Donating to Project X:A Poet’s Dream

In Writer's Block on 16 March 2014 at 2:16 pm

Hello everyone,

I thought that I would use this post to bring forth awareness to my upcoming project, Project X. I have been workng tirelessly to get it off the ground and I am in my final stages. I am aware that it is okay to ask for help, so I am reaching out to anyone who is willing to spread the word and/or donate. It would mean the world to me.  So if you or someone you know has a philanthropic heart, please share this information. I know that you will be blessed in return tenfold for all of your efforts. And no donation is too small. Many blessings in advance



Here is also a little bit more about the project:


I would first like to thank you so very much for even clicking on the link; it shows that you have a good heart even for seeking further information.

I’m 2Deep the Poetess and I am a poet in the Washington, DC metro area. I have had a dream in my heart for 4 years and I have been working tirelessly to make it come to life. I am in the final stretches and realized that I am in need of help to bring this body of work to the masses. My mission is to bring what I call “solution poetry” to audiences who are not familiar with the benefits of poetry. I want to help show life through my poetry and then provide possible solutions in every project so that the world can heal from misunderstandings of the past. And that is how Project X was born.

Project X is a body of poetical works that will help to inspire people all over the world. Project X will show the world that poetry can be about anything! The different topics, the different kinds of poetry, and the benefits of using this avenue of expression. I want to showcase how poems come to life through beautiful stanzas of verse and prose; the behind the scenes point of view of what made a poem come to life. Poetry is merely life’s transcript and I want to bring that transcript alive in a new and interesting way. Your donation will help with publishing, studio time, and production costs so that this project can be beautifully showcased. Project X will be released with a Big BANG and I would love to have you be part of the reveal.

If you donate, could you please leave your name so that I can give credit to your sponsorship on the project. I understand that I would not be able to bring this poetical dream to life without your help and I want to be able to let others know who helped me. I thank you in advance for your consideration of assisting with this top secret project and I pray that you are blessed tenfold for your donation. I promise NOT to disappoint.

Again, I thank you for your consideration. To find out the release of the project you can stay up to date with my Facebook page: TwoDeep Carter.

May many blessings come to you because you were willing to bless others.


  1. Hello 2Deep! My name is Hannah and I saw you perform at American University this Fall past. I have recently been looking for a poem that struck me, by your younger guest performer. I cannot find her online. Does she publish her work?
    I am a crazy fan of yours. Thank you for all your wisdom about writing and living a meaningful, interesting life.

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