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National Poetry Month 2013- Day 16 “Questions”

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Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile

Day 3: Braille

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Day 16: Questions

So, I was chilling with my cousin, KaNikki J, when she asked me to do a community poem with her. I was down for it. But if you know me then you know that I never stop at the obvious, I’ve got to take it a step further. Soooooo….. I decided to ask my office to help me create a community poem as well. I think they also call it a skeleton poem or something. Anywho. I wrote the first line and told someone to write the next. Then I covered up my line so the next person could only see the line directly above the line where they were to write. I didn’t get my whole office involved, but the few people who I did ask were happy to join in. lol. P.S. Did I mention that i work with some of the coolest people in the world? lol.

So, here is the poem:


by: 2Deep & her coworkers ( lol)

Today I have the right to question the world

Do people still use pens?

Hell no!!
We use keyboards Read the rest of this entry »

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