The Game S6:E1- Rough Draft & A Trade

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2013 Cast of The Game

Episode 1: Rough Draft & A Trade


Now I know, that you know, that I know, that you know that there was o way in HELL that I was going to let this season of The Game begin without me having my say on the matter, right? I was in the studio on air last night but I had my DVR set and so here I is….lol. Yes, here I is. :::in my Tasha Mack voice:::

Well, kick off in 5, 4, 3, 2, ……Game on, Bitches!


At the start of the red bottoms walking down the hallway during the intro….. all I can think is. I remember when this used to be a comedy. Wait… is that Chardonnay and Jason on the bathroom floor? Malik and his hoes. Tasha Mack naked in the mirror…..was that Derwin doing pull-ups? He wasn’t that huge last season. Lauren London… ok. So the red bottoms attached to the red bottom was Ciara? How random. Now the fucked u thing about it is how in the hell are you going to remove Melanie from the plot and then keep her as the intro to the show? Just lazy and cruel! Fuck you on behalf of Tia Mowry! Lol


Oh… great. The 2013 draft.Ummm can someone please tell me what is going on with Malik’s hairline? And really, Derwin gives a shout out to Melanie all the way in Baltimore? Stab, Stab, Stab. And who is this Bryce Westbrook? Not really eye candy in my mind. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! They traded Derwin Davis to Baltimore in order to get Westbrook? DAMN!!!!! Derwin ain’t even gonna make it past the first episode? I feel like I am watching a horror film with an all-white cast and one black brother. He died in the first 10 minutes. Damn!!!

Can someone punch Jason in the face for playing Luther Vandross’ “Dance With my Father Again”! I just want to cry for Derwin! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

And Bryce with his father, Colonel, is interesting. But slightly verbally abusive.

Let me guess, damn… I didn’t get it out quick enough. Bryce and Lauren.  Damn, you took away Derwin & Melanie for Bryce and whatever Lauren’s name is on this show?but what I can say is DAAAAAAAAAAYUM! The kiss that Lauren pulled on Bryce to get the media to take pics is on point. And Malik hitting on Future’s wife was slightly sexy.  Can someone please tell me why they are in a party in the kitchen? And what does Chardonnay have on?!!!!!! Someone choke the cast of Sex In The City real quick.

In random news…. Learn to swipe text believably!

Damn, I am feeling so bad for Derwin. I mean… damn. This is so uncomfortable to watch. I don’t know if it is bad writing or amazing acting. I am so conflicted. Lol. Now as this weak fight goes on… I want Ciara’s “Give Us Free Boobie” dress with the Angelina Joli peek-a-boo thigh. Nooooo they didn’t have Derwin go out in tears. Noooo.  Did Malik say “Let me juggle your pebbles”? Smdh.

Okay, so you know that comment that I said a few minutes ago about him not being much to look at. I mean… now that he has his shirt off… and I found out that he is 6’3…..yeah… he can get it from the neck down. He has that 50Cent effect. Lol Can someone please tell me what Lauren’s character’s name is… I could Google it… but I am not THAT concerned. Lol.

Okay… I Googled…it’s Keira Whitaker.

I love how Tasha told Keira to “watch your dimples”. And WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who lays on the bed buttnaked like that?!!!!!!! I wish I knew what the front of that visual was, because the back was beautiful and smooth. ::::rewind and pause::: Yes lawd!!!! ::hits slow play/frame by frame::::  This fool said “come hold me”.

Can I just say that this is no longer a comedy? This is a black melodrama. UGH!


Hold he fudge up!!! Did Ciara wind up in bed with Bryce? Nooooooooooo! You’re a hoe! Remember when we couldn’t get your goodies? Wait, is he going to run into …..shit! He ran into Keira!!!!

NOOO Pookie put it back on!!!!! It ain’t toned to definition it’s just solid! Lol. Every time I see Pookie I expect for Vanessa from Soul Food to pop around the corner and tell him that Ahmad is acting up. Wait… did Tasha just call Rick? Wouldn’t it be funny if her iPad wasn’t logged off? Lol And HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick Fox.. ::Hand Gesture:; Rick. Fox looks finer than a mother fucker!!! He gets better looking the older he gets. ::crosses legs very tight:::

Damn, it hurt my feelings that Derwin is leaving. Damn!!!!  Gonna miss you, Pooch. It has been fun and it won’t be the same. I am already prepared to boycott. Yeah. I said it. UGH! Too upset to watch this bootleg show coming up next.

And I’m out!


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