The Game S6:E3- Secrets

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2013 Cast of The Game

Episode 1: Rough Draft & A Trade

Episode 2: Keeping It Moving

Episode 3: Secrets

I’m late… I know. I have a life and The Game doesn’t always make the list of priorities

Game on Bitches!!!!!!!!

Now, this opening scene with Malik’s house warming party is off the chain. I mean really?!!! But I love TeeTee for keeping it real. Lol

I was speaking with a coworker today. I simply HATE The Game these days. It went from a comedy to a drama. I mean, there is NOTHING to like about these characters. I mean, I still kick it with Tasha Mack…but she is the only one who keeps me interested. And the trade of Melanie and Derwin for Bryce and Keira….that was too quick. I mean even the gynecologist warms up her utensils before she shoves them in you. IJS.

It just seems like this show went to hell in a hand basket the minute it came to BET. I don’t think that we brought it back for it to become this. We brought it back for what it was. But that is just my opinion.

I like this connection between Chardonnay and Jason. I like how it isn’t standard….even though it gets real fake. I still hate this Brittany. But I think that this whole student loans conversation is good…but it is awful!!!!!!!  I really HATE this Brittany.

Am I the only one who thinks that Bryce is shaped like a basketball player? WOW. Jason and Chardonnay don’t have a post-nup? Wait… there is a such thing as a post-nup? And I wish a negro would hold my nose until I woke up. Lol and YIKES!!! This conversation between Jason and Chardonnay is very, very, very revealing. See how you don’t know someone and people out here are still getting married to one another. Hell, people are out here dating each other with far less information. Message!!!

I don’t care how old I get… I am still not used to seeing Brandy’s stomach. Remember when her mama used to keep her covered up? Lol. BRANDY HAS TATTOOS?!!!!!! Oh my eyes! ::my childhood faints dramatically::

Who is Damon?  OOOOOH!!! With the word “Shark” dangling in the air… I am assuming that he is one of the hosts of the TV show Shark. Just a guess. ::Googles:: Wait… did he really just come up with the “Staykini”. Lol. Can I say that NOTHING about this meeting between malik and Damon was believable.

LMAO!!! Chardonnay is in bed checking Jason’s jewels to see if he has a vasectomy.  First of all… Chardonnay is NOT close with Tasha, so WHY would you just tell her that Jason supposedly had a vasectomy? But I do agree that Jason needs to speak up and be honest with Chardonnay.

I remember when I couldn’t tell that the cast was acting. I remember when I could relate with the cast members even though I wasn’t a basketball wife/girlfriend/groupie. This is terrible writing. Is this the same writing staff?

I LOVE this relationship between Chardonnay and Jason!!!!! I love that they talked. But we all know that conversation wouldn’t have happened that fast. But I am glad that Jason was honest about being afraid. And now on to tonight’s episode.

~My Mother’s Daughter

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