P90X Journey: Day 1

In P90X Journey on 19 October 2010 at 12:54 am

        Okay, soooooooo I decided that I really needed to document this journey so I can see it from start to finish. I say finish because I will finish it whether it kills me or not. Unfortunately, my cruise falls dead smack in the middle of my 90 Days….but I am making a pledge to get up and work out while on the cruise. I will stick to it.

        I currently…well as of this morning… weighed 227 pounds. Yeh…. so not cool for a 5’8 diva such as myself. But…it is my reality and I embrace it so I can change it. I have 2 months to lose 27 pounds. I really don’t know how realistic that goal is… but if I lose anything I will feel blessed and accomplished. David Girton, of Live Now Fitness (check out there website LiveNowFitness.com), once told me that Fitness is not a goal but a journey…..that is how I am going to embrace this entire process.

        So, I read all of the books that come with the program and I watched the Bring It video and most importantly, I didn’t psych myself out. I already know that I did a few things right and more thing wrong. So I did the measuring of my waist (etc) but I didn’t do a lick of that fitness test. I know I know, I know. I will do it tomorrow when I get home from work just to measure. I also forgot to take before pics but will do that tomorrow too. I figure nothing will change over night.

        I decided to do the lean workout. I think that one fits means what I am looking for…..I think. His explanation said for women who don’t want to be completely ripped. I don’t….so I will try to conquer this and then switch to possibly Classic…but highly doubt Doubles. I was actually proud of myself. I stuck with it and kept moving. I know that my form looks NOTHING like the people in the video but I did what my current form was capable of doing. I suck with push-ups, side planks, and anything requiring I hold in my abs. If we are on the ground… I suck at it. But I kept moving. My lower back and right hip started hurting during the workout. I noticed that it was like a stretching pain. I dont move in most of these positions, so it wasnt that I hurt something, it was that I was finally moving something. Hip joints were screaming for being put to use….lol. I know I should have gotten up this morning to do it… but the fact of the matter is… I came home and moved it and didn’t let anything stop me. Not another day go by.

        That is my goal… to find a way to fit these workouts in NO MATTER WHAT! I may have to get up in the morning on some days…but that is okay. Night time always seems better but could become a comfortable trap…either way, it is going to get done. I can’t let myself down any more. I hope to have upper body strength when all is said and done at the end of these 90 days. Well….enough of my banter..I need to figure out my meal plan for tomorrow. And continue to curse under my breath how I already hate the superman/banana. WHO THINKS OF THIS TORTURE?!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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