BET Hip Hop Awards 2011~ Cyphers Revealed

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 12 October 2011 at 12:54 am

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So you watched, you heard, and you were in awe. The cyphers MADE the BET Hip Hop Awards. The cyphers included:

Rick Ross, Tyga, Tech N9ne, Stalley, Soprano, Skillz, Royce Da 5’9”, Reek da Villain, Pill (ATL), Nitty Scott, MC (female indie), Meel Mill ( Philly), Lacrae9 GOSPEL RAPPER!!!), Lady of Rage, Kevin McCall, Kendrick Lamar ( Compton), Joe Budden, Jay Rock (Watts, CA), Gibere Forte, Frenck Montana (Bronx), Estelle, Joel Ortiz (Brooklyn), Dom Kennedy (L.A.), DJ Premier, Crooked I (West Coast), Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, B.o.B., Blind Fury (Freestyle Friday Winner), Bid. K.R.I.T., Ace Hood, Termanology, Ludacris, Eminem, 2 Chainz, Yelawolf, Wale, Wais P (Brooklyn), Machine Gun Kelly (Cleveland), XV, Chris Sutton, Rico Staxx, & Sean Cross.

I know you bobbed your head and went oooooooooh when you heard a line you could ACTUALLY understand or a reference in a punch line that you comprehended. So…. what did they really say, any way? Well, that’s where I come in.

I have decided to transcribe EACH and EVERY cypher round and lyricist ( for lack of a better term). But before you get all excited. I have a day job so check back daily to see which rounds have been added ( they will be added in order). Leave comments and let me know what you think about the content, or lack thereof, of the rhymes. Also, i can tell you now…. you are better off coming back on Sunday some time…lol. I’m going out of town this weekend….damn. Just check back next week….for the complete set.

Now that I’ve caught you up, let the party begin.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #HipHopAwards !

Okay, to be honest… I tried my hardest to transcribe Twista, but he lost me after “nobody calling for Twista” …lol.

 I am going to let you know NOW, the following transcriptions will be based off of what I THINK I heard. Some of these guys slur words or have speech impediments and therefore will make it hard for me to understand. But I will try. Anything that I cannot understand I will put in [brackets]. Deal? Also, know that BET bleeped some stuff out…lol.

1st Cypher:


Bigg K.R.I.T (Meridian, MS)

They hollerin’ in the [kay bed].And my [crooks just slay there]. Been killing [something] since A Dead. Me and Rhyme go way back, way back. Time machine flow when I was slanging & riding. If you aint reppin for your people then your shucking and jiving. Tap dancing and sliding to a beat that you cant comprehend. How dare you speak on where I’m from if you aint never been. Fried Kool-aid who made it? Never ate that, in fact, Grandma was cheffing for real make meals off love and scraps. Thank God for my [country folk and ] family. Instead of a metaphor I’d rather think about James Anderson. Damaging how they televise Basketball Wives and not tornadoes in the south and how we lost lives. It revealed it. Pray for the chil’en that had no heroes, only the villains that tell ‘em get money. Sleep  when you die I find it funny. Because you rest in peace don’t mean you fast asleep in slumber. Thank God and stay humble.

Tech N9ne (Kansas City, MO)-

[We’ll rock rapping] to Xerox. Weird knock, enough to make you fear lock from [hair watts]. I ran scrimmage and I fall to the damn finish. And I pop eyes open without eating me canned spinach. My fans in it constantly telling me I can win it. If I stand grim it. { something, something something, something, something something] Niiiiiine. Yuh.  Hard to see me like the background. Your rap’s style coming softer than a cat’s meow. Red laces but booted like I’m Iraq bound. That frown will get you ate by my cannibal from Sacktown. Relax pal, [ something, something, something] with a fat smile. I might react foul. So don’t make this cat growl. I called everybody. when I spas’ wild. Who do I catch now?

Side Note: ( I ran this back like , no less than 30 times, and I still couldn’t figure out what he was saying. So is it really worth saying if no one can understand the WORDS? I get it if I didn’t comprehend the meaning, that’s on me. But I think that it is HIS job to make me hear and understand the words. I don’t think that your words should ever be lost in the hype of your style. Just my opinion.)

Machine Gun Kelly (Cleveland, OH)-

Kells, Cobain’s back, I smell like teen spirit, man. Cobain’s back. And I got these teens screaming like Cobain’s back. You try me and I’ll make you a legend like Cobain’s strap….grrrrrrrrat! Yeh, they say it wasn’t my time, but I watched that. Now I got that. They said it wasn’t my time, better watch that, watched that. Speed that my syllables rhyme, better clock that. Stop that! Bad boy gave me the contract and I docked that. Now who the heck is this with is pants as red as six, six, six? All up in your girlfriend’s twit pics. The east side boy up out the 216 making these other rappers get Mello like the Knicks. Eh, You get it you spit *spit sound* It’s finish, when you in the game, the cipher is a scrimmage. So everyone’s gossiping tell a friend and a pigeon, Its a [white boy] with his body [its] Black Entertainment Television. Lace up!

Kendrick LamarI (Compton, CA)

Pushing a hoopty, bumping the Fugees. My life is a scary movie, your life is a male groupie. Kendirck Lamar broke the handle of a .22, stuffed in my mouth and I ka-ka-ka killed the rappers that moved.Compton’s most wanted, I live my life in the dungeon. Came out a dragon. I could probably touch the sun with my bare hands. What are your plans, to win a Grammy?  Sweet taste of victory like Oprah’s punanny? Don’t judge me. That’s just some irony, trust me. I like to laugh. And you’re lucky my sense of humor is rumored to be a Gemni’s company. Come with me to the planet Rock. And I plan to Rock.I’m plantation chasing. Many legends that made it. Face it. You’ll never be [pack 10] even when the planet stop. I’m 2012 on a 12 inch aiming straight at your pelvis. Elvis’ll come back . It’s a black [something]. You’re just a mascot on the Kim Kardashian ass shot.

B.o.B. (Atlanta, GA)-

Full blooded pedigree. Prize fighter, special breed.  My Flow’s [something]. They say its got special needs. I’m talking Ritalin, maybe even Adderall. Four bars from me’ll probably kill your whole catalogue. Sixteen’ll make Debra Lee switch the channel off. 32’ll make Paul Bunyan take the flannel off. 64’ll make your mama want 60 more. I eat haters check the chrome on my kitchen floor. They say my music’s pop. I call I it buying cribs for my mama. Shaking hands with Obama and if you don’t believe me go online and check the pic. And if you check my flip cam, you’ll see your sister in the flick. I’m perfect from the field, its like I cant miss. I’m on a rant like Durant, no pick, no assist. Y’all tripping on TIP? Get off my man neck. I’m just saying. Martha Stewart left prison in a jet.

Machine Gun Kelly was my favorite in the first cypher with B.o.B coming in for second place.

2nd Cypher:

Reek Da Villian ( Roosevelt, Long Island, NY)-

Aye yo, weak minded bitches fall victim because my charm’s strong.  Jazzy pair of Louis(s) on my feet; Chewy Armstrong.  Ma couldn’t be my cheerleader with platinum pom-poms. She the type to misrepresent a king like Lebron’s mom. Beating on my chest with a crown, King Kong Don. Langston Huges, I write a poem that do the Bible psalms harm. These other rappers want problems, then bring it on. Umm, this rapping beef is nothing. My studio’s in its long form. And all cowards’ll become victims of man. Keep a 5th of Remy and a stick of piff in my hand. Yeh, they fly, but I’m a pilot that no one can understand. Plus, the way I go ham’ll make a Muslim say DAMN! Hustle hard, trips to Miami for three days. So I can meet with the connects and get the D Wade. Run up in the Gucci store and drop 3k. You bum, I could get your whole outfit out of BJ’s. Lyrical scientist, leaving mics with psoriasis. So it’s [bleeped] as Michael Myer’s psychiatrist. Pyrics suppliacist, who being lying stiff when the iron spits. I come alone, just me and one 9, Johnny [Unitis]. And let my bitch serenade through these slums. And blow so much loud I need a hearing aid for my lungs. And as far as metaphors, rate this. I was a snail, ‘til haters through salt on me and I dissolved into greatness.

2Chainz ( Atlanta, GA)-

What goes around comes around like a hula hoop. Hair weave killa. I’ll show up to your funeral.  All this work I need a cubicle. Clear coat cuticle. Different color diamonds like a rubrics cube. If this was New Edition, I’ll be Bobby Brown. Put a check over your head and call it Nike Town. How can I be down? Free Bootsie, wipe me down. My credit card is black and proud. I’ve been trapping since [something] had the ankles out. I’m going to the money and I took the paper route.  Uh Yeh, I’m hood approved and I’m street tested. You a nobody; anorexic. If you stay next to me you’re close to a blessing. So, I’m guessin’ I could get arrested for aggravated flexin’ with all this ice on. My mic on, I apply pressure like a python. And everyone know this that body flow; bench press, cardio. They try to cramp a nigga style like a Charlie horse. Yeh, they plot on you, and they drop on ya. I put a glock to your eye and call it glaucoma. Bow! From 30 nights of sipping dirty Sprite. I call this shit Bluetooth because I don’t need a mic. 2Chainz.

Busta Rhymes ( Brooklyn, NY)-

I said “Please Steven Hill, don’t even put me in a cipher.” There’s only one outcome when I get a little hyper. You gone start seeing niggas getting’ nervous, with they shook ass. (*Pounds fist into hand*)Yah, Yah, Yah cause I’m merciless with the whoop ass. Don’t get shook now. What you sliding for? Soon as you slide you get stuck like nigga with sliding doors. B, I’m fucking parking my coupe so I can come run circles around you dudes like I’m stirring a soup. Better move from out my way before you niggas get pushed down. When these whack niggas speak spit you be hearing a shush sound. Not shush, we want to hear you niggas on a come up, but shush lil homie. Shhhhhhhhhut the fuck up. I see through niggas more than a lil; you’re translucent. You know I come for blood like a nigga need a transfusion. Peep, listen good. I hope y’all hear me on these features. [Mark your face] with dark and brown spots like brick oven pizzas. You niggas make me want to wrap my fingers ‘round triggers. I skin cliques and make leather jackets out of rap niggas. Damnit I crash planets like asteroids and the witnesses that watched say “you’re doing them foul, boy”. I shrink people down to the size smaller than Altoids. And remain the reason the people be making wild noise. I body bag you til I’m done with this shit. To tell the truth, I’m at the point I’m having fun with this shit. And if your family’s really looking and somebody’s really checking, we left them laying stiff in the frozen meat section. I’m on my pinky ring floss. Niggas be calling me cat daddy when they want to speak to the boss. Whips match every rubrics cube color. SO many rings on both my fingers, now they call me Ringling Brothers. Spit venom for people’s enjoyment. Squeeze niggas til their heads pop and these niggas leaking like ointment. Peep, Once the fire be sparking, have you laying right next to your man like both you niggas parallel parking. When I act tough, hope you niggas know what you startin’. Woof! That’s not a dog, that’s how the barrel be barking. [Had a guard] pull a threat with these bombs. Got chicks from here to Morocco, skin color Hennessey bronze. If you dudes really thinking you’re low key, the closest you’ll really will get to shine is when you’re shinning my trophies. Unfortunate for you dudes, I’m knowing your whole steeds. Niggas front, do nothing, babbling [bleeped].  [Bleeped] when I see green money, ten. Mark Jacob leather suit. Strutting mother fucker, my money sick. [Real money] slim money, we famous now. Money freaking so long, dude got a crib on Uranus now. You really need not fuck with me; fall back or I’ll skin you, nigga. I’ll lay you out just like a leopard skin floor mat now. If you aint knowing how I handle tniggas now. I aint fighting no more, I stuff animal niggas now. Gone.

Ludacris (Atlanta, GA)-

Slow it down if you moving too fast. Any rapper talk slick, I’ll Tami Roman his ass. Smack Down versus RAW lets battle to the death for whoever wants to see more bars than DMX. Parents mad ‘cause I cuss at times. Or is it ‘cause I keep a Spliff like Busta Rhymes? If you mention MCs,Luda’s in the best of. I’ma stay hard til I die like Hugh Hefner. Magnum sponsored; I’m longer than a marathon. Call me Mega like the head of the Decepticons. In my prime like Optimus. Rock to this. Chain hung over like Zach Galifianakis. They say that Luda’s in the movies, why he rapping still? Cause I need more Jaguars than Jacksonville. More bills than Buffalo from my flow. And more blue J’s than Toronto. Ludacris, I made soccer mom’s rap. Albums? I dropped 8 like Octo-mom’s snatch. Hardly clubbing, when I do I be flexin’. I be in the cut. That’s a Luda C-section. Y’all get your strings pulled, I’m the orchestrator. Cause I got it made like Arnold Swarchenegger. Get it? I terminate a super-dupa man. Kill yoself if you aint no damn Luda fan. Now what?

Busta has moved into first place out of my favorite rhyme so far. Ludacris comes in second, with Machine Gun Kelly in a close third.

3rd Cypher:

Lady of Rage ( Farmville, VA)-

I never played. So before first grade I skipped the playpen. Pen game was trained before I learned to tie my laces. Rage is where the plague is, no containing. Sick with the spit that I spit, I inflict contagion. Inhale the ether. They cant breathe easy when I’m around. I leave them a little wheezy like the son of Sita. Ha! I’m Chaquita; bananas. Y’all monkeys wouldn’t bust grapes. I roll with gorillas, for real-ah, my nigga bandants, Planet of the Apes. Rise, all hail Queen Kong P. [Youngs] that be coming soft, I knock the stuffing out you ding dongs. I’m in it to win it til I become the hottest chick to run the third rock from the sun. Lyrically you would be a fool to fight with the Robin Givens of spitting shit. I’m cruel to mikes. Yikes. I’m going in like a [life]. Step into your radius and decipher your cipher.

Blind Fury ( Lugoff, SC)-

This is the big payback, stupid. Get lost. I’ma big boss like Rick Ross’ Maybach Music. I make cats lose it when they realize they part of the reason I’m starting to sleep on rap music. I’m AJ with the style ‘cause I go Free. Now everybody and they mama want to know me. I’m on that OJ feeling like I’m ‘sposed tah. Came to rule it, and I’m doing it til it’s over. Its one take a little bit more than this to move me. I’m on BET more than the Biggie movie. Aint looking for no girlfriend just a clique of groupies. Call me Wiz cause tonight I’m trying to get the [chewing]. I love New York but out-of-town is sweeter. I cheated on Irene soon as I found Keisha. So ‘nuff respect to all the crew up in otha area. Right here on the street is where we will bury ya. Boom!

Dom Kennedy (Leimert Park, CA)-

Even though I cant see me,I know I look good right now on ya TV.  Throw my shades on. Call me young Stevie.Leimert Park legend, we just make it look easy. And I’m countin’ my money every day sunny. I earn my spot, you aint taking that from me. Tell the fine girl start shaking that from me.West Sideget the money, start making that for me. It’s the unfadeble. Who’s the best is debatable. But I do it with no label though. Yeh, I said…. We going all night wit it. Prolly aint seen this since Shug Knight did it.  Girl you look good. Tell her get right with it. I cant do a show in your city if the price isn’t.  Eh. When I walk in, I can tell they feeling me. I hear the girls say, “That’s Dom Kennedy.”

Skillz(Richmond, VA)-

If you a rapper from Virginia, then meeting me should give you the chills. I’m the reason that the world expects you to have some skills. Y’all better call Rozay, dude. Cause his verse is gonna need like 9 Umphs and 22 wheeeeeeeews! I aint kidding around, you got BET in HD? Well you might want to hit that now. Cause I’m never home. I stay gone. Y’all was everywhere now you never there; pay phones. Clutch fast, spit mustard gas. And when haters say my name it taste like crushed glass. They students, I crushed the class. Plus y’all never came in like Jay-Z’s mustache. Top me? Don’t get crazy chump. Unless one of these guys decide to show a baby bump. Shout Mr. Hill & Ms. Lee. Oh and the award for who destroyed the cipher, that goes to me.

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Skillz KILLED THAT!!! The Beyoncé baby bump reference….. SICK! Yeh, ke is the MVP for this round. So far my list is Busta in first place, tie for second with Luda and Skillz & Machine Gun Kelly in third.

4th Cypher:

Wale (Washington, DC)-

Look, off rip, I’m a double M. G. nigga. Running this shit. Bet you know, flea flicker. Windows down, letting [something] flicker. Got cheap bitches, got cheap liquor. Droping c-notes on bitch strippers at a casino. I make a movie of Kill Bills, I’m Tarentino. Lyrically Aristotle. Lyrically cant see it. Them bamas cant see the bars, y’all some paralegals. I smoke weed in the suite like the shit’s legal. Cover the building in green, my nigga Fred Siegel. Ha! Okay, That 90210 talk. It talk to me and it say you bamas postcards. What you think I flow for? Y’all niggas is old dogs. Y’all over the hill like ya trying to race a soap box. And even if I’m broke, dog… I’d rather have no job than no heart.

Pill (Atlanta, GA)-

Flow retarded, I need to wipe the slob after every bar. Wreck these [something] and have them looking like Halle Berry’s car. Accidents happen when I got the mic in hand. Mic defibrillator give haters heart attacks in advance. Its MOE so all I need is more chips. Swag stand out like pimples and cold sore lips. Ugh. Appear hotter than a snotty nose. Fighting those who [something] ‘plode give them karate blows. Liu Kang to where I kick it, bumping Wu Tang. Trying to protect the lick ‘em from your boo thang. Parking lot of the Blue Flame, flows hotter than Wu Tang.  If you lame, the only way you hang is like [woo hang]. See it’s a war going on and I’m the general. And I’m a speak it directly at you, no subliminals. See all my life I was raised by a line of criminals. So all I know is clutching my pistols and my genitals.

Stalley (Massillon, OH)-

Picture this. Picking kicks out of Foot Locker thinking how I could rid evil and let the good conquer. What else. I’m mixed with mad emotion. You know, the hood’ll haunt ya, drive you bonkers. Eating roaches. Yeh, just look at Yonkers. Most of them aint conscious, they just monsters trying to be some mobsters. And they call me conscious, And I think I’m better than. Because, I’ll be honest, I aint tryin to be the victim of the projects or the uniformed man. I’m trying to uniform 10 million men. Unify them. Mob through take over and…. Maybe I’m beyond myself. Maybe these are my thoughts. Should I die by myself, insubordinate. I’ll start the revolution by myself. Niggas better call for help. I’m going til there’s no one else. So whose side are you on? Pick one or move on. War going on outside, no one is safe from.

Meek Mills (Philadelphia, PA)-

Self made, 60k the first week. I signed with Maybach and we did that -ish the first week. But for this rapping I was trapping getting work cheap. Now it’ll cost you 30 racks to get a verse cheap. Sheesh I’m like awwwww peep. I drop Tupac back, and did a B.I.G. America’s Most Wanted like Chi Ali. And [Tiyana] be doing us. They need to see I.D.  Ross set ‘em high, TIP set ‘em high, Swizz set ‘em high. you chicks set ‘em high. I went and bought a whip puts some kicks on the drop.  Now my watch pretty colors like Trix in a box.  The money aint running, its staying still now. I’m getting it, hustling like I’m still down. Suckers is talking like I aint still round. They cant deal with me, I got a deal now. Big face hundred, big face rollies. I be throwing deuces. Suckers don’t know me. MMG the team, and I think I’mKobe. I’m riding in the [spread] I think I’m twenties like Ginobili. G5 sitting on the runway, just to go to LIV on a Sunday. I spend it, make it right back on a Monday. All my niggas rolling and we bout that [bleep].

Rick Ross (Miami, FL)-

If you don’t know Maybach is the clique. I’m screaming Maybach til I’m rich. All the chicks see the money. Clothes never bummy. Satin till the silks. I’m icy when it’s sunny. Look around, we the largest in the game. All them other boys targets and I’m flawless with the aim. Hit your block with the [bleep], blog that. North Philly, Meek Milly, where my dogs at? DC , Wale, nice ball cap. New gold Rolls Royce… yeh I’m all that. Couple milly in the bag and my face good. Buy a chick a new pad when she taste good. [Ten] chains, hustle hard, Ace Hood. Smoke [bleep] with [bleep], you know it taste good. Scoop Pill , 5 g’s on the phone bill. Sound like stadium, smoke on our own field.

The only highlight of this cypher was Stalley. He actually had a message. The rest was weed and bitches. Sad. You don’t have anything else to say. I wish we could switch Stalley to another team that would be a better influence…. If there is one.

5th cypher:

Nitty Scott, Lacrae, Soprano & Estelle – Cypher 5 (BET Hip Hop Awards 2011) from zepekegnoo on Vimeo.

Nitty Scott, MC (Brooklyn, NY)-

Nitty came to spit it and kick it like kung fu. See I could off your whole catalogue with a one two. Pop dumb lyrical puns with a fun crew. Better step your rhyme up when I come through. Dropping bombs like Saddam Hussein. Not me, the way I lose my noggin and hog on this melody. The people say church to the O-N-E, so you looking like satan to a god MC. I’m tired of these rap shenanigans, I wanna be a fan again don’t nobody want another mannequin. My bars got casualties. I catch them casually. Word vomit on the mic. Don’t touch it after me, B. Cause that would be unsanitary. Oh snap, it’s the real life rap Halle Berry. I think I’m better. Now I think I’m Coretta. Get a circa 9-0’ Nitty Scott in the center. Uh.

Lacrae (Houston, TX)-

You probably watching like, man I’ve never heard of him. I’ll murder him. The nerve of him rocking with Pre, Pre, Premiere. That’s so absurd of him. Wait until he spit a couple of verbs and then if you really want to hate. Wait, he’s got the Word with him. I heard him holler Jeeeeeesus. The Notorious, no. The most glorious homey. So laborious, boring us with choruses. Horrible, [lets us go] it’s just killing us. Call the coroner. Unimpressive, aint flooring us. Hey this what happen when Hip Hop let the saints in. Tailored to snatch the mic swiftly like Ye did. But them awards can’t follow you to the grave. You living for them whips and chains, then you a slaaaaave. Uh. Prayer don’t stop time it kills hours. They looking for a savior? But we killed ours. [Stealing rolls] like Derek, no bull. You want to meet the Lord? Come holla, I got pull.

BET HipHop Awards 2011 Shady 2.0 Cyphers from zoorge on Vimeo.



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