The Game S6:E4- Keeping Up Appearances

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 16 April 2013 at 10:33 pm

2013 Cast of The Game

Episode 1: Rough Draft & A Trade

Episode 2: Keeping It Moving

Episode 3: Secrets

Episode 4: Keeping Up Appearances

I’m actually on time tonight!!!

Game on Bitches!!!!!!!!

2013 Sunbeams Charity Auction?

Oh wait… there is Tae Heckard!!! But I promise you that I truly miss the Sunbeam meetings. Hell, I miss Kelly & Melanie. . And who is this scrawny white dude next to Bryce? Shit… the fat dude on the other side while we’re at it? Lol.

Ummm can someone please tell me why Angela Simmons is acting on this show. She is AWFUL at acting! Leave that to Vanessa. Lol. Was Diggy the only one gifted with talent? But this back and forth between Angela Simmons and Keira is hilarious. I personally think that the Luther Vandross looking dude should have won it. Lol. I know that you had something to prove to Angela, but I am not spending that much money on a man who lives in the same building as I do. However was I the only one who caught ther Run DMC reference? Jason said, “..that’s that Tougher Than Leather money.” I think I just showed my age.

Ummm… Chardonnay, what is up with these LOVE earrings? I can see the DIY feeds on Etsy going crazy for these tomorrow.

Ummmmm BET.. WTF!!!!!! Did you really have to show this classless ass scene with Tasha on top of Rick Fox having sex?!!! I swear for Lord you all don’t trust the original writers and are going for tricks and outright foolishness. This is TERRIBLE!!! Leave it up to BET to destroy whatever it touches. SMMFH.

See my comment above about not spending $75K on a dude who lives in the same building and look, at how Keira is trying to budget on this $4.5k dress. Lol. Boo… I would have let Angela win the auction and then been at his house to make him late for his date. Play smarter, not harder.

And Keira till bought the expensive ass dress? Lol. And judging by the hoodrich tag still on her dress…she is planning to return the dress. Watch…someone is going to snatch it….damn. he just dropped wine all over her dress trying to remove the price tag. Lol. Now I would say that Bryce owes me $4.5k plus emotional damage fees. Lol

HOLD UP!!!!! Did Tasha really just invite her cheating ass up in Chardonnay’s house to have sex with Rick? Does Rick not have places where he can have sex? That is just trifling!!! Ugh. I just lost respect for Tasha and the overall believability of this show. Shame.  I almost don’t want to watch the rest of this. See, this is the kind of terrible writing that makes me stop blogging on a show. When my mind can’t wrap around it….I just stop. Lol

Okay, so Chardonnay is sticking up for her house.  But how do you let her punk you in your own house?!!!!

Bwhahahahaha Bryce called Keira a real life crazy, broke person who can’t afford lotion. Lol.  But honestly, how broke Is Keira? And how is she paying her rent in San Diego if she can’t afford $75k?

Ummm…fast forward. Did Jason really just return to the Sabers? Ummm… smdh.

~My Mother’s Daughter

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