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P90X (Take 2)~Day 11 Yoga X

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:38 pm

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If you remember NOTHING else about my blog… please know that I HATE YOGA! I cant get down with it, my mind doesnt do silence. I hate, I hate it, I EAT, PRAY, LOVE to hate it kind of hate it! I will never be her finding peace with it… I just cant do it. Nope….. no meditation, no clearing of the mind…. IT SUCKS ASS!

I turned on the radio and muted Tony Horton just so I caould get through 45 minutes of it. It was the suckiest 45 minutes of my life. I couldnt finish the rest of it. I have no clue why I dislike it so much. Maybe because I know that at 30 minutes, I still have an hour left. Maybe it is mental mind play. SOOOOO what I plan on doing next week is doing 45 in the morning and 45 in the evening just to make sure that I can make it through. Does that work? As long as I work out for 45 minutes at a time isnt that great? Or do I have to suffer for 1.5hrs at a time? Please, someone, anyone… HELP ME!

This disc will be the death of me. Can I substitute? I cant do it. I’ll quit the entire program if someone says that I have to do the yoga x dvd. I’ll go into downward dog and let all the blood rush to my head until I pass out if yuo make me do it. I swear I will. I’ll be the first person to die from death by chattarunga….or whatever the hell it is called. Vinyasa is like a cuss word now. I find myself yelling at people as I drive “Get the VINYASA out of my way you VINYASA head!!!” It is highly effective yet counter peaceful as i think the move was intended.

Also, I am finding that I am barely having time to exercise so I apologize if the blog version of my struggles are a few days later. I will try my hardest to stay on top of things. But I thank you for reading.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 10 SA, ABX

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:29 pm

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Perfect! I went to the slam last night and I put in the work. Great time, tons of fun and not much else to tell. I have a ton to do today that I dont want to do, but this workout must get done before I head otu to this show.


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so…. I went in and started the Shoulders and Arms work out with the AB Ripper X and I worked it out to the fullest. I think I eveb felt a burn. BUT! At the end, something inside of me said… hey you, why dont you go and finish the last few minutes of Plyometrics that you didnt finish yesterday. SOOOOOOO I did. I turned on the disc and rewound it a little just to get my momentum going and then it happened. I straight busted my ass, my ego, and my knee.

Now, those of you who are familiar with Plyo know that there is the segment on there that has the whole ” jumping the lake/river” part in it, right? Well. I was working out in the basement on my area rug which sits on TILE and I took a leap that landed me on the edge of the carpet with enough speed and force that caused the aera rug to slide and I went down with it. Yeh….. retarded, yes, I know! But it hurt like hell. So much so that I didnt even try to cry because I was afraid the movement would hurt. Nothing hurt more than knowing my cell was in another room, my roomate was out of town, I was downstairs in the basement with the alarm on and no one could hear me cry as I laid on the cold floor. lol. Sounds funny now,but trust me when I tell you that it was not at the time.

So yeh, there is my… I damn near killed myself story with Plyo. But anywho…

Here is my Shoulders and Arms Workout

Alternating Shoulder Presses……Round 1_15__ Round 2 _15__

In & Out Bicep Curls……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Two-Arm Ticep Kickbacks……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Deep Swimmer’s Presses……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Full Supination Concentration Curls……Round 1_15__ Round 2_15__

Chair Dips……Round 1_20__ Round 2_22__

Upright Row……Round 1_15__ Round 2_15__

Static Arm Curls……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks (sets)……Round 1_8__ Round 2_9__

Two Angle Shoulder Flys……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Crouching Cohen Curls……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Lying-Down Tricep Extention……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

*Bonus Round*

In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys……Round 1___ Round 2___

Congdon Curls……Round 1___ Round 2___

Side Tri-Rises……Round 1___ Round 2___


Here is my Ab Ripper X Workout: 25 of each…supposedly

#in ( ) indicate the number I had to pause on to complete my reps

  1. In & Outs……..  25_ 
  2. Bicycle………. 25
  3. Reverse Bicycle………. 25
  4. Crunchy Frog………. 25 (11)
  5. Cross Legged/Wide Legged Sit-Ups……… 25 (11,15)
  6. Phieffer Scissors………. 25 (14) (straight leg)
  7. Hip Rock & Raise………. 25 (12,20, Hip pain! Ouch)
  8. Heel to the Heavens………. 25(Lower back and right hip OUCH. Stretched and it didnt hurt as much)
  9. V-up/Roll Up Combo………. 25 (14, V-up but no roll up.)
  10. Oblique V- Up………. 25  (each side)
  11. Leg Climb………. 17   each leg (Flat leg)
  12. Mason Twist………. 25 each side (feet flat on the floor) 


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 9 Plyometrics

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:05 pm

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I am tired beyond tired and I just want to go to sleep. I have sooo much to do tonight, like hosting a poetry slam from 11pm to 1am. I just want to scream. But the inside of me is sitting here yelling… FAT BITCH YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO WORKOUT TODAY!!!. Yes, My inner fat bitch is trying so hard to get me to stop working out. She even made me forget to bring my lunch to work today and I set everything aside yesterday night. Just wrong! She wants me to be fat forever but I am not having it! So, I am going to cry on the metro home… but I am going to switch into my workout clothes and then I will work out. After that I will take a nap and then get up to host the show. Yes, I know I could be more productive but I dont think you guys understand how little sleep I can get in a day.


Today is plyometrics……. I think I almost died last time I did this. So, if I dont write tomorrow…. come to my funeral in your P90X t-shirts.

 Okay, so I got home and I was POOPED! But I got in 45 minutes of Plyo before I had to take a nap. I had to host a show from 11-1am. But I did get it in. Proud of my self! SOrry there wasnt much more to write about. I mean…. I could if you wanted to hear about the poetry slam, my comedic wit, and overall good looks! lol.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 7 and Day 8 CB, AB

In P90X Journey on 11 June 2011 at 4:36 pm

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Day 7:

Okay, this was my day off. I did exactly that… took the day off. I went to work, I came home and took a nap, and then I went to host my Wednesday night Open Mic poetry and that was all she wrote. Oh no, I then went home and blogged about SYTYCD. That was it…really. lol.


Day 8:

 So, I decided that I would switch over to the Classic routine because I wanted to burn calories and not just make this a cardio event. Yesterday I was tired all the way down to my soul. Lack of sleep had me wanting to skip work all together. SO when I got off work I told myself that I could skip the workout, but then I remembered the conversation I had with a friend of mine while at lunch at Neramitra eating some wonderful Pad Thai. I had told her how this was for me and for no one else. It hit hom, my own words came back and pimped slapped me. So as soon as I walked in the door I didnt even sit down. I changed into my workout clothes and I did the Chest and Back with Ab Ripper X. I just did it. No complaints, no nothing… just did it. Then I was in the bed by 8pm and I slept until 7:30am this morning. Felt great and wished that I could haev slept in even longer.

Here is my Chest & Back Workout: (All push-ups done on knees)

  1. Standard Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1___20 (paused at 11,15)__ Round 2__22 (paused at 14)___
  2. Wide Front Pull-ups……………………………………………..Round 1__30___ Round 2__24___
  3. Military Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1_14 ( 5, 8, 11)____ Round 2___13 ( 9, 11)__
  4. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups……………………………………………..Round 1__34___ Round 2__32___
  5. Wide Fly Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1___18 (10,14)__ Round 2__20 (10,14,16)___
  6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups……………………………………………..Round 1___34__ Round 2__36___
  7. Decline Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1__10___ Round 2___12 (6,10)__
  8. Heavy Pants……………………………………………..Round 1__20___ Round 2___24__
  9. Diamond Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1__14___ Round 2__14 (9,11)___
  10. Lawnmowers……………………………………………..Round 1__20___ Round 2__22___
  11. Dive Bomber Push-ups……………………………………………..Round 1__5 (clavicle pooped, OUCH!)___ Round 2__5___
  12. Back Flys ……………………………………………..Round 1__15___ Round 2__15___ 

Here is my Ab Ripper X Workout: 25 of each…supposedly

  1. In & Outs……..  25_ 
  2. Bicycle………. 25
  3. Reverse Bicycle………. 25
  4. Crunchy Frog………. 25 (11,19)
  5. Cross Legged/Wide Legged Sit-Ups……… 25 (12,21, PAIN IN HIP AND LOWER BACK!!!)
  6. Phieffer Scissors………. 15 (straight leg)
  7. Hip Rock & Raise………. 10 (5, Hip pain! Ouch)
  8. Heel to the Heavens………. 20 (Lower back and right hip OUCH. Stretched and it didnt hurt as much)
  9. V-up/Roll Up Combo………. 15 (V-up but no roll up. Midd ab started cramping)
  10. Oblique B- Up………. 10  (each side)
  11. Leg Climb……….   each leg (Flat leg)
  12. Mason Twist………. 25 each side (feet flat on the floor) 


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 6 LB, AB,Kenpo

In P90X Journey on 8 June 2011 at 4:29 pm

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I confess, I have not been to the gym in the morning at ALL this week and today is just Tuesday. lol. I am just too tired in the morning because I didnt go to bed on time on Sunday and it has thrown my entire schedule off. I cannot wait to fall into the deepest coma tonight if nothing is on television for me to blog about. lol.

This morning… yeh, long story….. in short, baby in the world and lunch with Jill Scott. Yes, you read correctly. My Friend @PrinceCharming and I got to meet, take pics, and have lunch with Jill Scott. When I tell you that she is gorgeous!!!…. that would be an understatement. When I saw her, the first words out of my mouth were “you still are beautiful”. I think I said it because there was all of this hype about how much weight she had lost. And yes, she had and was a smaller size of the Living My Life Like It’s Golden self that we have all come to know and love…. but it was never that she wasnt beautiful at that size, and it wasnt the smaller size that made her beautiful. I just felt that I had to tell her that she was STILL beautiful. She thanked me as I hugged her and she told me that I was kind. I didnt want to seem like a star struck fan that I was… but I just hugged her back and kept the lesson that I had just taught myself within the confines of my mind; stored under “Remember this for yourself, fool” section A. Later, when someone brought up the invitable elephant in the room…her weight loss… she mentioned that she had to do things that were fun to her and really didnt appear to be exercise. I told her, “I know what you mean. I do the same thing with the TV on the treadmill, I picture myself running towards Emril’s ham. BAM!”. She laughed… I can almost die happy. Now, if I could get close enough to make Michelle Obama laugh without getting arrested I can really die happy.

But, I ate light and didnt go back for more like I REALLY wanted to. Trust me, the food was good and I wanted to. But it was still good to see someone that I look up to having lost the weight and looking beautiful in the most down to earth, yet still glamorous, clothing that you could find. It was the motivational kick that I needed to remind me why I was on this journey. She never knew how much her music touched me, but God placed her in my life at the right moment to give me that kick in the pants to tell me to keep going. I dont really like my pictures because I forgot to suck my stomach in… BUT… I am happy to have them just the same.

My goal is to get fit then go find every celeb I have ever taken a pic with while fat and then retake the pics…lol.

Last night I meant to do Yoga X and Legs and Back…. but I got called to walk with a friend who asked me to be her accountability partner. SO only Yoga X got done. Tonight I will TRY to knock out Legs & Back and Kenpo X. No promises… but I will do at least one so I can rest tomorrow.

Also, I think I may want to switch over to the Classic system of P90X. I replayed the intro DVD and it said that Lean is merely cardio… I want the benefits listed for Classic instead of Lean. So Thursday I will switch over. Just had to mention that. Okay, update you later.


Okay, so I came home, guns blazzing and I went to work…..on my house. lmao! My maids came this morning and so last night I had to “maid prep” my abode. That is where you put away stuff you dont want them to be tempted to steal, lose, or break. Also, you wash all of your clothes so that they can have them folded neatly when you get home so you wont have to do it….lol.

Anywho, with all of that energy I got the crazy thought in my mind that I would do two workouts to catch up for the day I missed ( Day 4 I think) and that way today (Day 7) would really be my day of rest. Yeh, you read right… 2 workouts. So, I started with Legs and back with Ab Ripper X.

I quickly discovered that I need to ease back into this workout. My knees were getting swollen and threatening to pop and my hip joint was hollering at me like a baby mama to her baby daddy after a missed child support payment. IT HURT. It wasnt in my mind, this was not a figment of my imagination…..no, it HURT! I kneeled down to do the bands for the “pull-up” exercise and my knee felt like it was going to pop or dislocate right from under me. I have a LOOOOOOOOONG history of floating patella, where my knee caps sit on the outside of my knee. And when I straighten my legs out on the bed to situp and cross at the ankle…after a while the leg will drop to the side and the knee cap will snap into place. It hurts for a minute… but I am use to it. This was scary because I felt like my legs werent sturdy under me. I didnt feel that way my first go round with this workout. So I modified what I could and stopped 2 exercises shy of completing because of the pain.

Here is my Legs & Back Workout:

  1. Balance Lunges……………….R__10___ L_12____
  2. Calf Raise Squats………………_____25_______each
  3. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups………_____15 w/heavy bands_______
  4. Super Skater……………………______NOPE_______ (Knee pop and hip pain)
  5. Wall Squat………………………______Full Time________
  6. Wide Front Pull-Ups……….._______15___(Did it standing on chair and lifting w/ calves and holding, repeat)
  7. Step Back Lunge……………..R__13__ L__13__
  8. Alternating Side Lunge…………… R 12 L 12
  9. Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups………   20 (Standing)
  10. Single Leg Wall Squat ……….. Full Time ( but was standing w/ legs bent just a little above a 90 degree angle)
  11. Dead Lift Squat………..  13 (each side but rib and hips hurt)
  12. Switch Grip Pull-Ups……….  20 (sitting)
  13. Three-Way Lunges……… R__5__L__5__
  14. Sneaky Lunges……….  __20____
  15. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups…….. All__
  16. Chair Salutations …….. 1 (knees hurt and pressure feels like it is going to pop)
  17. Toe-Roll Iso Lunge………. R__10__L __10__ (front knees click)
  18. Wide Front Pull-Ups………. 30 (w/ heavy bands)
  19. Groucho Walk………. Full Time
  20. Calf Raises………. Wide_10__ Parallel_ 10_ Pigeon 0 (calves felt like they were going to cramp on me)
  21. Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups……… Nope
  22. 80-20 Sieber Speed Squats……….. Nope
  23. Switch Grip Pull-Ups………. Nope

Here is my Ab Ripper X Workout: 25 of each…supposedly

  1. In & Outs……..  25_ (w/ rocking motion)
  2. Bicycle………. 25 ( paused at 7, 12, & 20)
  3. Reverse Bicycle………. 25 ( More on elbows than hands…lol)
  4. Crunchy Frog………. 25 ( paused at 20)
  5. Cross Legged/Wide Legged Sit-Ups……… 22
  6. Phieffer Scissors………. 13 ( did it more like a bicycle than straight legs up and down)
  7. Hip Rock & Raise………. 11 (Ouch)
  8. Heel to the Heavens………. 10 ( Lower back and right hip OUCH)
  9. V-up/Roll Up Combo………. 5 (V-up but no roll up. Midd ab started cramping)
  10. Oblique B- Up………. (Had to stop…. tired)

There were two more but I forgot what they were….lol.

Okay… so I let them cool down, I went and got water and put clothes int he drier and somewhere along the line I caught my second wind My dumb behind popped in Kenpo X. Now, this goes pretty shortly. I LOVE Kenpo X. So, in short, I sweated my ass off did EVERY single rep and move he told me to do, and my breaks were in fact… my breaks. I didnt jump rope during the breaks and I didnt sit down. I drank my water and walked around the room. I have to build back up to doing all of that. But I finished it and then went to go blog about The Braxtons’  reality show.

So yeh…. this morning I got up and hurt like hell, but I completed it. So much so… that I dont even feel like proof reading this.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 5

In P90X Journey on 7 June 2011 at 3:24 pm

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If you read Day 4 then you know I missed the workout yesterday, amd too tired to function normally today….a nd Yeh!

I am literally dreading having to workout for 2 hours when I get home… something is just not natural about that, but it is my fault for not scheduling yesterday out properly. I really am going to have to do Yoga X with the radio on because I cant do it in my quiet house. I am liable to scream just to add some excitement into the mix.

I will keep you updated this evening with the amount of struggle I have inflicted on myself.

Also, I let an acquaintence of mine in on the P90X Plus DVDs… I watched them and wanted to cry. I shouldnt have because now I may never use them lol. I cant even remember why I bought them when I cought the original DVDs. I guess I got it just in case I finished the 90 days and wanted to move on to the graduate discs of P90X Plus….. but I will have to be a 7 year senior because I dont think I will ever be fit enough to do the Plus package….lol. Yeh… hurting right now just thinking about it. But… he said he is going to purchase it tonight. if he has a heart attack… I will let you all know! lol. I say that because he is one buff dude, so if he suffers, there is not a chance in a winter in hell that I will be able to survive it.


Later this evening……….



Okay, this second round of fitness with the program is NOT going like I planned but I have 85 more days left to get it right…lol. But at least I am trying.

So, I didn’t wake up and workout this morning. Was extreeeeeeeemely too tired. I even went to work and was dozing on and off the whole entire damn day! I went and got a 5 hour Energy drink and couldn’t feel my face. I was going to go home and take a long as nap. I had convinced myself that I could nap for 2 hours and then get up and workout some.

See, that was my inner fat chick getting the best of me and she damn near won. The fitness gods heard this nonsense and sent my homegirl to send me a request.  My diva hit me up and asked me if I would walk with her around 7pm. I get off work at 4:30pm. By the time I leave work and make it home, it is only 5pm…soooooo… that means that I had some time to spare. So, I decided to do Yoga X.

Now, Yoga X and I have the WORST history in the world. I didn’t like it when I first did it in December and I simply abhorred the thought of even having to do it again. But, I turned on the radio to WKYS 93.9 FM and muted the TV….lol. It really did help. I would glance over to see how many seconds I had left and I made it through the entire DVD. I had to drop a couple of poses because my arms were shaking before the Tree Pose, but for the most part I went 20 minutes straight without complaining. At one point I almost stopped just because and I verbally told myself “no” and got back in the pose and kept it moving. It really is a mind of matter type of situation. I still don’t like it. And Kenpo is my favorite… but I put up with it.

As soon as I finished, I put on my tennis shoes, funky booty and all, and I went to my diva’s house and we drove to the track. We walked 4 laps and then I ran one complete lap, and we finished 3 more. I was proud of my one lap because of the fact that I have not run outside this entire year and it is now June. All of my running so far has been on the treadmill with interval training. The only reason I didn’t run further is because I didn’t have water with me ( stupid, I know) and I was drying my mouth out to a point to where I was coughing. I am such an open mouthed breather. So, next time I will have to be hydrated enough before running. Next time I want to run a lap and a half until I can run a full mile. Will feel great!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 4

In P90X Journey on 6 June 2011 at 9:10 am

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If you read Day 3, then you know that I was spiritually and emotionally out of alignment. I was not in the mood to do much of anything. That is my track record when I get upset or just feel down and out. Tradition would have me ordering carry-out or not eating at all…. ALL of which are terrible causes of weight gain. So this time I just laid down and refused to even go to the kitchen. But I could not fall asleep for the life of me.

I woke up Early this morning with intentions of working out, but I was so sleepy and tired that it sis even happen because I needed to get dressed for church since my friend invited me to attend hers for the day. If i would have gone to my church, I woudl have been in by 8:30 and out by 10am and would have worked out then… but that was not the case today.  Yet, I must protest that my intentions to work out were there.

I went to the service and the guest speaker was AMAZING!!! He spoke right to my soul. He preached from John 15 ( I think, something about vines) and also Jonah 4:5-6. And it hit me right in the heart. He spoke about the shelters that we build around ourselves as protection from one thing or another ( the Jonah scripture) and how “we can do it good, but God can do it better” if we just trust in Him. The John scripture spoke about the cutting away of vines around us. How funny…. I spent the better part of Day 3/3am of Day 4 deleting over 100 people from my facebook page who weren’t really my friends but just spaces obtained by clicking “confirmed” simply because I knew their face, recalled their name, or had originally hoped that we could become friends. But even with that effort, I was building a good shelter around me when God has a better plan than just deleting people from a social network site. Whatever it is… I dont know.

So, church aside, I now had my spiritual in order but it was time to get my meal in order. My homegirl and I went to the grocery store and got our cook on. We cooked our food for the remainder of the week and I shared some fitness and eating tips with her. Just the basics to keep her motivated. After that I had a one-on-one coaching session with one of my Slam Poets and that went 2 horus later than expected; notice there is no sign of fitness in this post? Well, by the time I dropped him off, fought falling asleep behind the wheel, went back to my friend’s house to pick up the food she had completed cooking and made it back to my house…… it was 10:30 pm.  I must admit, if the P90X calendar had said Kenpo X…I would have struggled through until 11:30pm, but something about it saying Yoga was enough for my will to shut down.  I HATE YOGA!

But…..That just means that today when I get home (actually Day 5) I will have to post about Yoga X and Legs and something else….lol. I am motivated to make up exercises if I miss them, and Yes, I know that isnt apart of the routine, but it is going to have to work because I am typing this while thinking of robbing a 7-11 of all of their 5 Hour Energy drinks. I am THAT tired. But… I did want to give you an update, admit to my failing to work out yesterday and then commit to making it up to myself. There. I said it. Now…..let me go find some crack so I can get some energy. Anyone kow how many calories are in a gram of crack?

. But I feel that way. May workout before church. Thanks P90X for giving me an outlet when I feel like I dont have one.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

P90X (Take 2)~Day 3

In P90X Journey on 5 June 2011 at 2:53 am

Day 1:    Day 2  Day3

 So this morning I woke up with th intention of doing P90X before I left the house. Thought that I would get it out of the way for the day. But noooooooooooooooo, I wanted to sleep longer because my body woke me up at 6am like it usually does during the weekday. SUCKS!!! I want to sleep in on the weekend. Maybe, and this is just a thought, that if this happens next weekend…..I should just get up, work out and then take a nap later in the day. I don’t know… I know it just sucked waking up for early and then trying to fall back asleep.

Needless to say, I didnt do Shoulders and Arms this morning. But, what I did do was walk from Prince Georges Metro Station alllllll the way to Brookland Metro Station with a friend of mine and then I continue to walk to the Rhode Island Metro station because I had a meeting at my church that afternoon. My church is directly across the street from the RI MEtro. Yeh, I’m rocking 16,133 steps ( 2:36am). Felt good, hurt like hell while sitting in the meeting. But I was proud of my friend who wasnt sure she could walk that far…. and I was proud of myself for doing it as well.

So, I came home and procrastinated. Got a call from a friend and we decided to go see a movie. SO I quickly jumped up and knocked out the Shoulders and Arms and didnt have enough time to do the Ab Ripper X. For the most part I did 12 of every rep and 16 reps of the ones where Tony HOrton mentioned that everyone HAD to do 16 reps. I hurt, I sweated a ton and I damn near drank an entire pitcher of water afterwards. Felt great.

Until……I got some horrible news about people and the conversations that go on behind my back. When I tell you that I am such a hermit, I have no strength left in me to even fight against the rumors. People who I can go a full year without talking to were heard talking about me. People who I thought were cool and the ONLY time I EVER speak or see them is when I am in a group with people have my name in their mouth.  It reminds me of the time in college when I told a friend “I’m tired of seeing [another friend] cry.” I said it in a way to mean that I want to see that friend happy and that is why I am tired of seeing her cry. That person went and told the friend that I meant it in a  “I wish she would stop crying already” kind of a way. All that person had to do was ask me if I said it or how I meant it and it could have been all squared away. I feel ike I am in high school. It is 2:43 in the morning and all I want to do is work out because maybe then it wont hurt so bad. Maybe if I could just hit the ground running I wouldnt feel like I have to shut even more people out of my life to be safe. Hell, in the past 2 years I only talk to ONE person on the phone to vent my problems to. So the fact that others are saying stuff about me stings a little. I dont go to venues every night like I use to, I dont go to parties at all…i go to work and home….and then I host and perform when I get paid to do so. The rest of this is enough to make you go play in rush hour traffic.

If I werent so emotionally tired I would get up and go finish Ab Ripper X. But I need to go to sleep so I can have strength tomorrow. I wont eat my way out of this pain….. I will just exercise my way out it. I have to stay focused, because I keep a lot bottled inside and I am tryin my hardest not to blow a fuse. I just have to remember what my personal goals are and remember that I am in this by myself and that I have made it this far and I can make it the rest of the way too. Sad that it has to be that way…….but from now on I trust NO ONE but God, all others must pay cash. I look forward to working out tomorrow…….never thought I would hear myself say that. But I feel that way. May workout before church. Thanks P90X for giving me an outlet when I feel like I dont have one.


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P90X (Take 2)~Day 2

In P90X Journey on 3 June 2011 at 11:25 pm

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The next time that I mention I want to get fit… please punch me in my throat and feed me a turket neck. This HURTS!!!! For the past month of my regular fitness I havent really been that sore. But after working out the best that I could yesterday to Core Synergistic….or whatever it is. I guess I should spell check that but I am suffering just moving my fingers.

My abs are screaming like I raped them. My ARMPITS HURT!!! WTF? How do your armpits hurt? This morning I went to the gym and walks/jogged on the treadmill for 1 hrand knockec out my 10 thousandsteps before I even stepped foot in my office. Speaking of office…..this morning I witnessed a cowork damn near put her foot in my boss’ ass as she cussed him out and stormed out of the office. It was mega entertaining and long over due.

Well, I tried to talk myself out of this second day workout the entire time I was on the train coming home. I told myself that I coudl skip it… it wouldnt matter. I even told myself that I could take a nap at 8pm and wake up and work out….lol. Hell, I’ll go ahead and snitch on myself. I even order lemon peppered chicken wings from Pizza Hut and enjoyed every finger-licking moment. Okay, my inner fatchick told me to tell you that I ordered a supreme pizza too. BUT…..and that is a huge Delta Burke’s ass kind of but…..I only had 4 wings and one slice of pizza. I know, I know, that is a lot. But the old me would have had all of the wings and had 2 pieces of pizza…. I think I did well. And I wont have any more tonight. Matter of fact, I want more water… I just went through an entire pitcher.

So, tonight was Cardio X. I learned that I cannot talk to my roomate and do this at the same time, I almost passed out. Buuuuuut I finished it. I am extremely sore from yesterday so some of the moved hurt like hell. I absolutely abhorred theYoga at the beginning. And maybe it was because I am sore, but I just cannot get down with yoga. My 3rd belly & my breasts are in the way ( no I dont have a gunt….these are just jokes people. But my breasts are huge). I was in heaven when we got to the Kenpo portion. I have no clue why I love it so much… but I do. I still cannot do the Dreya Roll, so I just sit up with my knees bent and roll back with my legs in the air and roll forward without standing. I figure I will get there one day, right now my knee caps are screaming.

I also am waaaaaaaaaaaaay past 16 thousand steps as I write this. I am not even looking forward to in the morning b/c Ihave to work out P90x before I go for a 4+ mile walk with a friend because she asked me to be her accountability partner. So yeh… I’m going to be in soooo much pain that it is not even funny. Just pray for me. lol. I also weighed in… I weigh 225…but I weighed in this evening. So, I cannot step on the scale again until July2nd. Sad shame. I am a scale-aholic! But I will stick to it. Well… let me take my butt to bed…. after I get more water so mymuscles dont tighten up in my sleep. I stretched and still feel tight. Damn shame…body aint young as it use to be. lol.


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P90X Journey: Day 31

In P90X Journey on 18 November 2010 at 9:44 am

Umm… okay, this morning my entire body turned traitor. I woke up and hour before my alarm and I had stomach pains that I had no clue where they were coming from. I had the urge to use the restroom but couldn’t and I was extremely tired and fatigued. THIS WAS TOO MUCH! I think my body is trying to get back into the swing of things after last week and I am just jumping right back into P90X like a week of sickness wasnt a big deal. My digestive track is crying out for attention and I have no reason why. I ate cereal this morning and was in so much pain I almost wanted to call out of work again. This has to get better. I am watching my diet closer too.

So, thankfully I only have to do Core Synergenics (sp) tonight. I was going to workout this morning but I honestly felt too fatigued to do it. WHich is sad because it would have been nice to get it out of the way. I also have to squeeze in a walk/run ont he treadmill at the gym tonight. Since I only have one P90X exercise to do I have to get back into the gym that I still pay my membership dues and havent visited since June. Shame, yet true. It can be an hour of just straight up walking for all I care, I just have to put my face back in that gym. If the pool wasnt so cold, I would go and hop in that and swim for a little bit. I may go sit in the steamroom. So yeh, that is what I may do tonight.  I may need to buy a little book light so that I can sit in the steam room and read for a little bit. Cant take my headphones in there so I may want to read to keep from falling asleep. So, P90X for an hour and the gym treadmill for 30mins (only b/c the gym wont let you keep it for longer than that) and probably the steam room or another cardio machine for another 30 mins. I think I am going to love tonight. Will keep you posted. Right now (11am) my pedometer says 2404 steps…..the day is young. I want to make it to 10,000 OUTSIDE of my workout today. I dont care what it takes, I will have to make 10,000 steps today even if it takes me marching in place…..that counts,right?


Okay, soooooo This is going to turn into another blog all on its own, but I went home expecting for my ex to have plans for us to go out…strictly as friends. I felt I was being harsh on him for cutting him off and told him that he could earn my friendship back if he tried. He said he would keep his word ( which is why we aren’t together now…because that negro couldn’t keep his word if Jesus tatted it to his chest). So I got in the house and I ate to Red Hots (hot dogs) and I sat on the couch. My intuition tapped me and said, “Bitch, if you don’t get up and workout now I will sabotage your whole fitness goal. You know damn well this negro is not gonna keep his word.” I looked at the clock and it was 6:50. I didn’t even have time to let the food digest all that good, but I hopped into action and put on my workout clothes and popped in Core Synergistics because Plyometrics is too much for me.  I sweated and I fought back tears, every time I wanted to cry I just had to dig a little deeper. When the kicks came into play I felt like I was kicking him dead in his throat! I got down and did knee push-ups and wall push-ups but I kept it moving and wouldn’t stop. I didn’t do the bonus workouts because my emotions were getting the best of me. Actually, I don’t even think that I cooled down. I just got up and took a shower, then I came back and blocked his phone number and erased him from all of my social network pages. Felt good to do it but still didn’t make me feel any better. I was in bed by 9:30pm.

I am glad that I worked out before I got too upset and then I would have talked myself out of it. I think that I am learning to listen to my intuition and workout when I need to workout or suffer the consequences. These Doubles workouts I think are trying to my body but I will make it…. I have to make it under 220 by Dec 11th.  Next week I think I will do an all vegetarian diet but I wonder how much strength will I have to do these workouts. Who knows. I need to push, in a healthy way and make this work!!!!  Thanks for reading.

Drank a Pitcher of  Water? 1/2 of a pitcher

Close to the Diet today? Really, all I ate was cereal…my stomach had me scared to eat anything else

Completed Yoga in 1 day? N/A

Completed Ab Ripper X? N/A

Pedometer Steps: 7834/10,000

Worked out this Morning? 1/3wk no workout this morning

Treadmill or Walk/run: x/3wk

Took the stairs at work? 2x up and 1 time down already today (11am)


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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