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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

In short I am running on 8 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours, don’t ask, but nothing… and I mean NOTHING will keep me away from watching the top 20 dancers make the cut. I already call dibs on China Lee Smith.

Now, I am probably going to get home around midnight and then I have to watch 2 hours and blog about it so this probably wont go up until sometime around 2:30am. Seeeeeeeeee what I do for you all. I suffer so that you can catch up on stuff that is important in the world. lol. So, as I nod off here in my office at work……know that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

It is now 12:30am and I have avoided Twitter and FB for the past 4 hours. I have not been tainted by the news feeds and timelines. I can watch my DVR without anyone else’s opinion. So…what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but some who Dance in Vegas wont necessarily stay in Vegas.

SO apparently the auditions are happening at

Judges: Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

Hip Hop, Broadway, Ballroom, Group round and Contemporary are the 5 choreography rounds that these contestants must endure…. but not before their solo routines. The chopping board is out and the knife is sharp. Lets see who makes this round.

Iveta Lukisute (30, New York City, NY) – Ummm okay so she did ballroom at her NY audition but then she shoes up in Vegas wearing a stripper’s ill-fitting police costume? Ummmmm…yeh… ummmm.  Her legs are GORGEOUS!!! Isnt she dancing to Queen Latifah’s song from Chicago? You know the “mama’s good to you” song.  Did she just toss her ass up in the air? The crowd goes wild, Debbie Allen goes “WHOA” and Nigel’s eyes almost pop out his face. FUnny… Mary covers Nigel’s face. Now, and this is just my opinion, I think she was more worried about impressing Nigel than she was with actually dancing. I didn’t see much choreography than I did burlesque. There is nothing wrong with Burlesque, as RObin Antin would tell you, but this isn’t called So You Think You Can Burlesque. I’m just saying…. And the other guy in the audience who said he wished he was in handcuffs right now…..lol… hilarious. Yet, she survived the solo round

Marlon Petayo (25; Los Angeles, CA)– What is this?Night of the interesting costume? I thought this was about who can dance and not who can shop the best! Focus people… focus. And you don’t have to focus on this space ship looking deal he has on.. because it is giving me a headache. And is he dancing to Nicki Hoenaj? Bwahahahahaah Debbie Allen shook her head “no” in the middle of his piece.  Wow… people were making horrible faces while he danced. Yeh, I don’t think that he will make it to far. And he got cut. Thank you JESUS!

Wadi Jones (24; Ossining, NY)- I wonder what the origin of his name is…. *Googles* Okay, so it means calm and peaceful in an African language… and valley in Arabic…niiiice *Fabolous voice* His intro was flawless, even Debbie had to say “Oh, he’s a REAL B-boy.”  He just did what I like to call the “Russian Run” that Josh and tWitch did in Season 4, the low squat/knee drag kind of run. Awesome! Just fabulous! He survived the solo round.

Sasha & Natalia Mallory (23 & 18; Bakersfield, CA)-  If you recall Sasha is the more petite sister and Natalia is the younger sister. I am still confused as to why they would choose to perform together in Vegas. It seems, to me, that they rely so heavily on one another that I have no clue how they perform as solo artists. Hmmmm…. Okay, I’m watching. I mean… they were fierce. It did look like Natalia may have hesitated in a few parts but I am unsure if it was apart of the routine or not,but overall I loved the performance. I wish I knew what song they were dancing to.  But they made it past the solo round.

As it stands, 114 dancers made it safely past the solo round… the rest, well…they went home early.  Now, on to the choreography rounds.

Hip Hop:

choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo to Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now”

China is cracking under pressure and Wadi Jones has developed pain in his legs as the first injury of the audition rounds. I find it somewhat funny how they yelled “first injury”….emphasis on FIRST.

China Lee Smith ( ; Pocatello, ID)– Ummm… did she just say she was a “krumping tornado”? bwahahahahah And Cat said she was Buck. I am gonna need them to stop using hip hop terms on a whim. But she goes up with the first group and whoa….she is NOT looking good. Okay, so we found a weak spot…. I think they can look past this because she rocks in everything else…. I think . My vote is still with her. Wait… did Nigel just say, “What the fuck is she doing?” wowzers! *wipes forehead* she gets another chance to relearn the routine. Hope that she can get it.

WOW!!! They are not picking up the choreography at all. I mea, I think a lot of these people are just natural dancers and seldom have many of them been taught how to pick up choreography. Many have just made it up and learned it over time, but it is a skill set to watch someone else , pick it up,and memorize it and be able to perform it perfectly.

SNAP! They just let Hero McRae and Patty Ann Miller go! Remember them? Check out my LA Auditions blog above. WOW!!! They both were good. The Irish dancer Mary Kate, Kristin Dobson, and Princess Lockerooo all got sent home. But Wadi, leg cramps and all… HE ROCKED THIS ROUTINE!!!! Okay, so he is my vote for the Hip Hop dancers. The Mallory sisters made it through the Hip Hop round.  Now, Iveta and China have a second chance…. fingers crossed. From the looks of it… Iveta isn’t, now if China can stick with it…she looks so much better this second round. They both got to move on to the next round. Day 1 completed.


Choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Jason Gilkinson is filling in for Adam Shankman to judge this round.

Jessica , Virgil ( the great b-boy), Jordan ( danced to Beyoncé’s Nasty Girl  in her hometown audition), Wadi, the Mallory sisters, China, Jetson, DC Chapman, and Robert Taylor Jr ALL got moved on to the next round. I told you… I am calling it!!!

Rebecca & Jeremiah– Rebecca has been to Vegas 4 times and Jeremiah has been to Vegas and blanked during Mia Michael’s routine and was cut shortly after throwing a temper tantrum that time. This time, Jeremiah made it through, but Rebecca didn’t. Wow!!!! I didn’t think that she was that bad… but then again, my name isn’t Debbie Allen.

Ballroom (Jive)

Choreographed by Jason Gilkinson

Natalia Mallory– I must say, I get the concern … but Tyce….he almost made me want to punch him in his friggin throat for the WAY he asked how was her partner going to pick her up. Picking her up is possible… but he made it seem like the girl weighed 800 pounds and her partner was the size of Ashley Olsen. THIS is why Natalia must keep dancing, for everyone who asks these questions before allowing their doubts to be put to rest. Now, if you will, Tyce… go sit on a ballet shoe, pointe side up! Okay, so they got another chance if she can get a stronger partner to lift her up.  Oh wait.. I saw how it was suppose to look at the end. Okay, I now understand it. She was now paired up with Professor Bryce. I LOVE ITY!!!! I am still vying for her.  And she made it! Love love the Professor for helping her! She deserved every bit of her applause.

Sasha Mallory made it through with everyone else. And now Alexis Mason is up…. pressure,, pressure, pressure. Ummm… Tyce said that she was missing the “flare” and she almost fell at the end and her partner almost tumbled on top of her. Now Alexis must dance for her life with a solo piece.

It is now 2am and I am JUST now getting to the group rounds. I may have to turn down my date and take a rain check just so I can come home and sleep. I hope you know that this blog will NOT be proof read. Too tired to do much else. But I had to report back.

Alexis Mason (18; Miami, FL)- She started off one beat behind… not sure if that once intentional for this contemporary piece. She does this thing with her face that is almost like she is sad or crying…. I think they warned her about her face before. And I HATE repetitive gestures… she does this thing where she keeps reaching out to the air and fan-grabbing her fingers with a slow pull back into herself… HATE IT! Pick another gesture,will ya? But her technique is crisp and you can see it…. I agree with Tyce, there needs to be a little more maturity there. Yep… Nigel called out her “angst” face and he gave her a no.  Mary agreed with Nigel but gave her a yes. Tyce said yes. Debbie said yes…. she received the 3 yeses from the judges she needed to move on to the next round. But I do wonder if they are comparing her to her sister.

Group Round

WOW! Just to see how well everyone started off in harmony to choreograph these group pieces was amazing. But to watch them snap by morning… blame in on the absence of sleep being cradled by th fear of being sent home due to weak group choreo. No one should take this personally…well, in general. Natalia is breaking under pressure and her group is left to wait.

Group 1 (Bridget C, Caitlyn L, Ricky J, Clarice O & Wadi)-  I LOVED IT! It came straight from a broadway musical. FOSSE!!!What I loved most about it is that everyone’s strengths were given an opportunity to shine. You could see the contemporary flare of the four dancers, and the delicate and sensual side of the ladies as well as the masculine side of the guy, but Wadi was given a spotlight that allowed him to be who he was within the piece and the harmony was amazing!

After all of the work, only 7 people were cut and now Natalia must go on with her group.

Natalia’s Group( Natalia, DC Chapman, Arielle C, Dashi Mitchell, Jordan Cassanova) – I hear DC’s point when it comes to him fighting for his voice within the routine. I think that you should fight for your place… but there was a better and more mature way to do so and it shouldnt have taken half an hour. Now, as they dance to Bruno Mars’ Grenade I must say, I am not all that impressed with the choreography.It is choppy, basic and elementary….and it is all over the place.  Now, it does have its good parts.. but I wish that they were more in sync. Okay, the judges think differently than I do. Of course….they moved on to the next round.


Choreographed by Travis Wall (?) and assisted by  Season 3 Jamie & Season 7 Robert

One dancer, Ryan, gets injured and has to go to the hospital to get an x-ray on her tailbone….and Natalia is, not too long thereafter, headed to the hospital behind her.  Sasha has been paired with Professor Bryce and I know that she is going to rock it.  First off.. this choreography is GORGEOUS!!! Yay Travis! Genius! And Sasha & Bryce made it to the next round. Robert Taylor Jr, Wadi Jones, and Milo made it to the next round. Ryan gets cleared from the doctors and she wants to risk dancing in this round….and she makes it for the next round.

YIKES! DC Chapman doesn’t have much.. if any contemporary training. it is sooooooo hard to watch.  And it hurt my heart to watch him fight and say that ” I can’t go home”.  I applaud Debbie for going in on him and making him man up.  And the way that the rest of the dancers chanted his name as he left was amazing.  NOOOOOOOO! China was sent home. Arielle was declined for a 5th year and was sent home. Jeremiah was moved on to the next round.

Natalia got a free pass through contemporary because she just found out at the hospital that she has diabetes, so it wasnt anything that she could control.  She has been cleared to dance in this solo round. Clarice Ordaz (19; Whittier, CA) got a chance to show the judges what she could do as the solo round continued…..and boy… did she have something to show!

How many of the SAME top in different colors does Alexi Mason have? Just had to ask. but she did not making through.

Sooooo with 31 dancers making it through Hell Week…..who will make the top 20 tomorrow? Stay Tuned! It’s now 2:41am…. I’m headed to bed, and will be back tomorrow at a normal hour.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

SYTYCD~ Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA)

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Well, last night was the season premiere!!! I must tell you that I am on pins and needles just waiting to see who the top 20 will be. I already told you that China Lee Smith (19; Pocatello, ID) better be one of them. I am sure I will grow to love a few more, but she is at the top of my winning list. Tonight promises to be JUST as entertaining as the other. The only thing that I wish is that they would post the title of the songs that these people are dancing to…..that adds to the excitement as well.  So………

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

Los Angeles, California

If you know like I know…. LA/Hollywood has been on EVERY single season of the show. I mean… these dancers are like the X-Men mutants of Dancers or LXD. Whoever they are and where ever they come from… I am here to watch.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and broadway choreographer, Tyce Diorio are the judges for this round. Did I mention that I have a crush on Tyce? I swear, if Mia Michaels will say my name on air once I can die happy and then kiss Tyce before I die. Just saying!

Jordan Casanova (18, Chino Hills, CA )- performing to Beyonce’s Naughty Girl,  she hit the stage running. I mean, her leg extensions were off the chain! I mean, they were also a tad bit redundant, but…..she worked it. The Split pirouette!!! Phenominal! I didnt see much choreography as I did this aura of “look at m! I’m sexy and I can do beautiful leg extensions.” At one point I thought that Nigel would never stop the music. Tyce ‘s commentary was wonderful and entertaining. But yes, she did border the line of classy and a worker at the Players’ Club trying to make that money and not let the money work her. I think she needs to learn the definition of sensual over sexual. But…. that is just my opinion. I have a feeling that they are going to send her to Vegas, but I could be wrong. *Presses play* And she has the golden ticket.

HOLD UP!!!!! While DC is on the stage giving his pre-dance interview…. the camera flies out to the audience and catches a familiar face…….someone that SYTYCD fans know very well; Stephen “tWitch” Boss. I knew he wouldnt be able to stay away from the Hollywood auditions…lol. Priceless…. just put a smile on my face. Now, if I could just cop that hat he has on…..fly. Wait… is that Comfort from Season 4 behind him?

Derion “D.C.” Chapman (28; Reseda,Ca) –  And I am getting old because I knew absolutely NOTHING about the “Cat Daddy” dance that was created by the rejects. So, can someone tell me ho wa wheelchair impression has anything to do with the Cat Daddy? I’m lost. But give it a day and it will be here in D.C.  NIGEL!!!! Nigel just did the “Cat Daddy”!!!! Priceless!!! WOW!!!! He personality came through every single movement! His hip hop flare told the story portrayed in the song. And how nice…. Nigel referred back to the time when tWitch did the conducting during his routine in Season 4. What a great compliment that was! And there tWitch is… sitting in the audience cheesing from ear to ear. Well, D.C. better get that golden ticket. If you’re wondering WHICH Season 4 routine Nigel is referring to…well, as an avid fan…I know, I know! I think he is referring to tWitch’s solo routine to Miri Ben-Ari’s We Gonna Win piece. So, you’re welcome…..lol


Arielle Coker (21; Los Angeles, CA)–  after being here I think…. 4 times…she is stronger than when we saw her years ago. I love her flexibility. The change in her tempo just captured me. I don’t think that I have ever seen the change in character that she just gave us. She went from lyrical, to hup hop, to jazz, to funk, to sensual to just outstanding! I mean… she will be my 2nd top favorite after China. Wow… she better make top 20!!!. WOW!!!! Golden ticket it is!

Hero McRae (26; Hollywood, CA via Japan)– I am not the smartest person in the world… but I am probably one of the more observant ones. Um…..isnt Hero from the dance group “We Are Hero” from America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4? Werent they dancing then for her grandmother who was sick at the time? So, what happened to the rest of her crew? Are they not together any more? Inquiring nosey ass people like me want to know! If that is not her… then I stand corrected. But I still love her. Her ticking style is to die for! Yes, she is definitely representing for the female hip hop dancers! Golden Ticket!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2…lmao!

Joe “Big C” Doyle (29; Pasadena, CA) Wait… did this nut just say that he is the Claus of Krump “Lil C’s pro-di-cee”? Ummm…..*closes mouth with hand* LMAO! This man said he is from the North Pole and spreads “buckness” cheer all year long to good little boys and girls!!!! This Santa Claus act is about as looney as the Ringo Starr audition the other night. Oddly enough… he can KIND OF krump. But the look on Mary’s face when he stripped his shirt was PRICELESS!!!hahahaha. Mary said, “Make it stop!” lmao! No golden ticket for him. Lawd!

WOW!!!!!!! Nigel called the old black guy in the shiny hat “tWitch’s uncle” lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have soooooo many jokes for that but I will keep them to myself. But these rejects need to get out of their feelings.

Alexis Mason (18; Miami, FL)– The sister of Season 5 Winner, Jeanine Mason….she has son BIG Capizios to fill. I almost feel bad for her. I say that because she doesn’t get to be herself… she is living in her siblings shadow. Oh do I know that story too well. I want her to be her without them comparing her. And my DVR is paused right now so I have no clue what they are going to say, but I can already predict it just by the fact that Nigel asked ” and who is your sister?”.My answer would have been…. “it doesn’t matter because I am here under my own right”. A little protest there. But my only critique would have to be her face. SHe is broadcasting emotion that she really isnt feeling and it is coming across as fake. I want to feel that she feels her moves to. Her technique is amazing! Golden Ticket it is!!!

Just spotted Josh, winner of Season 4, in the audience with Jeanine. This is a reunion of seasons past…lol.

Patty Anne Miller (28; Los Angeles, CA)– Said that she is a “Style consultant” which is another way to tell me that she doesnt have a job….lol. But this hip hop routine better be on point.  LOVE IT!!!!! The opening was off the chain! I mean I had to check that my DVR wasnt skipping when she was ticking with such precision! And is this a Ke$ha song? Just beautiful! Golden Ticket!

LMAO!!!! Nigel told the joke ” no ballroom” and he said, “Like Tyce’s trousers” lmao!

Natalia & Sasha Mallory (18 & 23; Bakersfield, CA)– Natalia is the younger, thicker sister and Sasha is the older slimmer sister. I hate to use these terms, but for those who watched, you will remember better that way. I almost felt like them dancer together hurt one and helped the other. I wont say which is which, but it did. I feel like the judges eyes didnt know where to go because their spacing was all over the place. Their transitions were walk-tos and not to many movement variations. But, I can say that what they did have in their technique handbag was pretty clean and had some nice lines. I, and this is just my opinion, think that they will take one….and even that one may need to swing through to choreography. Okay, so they both went on to choreography. WOW! Natalia’s partner looked like he had a bit of a problem lifting her up. But…. they BOTH got the golden ticket. I am happy with that.

I wish that this were a 2 hour night! I mean… I want to see more of these talented people! But… I guess I will have to wait until next week. Will you be there? Good.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

SYTYCD~ Auditions (UT and NY)

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a personal LONG history with So You Think You Can Dance; havent missed a season. But know this…..once I watched it… I was hooked. And no, I have not tried out myself. Thankfully, I just missed the age cut-off…lol. But I think that this show is a great platform for the world to get a chance to see one of the more talented dancers of America.

I personally think that dancers are the most loved, yet taken for granted, art form. People love the dances they see, but seldom do outsiders know the choreographers, the dancers dancing them, or the hours spent perfecting the years of training wrapped in a skilled 8-count. No, people will mimic it and then move on to rip off the next dancer’s art form. If it isn’t the star dancing by themselves…..people forget, fail to show appreciation to , or get to know…..the dancers. So, in a nutshell….THAT is why I love this show. Well, enough of my banter…..let’s get to the auditions.

Salt Lake City, UT

The judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Pussycat Dolls creator, Robin Antin. This is going to be great!

China Lee Smith (19;Pocatello,ID)– With her grandparents and mother in the audience this beautiful bombshell just ROCKED this audition. The song that she is dancing to… I WANT TO KNOW WHO SINGS THIS SONG!! The beat captures you and then China makes you watch her. I mean she HOLDS YOUR ATTENTION HOSTAGE!!. She mentioned that her dance was choreographed by someone, but I didn’t get to catch who! She said that her mother danced for the Osmonds…hmmm. Well, I must say, that choreography would have been just sheer movement until China brought it to life with her persona. Words cannot describe her lines, the shapes and passion she brought to this! I mean, she ran the gambit from sexy, to sensual (yes, there is a difference) to feminine and masculine. Just WONDERFUL!!! Nigel loved her, Mary Loved her, and Pussy Cat Doll creator, NAME, loved her. It was safe to predict that she would get a ticket to Las Vegas. THIS is how the show should begin and continue; anything less than this would be a HUGE mistake for this season. I have to say, I’ve rewound my DVR 18 times ( fact) and she still captured me EVERY single time. SHE IS MY FAVORITE OUT OF ALL THE AUDITIONEES TONIGHT! She is the one to watch out for this season. She will have my vote EVERY night. She will be in the TOP 2 unless the Lawd says otherwise, but I am phoning in a favor to Him on her behalf! Lol.

Annie Gratton (19;Phoenix, AZ)-  Her dad may be a dancer but I would have loved to see that. I mean, she came out of the gate running. I don’t think that she stopped one single moment. The pace was set to Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams are Made of These…..and I must say, she was wonderful. I think I just got my wish!!! Father just got on stage to dance together….set to the beat of Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Pow. And her father, Francois Gratton (54, Phoenix, AZ), in jeans, he just hit a split!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t have scripted this in my wildest dreams. But her dad very well just assisted her in getting the golden ticket.

All of the girls are beautiful and Utah is bringing in a ton of wonderfully talented females that Robin Antin wants to draft them; almost all of them. She even asked if they could sing and had to protest that she would not steal a few of them….lol. Is this her show or SYTYCD?

Tadd Gadduang (25; West Valley City, UT)– This man has more upper body strength and humor than any hip hop dancer that I have seen on the show; just natural humor. He may need a few more technical skills when it comes to execution, but his personal flare definitely makes you watch him. And you will have your chance when you see him make it to Las Vegas.

LMAO!!!!!!!! Did this dancer just tell Cat Deeley  that he had bruised balls…..”on his feet, of course”. Lmao!!! She is going to pass out from laughing at him. And Dayum…. These dancers are busting their asses, literally on the floor. OUCH!

Samantha Hiller (18; Atherton,CA) – Wow! Did she say that she was suffering from Mono when she was in college, and she is still suffering it while she is auditioning?! WOW!!! But she is going to dance tonight any way. WOW!!! That is an amazing story.  But even in her amnesia state…she can still dance. I mean, some of he forms need to be a little cleaner…. But she really can dance. Wow! And the joke that Nigel just played on her…lol. He pretended like she hadn’t danced yet and she paused for a moment. And she got a chance to move on to choreography. And unfortunately she did not make it.

WOW!!!! Will Wingfield and Katie Shean from Season 4….they taught people the choreography!!!! I love me some Will…. That man can dance his ass off.  Ad the joke that Nigel played onDevon….we can tell Nigel is in a comedic mood this night.

Day 2 in Salt Lake City showed that the Men really did let the ladies go first.

Chase Thomas (22; Provo,UT) Okay, soooo this guy is dancing merely in his undies!!! I mean, WOW!, not much of a package there at ALL. But for some reason all of these women are turned on by him. I mean they are fawning all over him. Even after he told his story of a fiancée cheating and then leaving her to marry a beautiful wife….they are still drooling. But his contemporary piece is beautiful. I mean, I cant tell if Mary is looking at his package or his dance moves…lol. I just think that his lines could be a little cleaner, but his strength is definitely there. And Golden Ticket it is.

Brittany Morgan Starr (26; Salt Lake City,UT)- Did this chick just say that her father is the REAL Ringo Starr from the Beatles. REALLY?! This chick is smoking crack.  Ummmmm…. Did she just admit to Lady Gaga being her twin?! Lmao!!!! I am lost for words. The way she even dressed to perform already let me know that she was setting us up for humor.  Now, it would have been beautiful if she would have gotten up there and blew our socks off, but she should be admitted to a psych ward and be examined. And No, she did not get a golden ticket. And they sent a camera to see her dad. Ummmm… did he have a SELF-made video calling himself Ringo Starr. Wow…. Ummm I think that Ringo & his estate should come back and sue this man…lol.


In Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Yoooooooooooooooooork!!!!


 Jason Gilkinson (director and choreographer of Burn the Floor), Mary Murphy, & Nigel Lythgoe are judging in the Opera House.

Samara “Princess Lockerooo” Cohen (24; Brooklyn, NY) – She is performing whacking. I’ve heard of it, but I have not seen it up close. And she says that she is a spy in her routine. I have to watch this again in slow-mo. I mean, her elbows will never get arthritis. Unfortunately, it was a bunch of hype for me without any meat, no substance.  I mean, she did ticking, but there wasn’t much variation. But they liked her so they sent her to Vegas. I think she is the cushioning.

Brandon Jones (26; Brunswick, NJ)- He is dancing to Contemporary Lyrical. I mean… this black man’s lines are off this world’s existing map! And I think he was dancing to Bruno Mars Talking to the Moon. I mean, his technique is just phenomenal! Nothing more to say but give this man a golden ticket!

Brian “Hollow Dreams” Henry (22; Brooklyn, NY)- He’s a krumper. He brass and slightly hanging on the brink of cockey. Lmao!  “Everyone keeps making it but Brooklyn keeps taking it.” Really.  Okay, did this dude just say that “Lil C made it mainstream but he’s taking it back?” Okay, I think that he needs a WHOLE lot work when it comes to his krumping. I mean, his body is NIIIIICE…but This isn’t called “So You Think You Can Workout”. But I’m just saying and that is my opinion. Did he say he Krumps for Christ? Lmao! I’m putting that on a shirt!!!! And I LOVE that Mary put her foot down and told him not to put down other dancers who can before him. I mean, did it ever occur to him that he may have to come in contact with Lil C if he makes it on the show? But yeh, I agree with Mary. At least he got move don to choreography. He seems to be struggling more than a little bit in the choreography round. Ummm…..and the judges say…..he’s going to Vegas!

Mary Kate Sheehan (18; Brooklyn, NY) LMAO!!! I love this “History of Irish Dancing” video, but I did learn something completely new by her explanation of dancing from the waist down to trick the British soldiers. I mean she could out heel-toe the Beat Your Feet Kings with the swiftness of her feet. Wow!! I love that her technique is mixed with traditional Irish and Ballet. She didn’t limit her technique to just one style. She moved beautifully across the stage. Can we say Golden Ticket? But they moved her on to choreography. I think that she did soooo well, for what her partner gave her, but she is going to Vegas!

Okay, so why did that have to show the 18-year-old from Maryland as the first person that Nigel began to hate. OUCH!!!! Who Is the guy that did a back-flip and tore his head up on that floor!!!!!! I mean

Virgil “Lil O” Gadson (23; Philadelphia,PA) – this hip hop dancer BETTER make it to Vegas off the jump. I mean, his style makes you watch him. He isn’t but an inch taller that a grasshopper’s nuts…. But he brings a lot of energy. I do, however thing that there needs to be less pauses between his transitions… but he rocked it. That is all that I have to say! AND HE’S GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!! Wait… did he run off stage doing the Irish dancing? Lmao!

Day 2 of New York

Jess LeProtto (18; Little Falls, NJ)- He looks like he is every bit of his musical theatre major.  But his interview is looking entertaining. I hope that he can dance as well as he is charismatic. Ummm. I mean his lines are cool, not as clean as I would like. But his technique is DEFINITELY there. I mean the seas of pirouettes that he just spun the stage around his pinky toe was amazing! Yes, he can say he is a jazz dancer. Capizo….sign him up! And thy all moved him through to choreography since the judges didn’t feel he connected with his piece. Jess, seemed to Strule with partner work in the choreography segment. And, yet and still… he is going to Vegas!

Kristen Dobson (23; Warren, OH)- a Latin dancer, who did bring the flare that I think they were looking for…..but something is missing. Hmmm, Nigel just asked “Why would you do that?”, when she did a leg extension in the middle of her routine. I want to hear why he asked that. Jason called it, when she danced with her partner she closed off. And Mary said the leg extension was out of character for the style of dance. So….off to choreography she goes.  Although paired with Jess, I think that she still shined! That is why they moved her on to Vegas!

Robert “Wooo Man” Taylor Jr. (30; Brooklyn, NY )-  I mean, he used the same song/beat as China!!! Who sings this song!!!!!!! His technique is entertaining, but it is all standing up, no levels…until the end…and there wasn’t much difficulty of it all. But I do love the fact that he was full of personality. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he will go to Vegas, he needs to work on his technique, and lines…..sadly, this is his last year. But they may move him on to choreography. I stand corrected… they moved him to Vegas.

Well, that was all I can take for one night. This season looks promising. I will be by a television tomorrow for day 2 of auditions!!! Now, I must head to bed because I have to work out tomorrow. God bless!

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