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P90X Journey: Day 2

In P90X Journey on 19 October 2010 at 10:45 pm


So it should be NO surprise that I did not wake up this morning and do P90X. I meant to, had every intention in doing so, but my schedule is shot! I think that I will have to workout in the evenings this week and then rest up on the rest day so I can switch to mornings next week. But trust me… I will workout when I go home tonight.

My challenge this morning was lack of preparation. I have the foods needed to do the Fat Shredder Phase II meal plan, but I had no idea what I was going to eat. I was running late to work because I sat there trying to figure out how much of protein and carbs I was allowed to have and where in the day would I place these choices. I have a good feeling that if I slip on anything….it will be the food portion.

So this morning I ended up having a few slices of bacon, 8oz of Soy milk ( lactose intolerant), and that was about it. I could have had some egg whites, but I was in a rush. I will prepare better for tomorrow. For snacks I have celery and peanut butter, and string cheese. Lunch will be pita bread, spinach leaves, Boca burger and avocado slices. Not bad huh? I will have to write later what I ate for dinner. Oh yeh, yesterday….I wasnt on the meal plan at all. lol

So, corrections that I already see that I need:

1. Better meal preparations

2.Better sleep habits

3. Buy the resistance bands

4. Stay determined and do NOT psych myself out.

More updates once I get home and work out. I think I do Cardio X today…..yipeeee!

Okay… here I am fresh from Cardio X.  This was a fun workout. I actually pushed myself and felt like I could accomplish everything in the workout. Well, maybe not everything…but more than the workout from yesterday. I can do the cobra from the plank YET, nor can I do the Dreya Roll…but everything else I can do. I may not be able to do it perfectly or at the crackish speed that they do it, but I do it at my pace and I keep pushing through the burn.  When the instructor yelled ” Come on, show them that white men can jump” I almost slipped on my jump shot…lol. So far, I like the P90X program. Maybe this really is the time that I was meant to have my fitness breakthrough.

I understand that I may not be able to do every singe thing either at first or at all, but I just keep moving or even do a previous move  that I can do. I cant do the Dreya Roll because my knees dont bend as swiftly and my back kills me when i bend at the waste and even worse when I try to roll back on it. I will have to get that checked out b/c my lower back and right hip make me feel like I am over  80 years old. It feelsbetter when I stretch and even better the morning after I exercise…so maybe I just need to move…. but I work within my limits and I will stay focused.

When I workout, I am focused on the workout and I am not paying attention to the time or how long I have been working out. I am focused on trying to keep moving even if I cannot do the exact move on the screen. And the fact that I ate a Sbarro pizza for dinner has nothing to do with my lack of focus…lol. This is just what I need. I even took my before pics and felt goofy as hell standing in my rd bra with my roomie taking pics. I told her they will never see the light of day unless I lose weight completely. lol. Well, let me get ready to go to bed, I have to work out in the morning because I am hanging out with my boo tomorrow night after work. I can’t even let him distract me from my fitness goals, and he likes me just the way I am. But this…. this is my journey. So let me also finish off this Brita water filter pitcher of water… I finished an entire pitcher in a day. GO ME!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

P90X Journey: Day 1

In P90X Journey on 19 October 2010 at 12:54 am

        Okay, soooooooo I decided that I really needed to document this journey so I can see it from start to finish. I say finish because I will finish it whether it kills me or not. Unfortunately, my cruise falls dead smack in the middle of my 90 Days….but I am making a pledge to get up and work out while on the cruise. I will stick to it.

        I currently…well as of this morning… weighed 227 pounds. Yeh…. so not cool for a 5’8 diva such as myself. But…it is my reality and I embrace it so I can change it. I have 2 months to lose 27 pounds. I really don’t know how realistic that goal is… but if I lose anything I will feel blessed and accomplished. David Girton, of Live Now Fitness (check out there website LiveNowFitness.com), once told me that Fitness is not a goal but a journey…..that is how I am going to embrace this entire process.

        So, I read all of the books that come with the program and I watched the Bring It video and most importantly, I didn’t psych myself out. I already know that I did a few things right and more thing wrong. So I did the measuring of my waist (etc) but I didn’t do a lick of that fitness test. I know I know, I know. I will do it tomorrow when I get home from work just to measure. I also forgot to take before pics but will do that tomorrow too. I figure nothing will change over night.

        I decided to do the lean workout. I think that one fits means what I am looking for…..I think. His explanation said for women who don’t want to be completely ripped. I don’t….so I will try to conquer this and then switch to possibly Classic…but highly doubt Doubles. I was actually proud of myself. I stuck with it and kept moving. I know that my form looks NOTHING like the people in the video but I did what my current form was capable of doing. I suck with push-ups, side planks, and anything requiring I hold in my abs. If we are on the ground… I suck at it. But I kept moving. My lower back and right hip started hurting during the workout. I noticed that it was like a stretching pain. I dont move in most of these positions, so it wasnt that I hurt something, it was that I was finally moving something. Hip joints were screaming for being put to use….lol. I know I should have gotten up this morning to do it… but the fact of the matter is… I came home and moved it and didn’t let anything stop me. Not another day go by.

        That is my goal… to find a way to fit these workouts in NO MATTER WHAT! I may have to get up in the morning on some days…but that is okay. Night time always seems better but could become a comfortable trap…either way, it is going to get done. I can’t let myself down any more. I hope to have upper body strength when all is said and done at the end of these 90 days. Well….enough of my banter..I need to figure out my meal plan for tomorrow. And continue to curse under my breath how I already hate the superman/banana. WHO THINKS OF THIS TORTURE?!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

A Daddy’s Girl and Her Man

In Cupid & Other Myths on 19 October 2010 at 12:21 am


     Okay, so a stream of entries are coming from conversations that I had with a few of my friends over the Columbus Rediscovering America Day weekend. The topics that pop up are always about male/female relationships and I think several people walk away with a different persepctive….even the guy who’s relationship we think we broke up because we told him his girl was using him….lol. But it had to be true because any time you can get any group of women to come to a 100% agreement on anything, it has to have been an exercise of divine intervention.

        One topic that popped up was that of me being a Daddy’s girl, and I am. After hanging up the phone with my mother during the brunch someone called me a Mama’s girl and I said, no….actually I am very much a Daddy’s girl. Now before you get confused, those who have read my blog faithfully know for a fact that my biological father is not the point of this entry. God blessed me with two wonderful godparents who are the best godparents that anyone could ask for. So…the Daddy that I am referring to is my godfather, but he is very much my father. When I have traveled to see him in Minnesota, you can find my dad and I out and about town cracking jokes, having fun, and he even lets me drive his car…. and my daddy doesn’t play about his cars! Late nights I was in the garage handing him tools as he worked on cars or helping him drill pilot holes into the wood he was using to build a trailer. Yes, I am very much a Daddy’s Girl and proud of it.

        But much to my surprise, all of the guys at the table rolled their eyes and barked at how being a daddy’s girl is far worse than being a mama’s girl because, as her man, he must now compete with the father. First off…. my name is NOT Oedipus. Secondly, that’s just gross. Thirdly, I don’t live in any of the cross-breeding states. Fourthly, I am not an English Royal in the 1700s. And lastly, I hear you…. but I don’t agree with you.

        The guys ganged up on me when I said that yes, there are things that my daddy will always do just the way that I like it. Why did I say that? One of them told me to listen to what he heard when I made that comment. He said that he heard “Yes, I’ll let you cut the grass but my daddy cuts it better.”  Or, “You can pick the restaurant but my daddy knows how to cook my favorite meal better.” I then had to break it down that , in my situation, my daddy is a very wise individual and I didn’t mean it that way.

        My dad is just that….my dad. He is also a wise individual who is quick to put me up on game for the things guys will do, and he will also put me in check when I play games that females play. My dad made it very clear that everyone will not love like him. My dad is a very affectionate, hugging, loving, and communicating kind of father. Every man is not going to fit into that bill. I remember when he and my mom gave me the book “How to Love a Black Man” and told me to read it carefully…. I still own a copy til this day. It helped me understand that even though my daddy communicates with me the best, I need to know how other men communicate as well. Just because my daddy does things the way I like doesn’t make it better, and just because my man has yet to learn doesn’t make it worse, it just makes it different. Being a daddy’s girl with a brilliant daddy helped prepare me for reality and not a fantasy. My man will love differently and if I in turn love him back then the way he loves me is perfect. I don’t try to measure anyone’s love to my dad’s… they could never reach….because they are two separate kinds of love. So I don’t even try to compare. Whomever I’m dating gets measured on his own scale and I cherish each moment, I learn through each moment, and I love him for each moment that he shows me how he loves , through his way, and in his time. There is nothing wrong with that.

        A true daddy’s girl SHOULD know how a man works, his mood, how he will or wont communicate things well, but how he means well all in the same breath. She should know that men could care less about the latest fashions and will never know the difference between pearl and off-white. And she should also know that I love you may never be said out loud, but that a kiss on the forehead, a pat on the back, the sharing of the last bite, and his undying willingness to protect you at all times should suffice in case of emergency or a moment of questioning if you are loved. The things that I learned from my father I have taken with me into relationships. I don’t cook meat in my dad’s vegetarian cookware, I don’t punch the accelerator above 2 in his E Class, I let him go on some very LOOOOOOOONG winded conversations that make my eyes roll in the back of my head but come to appreciate later in a time of need, and when he says he needs a minute….I walk away, but knowing all the while that this is my dad’s temperament and he loves me just the same. My man gets the same courtesy. I am able to separate the two…my dad has my mom to love him in that manner. And did I mention that my name is not Oedipus? So you see, all daddy’s girls aren’t bad…especially if you have an amazing Dad to begin with.


~*My Mother’s Daughter…..but My Dad’s Girl*~

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