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The Game S6:E2- Keeping It Moving

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2013 Cast of The Game

Episode 1: Rough Draft & A Trade

Episode 2: Keeping It Moving

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way that Rick. Fox. Came from behind the pillow is straight up foul!!!!! That takes ratchet hoe to a whole other level!!!

Game on Bitches!!!!!!!!

Truth be told…. I would run up on Rick. Fox :::does hand gesture:: and he could get it!!! This man gets better looking the older he gets!! That is his black side. Lol. Damn!!! What does a sister have to do to get that? I am not even paying attention to what they are talking about. Wait… did Tasha just call her punnany “Matilda”? really.

Wait, so Keira knows Malik? Ummm… how have we never seen them together until now? Bryce’s face is growing on me. He makes strange faces…..but his body is nice.

In skank news… this vagina toast is over the top and beyond tasteless. Did the writers forget that Jason is married? Read the rest of this entry »

Poetry History Month 2013- Day 2 “Dream” , “Immortal”, “Smile”

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Day 1: Dear Sakura

Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile


by: 2Deep

You are just a dream
A fantasy far away
A girl can dream, right?



by: 2Deep

If I write this poem
You will become immortal
But you won’t be mine



by 2Deep

I heal much faster
When rejection comes for me
And I choose to smile
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