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So-Shall Experience:Disabling Your Ability

In So-Shall Experience on 11 April 2011 at 12:02 am

       Every day I go to the restroom I notice that in order to enter the restroom you have to pull the door open and in order to leave it you must push. Simple, right? Then why the need for a blog? Well, it has been slowly bothering me. Those same days that I go there are women who are 100% capable of reaching out for the door handle and pushing it who opt out to use the “Disability” automatic door opener button.  Why?

        I say why for several reasons when opening the door. The most obvious is that you are NOT disabled. Secondly, you already have germs from around the office, from the time you snuck and picked your but, the time you quickly picked yuor nose and ate it, etc already on your hand…..so would reaching for the door handle kill you? No, it wouldnt. Because in all actuallity you may wish to wash your hands before walking into a stall so that you do not place foreign germs in crevices of privacy. But judging from the nasty bitches who already dont wash their hands upon completion…. as mentioned in my Oh, So You Nasty Huh? blog….this is a far fetched option. But why has it become the norm for able persons to use the disabled buttons? I hate it when they do this at the mall just because they dont feel like opening the door and then it becomes shorted out or broken all together for the times that actual disabled persons really need it. Isnt this a sign of political incorrectness or the lack of sensitivity? Shouldnt we have some sensitvity training?

        Now, upon exiting the restroom, should you be one of the 5 in th ebuilding who actually wash your hands….the door pushes out…..why use the disability button? When I leave, i use my foot at the base of the door and kick it open, or I do the hip lean into the door. But it has never dawned on me to use a disability button when I am capable and able to find other means to open the door.

        I know that I may not be the only one who is bothered by this, but I just had to speak on it while I thought about it. Have we as a society become so lethargic that we have begun to find even more ways of not to be active? I mean, this is new heights of inactivity. Imagine how many calories could be added up in the year that a person could have lossed if they had actually pulled or pushed the door open every single time the go to the restroom. Again, I know this is far fetched but it is a start. Every little bit adds up , right? And I know that we have a disabled co-worker on our floor and , to me, she should be the ONLY one to use that button unless someone becomes temporarily physically challenged and not just lazy. This is so Wall-E if I ever saw it!

        I know that this is far fetched too, but I think that those buttons should be chip activated and only disabled persons should be able to swipe a disability issued card past the button in order to activate the door. I know a ton of people who would be pissed at the fact that they had to now actually use the appendages that were issued to them for the very purpose of pushing and pulling. Well…. I know this was random….but it is what it is. Now….please use your ability while you have it.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Oh, SO You Nasty, Huh?

In Random Mannerisms & Thoughts on 17 September 2010 at 9:17 am

From the worst of America’s landfills to the Valentines Day Massacre, when walking into a women’s public restroom….you NEVER know what you will find next. I promise you that nothing ceases to amaze me at just how nasty these women can be.

        Yes, we have couches, full length mirrors, hand lotions, and the like…but I think that I’ve discovered their intended uses. The couch is to catch you when you faint from the multitude of stenches that emanate from under the stall doors and pimp slap your nostrils and destroy your comprehension of feminine. The full length mirrors are for the culprits to get a full scan of themselves before leaving the restroom and entering back into the population so that they may blend in effortlessly. And the lotion is for decoration. It just baffles me at what occurs in female restrooms.

          Guys, we ladies go to the restroom in groups for several reasons. We may need someone to hold the door in place because the lock doesn’t work and we don’t want our goods and the use of our goods on display to anyone who walks into the restroom. You may need someone to run and get tissue from the stall next to you because your stall is ill stocked. We need a double set of eyes to help view us before entering the public once more because of the sea of debauchery we have just encountered. And lastly, misery loves company.

        I work in a government office and when I tell you all the things that go on in here ….*inahle…exhale*….it makes you wonder how in the world could they run the country if they can’t even properly run water over their hands to wash them completely.  There are SES, colonels, majors, and highly paid government officials that visit this restroom on the floor in my building and you would think that I was in a high school bathroom rather than a federally secure building. The paper seat covers are there intentionally and for some reason these women think that the covers are optional. They walk right past them and plop their happy behinds directly on the seats that hundreds of other women before then have used. This makes me want to gag at the fact that even they don’t think that their Va-jay-jays hold much value. SMH.

        I’ve walked into a stall after someone else and almost had a heart attack. Once the floor was wet as if a 5-year-old boy was learning to aim and failed miserably, rather than the 40-year-old woman who just exited. I was tempted to do an Adam’s apple check but didn’t want to mess with anyone’s civil rights. And need I mention the several times these nasty females refuse…I mean BLATANTLY refuse…. to flush the toilet after using it. As if it is going to flush itself. I don’t need to know what you ate for lunch or that you need more water in your diet. WOMAN, THAT IS JUST NASTY!!! The seats never get wiped off for the woman who chose to forgo the aforementioned seat covers and squat over the seat, aiming horribly and spraying the entire seat and refusing to wipe it upon leaving. And the greatest offender is the woman who chooses to do #2 in the FIRST STALL!!! That goes against all rules known to man. You are never supposed to get that comfortable in the first stall… you do that in the last stall furthest from the door so no one is subjected to the inner workings of your colon! I need to write a book on this.. because these women kill me.

        But nothing kills me more than the continuous culprits who refuse to wash their hands. I once went to the restroom at a restaurant and a waitress came in after me, walks into a stall, doesn’t use it, comes out to fix her hair in the mirror, and leaves back out. I guess the look on my face attacked her conscience because she waited for me outside of the door to plead her case. She says, “I know you didn’t see me wash my hands, but I didn’t use the bathroom I was just changing my shirt (because they can’t have writing on their shirts).” I proceeded to tell her that she still went into the restroom where germs live and she should wash her hands regardless. She returned and washed her hands, rather too swiftly for me ,and says in passing, “You’re right, I did it.” There was also the woman who use to work in my office who once, when there were three females from my office in the restroom with her , chose to do #2, didn’t flush, and walked right out of the bathroom. We almost got sick together. She was the office baker, she loved to bake for people’s birthdays, etc. After that day, I promise you, we never ate a single thing she ever brought into this office unless it was store-bought and one of us opened it before her. Yet nothing will ever top the other woman in the office next to me who times her peeing perfectly to flush before you and damn near runs out of the bathroom so you can’t see that it was her who didnt wash her hands. And should you come out the same time as her…she literally turns the water on, counts to two, waves one hand under the water without soap, turns it off, grabs a towel to dry the one hand, and walks out of the door as if she successfully washed the bacteria off of her hands. What gets me is that these women who dodge you from catching them being nasty in fact KNOW they are being nasty and yet still go about with the same trifling behaviors. Why?!!!!!

        I speak with the cleaning ladies who have to clean up after these women daily and I feel so sad from them. If I were in fact that nasty at home, I would be too ashamed to do it in public. I would be on my best behaviors for the 8 hours I was at work and then save it for when I went home. I would even take into consideration the people who would have to clean up after me and decide to clean up after myself. But then again…. this is me.

        So fellas, before your girlfriend walks back to the table and feeds you food with her hands or puts her finger in your mouth flirtaciously…. check her hand to see if it smells like girly soap. Seriously!!! She could be telling you to kiss her ass via her hand. lmbo! And this is even at home after she comes back from the bathroom in the morning. You all could be harboring nasty women and not even know it because they look so dainty in front of you. I know because these nasty women in my office are married!!!! Those of us who wash our hands always apply lotion so that our hands wont get dry or appear ashy. SO smell her hand for soap or flowery fragrances. Hell.. even feel her hands because freshly wet hands are softer due to them having just absorbed moisture. I AM SO SERIOUS!!! Tell her that you think the smell of soap or lotion is mega sexy.. maybe this will prompt the nasty trick into washing her hands because she’ll never know when the next impromptu hand check will occur.

        And no apologies if you just read this and found it gross… this topic must be spoken about. Do you know that if I posted anything on the walls of our restrooms begging women to have better hygiene I could be fired for inappropriate/aggressive behavior, but these nasty women have the right to pass germs around the office, on elevator buttons, and door handles!!!!! That’s just wrong. So until I get more rights to protect my immune system, I’ll just continue to fake like I am on my cell phone talking to a friend as I LOUDLY complain about how nasty these trifling women are while standing next to a culprit at the bathroom sink. lol. Wash your hands tricks!!!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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