National Poetry Month 2013- Day 17 “Impromptu Shoe”

In Writer's Block on 22 April 2013 at 1:33 pm


Day 1: Dear Sakura

Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile

Day 3: Braille

Day 4: Grin & Epiphany

Day 5: Learning

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Day 16: Questions

Day 17: Impromptu Shoe

I am learning that poems don’t have to be 3 minutes long. That was a fear of mine. I am giving myself permission to express shorter thoughts. Enjoy!

Impromptu Shoe
by: 2Deep

are like my favorite pair of high heels.
You have a time limit,
hurt my feet,
but look beautiful on me.
I know,
I probably should choose a pair that better suits me,
but do you know how many hours
went into making sure I had the money to buy you. 
I often wonder if you chose me or if I chose you?
Like, were you made in my size or I in yours?
You come out only when it is time for me to shine,
never there on my sick days
when my feet burn and at home I need to stay.
Our relationship is quite dysfunctional….
but I will wear you
until I find another pair that doesn’t hurt me.

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