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Twitter Poetry : Remembrance

In Writer's Block on 16 November 2011 at 2:27 pm

Today is a new day and therefore it means a new poem. I wanted to write about whatever was the first thing that came to my mind. It was a little difficult writing with more than one person because they were responding to the same line and so in some places I feel it got out of sync. But I already have a remedy for that the next time. Over all… I am still loving the Twitter Poetry idea.

I got the help of two wonderful gentleman who inspired me to write; OneCann and NotebooKKTatted. What awesome writers they are. I hope that you like. I had a blast. Thanks for reading. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Poetry : Holocaust

In Writer's Block on 14 November 2011 at 9:26 am

So today I got the bright idea that I would begin something called Twitter Poetry. Yes, you read that correctly, Twitter Poetry. I havent heard of anyone doing it…… so if they have, oh well… I thought of it today. How does twitter Poetry work, you ask?

Well, I decided to start with 140 characters allowed by Twitter to start a poem off. Then I ask for my followers to reply with the next 140 characters. We would go back and forth until they either quit or I think that the poem is completed. I figured that the least I could do would be to come here and showcase the poems created. So…. here goes.

Sidebar: I went to the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC yesterday so the experience is still fresh on my mind. I know that this topic is VERY SENSITIVE and in no way am I making a mockery of it or trying to make light of the painful memory that is the Holocaust. This is merely my expression of my current thoughts. Also, in no way am I implying, with my Warsaw reference, that Poland was responsible for any of the horror that occurred; they were NOT.  If my statements in my poem are incorrect, I ask that you RESPECTFULLY assist me as you correct my ignorance. This is a piece of history that everyone should know the real version of. I thank you for your time and i hope that this explains where I am coming from when I began the poem. I feel as if I still have MUCH more to learn.

I guess only one of my poet followers caught on, so this poem was composed by @notebooKKTatted and myself. @notebooKKTatted is in the italics. And it went a little something like this: Read the rest of this entry »

Why I Write

In Writer's Block on 30 August 2010 at 3:31 pm

Hidden beneath the brass undertones of “I could care less” lies the urge to be heard by the hearing impaired and those who are impaired by hearing…..the truth.

Communication is....

How do you communicate?

“Spoken Heard”


Deep behind the canals of the ear

lies a Being

a beginning

afirmation of a transformation where


translates what I meant

into what you heard

never asking permission

but figuring communication is the payment

of comprehension’s tuition

we have agreed

that hearing equals being heard

volume mixed with tone

a concept that never worked well with me

watch my eyes raise

Verizon induced preguntas

Me puede oír ahora?


my bad

your fault

fingers swaying to the rhythm of a humming bird’s heart beat

pounding out language at a decibel that would keep timmy in the well

b/c lassie wouldn’t hear

definition lost in complacency

reluctant hearing turned deaf to meaning


cover your ears when I ask you if you heard what I said

drape your arms around the waist of communication

hug it close

comprehend nothing more than what stands between your pelvis

and the birth of the meaning of these words

i write because sometimes

words need not be spoken

to be heard

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