The Game S6:E2- Keeping It Moving

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 2 April 2013 at 10:34 pm

2013 Cast of The Game

Episode 1: Rough Draft & A Trade

Episode 2: Keeping It Moving

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way that Rick. Fox. Came from behind the pillow is straight up foul!!!!! That takes ratchet hoe to a whole other level!!!

Game on Bitches!!!!!!!!

Truth be told…. I would run up on Rick. Fox :::does hand gesture:: and he could get it!!! This man gets better looking the older he gets!! That is his black side. Lol. Damn!!! What does a sister have to do to get that? I am not even paying attention to what they are talking about. Wait… did Tasha just call her punnany “Matilda”? really.

Wait, so Keira knows Malik? Ummm… how have we never seen them together until now? Bryce’s face is growing on me. He makes strange faces…..but his body is nice.

In skank news… this vagina toast is over the top and beyond tasteless. Did the writers forget that Jason is married?

Awwww snap! Tasha can’t get her groove on with Pookie because she was just with Rick. Fox. And this fight she is trying to start is so stupid. I remember when this show used to be a comedy and not this bootleg drama series that they have turned this in to.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!! Are they getting tattoos of each other ‘s names? I wish a negro would tell me that I need to get his name on my ass. Tasha is better than I am. See what guilt will get you? A ghetto ass nickname on your ass for life. Just breakup with your current man and sex your ex. Lol

Noooooooooooo! Pookie, don’t move your business to San Diego to be with Tasha’s cheeting ass!

And can someone please tell me who played this country song during this grocery store scene? But Keira and Bryce are cute with this petty ass fight.  Oh shit!!! An now they are living in the same building. Lol.

And Pookie is stupid as shit if he didn’t suspect her ass after those flowers popped up out of nowhere. I don’t even believe this bullshit.

Ummm so Rick and Tasha kiss and they play Chris Brown? Is he gonna hit her? Lol. I kno, too easy.  And how big is this car that Rick fox can have sex in it… do we know how tall he is? And this whole Keira and Bryce thing is so predictable….cute…but predictable.

In random news… Chardonnay is just a younger Tasha. Wendy better watch out for her job, because you saw what happened  to Melanie & Derwin. Can we say Keira and Bryce? Lol.

Aight…. Let me turn my TV off quickly before Let’s Stay Together Comes on. I mean, I would have for it to start in the …..AWW DAYUM!!! Still in the bedroom.  ::turns off the TV:::

~My Mother’s Daughter

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