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I AM Tootsie: A Reaction to Dustin Hoffman’s Prep Work

In 200 Men Said...., Cupid & Other Myths on 10 July 2013 at 2:41 pm


Searching Facebook in the middle of a work day will lead you to some very interesting things. Some of these things catch your attention, tug at your heart-strings, make you go “Finally, someone knows how I feel!”, or think “Now, how can I get others to understand as well?”  Those moments are rare, but I had to share a post that I saw in my news feed today.

The post was of Dustin Hoffman speaking about his prep work for the movie “Tootsie“.  I simply loved that movie growing up. It is a staple for an 80’s baby to have watched this movie. Especially the soap opera scenes. lol. Or the transformation scenes from man to woman. lol. But I never knew that Dustin did this particular prep work. Now that I know, it makes me respect the movie even more. It makes me understand why I love that movie and connected to it so well. The scene of Tootsie (Dorothy Michaels) in bed having a girls night, or Tootsie shaving her 5 o’clock shadow, or the big glasses and curly hair; they all made me believe she was who she was when he was her. Read the rest of this entry »

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