Poetry History Month 2013- Day 15 “Shadow”

In Writer's Block on 15 April 2013 at 11:10 am


Day 1: Dear Sakura

Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile

Day 3: Braille

Day 4: Grin & Epiphany

Day 5: Learning

Day 6: Love Toy

Day 7 :  No Hands

Day 8: You 

Day 9: Sexy

Day 10: Reggie

Day 11:  Secrets

Day 12: Deja Not

Day 13: You & Him

Day 14: Worthy

Day 15: Shadow

by: 2Deep

In the shadow of yesterday
I ponder on the “Y” of day’s past
feign for an understanding
to come and cease the ache between my thighs
I know he’s near
each day my body calls out in his absence
back arched
pointed toe
arched brow
beyond frustrated
drenched in confusion
aching for parole
through his lips
baptized in showers
while evoking new sins
he is my carnal soldier
and I bow when he salutes
intangible inches
of immeasurable desires
mounted on my physical reaction
reminded at the crow of the cock
that like yesterday
he is still gone.

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