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The Borgias~ Something Borrowed

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

I must confess… it becomes harder and harder for me to blog about this show in my original format. I get so caught up in trying to watch the show that I actually forget that I am supposed to be blogging. I find that I have to watch the show once through to gain the concept and string of events and then I must come back and watch it again to blog uninterrupted. And with an hour-long show, I find that to be too much of my already limited time. So, we will see if this stays as a part of my blog list.

I really want it to stay, really, I do. lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,2 #Crime, Family, Murder, Amen

So this episode,Lucrezia’s Wedding, starts off with a beautiful scenery of Florence and Cardinal Della Rovere riding into the city walls. Some man of the cloth, unknown at the moment but bares a close resemblance to Uncle Fester, is hailing from the pulpit how Pope Alexander (Borgia) is an abomination to the church. Such strong words, don’t you think? But I just know that this is right up Cardinal Rovere’s ally.

Lucrezia is seen in bed sick, from incest maybe…but at the moment I am unsure. Cesare is seen taking care of his beloved sister. If this is cold feet…. I want hot feet;she seems to be breaking a sweat from a fever. Waiiiiit, is she upset at the horrible death of Jem? She mentions that she shall never have another friend like “him”. HOW DARE CESARE LIE!!! He told Lucrezia that Jem died from swamp fever. I have seen a moor die from many a things, but seldom a mosquito bite! And yes, I am still upset about the manner in which they killed him in the last episode. And sure, I know that they took creative liberties with the script and who knows, maybe Jem never asked to switch over to Christianity… but if he did…. I have a good feeling I know where the Borgias currently reside. Hell, even if he remained a Muslim and they killed him I know that I could ask Lucifer to give a Borgia a finger after passing the salt at the dinner table.  but I digress.

The scene with the pope and his wife or was she just his long-term mistress too? Whoever she is, there scene together is one that brought forth so much information. The pope has banned Lucrezia’s mother (Vannozza dei Cattani) from attending the wedding as not to bring forth any form of scandal. As legend has it, Rodrigo’s wife is rumored to have been a courtesan. Hmmm… so she was good enough to wife, have children, but not good enough to attend the pope’s daughter’s wedding? Confusion. Speak of scandal. *southern Baptist church fan, leans in pew to spread the news*

Cesare, the lying bastard, meets with the Assassin (Micheletto)  and a hooded mystery man who looks more like the apothecary from Romeo & Juliet or the hooded MJ upon entry from Remember the Times.  Cesare asks, “What is he? Benedictine or Franciscan?” Hmmm… *google search*

Benedictine refers to the spirituality and consecrated life in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict, written by Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century for the cenobitic communities he founded in central Italy.

Most Franciscans are members of Roman Catholic religious orders founded by Saint Francis of Assisi. The most prominent group is the Order of Friars Minor, commonly called simply the “Franciscans.”


From what I can gather, both groups were banned for one reason or another and its Catholic members were placed into exile. Will do more research to find how that is relevant to this time frame, but as it stands…there is your answer. Or my answer since I asked. lol.

So, the Assassin has brought him to see Cesare. When asked the aforementioned question, Micheletto mentions that he is of some “order” …one of which diction would have been helpful to clarify. But, since Cesare mentions his “begging bowl” one would rely on history to know that is a Buddhist term. Anywho, Cesare mentions that he can go to Florence, probably to scope out dirt on Uncle Fester, and return it back to the Assassin. And again… I have no clue what the hooded man’s name is. I think he said John something, but I do know that he is at the eminent’s service…lmao. And the scars on his face may very well betray him as they did the Assassin in the salt baths.

The pope’s mistress and his daughter are still close; baffles me if that would EVER happen today. Lucrezia mentions that Jem still visits her in her dreams and Giulia Farnese tells her not to worry. And Lucrezia confesses that the Moor has a secret to tell her and that, in her dreams, she must kiss Jem to comfort him. She asks Giulia if it is permissible to kiss a Moor in her dreams to which she answers that everything is permissible in our dreams.

The scene where Giulia teaches Lucrezia about kissing reminds me of the park scene in Cruel Intentions.  A “chaste kiss” is very innocent and full of promise. Then there is the “kiss of pleasure” which begins to promise. And the kissing lesson is broken…and Giulia leaks the secret of her mother not attending Lucrezia’s wedding. Upon inquiring the truth from the pope…he storms away without promising her of her mother’s attention.

Sidebar: I am only 13 minutes into the show! Packed with drama…..I must find a better way to describe this! BUT I LOVE THE SCANDAL!

LMAO!!! The theatre show is frigging hilarious! the woman on the floor cleaning with the man behind her simulating doggy style almost made me bite my tongue! I am sure doggy style has been around for ages, but so out in the open? Hmmmmm Nice to know.

And how sneaky of Cardinaly Rovere to request that Florence alow France to march through their city in order to invade Italy. I really must do research, but I don’t want to spoil the series.

Now, who is this Theo character? He said so much that I got even ore confused. Was he previously Vannozza dei Cattani’s lover? Waiiiiiiit, Theo is Vannozza’s husband/ I am so confused, then how is she in the Vatican with the pope? And why is Theo so afraid of Cesare? CONFUSION, CONFUSION, CONFUSION!!!!

Now Uncle Fester is scaring me with his description of his dream. he dreams of a cleric in red who will welcome a northern army ( France) to come and bring destruction to Rome. He even mentioned that the Borgia pope will be dead. I’ve always been wary of prophets…. but…continue.

And look… Christopher Columbus provides a savage for the Pope to look at. Are you going to kill this one like you did Jem? What? Just asking. lol.

How ironic that Cardinal Rovere can ask the question if it is a sin to spill blood for the greater good and to banish evil. I’m not calling out any religions….but I think you catch my drift. SMDH. And how could he not know that the supposed man of the cloth in the confessional is not a man of the cloth. Sure, only we would know it is the hooded man… but come on! Watch who you tell your business too.  I am not telling a minister jack! This is why I have a direct line to the LAWD…..have mercy! The hooded man let it slip out and called him Cardinal. DAMN!!!! Cardinal Rovere just stabbed this son of a bitch in the eye. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Okay…. the play and the vulgarity…flashing breasts…smh. I knew they went too far into the episode without sex. lol.

And boy, I damn near forgot that Joffre even existed. For a moment there I thought he was the Borgia version of the twins from Let’s Stay Together. lmao

Thanks the heavens above for the Americas! If it were up to the old country there would be no Bridezillas due to arranged marriages. How would I spend my Saturdays? But this wedding is gorgeous!The actress who plays Lucrezia is absolutely stunning. *Girl Crush*

How BOLD of the pope to parade his hoe. The nerve, I tell you! But even bolder is the courage of Cesare to bring his mother to the aftermath of the wedding in sheer defiance of the pope’s orders. Such a turn on. lol. But nothing beats the confusion that I have of such a vulgar play displayed for the POPE after a WEDDING. Say it with me now, CONFUSION!!!

But this bedroom scene between Lucrezia and Swartza(sp)…..NO!!! I am emotional over this. He called their wedding a farce! But to rape her! *sharpens my knife* THAT IS UNCALLED FOR! I never understood how guys could get so angry that they get turned on enough to get an erection. I must stop writing…..I am pissed, furious, and amazed by the cinematography and its ability to make me get this angry at what I just saw. Brava!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Sinbad~Funny Money

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Episode 1: It’s Just Family

        So, Last week was the BEST blog week in the history of me blogging. Yes, you read that correctly and no, I am not exaggerating. Two things happened:

        1. My blog about Sinbad was the highest read blog out of any of my blogs to date. Yes, 312 people read that one blog in one day! That blog is still the top read blog in the days following its post. The people have spoken….Sinbad is the best.

        2. I tweeted Sinbad ( hopefully it was him and not an assistant) and causally mentioned my blog, provided a link, and preceeded with the words “Check this out” . lol. Well, HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not lying to you.

        Sorry for the blury pic, but I was trying to take a pic on the sneak tip. Yes, I will cherish this til the day that I die. I dont think that you fully understand what has occurred here. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE COMEDIANS…… CALLED ME FUNNY! *faints*

        lol. Okay, all drama aside, I really am touched. Whether he meant I was literally funny or figureatively, I dont give a flying Sarah Palin with painted on crosshairs…he called me funny! It does something to me. I really did take those words to heart, and I could be taking it too far, and blowing it all out of proportion… but you’re just jealous he didnt call you funny. *sticks out tongue* Okay…. I guess I can move on to another topic. I just had to share that with the entire blog world. *Sigh* Again, I can die happy.

        Now, if the rest of the world is ready to see Sinbad and his family……sit back and get ready. And if the rest of the    ladies are ready for Royce, like I am…..bring out the fans to fan yourself.  FYI. I hope to hear Paige sing this episode. I guess I could just go to her website that was mentioned in the last episode, hmmm.  What was it again? *Googles* JustPaige.com.

        Okay, first off… I envy tall women who can look beautiful and rock confidence. Most of the times they tell us we have to starve ourselves in order to be tall and beautiful… but Paige is definitely working this pic on the banner of her website. And the one with her hair swooped back ( bio page) with the white spousal abuse top on, that is a Cover Girl ad if I ever saw one!  YOU BETTER WORK IT, WOMAN! And yes, you read correctly, spousal abuse shirt (it is my attempt at being politically correct. I dont believe in beating just your wives.. I believe in equality when it comes to  domestic abuse attire. P.S. These are just jokes, people). Now, as I sit here listening to Sick N’ Tired off her new album Imperfect Me, I am trying to figure out who she sounds like… and I’ve got nothing. I dont think that is a bad thing, I think that is a great thing… totally original. So far I am feeling Need You To Love Me, I Don’t Know, & Friend.  And while I am at it, Silly Girl’s intro is killing me softly. Look At Me Now, no relation to Chris Brown’s Version, may be my new anthem…..if only I could hear more of the song…but the 5 second snippet was cool. My only problem with the site is that the music section gives too much of the intro music and not enough Paige. I mean, Is It Me never even got to her voice. Sometimes the voice & chorus are what makes us decide if we want to buy the album. SO just a little bit and maybe even the chorus as a sample. But who am I, right? Just saying.

Oh yeh…. right…. the show.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #LaughDamnIt!

        In the famous words of Will Smith’s character Hancock, “I’ve been drinking, Bitch”. So yeh, I straight up missed the first half of this. So I will have to watch this half and then go back and watch the first half.*Rewind sound effects*

        Sinbad is having a yard sale? I mean, he did have a ton of stuff, but it would only be fair for the entire HOUSE to have a yard sale…lol. Question: Why call it a yard sale if the yard itself never gets sold? What? Dont judge me! I think that it is a legitimate question.

LMAO!!! The afro sheen blowout kit! lmao!!!! Where do they even sell that any more? hahahahahaha

        OUCH!!! I need to wear Depends while watching this show. It should be a crime to pee on yourself when you laugh so hard.  But the way that Sinbad said BB King‘s wife would get shot if she put Lucille out at a yard sale….lmao! I would wear my pee pants out in the street proudly if someone laughed as hard as I did and wanted to share our urinary issues with the world…lol. Just call me Pissy Pants Deep! lmao *POW*

        LMAO! And the way Meredith hi-jacked her clothes back from the yard sale hurt me, too. I may have a weak bladder because this show cant be this funny. She told the lady who wanted to buy her jackets to let it go and to follow Sinbad…lol.

And Paige sold Sinbad! lmao! That was funny.

        LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sinbad has a “new” knee! lmao! Who says that.?Wow… 2 knee replacements. My knee is tingling just hearing that. LMAO! And the camera men are hilarious!!!! He said their cue to leave was when he kissed his wife goodnight & it was freaky to have them there and he was about to test what they were made of. Hell, he may want to try them…that’s how we all know Kim Kardashian…but I dont think that Meredith would be down with that. Call me a psychic….but I’ve got a good feeling that it wouldnt go down like that…lmao

        HOLD UP!!!!!  Okay… if I thought that this show was scripted last week…I know for a damn fact it is scripted this week!!!!! So, the fan that won a dinner date with his wife, Cecily, and Sinbad is named WIllie. Take a trip with me, will ya. Now, as an avid television watcher, I remember a BET reality series called College Hill…and one of those season they were in the Caribbean. Well, you guessed it…Willie was one of the dudes from Cali who was on that season. Yuo remember the season… the one where teh spoiled Cali girl bussed Vaness, the Caribbean girl, in her forehead with a 4inch heel. Remember, he was the only dude who didnt have a girl in the house. He was trying to compete with Chidi for Vanessa? And then a year or two after the show ended he was in Scary Movie or some other parody movie. Yeh, all that to say….how in the hell did your daughter sell you to people that we already know in the industry who dont even live in your same damn neighborhood? *Tamar lip pout to the side* (yes, that was a Braxton reference). But…. scripted or not… I love the show. Just dont play with my level of intelligence. Don’t worry… I wont tell anyone what I know….lol. But Willie’s afro is ten times smaller. And now he is married?….hmmmm.Well, congrats. He wasnt able to get a woman on the show, but he got one in real life…lol. And I see he still likes the light skinned women.

        Okay, so did Willie really just ask to be on the road with Sinbad? Umm… Sinbad called me funny and you dont see me trying to headline his next show…lmao. Okay, really Cecily…did you just say that this was your anniversary? *Blank stare* *Side eye* And this joke that Willie told flopped so hard. And then they are pretending to fight in front of us….I feel punked. Sinbad just punked us all. We all thought that this was a reality TV show. Sinbad did this to prove a point.  You want to know why I KNOW it is off…because the editing people fudged up and had a scene of her going off on him with her jacket on…then two scenes later she is leaving and comes back for her coat. Y’all KNOW I knit pick small stuff like that for a living. Again, dont test my level of inteligence~~~ This is a reality sitcom. Yep, Sinbad has invented a new genre of television. I coined it first, so I want my 15%!

        Wait… Royce gets a brand new car? I am trying to figure this out……y’all had a yard sale and now Royce gets a car? Okay.. yeh, he is fine…but a new car. And then an F150? I have an Expedition, so I am semi-partial here….but why an F150? Is he planning on lugging things around in the back? But, I guess you like what you like. And yes, Sinbad, I know what cars cost these days… I paid for mine in full off the lot…. WOWZERS! What a price tag. I could have put a down payment on a house with that kind of money…lmao.LAWD! Did Sinbad just pull out the President’s Fiscal Budget in a Glad ziplock bag? lmao!!! If that isn’t hood rich, I have no clue what is. lmao! Let me find out Sinbad has street cred…lol.

        Okay, so, I love the dresses that Paige is picking out. I mean,  like I said above, I love the fact that she is tall and beautiful. But did Paige just say that Royce get cars & she cant get a dress?! Really?! WOW! Talk about being the favored kid. But I wonder where her performances are. I love the outfit that she finally settled on. It was as if I asked for this episode this morning and the universe gave it to me. I mean really, didn’t I ask for Paige to sing this episode? Yeh, I am psychic….lol. I wonder what song this is.  YES,!!!!!!!! Sick N’ Tired!!!! I told you that I like this song! Paige’s voice rocks. Yes… I want to download this as soon as I get back to my own laptop.  My new anthem…….cant say what I want to say because the person that I want to sing this song too… I’m using his computer…lmao! Just kidding….to an extent…lol.

        Wait!lmao! Did Sinbad say ” I’ve never lived large; I’ve lived medium” lmao! And IRS still came and got his stuff…lmao! No judgement, just saying. LMAO! I’m going to Sinbad’s house to borrow some software. lol. Damn, Sinbad is 54?!!!! I’m getting old as hell!

        And I am really, really, really trying to listen to this entire “family pulling together in a crisis” speech, but I cannot help but stare at Royce through this whole thing. I may wish to stop drooling over this handsome piece of man candy because I dont want Sinbad to use me as a prime example of a “scrimmage woman”. But Jesus…if I was 8 years younger… I would kidnap him on his way to class. lol.

        LMAO!!! What is going on with this end scene? lol. He really did not just ask who let him in his house…lol. This is why I love SInbad. Funny.

Next Week: I believe what Sinbad said… he said that he doesn’t have to be in shape because his stunt guy has to be.lol. I need a life stunt double. Hmmm… next week is going to be funny. I cant wait.

The Borgias~Stench of Borgia

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

        Primed and ready to write. Sitting here blogging and webcam chatting with my boy Steve (interesting to say the least since it is booty call hours….and that is where I shall leave that) But he has perked my interest to write more honestly about this episode as it comes on. Yes, I too am turning down cuddle time to blog. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! My grind is starting to take a weird turn for the lonely! lol. This is the 3rd time I have done so. Oh well!

        Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2 Crime, Murder, Family, Amen

        Wow…. I love this show. I have to remember how to spell everyone’s name. Of course I know Juan… but Cesare… I must try to remember. Wow…did Rodrigo just say that he thought that Jesus was crucified by Romans…lol. Funny.. WAIT!!!!

        The prince of Naple’s voice is highly annoying. And this Cardinal snitching on Borgia is retarded. But what was the purpose of a room full of dead stuffed people? I am so confused. entertained, but confused. So much dramatics just to rid the stench of Borgia.  So were the dead his father’s advisories?

        It baffles me why the father would send the stupid son to war? What does the pope get out of keeping Cesare there? OH MY WORD!!! Why is the traitor helper dude sitting in the banquet hall full of dead people just staring at them? I am soooo creeped out by that. Yuck! So not sexy. I have to see if there is any truth to a banquet hall full of dead people as soon as I can figure out whose house this is supposed to be.

        I guess I will have to watch this long enough to figure out why Cesare doesn’t want to be a cardinal. And why are men giving men massages? Wouldnt they have done as the Greeks do and have the women massage them?And they had face masks back then? lol. funny.

        HOLD THE FUCK UP! Did they just kiss the Pope’s SHOE & his pinky ring? Get the hell up out of here! Oh hell nawl!!! You’d have to banish me from the damn church. I have a hard enough time grasping the concept of drinking after damn strangers out of the communion cup… and now I have to kiss a mofo’s shoes?!  Talk about faith! If it takes that for me to follow God, I’m switching to Allah!

         And damn!!!! The assassin got caught in the pool, but I was typing and didn’t see how. Damn! But I did catch a glimpse of the Cardinal’s package. He has more faith than a mustard seed….I likey! But the Assassin failed. Yet, how do you get your ass whooped under water? Ok…it came on again directly after so I got to see how the assassin turned around to get his weapon and the Cardinal caught him in the pool and recognized him by his scars.

        And I know that the last episode had hem trying to bring out the pope’s extramarital affairs, but he is just bold about it now.

      And the muslim from Constantinople (sp) is actually quite cute. Lovely.

        And wow, they want to marry off Lucrezia, but isn’t she only 14 years old? Ewww creepy!

         I think that she and  Jem ( the Muslim) should date.  Wow, it is cool to see Juan & Jem call each other brother. And to think there was a time where Christians and Muslims werent burning each others Holy Books. smdh.  And Juan is a horrible swordsman.

        WAIT!!!!! The Pope just told Cesare last episode that their papacy stops at murder and then he contemplates killing Jem for 400 thousand ducats? I cringe at the thought that a man of God would consider such a proposition. This really is testing my overall faith.  I mean, he didn’t call Jem a heathen until he was seen dancing with Lucrezia.  Shame…..and it begins;separation between Muslim and Christians.

        I swear, this incestual chemistry is creeping me out between Lucrezia and Cesare. But I guess that is what they did back then. Wasnt it Henry VIII’s family that was full of incest so badly that they had the mutated jaw?

         WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!! Jem wants to become a Christian based on the fake Christianity that the House of Borgias has granted him in his stay. My heart just dropped out of my chest! And now this confession will give them a reason to kill him as long as he confesses his sins before God before he is killed!. Reminiscent of Hamlet’s father, right?

        And it baffles meat how the pope’s mistress is allowed to spend so much time and have such an influence on Lucrezia.

        Poor Jem! He is dying such a horrible and painfully slow death. I want to cry. Shame. And then the black man gets blamed for him being poisoned.  I am literally ready to yell at my television screen as if I can change history. Talk about great cinematic play. but it shames me to know that the vatican floors are paved with blood in such an unrighteous fashion.  I can’t watch this….. NO, JEEEEEEEM! I hate Juan’s stupid ass for smuggling Jem. Ah! if you knew how it makes me want to scream as a Christian right now you would understand my hatred stems from a raw place. I needed not watch this.

        And how DARE the pope pray for protection in the wake of such sins! Do Catholics really think that they can continuously sin and continuously ask for forgiveness? Is that how it works? AH!!!

        Next week looks enticing!!!! And I hear that the mother is not invited to the wedding? oooooooh! Yummy!

        I am falling in  love with this show and have no way of understanding how I actually have emotional reactions to each scene.  I’m confused. In short, it is soooo hard to watch and type for this show. It gets so good that I want to sit and watch, but then I will forget my immediate responses. Shame. What is a girl to do?


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Breaking In~ Crazy Old Lady

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       Soooooo, I happened upon the pilot for this show while watching Hulu…. the Black dude on here… will figure out his name shortly… is friggin hilarious. He said something about his costume ( Star Wars, I think) and said that he couldn’t dress that way because he was black. And his comback? Well, “Obama” lmao! I about fell out of my seat at this secret location that some may call… well, you know where I was…lmao! Check it out in the video below!~

       With that short introduction out of the way. I had to watch it, it wouldn’t have been right for me to be so enticed and not watch its premiere episode on Fox. And we all know how much I am not really a fan of FAUX,per say…but they keep bringing me back with these great shows. And I know, you are use to the afro-centric shows, well damn it….broaden your horizon.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 #5FingerDiscount

        Melanie Garcia (surveillance), Cameron Price ( hacker), Josh Armstrong (master of disguise), & Cash (gadget guy)….they comprise the entire Contra Security team. Now, you have to know the background to this. Cameron was attending college when Josh posed as a fellow classmate who wanted to get his grades changed in order to graduate from college. Cameron gave him the passcode to hack into the teachers system….and the rest, as they say, is history. So, Christian ( who’s character’s name I currently do not know) broke into his dorm room, called him out and offered him a job. Contra Security gets hired by wealthy companies to break into their businesses for them so that they can understand what security measures they need to improve upon or to claim insurance. Nice job to have, right? And I got all of this from the pilot.

        And judging by this first scene, we are far BEYOND the pilot. I mean, so much went on that you will have to YouTube it yourself or get a Hulu account; never leave home without them. lol.

        Cameron has been made a team leader to rob a few old ladies. I am sooooo praying that this show doesn’t get cliché or unbelievable. I reaaaaaaally wanted to love this show but the first couple of scenes are driving me crazy. Christian doesn’t even look the same. And Melanie’s boyfriend, Dutch, yucky! But okay. I have been accused of complaining so much lately that I will try to contain myself, even though I am watching this at 1:20am so it can be posted byt the time the rest of the world wakes up. Oh sure, I just finished hosting a poetry show and my roommate is randomly walking around the house and freaking me out because she should be asleep…. and this Old Navy commercial is creeping me out with all this singing & dancing….but you dont care. *Fast Forward*

        LMAO!!! Cash just taught me something. He said that actually it is Panino and not Panini; panini is plural. So Cameron rebuttals with… so ” that’s why you dont get any vagino” lmao! Classic comedy…or I am drunk and sleepy, either way I laughed. But I need to research that… brb.

        Well I be John Brown…. he is telling the truth. So the next time I walk into a deli I can say, “please make me a chicken panino” and be correct. Hmmmmm. See I like Cash, and not just because he is the token black dude, or because in the picture above the harness is making his package look very appealing, but because I genuinely like his character. Especially when he can teach me something new.

        I love how Amy (Alyssa Milano) is a dentist and Cameron is attempting to date her. Wait…she is a cougar?! LMAO!!!!!!!! ROTFFLMAOLS!!! Cash found out Amy was a cougar and he said…and I quote… “Oh snap, my boy is tapping the grave! Open the coffin, no six feet!” LMAO!!! Who says that?! Ouch! I laughed so hard my jaw hurts. I think I have TMJ, and it hurts so bad but I cannot stop laughing!!!!!!! Okay, I will have to keep watching this show! Well, at least Cameron isnt trying to fawn over Melanie. Shame.

        OH YEH!!!! OZ!! I remember now, Christians character’s name is OZ.

       LMAO!!! The old woman’s house that they tried to break into just jacked them up! lmao! So this isnt Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house. They all just got shot in the neck straight African Jungle tribe style…lol. How do you explain to your boys that you got your ass whooped by a house? You cant renew your street cred after that…smdh, but lls.

         LMAO!! Why is Cash rocking a pirate eye patch..lmao! And Josh lost his eyebrows…lmao!

       WAIT!!!!!! Amy is Oz’s wife, and sooooooo she has been tricking Cameron to get news out of his so that he wouldnt break into her house to steal Oz’s documents. LMAO!!! Cameron told Cash and Cash covers his mouth ( because Oz can read lips) and walks away from Cameron yelling ” No, I didnt hear that. I’m clicking un-friend”. So Cameron starts to explain how he came to date Amy and Cash yells “Cover your mouth, bitch” lmao!!! Okay, maybe this is one of those things where you “had to be there” but I guarantee you that this will still be funny when you catch a rerun. Lord, I think I woke up my roommate again with my laughter. And my jaw is screaming! *rewind* “Cover your mouth, bitch!” LLS. Yep, still funny. Cash is my favorite character. But noooooo they just didnt. Melanie and Josh walk up and to show their shock they both cover their mouths in unison to say “Whaaaaat?” Priceless.

        Where did Alyssa get a booty from? Wowzers!

       But the whole fact that they broke in to Oz’s house to get a jump drive, but then he reconciled with his wife…..and so it was all for nothing.. Yeh. I dont get it. But okay. I got a few laughs out of it. So they can stay.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



Let’s Stay Together Til Finale Do Us Part

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Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Episode 4: Kill Yourself!

Episode 5: Yes, I’m Still Watching

Episode 6: Give The Game This Slot Too

Episode 7: Ummm….

Episode 8: Die from Predictability

Episode 9: And Commit Suicide

Episode 10: Not Give A Damn

Episode 11: In Hell

Episode 12: Forget We Exist

         Okay, so by now you should know that I absolutely did not care enough about this damn show to watch or even review last week’s episode. UNTIL…. I sat down tonight and saw a season finale commercial. I felt bad. I felt guilted into writing this review because I felt like I didnt suffer through this show til the very end. So…… I am writing this portion on Sunday and the new episode comes on this Tuesday and I shall review.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 END!!!!!

        Yep…. three days after the finale finally aired… I figured I would blog to its completion. Now…. why do they have one more episode than The Game? I soooooooo would rather be preparing my tax spreadsheet for my accountant rather than watching this, but I am not a quitter.

         Ummm.. what is up with Tasha’s bushy hair? Wait… is that the second Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Wow… did her hair grey that fast? Wooooooooow! The original Aunt Viv still looks beautiful. Wait, not saying that her replacement isnt beautiful… okay..hell I said it. You know what I meant. Moving on.

         I now feel some kind of way watching Jackée Harry now that I know she was once married to Charles Elgin…or is it Elgin Charles? I’m sooooo not excited about this episode and you cant make me *crosses arms and pouts*.

        And did Kita just call her Mrs. Judge? Okay, so her name is Jaunita Lawrence. So I guess they had to get a light skinned mother to make up for Tasha’s skin tone…lol.

        But, to be honest, Charles and Stacy’s first meeting was the BEST acting that I have seen between the two of them the entire season! Waiiiiiit! This pinstripped dres that she has on was the coolest that we have seen Stacy the whole season? Sooooo where has this cool version of Stacy gone? Okay, soooo Joyful Drake, honey….we now know that your hair looks like a 70’s blowout because you needed it to look a certain way for the old flashback buuuuut they didnt have time to straighten it for the current time? And in these flashbacks… whywas Stacy’s hair the same in EVERY scene?

        I cannot wrap my mind around Charles’ acting. Like he broadcasts what he is thinking or about to say/do…instead of playing the opposite.

        And… what was the point of putting Troy (Tasha’s ex) there if it doesnt have ANYTHING to do with this plot. I mean I see how they used Charles to get him there, but I dont see the point of him there.

        Now Stacy’s dressis ….hold the TOMMY FUCK UP!!!! I’m waiting for Tommy ( as the pastor) to say ” You may kiss your bride, DAWG” lmao!!!

        Ummmmmmmmmm….. Is Charlse singing? And is it me, or did you not notice his lisp until he started singing this song? I mean this is second runner-up to Chris Brown’s “Atten-ten”. lol. I mean, Charlse has a nice voice… but this is when they should have had someone else sing this song FOR him. I am sitting here and all I can think of is how tall must Stacy be, or what is she standing on to be only inches below Tommy?

        Waiiiiit I spoke too soon. I think that Troy is going to be more into this plotline than I first expected. I hope so, at least.  And wow… Charles locked himself in a closet somewhere. I mean, the way that he ran out was STUPID and unbelievable. He easily could have said….I left what I wanted to say in the car. But noooooo. For dramatic effect you sat here and ran out all dramatic. SMH…. You cant make me believe that. I know you tried, but it was a horrible Douche with battery acid kind of fail!

Okay…. *sigh* it even ended like ass…..smdh


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Sinbad: It’s Just Family

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WOW!!!! Sinbad has a show!!!!

First off…. Royce is gorgeous!!!! Damn!!!! How old is he? Because yeh, he can get it. *licks lips* And he looks JUST LIKE SINBAD!! *sigh* I still need to figure out how old he is before I get arrested!

In the wake of all the news that I have received today, my soul is shaking and so is my faith, so God knew exactly what I needed because he brought this show to me today.

And wow! Sinbad, re-married his wife Meredith…okay, his ex-wife . Wow… yeh, wow is going to be my word for this episode.  But watching the two of them together is HILARIOUS!!!

Paige….sooooo I am trying to figure out who she looks like. Hmmm… she looks like her mother, I think.

YES!!!! Royce is 22!!!!!!!!!! *Orders a box of condoms!*

LMAO!!! Sinbad talking about how he wants to wear adult diapers so he can pee on himself to get the kids out of the house. lmao! I laughed so hard that I think I had a hernia. LMAO! And how he is talking about these boxes that Meredith tripped over is making me pee on myself. And hims talking about the Porsche that Meredith received as a gift from Sinbad 15 years ago but never drove…..smdh! I swear he is hilarious!!! I can’t take it! I am going to wind up hurting myself just by laughing at this damn show! lol.

I am already in a good mood after watching a few scenes and the show has only been on for 16 minutes.

DAMN that is a gorgeous car! lmao! No, it doesn’t have an old school car phone.  Sinbad didn’t ask for his platform shoes back.  Wow… is he like that all the time? I really am loving this show!!! I think I found a new show to permanently blog about.

LMAO!!! The way that Royce hi-jacked the laptop is sooooo funny! Wait, and then Paige came in too….lol. I swear I feel like it is scripted, but either way it is still funny. I don’t even care if it is scripted. LMAO!did Sinbad say that everybody got a booty!! HE said that even white women got a booty out of nowhere all of a sudden…lmao!!! I think I peed on myself!!!

Sidebar: I remember watching a Sinbad comedy special when I was around 10 years old, it was the one where he does the belt joke. And I was sitting on the couch and unbeknown to me my puppy had peed in front of the couch. Sinbad told the joke about how his mom whooped him and he woke up some time later and I laughed so damn hard that I rolled off the couch and face first into the puppy pee. Yes, TMI, I know…. but that had to be said. Because Sinbad is a comical genius and I missed him. Seeing him reminds me of the good moments of my childhood. So, glad that he is back.  And yes, I did watch The Apprentice, but that was different, this is him in his own element.

LMAO!!! I forgot to write, I was watching Sinbad…..waaaaaaaaait! Monty! HALLELUJAH!!! Okay, Paige, you know how to pick them. I applaud your choice in men. *shivers* Yummy!

Grids: Kids who are not grown but over the age of 20. lmao Sinbad’s new word.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now Sinbad is talking about frustrating his kids is the fastest way to get kids out o your house.

LMAO!! Sinbad said there is a type of woman that he calls a scrimmage woman…lmao! This game doesn’t count. lmao! I need Sinbad to be my dad….lol. But I bet you that he didn’t tell Paige that.

LMAO!!! Did he just say that he was homeless in his own house. And the way that his family is bothering him…..you cannot tell me that was real. I mean, especially Meredith. No disrespect…..but I was annoyed watching her interrupt him.  But watching them talk about their intimacy at the end cracked me up!! lol…lol

I will DEFINITELY be watching this show.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


The Borgias~ The New Tudors?

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        What is a girl to do when The Game ends and that became the popular post on her blog? It ended. I feel lost. I feel full of questions. I feel as if there should have been more to say, more to write, and I feel like I had to find a new show to fill in the gap. So in the middle of watching Julia bring one of my favorite books to life (Eat, Pray, Love) and feeling hopeless as if I, too, will be in my mid 40s until I travel to a foreign land to find an exotic love….an ad for The Borgias comes across my computer.  PERFECT!

        So, a Google search ensues! After a few previews, my inner historian’s interest being peaked and pure geekdom rising to salute the find, I have decided that I will blog about this show. I doubt that any of my readers will watch it, but it wont stop me. Aside from my witty, sarcastic and flat out rude commentary, I have a scholastic side that seeks entertainment in eras before my time. I live in realistic fantasy. Moments where I can see things come to life as they may have been, and maybe….just maybe…they can help me to make sense of where I stand. So, maybe this show can answer some of my questions.

        Questions, like…..why does this resemble The Tudors? I am SUCH a Tudors fan, so I employ you to do it justice should you be a remix. But I will watch the series premiere tonight at 9pm on Showtime.

Take 2, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, Crime, Family, Murder, Amen

        Yes, I wrote this on Sunday and it is NOT Sunday today, but……it will be worth reading and you can catch up on your episodes as you read this. No telling what is in store.  It’s tagline says that it is the Original Crime Family…..we shall see.

Just finished my Muse Cafe interview (Twitter: @Muse_Cafe) just in time for me to catch the show….

Wow!!! The intro screams artwork of 1942. Think DaVinci, The Other Boleyn….beautiful. Pope Innocent VII ( I think) is dying. I MUST GOOGLE the true history of this family. I feel like I am in a historical DaVinci Code.  And even though I am not of Catholic faith… I wish not to show signs of disrespect to the religion while watching this……

But….as this scene of raunchiness flashes before my eyes, resembling that of Sparticus, I don’t think that I will be alone in my going to hell. Wait… I am CONFUSED!!!! The clergy that was just having sex with some strange woman just chased his SISTER down, laid on top of her and was eerily Kentucky Kissing Cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis kind of close. YUCK!!! Okay, if this isnt gross.

The prince hath forbidden fighting in Verona streets!!! lmao! The random outbreak of fights with citizens so close to such skilled and choreographed swordsmanship…..makesme chuckle and look for Mercutio. Wow… they actually played cards that far back into history? Interesting! So Shakespeare played Tunk? Let me find out that Henry The VIII played Spades! hahahaha.

The voting of a new pope takes me back to my days at The Catholic University of America and the passing of Pope John Paul II and the electing of Pope Benedict. How accurate. Black smoke meant I could go back to sleep for another day. But HOO-RAH for the German Pope!!! Okay, so this is quite slow, but I figure that it will all pick up at the change of power once a new pope has been chosen. And this makes the non-Catholic even more weary of the clergy. I couldn’t believe that these same actions stopped after this family died. Yes, I think I will stick with my direct line to God, thank you very much.

Okay, soooo the Papal chair was bought. WHOOPEE!!! But I need to know the scandal of this youngest son. The wench called him a bastard, but he got upset by it. I wonder why. And I am confused with the fact of clergymembers having family. They can do that?

So Rodrigo Borgia is a Spanish pope with the crowning name of Pope Alexander VI. WOW! One of the Cardinals called him and “ape”. Okay…. Borgia, you have my permission to corrupt! Like, hiring the help meant to kill the Pope and telling him to poison another cardinal…lol.

Okay….. i must admit, I stopped writing after the cardinal was poisoned. It got too good for me to watch and write. So…. my apologies. It is getting good. I mean, you must capture my WHOLE attention in order to get me to stop multi-tasking, and this show did exactly that. I laid down on the bed and actually enjoyed the rest of the show. I think this show, no….correction… I KNOW this show is a keeper. And it was even more fascinating to find out that the movie The Godfather is fashioned after the Borgias family. Great old Al Pacino is nothing more than the eldest Borgia son. SMH. Who knew!!!!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Stay tuned for next week’s episode: The Stench of Borgia

The Game~ Game Over

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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

Episode 8: BEST Episode Ever!

Episode 9: What The Hell Happened?

Episode 10: The Redemption

Episode 11: Baby, Baby Please


        Okay, sooooo I am running soooo late!!! I had to host tonight and Eboni is here in my room with me about to watch the Season Finale of The Game at 1am. Yes, DVR it is… and I have not looked at Twitter or Facebook the entire night because I didn’t want to have to kill anyone for spoiling it for me.

     I could speculate, but I wont. I just want to watch the show and hope that it leaves enough suspense to get me to come back next season but closes up enough information that leaves me satisfied for this season. All I want to know is ….who is the mystery person they have been showing on the commercials? Hmmm.. .okay, enough questions.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, …. #GameOn , Bitches!

        Okay, so I happened to watch the episode beginning that i missed last week while @abmoore20 was here. Wow… Mario Van Peebles’ body looks good as hell. But his explanation of his disease *side eye*.  But…..on to the Finale.

        Okay, why is this my FIRST time hearing the football players collide on the intro? Man, I’ve been slipping. But…the opening with Melanie & Derwin talking baby talk again….I just want to watch this on fast forward. I mean…. can we get the pacing of a scene correct. It started off so slow. It didn’t take all that time to place “Loving You” in the background and get out a few words. *sigh* okay….next.

        Soooooo I am sooooo confused. Tasha is making her situation with Bo seem like she was with him for months. Can we please not test the intelligence level of my willing suspense of disbelief. You found him, dated him, and killed him all in one episode. Now she is talking about him like Bo was the love of her life. *See this face……..*tilted smirk* WAIT!!!!

       Did Bo just walk up to Tasha…wait….this is a set-up! I called it in the last episode!!!! This negro isn’t dying!!!! His name is Ronnie?!  But you can’t make me believe that TASHA DIDNT KIRK OUT!!! Hell to the nawl!!!! He wouldn’t have gotten away with it that easily… again… don’t test my intelligence.

        Okay, isnt this the SAME exact studio where they opened the season with the Derwin/Melanie Essence photo shoot? They couldn’t afford another backdrop? Didnt these bitches know that I would be watching? And yes, I know that this was filmed ages ago, but they should know that assholes like me exist. hahahahah Malik set up a fake ass photo shoot just to get Jenna back? WOWZERS!!! Okay.. Hosea… my address is 2504 I Saw Your Nude Pics Ave. Now, can you set up a fake photo shoot for me too? I’ll wait. Nothing says lovin’ like stalking a bitch via a fake photo shoot that you paid for. lol

        WHO IS THIS DUDE?!!!!!!!!!!! The new QB, Kirkland, for the Sabers….*licks lips*…..*exhales* I will press rewind to get his name. Now, if you will make him a permanent member of this cast, then you can make each episode as slow as hell and I could care less.

        Umm… this fight between Melanie and Tasha is bordering hilarious. I can’t focus. Hell, even Eboni just said she can’t focus on the scene because she can see both of their bras through their shirts……sad. I swear I am trying to get it, but I can’t. It is so contrived. Yes, I get it…. you want your man to be represented. And yes, there was a better way for her to ask Tasha….but really. To get all upset with your girl when a negro faked his own death , kids, and marriage and you didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow? Get the fuck out of here. What about not sweating the small stuff.  Hell, I was going to sweat the small stuff and ask why is the season finale only 30 minutes, but I don’t know if I could take more than this. *sigh*. Okay…. they at least get to come back  next season and fix it.

        SNAP!!! If i were a Lesbian, I am pretty sure that the looks I just gave Stacy Dash could be constituted as distant rape. It makes no sense for a woman her age to look 10 times better than me.  WAIT!! It’s not fair for Stacy to get the new dude!!! *Sigh* I don’t know who to stalk first… Stacy or Kirkland.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Jenna didn’t go back on the crack.

        Wait… I am soooooo uncomfortable knowing that Derwin brought his own sexual stimulants to a birth clinic. OH MY GOD!!!!! Melanie had an abortion?!!! Was it Troy, Trevor…shit the dude she slept with after she broke up with Derwin!! You know, the football dude’s baby. The one in last season who told her that he would pay for her tuition. I don’t think that it was Derwin’s Baby.

Conclusion: Ummmmm. Whack way to end the season. I mean, stuff was left dangling, the episode moved so slowly and it was too dramatic. I had to rewind the show twice to catch that the ONLY way Derwin was able to tell that Melanie had an abortion was because she said “definitely”. Had Tasha not called her “definitely” lying phrase out in the scene before, I would have never caught it. Oh wait…. maybe it was Eggs’ baby…you know, Mehcad Brooks from True Blood. *Sighs* soooo many options. But I don’t like the way the abortion came up. It wasnt there EVER!!! Dont spring a secret on me in the same episode. The actor should react a certain way to babies and other things if this is in fact her back story. I am not happy with the conclusion of the Jenna/Malik storyline. Okay, so Tasha is not doing any better. *sigh* The only person who was consistent throughout the entire season was Jason/Colby. Okay….. Writers, please go spend some time together, watch the previous seasons, and study them.We want that believability back. We want the comedy back. We want the charisma back. I have no clue what happened, but we are just going to blame it on the fact that you were gone for 2 years. So yeh, I’ll be praying for your return. I know you can do better.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Let’s Stay Together in Hell

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Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Episode 4: Kill Yourself!

Episode 5: Yes, I’m Still Watching

Episode 6: Give The Game This Slot Too

Episode 7: Ummm….

Episode 8: Die from Predictability

Episode 9: And Commit Suicide

Episode 10: Not Give A Damn

        Soooooo 11 episodes later and they STILL are starting in the bedroom. Yep… my girl Ashley called me from Alabama to point this out to me. Sad how everyone knows that I called this shit. My mentee @abmoore20 was dying laughing when the text came in and this was his first time watching the show…shame. Wow.. so Kita’s has a studio apartment? Okay, so this is the first time that we have seen their father. Unfortunately, every time i see Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, all I see is Joe Jackson from Jackson 5: An American Dream. And wow… why is he doing this bogus ass dance… I cant watch. This scene is boring me to stupidity.

        I am so confused by the shot that just occured. I thought that Jamaal and Tasha had a house… but they flashed the outside of a hotel/condo building. They havent done that the entire season so I have no clue what their house looks like outside. So why are they doing it now? I am soooo confused. Just show the invisible babies so that i can be familiar with something. *sigh*

Okay, and now they chose to show the outside of the medical center as well…..

       Wait… is this fine father the guy from Medea’s Family reunion? Yep, Henry Simmons…..Yummy… I mean…. did he just take his outter shirt off……wowzers. It should be a crime to look that damn good while fully dressed. he is right up there next to Sheriff Troy ( Lamon Rucker). But why is this dumb bitch putting the stethoscope on the father? I dont get it. Wow… okay, how did the son see the gum under the desk while on the examine table in a whole other room? Okay, so I just found out that her name Stacy Lawrence. Yes, here comes the invisible twins!!!!

        I love that @abmoore20 is sitting here next to me suffering. I cant take this alone. Wow… why did they pick this actor to play the father? He is over acting as well. I cant take it!!! Yeh… @abmoore just said ” Well, I guess that everyone cant do everything perfectly.” Funny how he said that right after I just told him that Queen Latifah is the Executive Producer for this show.  I tried yall… Would you all hate me if I didnt write about the finale? This show was over on the first episode. We are 11 shows in and I still know nothing about these boring ass people. Do they not have friends? I havent seen any constant friendships since Stacy’s friends from college left.

        HOLD UP!!! Did Vannessa Bell Calloway just put down the imaginary D.C. chapter of whatever the hell organization they are in? *pops knuckles* Say it again ! Whoodie Who!!!! Is ass a prerequisite to be in this elite club? Were there any plus sized women in this organization?

And of course they showed the funniest parts in the commercial. Okay, and now this guy who is on a date with Stacy [ Henry Simmons] is actually pissing me off. I dont find it comical. I think that it is horrible.

And I called it… ask @abmoore10… Vannessa’s character was fronting. This show is so fucking predicatable. Sad, yet tru.

I dont give a damn about next week’s episode. Watch it your damn self! *ugh* Bored…..still…


~*MY Mother’s Daughter*~

The Game~Baby, Baby Please

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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

Episode 8: BEST Episode Ever!

Episode 9: What The Hell Happened?

Episode 10: The Redemption

        Okay… here we are… sitting on my couch laughing my ass off with @abmoore20 and I almost missed the opening to The Game. I think I did miss the opening of The Game… Noooooooo. What is Mario Van Peebles dying from? I missed it.

        Okay, so now Melanie is trying to keep this lie going? I am sooooo disturbed by this.

       Okay…. I know I am late, but you must understand when I tell you that I am unable to keep focused on this whole episode. After learning of Hosea’s naked pics… watching him lay in bed brings soooooo many kinky visions to mind. I am trying to stay focused on Malik… but I can’t. The brother is hung like drapes dangling from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the ground.

       Ummmm… how is Tasha walking up in people’s houses? I mean wow…dont people lock their doors in gated communities? Did Melanie just tell Tasha she was being boinked Buddhist… lmao. LMFALS!!! Did Tasha just correct her wig…lmao!!! I can’t get past that…lol. I am dying laughing soooo hard! hahahahaha.

         Okay.. so when did Tasha meet Bo? Is that his name(Mario Van Peebles)? Because didn’t she JUST officially break up with Donte? I’m so confused. How much of a gap is this suppose to be from the last episode? Okay, so obviously i was laughing too hard and missed the intro, but @abmoore20 just told me that he saw Mario walk up to her at the party…. confused. Yeh, gonna need to watch the rerun in order to capture my head around this. I need cliff notes… something. Someone please, help me out.

           Okay, so, Malik in the office of the owner allowing Derwin to beg on his behalf….I am not getting that. Especially how Parker’s picture is still on her husband’s desk. I mean, Derwin needed to hush when asked if he had a wife. Derwin cheated on Melanie so he should not say shiiiiiiit. And Malik should not get upset because he did all of this for himself.

       NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Keith Sweat did NOT just walk into the room. LMAO!!! Wowzers. Okay, did Keith just say Jim-balaya? Isnt it jambalaya? HELL NAWL!!! Tasha didn’t say “cap ’em and deal ’em” instead of carpe diem!!!! And now Tasha is giving up the goodies to a dying man… shame. Wait, where did Keith go? I’m so confused. @abmoore20 is not allowed over my house to watch these shows… I cant focus because he keeps me laughing. I love my mentee….not that you care. lmao!

       Okay… as this commercial break is going on… I don’t think that Mario Van Peebles is dying. I think he is also married and this is something that he tells innocent women to get them to speed up the process. Besides, we all know that black people don’t go to doctors and when we do we don’t believe a word of what they have to say. We believe in the LAWD & when he says its time for us to go home. Am I right? Can I get a witness!!*@abmoore20 says: Hallelu!” *passes collection plate & cues the ushers*

       LMAO!!! Melanie went to Brazil….lol. That was a funny way to say she Waxed on, waxed off her va-jay-jay…lmao. And I feel all kinky watching Melanie and Derwin almost getting kinky. Wait….. Niiiiiiiiiiiice buttcrack shot, Derwin. #TeamPoochHall’s Ass!  I wonder if they wrote in Melanie being pregnant because Tia is pregnant in real life? Hmmmm.

       Oh wow… Tasha even gets left alone after having one night stands from dying dudes. I am soooo confused about her entire situation. Hell, Rick Fox was the closest that we saw her to being happy. I hope that Malik is  calling Jenna…. wait.. he called his mom? Confused, but okay, I get it.

       NEXT WEEK!!! Okay, I love how they set this up, the finale… I mean. I pray that it is not a let down. Wow… okay I will have to make sure to watch.  It is too juicy. I hate that they allude to Jenna not giving Malik a 2nd chance… boo , hiss! Okay, time to watch this boring ass show that comes on after it. Watch and suffer with me! [insert link here to Let’s Not Stay Together]


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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