BET Awards 2012 & Pre-Show

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I know, I know, I know. You have been wondering where I have been. Well, as a full-time poet I have been on the road. So blogging every night is not as ideal as it was when I was working a regular 9-5. But, I couldn’t let the BET Awards 2012 pass by without me blogging play-by-play for you.  I will be updating LIVE!!!!! So tell your friends…..call your cousins, hell, yell it to your mama. Tonight is going to get real, and I will give my honest opinion! Let’s go!

I apologize for spelling and grammar errors in advance…. there is no time to proof before I update LIVE! lol.


 Okay… so I am trying to figure out who this white boy is that just opened up the Pre-Show. I mean, I know he was in the cypher last year but I can’t remember his name. but he is thumping extremely hard. Okay, he has a tad bit of that Twista flare. I’m gonna have to add this to my MP3 player to thump this in my car. Wait, I guess the HUGE MGK flashing on the columns behind him would imply that he is MGK. And then the song says Steve-O…. I’m confused as shit. I think I just told y’all my age. So he sings this song?  Sooooo he’s the Dirty South Version of Emeniem? I am loving his live performance flow… yeh… this needs to get added and QUICK!!!

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHO THIS RACHET FEMALE IS FEELING ON THIS DUDE’S CHEST. WAIT…. DID HE JUST CLIMB UP ON THE SCREEN AND DO THE DOUGIE?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you that the liability crew is in the back screaming for him to get his ass down. See, we are not used to people doing shit like that. But this is what happens when you invite white folks to black events. lol.

Did French Montana come out too? Okay, I don’t have this in my playlist… but I am slipping. lol. What, do Drita? lol. I wonder if the censor guy will get fired this year… because I have already heard a few slip throughs. lol.

Ummm… I am trying my hardest to figure out Rocsi’s dress. It is too light. It matches her skin but doesn’t look as if she is naked, but it just isn’t doing it for me. And the black shirt with the black collar on a white tux jacket is messing with my optical judgement on Terrance. Now I like the SHAPE and cut of Rocsi’s dress… just not the color. But I digress.

Big Tigga is looking FRESH!!!! But when does he not? Oh Lord, I am not ready for Tamar Braxton. This dress is there, but it aint. And her hair looks the best that it has ever looked… but I am just not a fan of hers. When I see Tamar I have to describe her in her own terms “Boop-NoBooBoo.com”. Just… ugh.

Kendrick Lamar? Ok, so he is a Music Matters project. Because I had no clue. lol. Also, I think that they only pick skinny people for this pre-show Macy’s makeover. But that is just my opinion.

WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO from Willow Smith will occur tonight. Niiiiice.

Oh Snap! Adrienne from Washington, DC won the Macy’s Star Makeover. Niiice. DMV standup!!!  All of us are proud that she is repping for us.

Now Future is about to hit the stage. I am not a Future Fan. You wear Gucci & Louis and the same damn time? SO WHAT!!! I wear panties and bras at the same damn time. You want a cookie?

I love LaToya but she looks hot as hell in all that damn fabric. I dress screams “SEE ME NOW”. lol. I love Michelle Williams’ dress as well. And Big Sean looks like a throwback biker stripper. I still wonder if that was Big Sean’s “Big Sean”. Hmmmmm. Big Sean… shut up! Back to the ladies, Tigga.

Why did Tamar just sound like a cat hacking up a hair ball when she said “Kkkkkkkkkilt the carpet”? And i think that Tamar killed the carpet better than Tatiyana Ali. But that is just me. Wait, is Yellow the secret color to wear this year? if I see one more celeb in this electric ass yellow I am going to scream!

I am such a fan of Mindless Behavior. But the closer that I listened to their lyrics the freakier they began to sound. So I have to watch what my god-daughter listens to. lol. They look innocent. lol.

Up next to the mic is Elle Varner doing Refill.  Okay, I have no room to talk about weight… but this dress is not really flattering for her. I mean they did this huge article on Elle and all of the weight that she had lost by running, but it looks like she got one too many “Refills”. And she can’t seem to hit those notes either. Ummm… Elle Varner is not really a Live performer….noted.

Tamar is back said that Tamia won. TOLD YOU!!! Ummm… can someone please tell the people that LaLa was not even shown in that last picture. So I will have to say that Tamia won that one. lol. See how wrong they just do LaLa. Oh Lord… Why does 2Chainz look like a mechanical Chuck Brown? And I love how Tigga made 2Chainz move so that Kerry Washington could come up. And to be honest with you. it wasnt until she turned to face the camera that I even recognized her. She is shrinking before our very eyes.  But she looks hot.

Speaking of Hot… Messes. Tiny needs to work out. I mean she is getting so thick.  She introduced the OMG Girls to the stage. Now, I am watching their dance moves and I can’t help but wonder what TI thought of these moves. I mean… they are not bad, but if he bugged over the shoes then I know that these must have been a source of argument as well. Ouch… I mean, they look cool, young, and age appropriate, but they sound horrible.  All I see is colorful hair moving. In the artistic world we call that a distraction. Don’t listen to me being out of breath or missing my notes, look at my hair. lol. They need to put them on that Destiny’s Child running in heels on the treadmill and singing routine. Because these girls are out of breath. The ONLY thing that I understood in this whole song was “OMG ON ER’yThang”. But overall.. .I support the divas.

Pause: I did not know that Tamia was a Canadian. And all this time I just thought she was regular American Black. bwhahaha. I crack myself up.

I don’t even care who won the 2013 Ford Excape. It isn’t me…lol. Okay So Marilyn Terry of Sawyerville, Alabama won. Nice.

Best International Act

 AfricaCamp Mulla (Kenya)

Ice Prince (Nigeria)

Lira (South Africa)

Mokobe (Mali)

Sarkodie (Ghana)

 Wizkid (Nigeria)

Best International Act UK



Emeli Sande


Wretch 32

West Africa is in the house. Ghana, NIGERIA is REPPING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niaja!!!!! South Africa is there, Mali and the UK are there to represent for the best international acts. NIGERIA IS GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! What? I’m bias. lol.

Ugh….. They just brought up Rick Ross who NEVER dresses right for these performances. And then he brings out the whole MMG family. Rick Ross makes me want to do situps. Wale up there representing for the DMV. For those who are not from here… DMV stands for DC/Maryland/Virginia. So when Nicki Minaj says ” and the whole DMV” she is talking about us! lol. It’s the place to be. Just had to fill you in.

LaLa supposedly won over Tamia, but I am trying to figure out who voted because we didnt even see her. But this purple genie jumper that LaLa has on is confusing me. this looks more club than award show… but okay. She still looks cute though.

Okay, judging by Debora Lee’s first lady inspired outfit… she obviously learned from that whack ass foolishness that she has been wearing in the previous years. I was WAITING to see her outfit because I was going to be ON IT! But Deborah just gave a shot out to the DMV, so she gets bonus points. lol.

So they announced the nominees of the Centric Award. And the nominees are:

Centric Award

Common – WINNER!!


Robert Glasper

Robin Thicke


We are 45 mins away from the opening of the show. I am trying to figure out what I am going to eat as I watch the show. My roommate has the house smelling deiclious. I should’ve ordered pizza.

Umm… show is this “snapbacks and tattoos” dude? I feel so old. lol. I feel like I am having a quarter life crisis. lol. I do not associate with any of this music. lol.

COming up next to the stage is the beautiful Willow Smith!!! And I love that she has her own opinion, style and she is so articulate. I wish that more kids were as articulate as she is at such a young age.  She is getting her father’s hat! I think they are about to premiere her “I Am Me” music video.  I swear she looks JUST like Will that it is not even funny, scary actually. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The concept nd the message is soooooooo impressive.

Okay… on that note. I am going to sign off on the Pre-Show, go grab food and see you back when it is time for the show to begin.


Okay, so is A$AP the opening act? or just the last act of the pre-show?

HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!!! Kanye opens the show with MERCY!!!! The stage graphics is off the chain. Only Kanye would have a Murcielago with stairs down the hood of the car with suicide doors equipped with headlights too. SMH. I never cease to be amazed by this man! I keep trying to figure out if this is one of the brothers from the Clipse. Can someone answer that for me? I love how Big Sean and them went and sat on the hood of the car when it wasnt their turn to spit. FRESH! I promise you that hood may come up when kanye comes out. I stand corrected, this nut walks down the hood of the car!!! The lightinbg is cool yet horrible. All we see are black men in white clothing…no faces. And I fear any epilectic at home watching this strobe light effect. And then the music goes off and it seems like Kanye is freestyling. This makes me wonder who is in the booth about to have a heartattack.  Only Kanye can get the crowd hype without knowing what the fuck he is saying. lol.

Um… “Niggas in Paris” comes on and Sam Jacksom starts to rap. Unfortunately… I have no clue what he is saying. And then out come Spike Lee as his Hype Man. I guess this would be funny if we could understand them, but it just looks like two old men reclaiming their youth. And the shot of Jaden Smith jamming to it was mroe comical than this sad seen. Everyone looks confused. And they are cussing so much in this song that the censor man shall get fired. lol. I heard two niggas and a fuck. lol.

Best Group

Bad Meets Evil

Diddy-Dirty Money

Maybach Music Group

Mindless Behavior

The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West)- WINNER

Classic! Kanye goes to accept the speech and he says that he wished that Jay-Z was there to say something politically correct and out comes Jay, right on time. I love the two of them. I love the music that they make. I wish them many more. I know for a fact that the Dynasty is not ready to bow out just yet.

Usher takes center stage singing Climax. When I tell you that this man could get it on the altar with Jesus watching. Goodness! He gets better looking the older he gets….as long as he promises to NEVER wear those red boots again. lol. One thing that I can give him is that he is ALWAYS on point when he sings live, as should ALL performers. I think I spoke too soon before he got to that bridge. lol. Stop the yelling and get pack to the panty dropping pitch, Mr. Raymond. Thanks in advance.

The princess of the DMV, Taraji P. Henson comes out to announce the nominees of Best Actor. I Think that Idris should win. Just saying!!!!!

Best Actor

Don Cheadle


Idris Elba

Denzel Washington

Kevin Hart- WINNER!!!

I think that Kevin Hart gave the BEST acceptance speech of all time. lol. Point Blank Period…. this man said he looks better than Idris. That alone shows that he has a sense of humor. lol.

Also, give it up for Serena Williams and Kevin Durant for being the Subway Woman/Man of the Year.

Subway Sportswoman of the Year

Skylar Diggins

Brittney Griner

Candace Parker

Serena Williams-WINNER!!!

 Venus Williams

Subway Sportsman of the Year

Carmelo Anthony

 Kobe Bryant

 Victor Cruz

Kevin Durant – WINNER!!!!

LeBron James

Out next is the Soul Man himself, Cedric the Entertainer to announce the winner for Best new Artist. If Future wins… I’m leaving America

Best New Artist

A$AP Rocky



Meek Mill

Big Sean- WINNER!!!

I love how they bring in the gospel people right after Big Sean. lol. I see they put the gospel people early this year. Usually they come much later. Bu tthese ladies are SINGING UP A STORM!!! You better PRAISE HIM!. Plese know that I want to go in on these outfits. But I will leeave God’s people alone, just know that I am thinking it.

I find humor in how BET brought up all of the OLD hosts of BET shows to pay tribute to all of the hosts who have lost their lives over the past year. Rest In Peace to Don Cornelius and Dick Clark.

Ummm is this Tamia paying tribute paying tribute to ummmm…. who?

Meagan Good with hair? And boy was she pressed to tell us that she was married. lol. But I am happy for her.

Best Male R&B Artist

Bruno Mars


Trey Songz


Chris Brown- WINNER!!!

Elle Varner is not allowed to dress herself every again. Just saying. This dress is not working for her at all!

Music Matter is up next and out comes Charles Perry. Don’t ask me why he makes me feel like he is the product of what would happen if Cee-Lo Green and Anthony WIlliams ( Project Runway) could make a baby.

Bwhahahaha Sam did NOT just do “The Help” quote ” she is kind…. to introduce Nicki Minaj. I hope Nicki comes for real this time. I can’t watch another Roman’s Revenge fiasco. I swear that I cannot.

Who is Slaughter House? They are goofy but not funny.

Best Collaboration

Beyonce f/ J. Cole – “Party”

Big Sean f/ Kanye West & Roscoe Dash “Marvin & Chardonnay”

DJ Khaled f/ Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – “I’m On One”

Drake f/ Lil Wayne & Tyga – “The Motto”

The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) f/ Otis Redding – “Otis”

Wale f/ Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Hmmm. I think that The Throne should win… but that is me. And then Wale Wins. lol. I give it up. DMV all day. And I give much props to Wale for giving a shout out to the GodFather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown ( R.I.P). That was respect. On the other hand… can someone please tell me why Miguel looks like the leftover jizz of Morris Day? I’m just saying.

Valerie of Ashford and Simpson came out to sing…. but I swear her hair NEVER looks current. I just want her to do something that compliments her as she ages.

Anywho, in other performance news… Melanie Fiona hits the stage next.

Okay, this skit is funny. I give it to him. Okay Sam…. I might have laughed a minute.

Out comes LaLa Anthony to present an award.

Best Gospel

Kim Burrell

James Fortune & FIYA

Fred Hammond

Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Yolanda Adams- WINNER!!!

I love the speech she gave. it was very inspirational. I am glad that she took the time to tell us to use our gifts responsibly because our babies are watching. That is why I love her. She said what needed to be said.

DeAngelo! DeAngelo!!!!!!!!! My DeAngelo!!!! his stomach is gone and he can see his nuts again! He is thicker and not AS fine as we remember but it feel nice to hear his voice again and to recognize his face. The music world missed him tremendously!!!! I am loving the loose hair. I mean it is growing on me. For him to be older he still looks good. You know they say that black men get better looking with age.

Up comes Mindless Behavior and Mike Epps. Please tell me why Mike is dressed like that.  Oh Lord… did Mike just cuss in front of MB? Did Mike just say that RayRay was going to be the Eddie Cane of the group? lol. And RayRay said something out Lauryn Hill.. but I couldnt hear it.

Best Female R&B Artist

Marsha Ambrosius

Mary J. Blige

Melanie Fiona


Beyonce- Winner!!!!!

Laz Alonso… this man here is fine in his sleep! Yes, he is! I thank you lawd!

Real Husband of Hollywood is supposed to be coming out soon. And did this fool Kevin Hart just say that he is divorced FOR REAL! lol. This nut is stupid, but he keeps me cracking. And then he brings up MMG. I am soooo not a fan. I need to leavr how to be impartial. lol.

Busta Rhymes comes out to present Best Female Hip Hop. First off… no one even knows that Diamond has an album. And no one is listening to Brianna like that. And I swear I haven’t heard Trina in the club since Mystikal went to jail. So this is a Nicki Minaj winning weekend. Like DUH!

Best Female Hip Hop Artist


Brianna Perry


Nicki Minaj- Winner!!!!

What next?

I love how Sam Jackson called Tyler Perry both an actor and an actress. lol. But Tyler comes out to bring out Maze featuring Frankie Beverly for the The Lifetime Achievement Award. Out come Joe. I swear I had forgotten all about this man. lol. But glad to see he is still breathing. Tyrese comes out next. He took a moment from TGT to pay tribute. Oh Snap! Faith Evans came out to do Happy Feelings. I love this song. man I have missed her.

Out come Keri Washington & Jamie Foxx to present. I just want to feed Keri.

Video of the Year

Beyonce – “Countdown”

Beyonce – “Love On Top”

The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) – “[Expletive] in Paris”

Usher – “Climax”

The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) f/ Otis Redding – “Otis”- WINNER!!!!

You ever know who is going to win. lol. But yeah…Jay & Yeezy won. For once Jay won over Beyonce. lol.  But I knew someone in the hosue was going to win. I mean damn, were no other videos nominated!!!!!!!! But then kanye got ready to accept the award and then Jay cut him off with ” Aye ye, I’mma let you finish, but….” via is infamous Taylor Swift moment. COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was sooooo much that I had here and my computer rebooted and I lost most of it. So I apologize. There was the Rev Sharpton Humanitarian Award…. and who knows what else I lost in here. I mean really… I just cant get it back.But in short… I gave props to the Whitney Tribute. And I noticed Soulja Boy crying… he finally got a source of respect from me. This tribute was perfect like it should be.  I just hate how my computer did that! UGH! WordPress needs to have better autosave skills.

Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award

Beyonce – “Love On Top”

Chris Brown – “Turn Up the Music”

 Drake f/ Lil Wayne & Tyga – “The Motto”

  The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) f/ Otis Redding – “Otis”

Wale f/ Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Mindless Behavior – “Hello”- WINNER!!!!

And the winner has been announced and the fans have spoken. MINDLESS BEHAVIOR BEAT OUT EVERYONE!!! Those young kids kept tweeting….lol. The Text Generation beat all y’all.

May i remind you that I am HOT over here with my information being lost in that emergency reboot. Like, just because one tab is acting up…must you reboot the entire app? I mean really!

Video Director of the Year

Benny Boom

Chris Brown & Godfrey Tabarez

Kanye West

Hype Williams

Beyoncé & Alan Ferguson- WINNER!!!!!

BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! And Alan Ferguson is in love with Solange?!!!! Who knew! But he is from the DMV so he gets love back!

Up next is Tyga and Cash Out. I mean, Sam tried so hard to sound cool but he just sounds odd when he makes all of these youthful song references. lol. Sam, just quit while you are ahead, you aint ’bout that life.

Chris Brown won the Fandamonium award. And thent eh show went off….. Here are the rest of the categories that didnt make it to the live show:

Best Male Hip Hop Artist

Big Sean


J. Cole

Lil Wayne

Rick Ross

Young Jeezy

Best Actress

Angela Bassett

Viola Davis

Taraji P. Henson

Regina King

Zoe Saldana

Young Stars Award



Jacob Latimore

Keke Palmer

Willow Smith

Best Movie

“Good Deeds”

“Jumping The Broom”

“Laugh At My Pain”

“Red Tails”

“The Help”


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