Reed Between the Lines ~ Big Girl Time

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 11 October 2011 at 11:28 pm

The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Just when we thought there was only one show or an hour long episode… they pop up with two different episodes!!!! It feels like Christmas!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReedBtwnLines

So this is the first time that the parents have the house to themselves.  Oh Lord! Keenan looked like he was about to fart when he tried to flex his Jake from Twilight look. And Kaci is Bella after Edward left? Bwhahahaha. Comedy!

THE GAME SNEAK PEEK! Okay, so Brandy, DeRay and others are all showing up. Oh Lord…. I CANT WAIT TIL JANUARY!!!! That is so not fair! Why are they making us wait so damn long?! And why does it look like movie quality? I don’t care… just as long as it comes back… lol.

So Alexis was supposed to be at a slumber party but she came home early. She was having trouble getting along with the other girls. It was her first sleepover and she ruled! Lol.

The sandwich guy is cute… now if I could JUST remember his name… like the actor who plays him. Lol. I’m confused, was Helen wearing a wig in the last episode? Now her hair is short. You guys know that I notice EVERYTHING!

So Carla is wondering if Peter, the father who brought Alexis home from the sleepover, is right about Alexis being spoiled. Alex is fighting the idea that Peter could be right. Wait, Alexis was homeschooled? WOW!  Bwhahahaha Alex caters to Alexis.

Wait, so Alexis started screaming at the sleepover because no one would open her sleeping bag or let her sleep on the bunk bed. Please tell me that the Reeds believe in spanking? Lol.

They call a family meeting to tell the kids not to cater to Alexis. The twins think that Alexis is overly spoiled. And just when the twins are proving their point, Alex runs upstairs to go save Alexis. Lol. Alexis starts to complain when Keenan wont peel her own Clementine for her and she starts to cry. Carla almost gives in. Wait, is Keenan lifting weights while reading? And Alexis just PUNKED Alex. Lol.

So Carla wonders why Michael, the sandwich dude, wont flirt with her. He feels that she is uptight and might be offended by his flirting. He said that he can tell the same by the sandwich a person orders. So he gives her his signature steak sandwich. He even flirts with his new sandwich called “What’s Up, Doc”, boring on the outside and depth on the inside.

Alexis is really trying to get under Alex’s skin…and it just might be working. He made her go fix her own breakfast and boy is she throwing a silent temper tantrum in the middle of this. Lol.  She is making a mess… seemingly, on purpose.  I just think that they need to show her HOW to do it so that she can do it. But she did it and she did so all by herself. Talk about growth. There is a parent sitting at home right now about to make a child do something on their own. Lol. Man, I want some cereal now…lol

This show has real potential. I am glad that I got to witness the start of it.

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