Poetry History Month 2013- Day 6 “Love Toy”

In Writer's Block on 7 April 2013 at 1:38 pm


Day 1: Dear Sakura

Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile

Day 3: Braille

Day 4: Grin & Epiphany

Day 5: Learning

Day 6: Love Toy

Love Toy

by 2Deep

My love is now a donation

Placed on a shelf

Getting catfished by Raggedy Andy

And attending weight watcher meetings with

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

In the kids’ section

Of the Salvation Army

Given away under the pretense that

Someone else will love me as much as you used to

Because someone wanted me once

Until that bitch, Barbie upgraded her convertible


And teen pregnancy created a spike in

Molly Wet, Wet baby dolls in home ec.

I used to perch myself beside the needle on the

Scooby Doo record player

As you bobbed your head to School House Rock

We were both just a bill sitting on Capitol Hill

Until Reading Rainbow came on

You had me believing that I could be anything

And I didn’t know what that meant at the time

Because I wanted to be yours

And I was already that

So, not even Eeyore’s foul mood could get me down

Tigger helped me to get the spring back in my step

Strawberry Shortcake taught me how to be sweet

And the Care Bears taught me how to stare seductively

I had no worries, they were for another day

We just let the music play

I never did understand what a Fraggle was

But they convinced me that one day

You would confess your love to me through a rock

We were PBS, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon

Good, Pretty Good, and Practically Grown at 13

We had advanced from Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Ems to full-blown robots

We were Transformers

Popping up on the scene like Popples

More Hip Hop than Disney

Wuzzles in full effect

We were Ewoks on an adventure

Fighting for everyone’s full attention

In an all-out fight to the death


Too advanced for whoopee cushions

We watched Star Wars with German voiceovers

Luke, I am your farter

Witty beyond our years

Until the day we left Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

You got too good for me once on Sesame Street

I tried to introduce myself as your one and only


Ha, Ha, Ha

They laughed

And sucked the joy right out of me

You got a little sketchy in the way you etched out our play time together

I thought we were an army of one

Until your army got strong

You had Madballs

Sent in G.I. Joe to tell me that you don’t play with dolls any more

And completely sunk my Battleship

The least you could’ve done was Speak & Spell it out for me

Why you no longer wanted me

I didn’t understand

Until Simon Says that it was time for us to part ways

Packed in the back of the car like a Pound Puppy

My Kid Sister, Rainbow… that chick is Brite

She had Glow Worm shine a light on my circumstance

And Teddy Ruxpin a smile on my face

She said that we are all Masters of the Universe

Someone is going to remember my awesomeness

Treat me like the best thing since an Easy Bake Oven

Good things are never forgotten in the hearts of those who truly cherish them

So my love

Perched here on this shelf

Next to Ken and his revealed Cabbage Patch

Is worthy of a comeback


Though it may be for purchase

It has never been for sale

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