The Borgias S2~ Consequences of Choices

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Recap of Season 1: El Fin

Episode 1: Consequences of Choices

LMAO!!! King Charles called Cardinal Rovere a clown. Well put!

If this is your first time watching The Borgias….then shame on you!!!! If you wish to refresh your memory of what has occurred last season then check out my blogs HERE.

Now, for the rest of us….. bow to the Borgia Pope

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #CrimeMurderFamilyAmen !

Whoever is in charge of the intro footage should be crowned by the Queen herself! It is riveting, captivating and downright despicably intriguing!

The scene starts off with an altar boy attempting to poison the altar communion. In comes Cardinal Rovere, the cardinal wipes the floor of the evidence and continues with the communion ceremony.. And as he goes through the people of the church he comes across Cesare amongst them. HOW CLEVER!!!! Cesare goes to where Rovere is suffering from a swollen tongue from the poison.  He informs ROvere that there is no hiding place that the Borgias will not find him. WHAT THE POPE!!! The assassin guy, Micheletto, put the altar boy up to poisoning Rovere and instead of paying the boy for following through, he drowns the kid in a nearby well. Well I’ll be an atheist if that wasn’t messed up! Lol.

Soooo who is this new naked chick that is being bathed by the Borgia Pope? She asked if she will be his new mistress, to which he recently declines.  And as he is bathing this woman in comes his first mistress, Julia. The pope pays this woman as she escapes by the skin of his papal robe. And he gets in the tub to cover his tracks as she enters. Lol. This man is amazing! But, not that amazing as she flips over the pillow and finds the hooker’s stockings.

I did not know that Lucrezia gave birth to a son. Nice to know. But they need to find a wet-nurse so that she can regain her figure. And then the Pope takes the baby with him to meet the ambassador. This is both sweet and comical as he dances with the baby to the throne.  The ambassador is from Naples and King Charles of France. King Charles does not want Naples any longer since it is showing signs of a plague. Of course, Borgia Pope knew this and will not assist the king.

Juan and Cesare come to report back to the pope what has occurred with cardinal Rovere. How vicious is it for Juan to quote “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” and Borgia Pope to say “no, vengeance shall be ours.” No, I am still trying to figure out why Juan and Cesare are fighting one another.

There is mere poetry in the way that the writers wrote the line “see how they sing” as Juan winds the newly designed swords through the air. Brilliant. The Micheletto comes in and breaks up the fight between Juan and Cesare…..even though Cesare has practically won.

Comedy lives in the fact that the pope has decided to bring along his main mistress as he goes hunting in the woods. I am waiting to see how she will unveil what she knows of his doings. But I think they have stumbled upon a roman whore house in the woods.  The pope has decided to preserve the paintings on the wall for historical purposes.

The relationship between Lucrezia and Cesare is still creepy to me. I am trying to understand the dynamics of brother and sister during that time frame. It just appears so sexual.

Now, King Charles is overcome by the plague and still trying to find someone to blame. He is choosing to blame Prince Alfonso. He has also discovered King Ferentes’ “dinner table”…lol.

The manner in which the Pope was rubbing the bull which is in honor of the goddess Isis was extremely suggestive. It disturbed me because he was rubbing it as he eyed the male page that was painting the portrait on the wall.  All the while, the pope is talking to Julia as she is wearing the stocking of the whore that she found beneath his pillow. This woman is sneaky, but I love it.

HOLY SACRIFICE!!! The male page that the Pope was looking at is in fact a female!! She reveals that she must be male in order to be a pupil of the papal master artist. Her name is Victoria. But unbeknown to the pope, his mistress overheard the entire transaction. *Shakes my Head* If this pope made it into heaven then I KNOW that I have a seat directly next to the Lord.

Julia confronts Victoria and practically rapes her as she asserts her dominance in the house in retaliation of what she saw the previous night with the Borgia Pope.

Oh my goodness. The pope has instructed Victoria and the Cardinals to construct a bull to resemble that of Isis’ in honor of him, the Borgia Pope. Rumor has it that it costs 2000 ducats thus far.

To catch you up on the scenes occurring at the same time, Juan cheats with a horse race against Cesare and King Charles has commissioned for Prince Alfonso ( the former prince of Naples) be found and brought back to the city he left to die from a plague. The captured him and bring Alfonso back to the king. I still hate his voice. Lol.

Can someone please tell me the significance of the pope building the bull JUST to set it on fire during the ceremony/festival?

While at the ball, Julia asks the Pope’s “wife” for advice on how to handle the affairs of the pope. She tells Julia to allow him to have his fantasy but to make sure that at least one of his gazes falls back on Julia.

OUCH!!! Judas’ cradle was one of King Ferentes’ torture techniques?! If you are unfamiliar, it is a pyramid that they would tie a person’s hands and legs to for different posts and then set the pyramid in their anus and let gravity lower the person over time. Talk about putting the evil in Medieval.

This lesbian affair that Julia has started with Victoria has caught the attention of the Pope. I wonder how this will turn out.  And what contraption has King Charles strapped Prince Alfonso to? Ohhhhhh how I have missed this show!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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