out whose house this is supposed to be.

        I guess I will have to watch this long enough to figure out why Cesare doesn’t want to be a cardinal. And why are men giving men massages? Wouldnt they have done as the Greeks do and have the women massage them?And they had face masks back then? lol. funny.

        HOLD THE FUCK UP! Did they just kiss the Pope’s SHOE & his pinky ring? Get the hell up out of here! Oh hell nawl!!! You’d have to banish me from the damn church. I have a hard enough time grasping the concept of drinking after damn strangers out of the communion cup… and now I have to kiss a mofo’s shoes?!  Talk about faith! If it takes that for me to follow God, I’m switching to Allah!

         And damn!!!! The assassin got caught in the pool, but I was typing and didn’t see how. Damn! But I did catch a glimpse of the Cardinal’s package. He has more faith than a mustard seed….I likey! But the Assassin failed. Yet, how do you get your ass whooped under water? Ok…it came on again directly after so I got to see how the assassin turned around to get his weapon and the Cardinal caught him in the pool and recognized him by his scars.

        And I know that the last episode had hem trying to bring out the pope’s extramarital affairs, but he is just bold about it now.

      And the muslim from Constantinople (sp) is actually quite cute. Lovely.

        And wow, they want to marry off Lucrezia, but isn’t she only 14 years old? Ewww creepy!

         I think that she and  Jem ( the Muslim) should date.  Wow, it is cool to see Juan & Jem call each other brother. And to think there was a time where Christians and Muslims werent burning each others Holy Books. smdh.  And Juan is a horrible swordsman.

        WAIT!!!!! The Pope just told Cesare last episode that their papacy stops at murder and then he contemplates killing Jem for 400 thousand ducats? I cringe at the thought that a man of God would consider such a proposition. This really is testing my overall faith.  I mean, he didn’t call Jem a heathen until he was seen dancing with Lucrezia.  Shame…..and it begins;separation between Muslim and Christians.

        I swear, this incestual chemistry is creeping me out between Lucrezia and Cesare. But I guess that is what they did back then. Wasnt it Henry VIII’s family that was full of incest so badly that they had the mutated jaw?

         WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!! Jem wants to become a Christian based on the fake Christianity that the House of Borgias has granted him in his stay. My heart just dropped out of my chest! And now this confession will give them a reason to kill him as long as he confesses his sins before God before he is killed!. Reminiscent of Hamlet’s father, right?

        And it baffles meat how the pope’s mistress is allowed to spend so much time and have such an influence on Lucrezia.

        Poor Jem! He is dying such a horrible and painfully slow death. I want to cry. Shame. And then the black man gets blamed for him being poisoned.  I am literally ready to yell at my television screen as if I can change history. Talk about great cinematic play. but it shames me to know that the vatican floors are paved with blood in such an unrighteous fashion.  I can’t watch this….. NO, JEEEEEEEM! I hate Juan’s stupid ass for smuggling Jem. Ah! if you knew how it makes me want to scream as a Christian right now you would understand my hatred stems from a raw place. I needed not watch this.

        And how DARE the pope pray for protection in the wake of such sins! Do Catholics really think that they can continuously sin and continuously ask for forgiveness? Is that how it works? AH!!!

        Next week looks enticing!!!! And I hear that the mother is not invited to the wedding? oooooooh! Yummy!

        I am falling in  love with this show and have no way of understanding how I actually have emotional reactions to each scene.  I’m confused. In short, it is soooo hard to watch and type for this show. It gets so good that I want to sit and watch, but then I will forget my immediate responses. Shame. What is a girl to do?


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The Borgias~ The New Tudors?

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        What is a girl to do when The Game ends and that became the popular post on her blog? It ended. I feel lost. I feel full of questions. I feel as if there should have been more to say, more to write, and I feel like I had to find a new show to fill in the gap. So in the middle of watching Julia bring one of my favorite books to life (Eat, Pray, Love) and feeling hopeless as if I, too, will be in my mid 40s until I travel to a foreign land to find an exotic love….an ad for The Borgias comes across my computer.  PERFECT!

        So, a Google search ensues! After a few previews, my inner historian’s interest being peaked and pure geekdom rising to salute the find, I have decided that I will blog about this show. I doubt that any of my readers will watch it, but it wont stop me. Aside from my witty, sarcastic and flat out rude commentary, I have a scholastic side that seeks entertainment in eras before my time. I live in realistic fantasy. Moments where I can see things come to life as they may have been, and maybe….just maybe…they can help me to make sense of where I stand. So, maybe this show can answer some of my questions.

        Questions, like…..why does this resemble The Tudors? I am SUCH a Tudors fan, so I employ you to do it justice should you be a remix. But I will watch the series premiere tonight at 9pm on Showtime.

Take 2, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, Crime, Family, Murder, Amen

        Yes, I wrote this on Sunday and it is NOT Sunday today, but……it will be worth reading and you can catch up on your episodes as you read this. No telling what is in store.  It’s tagline says that it is the Original Crime Family…..we shall see.

Just finished my Muse Cafe interview (Twitter: @Muse_Cafe) just in time for me to catch the show….

Wow!!! The intro screams artwork of 1942. Think DaVinci, The Other Boleyn….beautiful. Pope Innocent VII ( I think) is dying. I MUST GOOGLE the true history of this family. I feel like I am in a historical DaVinci Code.  And even though I am not of Catholic faith… I wish not to show signs of disrespect to the religion while watching this……

But….as this scene of raunchiness flashes before my eyes, resembling that of Sparticus, I don’t think that I will be alone in my going to hell. Wait… I am CONFUSED!!!! The clergy that was just having sex with some strange woman just chased his SISTER down, laid on top of her and was eerily Kentucky Kissing Cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis kind of close. YUCK!!! Okay, if this isnt gross.

The prince hath forbidden fighting in Verona streets!!! lmao! The random outbreak of fights with citizens so close to such skilled and choreographed swordsmanship…..makesme chuckle and look for Mercutio. Wow… they actually played cards that far back into history? Interesting! So Shakespeare played Tunk? Let me find out that Henry The VIII played Spades! hahahaha.

The voting of a new pope takes me back to my days at The Catholic University of America and the passing of Pope John Paul II and the electing of Pope Benedict. How accurate. Black smoke meant I could go back to sleep for another day. But HOO-RAH for the German Pope!!! Okay, so this is quite slow, but I figure that it will all pick up at the change of power once a new pope has been chosen. And this makes the non-Catholic even more weary of the clergy. I couldn’t believe that these same actions stopped after this family died. Yes, I think I will stick with my direct line to God, thank you very much.

Okay, soooo the Papal chair was bought. WHOOPEE!!! But I need to know the scandal of this youngest son. The wench called him a bastard, but he got upset by it. I wonder why. And I am confused with the fact of clergymembers having family. They can do that?

So Rodrigo Borgia is a Spanish pope with the crowning name of Pope Alexander VI. WOW! One of the Cardinals called him and “ape”. Okay…. Borgia, you have my permission to corrupt! Like, hiring the help meant to kill the Pope and telling him to poison another cardinal…lol.

Okay….. i must admit, I stopped writing after the cardinal was poisoned. It got too good for me to watch and write. So…. my apologies. It is getting good. I mean, you must capture my WHOLE attention in order to get me to stop multi-tasking, and this show did exactly that. I laid down on the bed and actually enjoyed the rest of the show. I think this show, no….correction… I KNOW this show is a keeper. And it was even more fascinating to find out that the movie The Godfather is fashioned after the Borgias family. Great old Al Pacino is nothing more than the eldest Borgia son. SMH. Who knew!!!!


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Stay tuned for next week’s episode: The Stench of Borgia

Lyrically Speaking: Waka Flocka-No Hands

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Second Edition

        Like Waka Flocka at all of his paid performances, I am at a loss for words. I mean, I will make an honest attempt to give some form of props in the middle of this mess….but no promises.

        Waka Flaka’s No Hands is a very trendy and catchy beat and chorus that has teens from DC to Japan screaming “Look ma, no hands” and even though I have been guilty of bobbing to it in my own house and subconsciously learning the lyrics thanks to constant rotation on the radio, I wouldn’t want anyone else learning it. Hypocrite? Yes, and rightfully so. I’m old enough to know what the lyrics of the song mean. I wish I could sit a class down and deconstruct these lyrics. It’s the teen group that I want to stop from bobbing to this, because the girls are the first ones to jump up and prove to the boys that they are the best “No Hands” chick in the building, and the boys continue to think that treating these girls as such is what the girls want because they aren’t showing them otherwise.

        I remember when Hip-Hop use to make us think, you to get you amped up to do something, but now this rap stuff is for no other use than to degrade and get your head bobbing in the club. Being, indirectly, from the south you would think that I was proud of the south’s musical (lack of) achievements. I mean, the Stanky Leg and No Hands should be enough to make me rep’ my city….right? Not so much. Okay…enough of my banter… lets look at these lyrics. The same lyrics that get bleeped out on the radio and make it sound just a little bit cleaner than what it was ever intended to be……those edited lyrics are WAY better than what is said.


Girl the way you’re movin’
Got me in a trance
DJ turn me up
Ladies dis yo jam
I’ma sip Moscato
And you ‘gon lose dem pants
Then I’ma throw this money
While you do it with no hands
Girl drop it to the flo’
I love the way yo booty go
All I want to do is sit back
And watch you move
And I’ll proceed to throw this cash


        Fiiiiiiiirst off! Roscoe has a daughter. I keep trying to tell people how this whole ” I will corrupt your sons and daughters while I protect my own seed” mentality is a bunch of bullshit! Some lil boy is going to grow up thinking that this is how to treat a woman, therefore making his daughter’s chances of finding a decent man who doesn’t want her just for her money slim to impossible!!! I can’t shout this enough. So he is telling you that this is your song & you’ve got to take your pants off BEFORE he’ll give you any money. Okay… on to the king of stupidity.

Verse 1:

Waka;Verse 1:]
(Waka, Waka, Waka, Flocka, Whoa, Whoa)
All that ass
In yo jeans
Can Wale beat
Can Roscoe skeet
Long hair she don’t care
When she walk she get stares
Brown skin or a yellow-bone
DJ this my favorite song
So I’ma make it thunderstorm
Bud, want it, Flocka, yea
Blowin’ ,fuck it, i dont care
Chests’ flyin’ everywhere
Got my partner Roscoe, like bruh
I’m drinkin’, help, can’t you tell
Booze help me hit them 15 steps
I’m fuckin’, well i’m tryna hit the hotel
With 2 girls that swallow me
Take this dick while swallow
Pay moscato got her freaky
Aye you got me in a trance
Please take off yo pants
Pussy pop on her handstand
You got me sweatin’
Please pass me a fan damn!

        After the “Shawt Bus Shawty intro……(Waka Waka Waka Waka). Ummmm…. So, he doesn’t even want to sleep with you. He just wants to ask if his boy can beat it and then can his OTHER boy skeet it? Classy! I mean…this should have all the girls out on the dance floor dancing like coons, booty tooted up in the air! And one wants to beat it…..sooooo is the other sitting in the corner holding his skeet? Or is he beating himself while the other beats and then they tag team WWE style while one now skeets on her and the other contains his skeet because that wasnt apart of the contractual agreement? Okay… I thought too much into that, but why say it if it doesn’t make any logical sense? So…further in the verse you are only good enough to suck him off because he doesn’t think you’re quite fuckable material because you might get pregnant and he doesn’t want that. And the first southern grammatical stab is “Chests'” ….pronounced by Waka as “Chest-is” LMAO!!! You showl is edjumikated. And I think he had a bout with schizophrenia in the middle when we asked himself if he wanted bud…and then answered himself. But….next!

After a flare of the chorus again……..

Verse 2:

[Wale;Verse 2:]
(Aye, aye, Wale, uh)
She said look ma no hands
She said look ma no hands
And no darling I don’t dance
And, I’m with Roscoe, I’m with Waka
I think i deserve a chance
I’m a bad mothafucka
Gon’ ask some mothafuckas
A young handsome mothafucka
I sling that wood
I just nun chuck ’em
And, who you wit
And, what’s yo name
And, you not hear boo, I’m Wale
And, that D.C. shit I rep all day
And, my eyes red cuz of all that haze
Don’t blow my high
Let me shine
Drumma on the beat
Let me take my time
Nigga want beef we can take it outside
Fight for what broad
These hoes ain’t mine
Is you out yo mind
You out yo league
I sweat no bitches
Just sweat out weaves
Where our tracks
Let me do my thing
I got 16, for this Roscoe thing
But, i’m almost done
Let me get back to it
Whole lotta loud
And a little backwood
Whole lotta money
Big tip I would
I put her on the train
Little engine could, bitch


        I know this is just a song, but she was proud enough to show her mother how she does it without hands? I wish I would!!! My mother would hop up from the grave and pimp slap me with the withering hang of my ancestors if I EVER did that in front of her. I’m still afraid to do stuff in my own house in fear that her spirit can see… & I am grown! lol. Nunchucks are weapons…..domestic violence is not cute metaphorically or literally….NEXT! Ummm what the fuck does “You not hear” mean? Is that suppose to be “you can’t hear” or “havent you heard” or am I bugging? Nope, not bugging… he did graduate from PG County public schools. I know… I live here…lmao! And just in case you thought that he would protect your honor after you gave up the ass…. think again! You hoes arent his! lol And just when you wanted frequent flier miles… he plans on straight up Amtraking your ass…..am I making my point?

And last but definitely not least:

Verse 3:

[Roscoe;Verse 3:]
(Roscoe Dash, let’s go)
R-O-S-C-O-E-Mr. shawty put it on me
I be goin’ ham
Shawty upgrade from baloney
Them niggas tippin’ good
Girl but I can make it flood
Cuz I walk around
With pockets bigger that are than my bus
Rain, rain go away
That’s what all my haters say
My pockets stuck on overload
My reign never evaporates
No need to eleborate
Most of these ducks exaggerate
But, i’ma get money nigga
Everyday stuntin’ nigga
Ducks might get a chance after me
Bitch i’m ballin’
Like i’m comin’ off of free throws
Cuz the head of the game
No cheat codes
Lambo, Roscoe
No street code
And your booty got me lost like Nemo
Go, go, go
G-gon’ and do yo dance
And, i’ma throw this money
While you do it wit no hands


        My hoe has a first name its, Y-O-U-S-A; my hoe has a  last name, its B-I-T-C-H! lol. SO between ham and bologna, he only deals with basic bitches. No steak, no filet mignon, hell….not even turkey? This is a classy negro ladies… he will spend the best on his bitches! And I think that he happens to have a fetish with Ducks…..dont go to Disney World and leave him alone with Donald. Trust me…..the water metaphors are freaking me out. And he might not even really like women because he really only talked about himself through the whole verse. Was this to redeem himself for even being apart of this fucked up coonery in the first place? At least he spoke the best English in the song. COONSTATSTIC!

        I tried to find some praise in there… this is how I really feel about this song. Bounce if you must….but this is just HORRIBLE! Okay.. I’m done. Until I get some liquid courage in my system at a private house party and I begin to jam to this. What? I wanna do it with no hands…I’ve been practicing Yoga. lol

Double Negative Error Count

R&B: -6      Rap: -2



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….She’s Skinny…Standing Next to Your Mama!

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NOTICE: If you read this.. LEAVE A NOTE DANGIT!!! W/ your rude behind!

 Yes….another blog entry about weight… get over it.

        So, one of my personal assistants, Andrew, and I have had long and drawn out text messages over the issue of weight. I hate to admit it…. but he brings forth some very good points….at very few times (lol). Yet, on some of his other points I need to know why he thinks that way because its hard for me to see a guy with amazing abs and body (did I mention his eyes?) hold a legit, equally balanced, and unbiased conversation about a person’s plight for being overweight. lol. [Wait, I hope that doesn’t constitute as sexual harassment since he is technically my employee…lol. Oh, hell, he’ll get over it. lol. ]Maybe that is a bias that I need to change within myself; the fact that you don’t have to be overweight to know where we’re coming from. Well, long story longer than the shorter version but shorter than the longest version….in response to my blog  “Yes, I’m Fat… Thanks for Noticing” he made a good point that reminded me of an idea that I’ve had for years; Why are plus size people looked at as weak? Shouldnt we be viewed as the stronger persons in society for walking daily with our issues on our shoulders? Shouldnt we be the sought after ones for surviving through all of the ridicule?

If you havent read the other blog entry… CLICK HERE and read it to catch up, you slacker.


        In the aforementioned blog I made the mention of how other people can hide their weaknesses and personal habits but that plus size people wear their issues on the exterior. We may eat in secret, or swallow pain and resentment covered in mango curry sauce…but everyone can still visually see our issues. Shouldnt the outward appearance of our issues be enough to say, “Here I am world. You know my problems now what are yours?” It would be like Intervention’s version of “You show me yours & I’ll show you mine.” Fear Factor for the dysfunctionally senile in denial! Those who are willing to walk to the closet of their issues and drape them with a beautiful umpire waisted belt and walk into the world the very same way that we do every day. See, walking to the closet every day , for the plus size woman who has accepted her plight and is not in denial, is more like preparing for a final exam or your thesis statement (just got another blog idea). What will this outfit say about me as it wraps itself around my already pronounced issues? I mean, there are tons of things that go through our mind as we get dressed, but in the end we walk out of the house with our heads raised high….some of us… and we face the world.

        How ironic is it that the world would make the people who carry the most weight the physically weakest? Shouldnt my carrying these extra 70 pounds make me stronger? Well, yes, technically it does…just not in the same physical manner as the gym buffs without necks. We become emotionally stronger and self-sufficient in our lives. Many of us have the very things wrapped up in our post-Christmas dinner wrappings that several other people look for but aren’t willing to unwrap.

        Picture this: (And this is not Skinny Chick Bashing but this is blunt Anti-Skinny Chick…lol.. I use to be one, so I can speak on it) A guy sees a fine, thin woman from across the room. He loves the way her curves appear, her assets are ripe for the picking and her womb is playing peek-a-boo behind a nicely Golds Gym ripped set of abs. This is what he loves. Now, as soon as she gets a little thicker, the birthing hips have now given birth to stretch marks and indent lines from the too tight panties she has suction cupped to her butt in hopes that this physical change will soon go away, he (not all but some) will no longer find her attractive. Phrases like, “Baby you’ve changed”, “You’re not the same woman I met” or “You’ve let yourself go” find their way into their relationship.  Was he there for the woman’s personality or was he there for her looks? Because a woman will stay there when she is in love and watch his waist grown and learn to love that there is more of him.

        Picture this #2: You have the hoodrat with the big booty, 2.5 kids or 5 abortions deep…which ever will make this more disgusting for you, living at home with her mama striving to be a model who SOMEHOW manages to get the business man who one would THINK had enough common sense to know that he needs a woman who is more on his level. Standing from my previous skinny chick position, even I would say that he was in it for the booty and he’d never marry her in his right mind. Some would say why would any woman want him in the first place? It is not necessarily that we would want him… we want his eyes to be opened to what he could have and is missing out on all for the love of booty. (Sounds like another VH1 Reality Show, right?) You have beautiful plus size women who would make sure that the home was taken care of, the man was head of household, a companion in both business and personal decisions who are intelligent beyond their years being passed up on a daily basis just because a guy can’t see himself with a full-figured woman. He is passing up the very qualities that a man is supposed to findth in a wife….not wifey…but a wife. See, something is not right with either of these pictures….. these scenarios are in need of a new photographer.

        I say this, fellas…. in a plus size woman, if you look at the qualities that she has: is she intelligent, is she mentally stable, she doesn’t have 7 different baby daddies, does she have goals in life, etc…then you will begin to see what we see. Instead of worrying what your size 4 girlfriend is going to look like in 7 years…you’ll already know what we look like when we gain weight…lol. The surprise will be what will we look like should we ever decide to lose the weight for ourselves, but the surprise will never be that you have possibly gained a beautiful woman who is created from your dreams and crafted to suit your needs as she conquers her own world as well.

        I understand that everyone has a preference that they are entitled to pursue, if you truly arent attracted, then you are exempt. I’m here to speak to the brothers that creep behind closed doors with the plus size sisters but wont take her out in public for one reason or another (all of the reasons may not be weight….but I see y’all taking the crazy as hell skinny chicks out in public while she shows out). You like who you like, and you don’t like who you don’t like, but I want guys to stop treating plus size women like the white girlfriend cooking bacon for a black muslim; a taboo. We exists, we are sexy, and we go through a lot just to fight to be treated less than equal. We run businesses, we dress to the nines, and we love life just like any other person because we are human as well……we just want to be treated as humans. We can put it on our husbands, whip up a meal and push out some gorgeous children too…all while being the true trophy on your arm. People will see our size, but they will also see the courage that it took for you to tell them all  to fall face forward with their mouth opened wide on to the lap of the status quo and commence to Super Heading.

Super Heading- (verb) created by 2Deep on Sept 7th. Intended to suggest the actions perfected by Karrin Stefans aka Super Head. Filacio.

        Fellas, can you imagine being a trendsetter?! Joining the brotherhood of the thousands of men who stopped being so friggin self-centered and shallow and finally found a woman who would have his back… who also happened to be plus size? Every size woman has her issues….but you’ll never know until you try. Stop asking if there are any real good women out there if you are only looking at 12 percent of the female population, whether it be size, skin tone, creed, or length of weave. There are some very attractive women out there who could be exactly what you are looking for…..the problem is that you’re not looking in her direction. She wears majority of her issues on her exterior…so if for no other reason to date her…. you know what you are getting into. You know that she managed to walk through the day exposed and may need a hug from you. But deep down she is still strong, not a victim, and not to be judged…she is human. At least treat her as such, and if all you see is a plus size woman who is unattractive,lazy, and not worth your time because she’s let herself go…think this….”at least she’s skinny standing next to your mama!” LMBO!!! (Thanks KaNikki!)


Mother’s Daughter

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