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Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Episode 2: Take 2, Literally

Episode 3: What Chilli Wants?

Episode 4: Birth of a Runner

Just ready to see this week’s episode… nothing special to say before hand.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ALLWHITEDiamonds

I simply LOVE watching Lisa Raye in the kitchen with her mother!!! Those are moments that I wish that I could have had with my mother, so I am more than jealous. *Sigh* Wait til you all read my book when it gets finished.

I simply, Simply LOVE the t-shirt that they gave her for her birthday that said “My friends call me Lisa Raye” LMAO!!!! I simply AGREE with Lisa Raye about the black attributes that people only applaud when someone else has it. She mentioned Bo Derrick’s braids and she mentioned Kim Kardashian’s ass. Yeh, it only becomes a big deal when people do what we have done for centuries and what we do/have naturally…. but PLEASE don’t get me started on this. The next time I see a KKK member… I’m gonna wish him skin cancer as he tries to get my natural melanin….lol.

Sidebar: Okay, so this whole “Stacy lost Lisa Raye’s Louis luggage” thing is getting on my GOT DAMN NERVE! Okay, let me put this in perspective. Rewind with me now. The first episode, Lisa Raye asked if the airline had lost Stacy’s luggage and then made the remark ” Let me not put that in the universe. But at least I’ve got mine”. I’m begging you, watch the reruns with me, Lisa Raye is HOLDING HER OWN LUGGAGE while she makes that statement and she is talking about celebrities showing up in town at airports. Now, as fans are requesting pictures and autographs, clear as day, the cameraman catches a glimpse of Lisa Raye walking away from her bag and it is in every shot in the background as she takes pics with fans. You can see the luggage behind them unattended. LISA RAYE walked off from her own bag.  And I must make the connection to the episode with her make-up artist, where she offered to carry her make-up artist’s bags for her. So you can carry someone else’s bags but you cannot carry your OWN and then you get made because someone else didn’t check YOU for your OWN bag? Get out of here on that.  So, be grown, and carry your own shit!

But at least I am glad that Lisa Raye and Stacy got over it and that they have moved on from this. It was a learning experience

Wait… did Quincy just say that he has Herpes Complex 10 because Lisa Raye kissed him? LMAO! I love that man! Lawd knows that I do!. And Lisa Raye said hat they fight like cats and cats.

But wow!! Lisa is 43 and truth be told…. she doesn’t look a day over 29. And I am not trying to gas her up…. but truth be told. I need to het on my Lisa Raye game…lol.

Jemisha’s (sp) fundraiser was a very WONDERFUL idea. But wait, what kind of treatment is going to be performed for her Sarcoma Cancer(sp) that could help Jemisha that she can only get in Germany? I will continue to send prayers in her direction. I wish that there was a website that we could go to so that us regular people could send money to support Jemisha. I want to support and send funding support DIRECTLY to her. Will inquire as to where I can do that. I mean, a sister aint balling outside of a budget, but every little bit counts and I think that I could skip a few meals to make sure she has a fight chance. What? SHut up… you would get sentimental too if you were human. I just don’t dog people out via my blog and in real life all the damn time. I have a heart….and I want to help. So, get ya game up and help too.

I LOVE Jemisha’s look that she is rocking for her fundraiser. JUST GORGEOUS!!!!! Yummy… DeRay Davis. I have some back story on that man there! lol Don’t worry… nothing scandalous, just a story on how I first met him while I was at Auburn University…but I digress. Glad that he is hosting this fundraiser with Lisa Raye. ANd the man who gave $200 is fine as hellllllllll………. NAWL!!! Elise Neal is in a girl group called Elise & Assorted Flavors? Okay, maybe I would have has to hear that in real-time. Or replay. Ummmmm…yeh. Okay, this comedian, Donovan, talking about the lace fronts is funny. He can stay.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! They didn’t have to clown dude that they called Hustle Simmons. lmao! But he did look like how Russel would look if he were tall and fine. What? I’m just saying. Damn, Brooke Valentine?!!!! Where has she been? Girl Fight was my joint back in the day; that and MisBehavin’s Beat that Bitch with a Bottle. Okay… Ummm I should have been paying attention to KD/Katy Aubert or whoever that was, but I was so distracted by the cameraman all up in her crotch!

WOW!!! Management is paying for Jemisha’s flight over to Germany. Man, I really feel like I should do something. This is just beautiful. Dont ever let it be said that black people can’t get together for a cause without being arrested or shot 9 times. We have our moments,and this was a moment to be proud of! I salute Jemisha!

Okay, so they did give a link where we could donate to the cause for Jemisha if we so choose. The link is: www.JemsLifeForASPS.org

All jokes, and freedom of speech aside, I am making a vow to go and donate SOMETHING to this cause. If you do nothing else…..please go make a donation. Hell, you all don’t leave comments below so you can use that time to go make a donation. And no, I don’t know her….and I don’t have to know that I want to help.

Next Week: HOLD THE HELL UP!!!!!! Is my husband on next week’s episode! Yes, you didn’t know. I am married to Chef G Garvin in my head. And no… it is not my inner fat girl speaking…. this is my Southern woman recognizing a beautifully crafted and talented gentleman!!! Lawd have mercy!!! See y’all next week…lol


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~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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