Poetry History Month 2013- Day 10 “Reggie”

In Writer's Block on 10 April 2013 at 5:18 pm


Day 1: Dear Sakura

Day 2: Dream, Immortal, Smile

Day 3: Braille

Day 4: Grin & Epiphany

Day 5: Learning

Day 6: Love Toy

Day 7 :  No Hands

Day 8: You 

Day 9: Sexy

Day 10: Reggie

If you have ever heard my Ode to My Ex-Boyfriend Reggie haiku….. well, here is a little into the background of why he got such a beautiful poem from me. Recently, something happened and it made me think of this particular situation and I felt that it was time for me to share it. I believe that circles happen in your life because there was something that you were supposed to learn something you missed the first time around or to see if you actually learned, kind of a test the second time around. lol. Well, I want to live to be well into my thirties and I know that I will not fall into the same cycle again. Fellas, when your lady is constantly asking about something…..usually there is a reason. And if it is about your health, you should be happy that your woman cares enough about herself and you to ask such questions.



Lack of experience

and the want for love brought me there

His fast talk and cool smile kept me

Had the nerve to have a regular name like Reggie

6’6, quick wit, w/ a remedial d**k

But he had potential

And I was the kind of girl who would work with ya

If you told me the truth


Ready to do what grown folks do

So I asked

When was the last time you had sex

Head cocked

Twitching lip

A moment of silence and his response was this

Baby, I can go with you to get a test

And so he did

Results in our favor

Twisted sheets and a few hours later

And we became one

Blissful disillusion lasts only for so long

Told you his d**k game wasn’t enough to keep me holding on

He started slipping

Absentminded and like his affection

This fool went missing

Got me worried,


Called his home

And this female answered

Her conviction convinced me that I was the one in the wrong

How dare I call the man I’ve been f***ing

And have the audacity to ask

Bitch, why are you picking up my man’s phone

More than dropped a dime,

She up and knocked over the whole damn bank

Product of a Proctor she produced product that introduced her proper

She was his girlfriend

But hell, so was I

She said she was fucking this fool

But shit, so was I

She wanted to know who was this bitch on the phone asking ‘bout her man

But DAMN, so did I

Never been one to check the chick

My instinct told me to ask her this

When was the last time you slept with him

Her reply

September 26th

Pack rat on info pertaining to my cuddy kat

Results from our HIV dated September 27

Common sense

Tapped me on the shoulder

Told me that the results was null and void

This nigga done put my life in danger

Protection with him


But there is more than one way to catch AIDS

People who don’t care about themselves

Damn sure don’t care about you

You feel your world stop

You start praying prayers you pray you live long enough to answer

You get retested

And tested again

Vow to protect yourself in wisdom

Should you ever be faced with a relationship ever again

And you move on

Dropped a few poems about his raggedy ass in his aftermath

Skipped out my twenties

With years of negative results under my belt

Wiser now than any wise man who once said

I peeped game

Demand an answer

Look out for my own health instead

Call me a nag, say I don’t trust you

Do what you must

But there will be no sexing

Without a clean bill of health

And my trust.

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