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The Borgias~ Something Borrowed

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

I must confess… it becomes harder and harder for me to blog about this show in my original format. I get so caught up in trying to watch the show that I actually forget that I am supposed to be blogging. I find that I have to watch the show once through to gain the concept and string of events and then I must come back and watch it again to blog uninterrupted. And with an hour-long show, I find that to be too much of my already limited time. So, we will see if this stays as a part of my blog list.

I really want it to stay, really, I do. lol

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So this episode,Lucrezia’s Wedding, starts off with a beautiful scenery of Florence and Cardinal Della Rovere riding into the city walls. Some man of the cloth, unknown at the moment but bares a close resemblance to Uncle Fester, is hailing from the pulpit how Pope Alexander (Borgia) is an abomination to the church. Such strong words, don’t you think? But I just know that this is right up Cardinal Rovere’s ally.

Lucrezia is seen in bed sick, from incest maybe…but at the moment I am unsure. Cesare is seen taking care of his beloved sister. If this is cold feet…. I want hot feet;she seems to be breaking a sweat from a fever. Waiiiiit, is she upset at the horrible death of Jem? She mentions that she shall never have another friend like “him”. HOW DARE CESARE LIE!!! He told Lucrezia that Jem died from swamp fever. I have seen a moor die from many a things, but seldom a mosquito bite! And yes, I am still upset about the manner in which they killed him in the last episode. And sure, I know that they took creative liberties with the script and who knows, maybe Jem never asked to switch over to Christianity… but if he did…. I have a good feeling I know where the Borgias currently reside. Hell, even if he remained a Muslim and they killed him I know that I could ask Lucifer to give a Borgia a finger after passing the salt at the dinner table.  but I digress.

The scene with the pope and his wife or was she just his long-term mistress too? Whoever she is, there scene together is one that brought forth so much information. The pope has banned Lucrezia’s mother (Vannozza dei Cattani) from attending the wedding as not to bring forth any form of scandal. As legend has it, Rodrigo’s wife is rumored to have been a courtesan. Hmmm… so she was good enough to wife, have children, but not good enough to attend the pope’s daughter’s wedding? Confusion. Speak of scandal. *southern Baptist church fan, leans in pew to spread the news*

Cesare, the lying bastard, meets with the Assassin (Micheletto)  and a hooded mystery man who looks more like the apothecary from Romeo & Juliet or the hooded MJ upon entry from Remember the Times.  Cesare asks, “What is he? Benedictine or Franciscan?” Hmmm… *google search*

Benedictine refers to the spirituality and consecrated life in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict, written by Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century for the cenobitic communities he founded in central Italy.

Most Franciscans are members of Roman Catholic religious orders founded by Saint Francis of Assisi. The most prominent group is the Order of Friars Minor, commonly called simply the “Franciscans.”


From what I can gather, both groups were banned for one reason or another and its Catholic members were placed into exile. Will do more research to find how that is relevant to this time frame, but as it stands…there is your answer. Or my answer since I asked. lol.

So, the Assassin has brought him to see Cesare. When asked the aforementioned question, Micheletto mentions that he is of some “order” …one of which diction would have been helpful to clarify. But, since Cesare mentions his “begging bowl” one would rely on history to know that is a Buddhist term. Anywho, Cesare mentions that he can go to Florence, probably to scope out dirt on Uncle Fester, and return it back to the Assassin. And again… I have no clue what the hooded man’s name is. I think he said John something, but I do know that he is at the eminent’s service…lmao. And the scars on his face may very well betray him as they did the Assassin in the salt baths.

The pope’s mistress and his daughter are still close; baffles me if that would EVER happen today. Lucrezia mentions that Jem still visits her in her dreams and Giulia Farnese tells her not to worry. And Lucrezia confesses that the Moor has a secret to tell her and that, in her dreams, she must kiss Jem to comfort him. She asks Giulia if it is permissible to kiss a Moor in her dreams to which she answers that everything is permissible in our dreams.

The scene where Giulia teaches Lucrezia about kissing reminds me of the park scene in Cruel Intentions.  A “chaste kiss” is very innocent and full of promise. Then there is the “kiss of pleasure” which begins to promise. And the kissing lesson is broken…and Giulia leaks the secret of her mother not attending Lucrezia’s wedding. Upon inquiring the truth from the pope…he storms away without promising her of her mother’s attention.

Sidebar: I am only 13 minutes into the show! Packed with drama…..I must find a better way to describe this! BUT I LOVE THE SCANDAL!

LMAO!!! The theatre show is frigging hilarious! the woman on the floor cleaning with the man behind her simulating doggy style almost made me bite my tongue! I am sure doggy style has been around for ages, but so out in the open? Hmmmmm Nice to know.

And how sneaky of Cardinaly Rovere to request that Florence alow France to march through their city in order to invade Italy. I really must do research, but I don’t want to spoil the series.

Now, who is this Theo character? He said so much that I got even ore confused. Was he previously Vannozza dei Cattani’s lover? Waiiiiiiit, Theo is Vannozza’s husband/ I am so confused, then how is she in the Vatican with the pope? And why is Theo so afraid of Cesare? CONFUSION, CONFUSION, CONFUSION!!!!

Now Uncle Fester is scaring me with his description of his dream. he dreams of a cleric in red who will welcome a northern army ( France) to come and bring destruction to Rome. He even mentioned that the Borgia pope will be dead. I’ve always been wary of prophets…. but…continue.

And look… Christopher Columbus provides a savage for the Pope to look at. Are you going to kill this one like you did Jem? What? Just asking. lol.

How ironic that Cardinal Rovere can ask the question if it is a sin to spill blood for the greater good and to banish evil. I’m not calling out any religions….but I think you catch my drift. SMDH. And how could he not know that the supposed man of the cloth in the confessional is not a man of the cloth. Sure, only we would know it is the hooded man… but come on! Watch who you tell your business too.  I am not telling a minister jack! This is why I have a direct line to the LAWD…..have mercy! The hooded man let it slip out and called him Cardinal. DAMN!!!! Cardinal Rovere just stabbed this son of a bitch in the eye. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Okay…. the play and the vulgarity…flashing breasts…smh. I knew they went too far into the episode without sex. lol.

And boy, I damn near forgot that Joffre even existed. For a moment there I thought he was the Borgia version of the twins from Let’s Stay Together. lmao

Thanks the heavens above for the Americas! If it were up to the old country there would be no Bridezillas due to arranged marriages. How would I spend my Saturdays? But this wedding is gorgeous!The actress who plays Lucrezia is absolutely stunning. *Girl Crush*

How BOLD of the pope to parade his hoe. The nerve, I tell you! But even bolder is the courage of Cesare to bring his mother to the aftermath of the wedding in sheer defiance of the pope’s orders. Such a turn on. lol. But nothing beats the confusion that I have of such a vulgar play displayed for the POPE after a WEDDING. Say it with me now, CONFUSION!!!

But this bedroom scene between Lucrezia and Swartza(sp)…..NO!!! I am emotional over this. He called their wedding a farce! But to rape her! *sharpens my knife* THAT IS UNCALLED FOR! I never understood how guys could get so angry that they get turned on enough to get an erection. I must stop writing…..I am pissed, furious, and amazed by the cinematography and its ability to make me get this angry at what I just saw. Brava!


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