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The Braxtons~ DMV-isit

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 8 June 2011 at 2:00 am

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Episode 6: 1 for All & All for the Album

Episode 7: Happy Birthday Ms. Evelyn & Fight

Episode 8: Appreciate What Now?

Episode 9: DMV-isit

I am writing this at 1am in the morning……I dont have enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to get done. *Sigh* But let’s get ‘er done.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

I LOVE the outfit that Trina was wearing when she walked in to visit Dr. Sherry for her therapy session. I know, I know… I was suppose to be focused on her issues….but this outfit is simplistically gorgeous. Wait, did Trina just LIE about the last time that she was caught drinking? They showed her drinking 2 hours ago and she said last night…lol.  WOW!!! Dr. Sherry just challenged Trina to NOT drink a single alcoholic beverage for 90 days. She is gone wind up drinking cough syrup or mouth wash to make it through the 90 days…lol.

Wait… isnt their father a preacher, or was a preacher? Hell, something in the church. Wow…. Toni said that she hates coming to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) because it makes her feel anxious. Wowzers.  OUCH!!! Their dad had an affair for NINE years?!!! Where is that in the Bible? Okay, I dont understand it, but something more must have gone down……ummm did Toni just say that their father got married LESS than 30 days after the divorce papers were signed?

LMAO!!!! Trina didnt even make it a week beyond the challenge Dr. Sherrygave her before she failed

So, they havent sat down with their dad in 10 years? Toni’s got to be drugged up and numb to survive a trip to the DMV? And who are they leaving their kids with? Andre? Okay… letthem slip up and say what city Traci lives in and I will drive right on over!

Why are they getting on Traci’shouse and marriage? I mean, they are just dogging Kevin Sr out for how he treats Traci. Wow!Bwahahahahaha! Trina said that he stomach started pop locking! hahah And then they went on this tangent about how funky Trina’s booty was..lol. Mama Evelyn even asked, “What you have to eat, baby?” hahahahahaha Priceless.

Okay, can someone tell me why they are walking all the way down the street to “569”…their old family home?” And awww.. them harmonizing on the family steps was classic! I mean, their mannerisms were even transported back to the last time they were there. You could tell that it was meaningful to them.  But it was hilarious that the owner of the property threatened to call the cops on Toni….not all of them… JUST Toni. lmao!

It is now my mission to figure out where this little white church is that Mama Evelyn and Braxton got married in. I am so proud that Mama Evelyn was willing to come to brunch with the kids and her ex-husband. But he is late, not showing up and EVERY kid is calling him and it is going straight to voicemail. WOW!!! They all look like they will have a nervous breakdown collectivelyif he does not show up. The ONLY person who seems calm and not all that shocked is Mama Evelyn. WOW! I just feel bad even watching the fact that their dad didnt event show up. Who knew that all of this was going on with them? He didnt attend Trina’s wedding because his new wife wasnt invited? I mean, really? Come one now, what man of God acts like an ass?

Oh my word…. who trusts Trina with cooking anything other than a pot of hot water for her community service stemming from her DUI charges. But I am upset that Trina thought that she was too good to be in community service!

HOLD THE HELL UP!!!! I cant wait to see next week’s episode!!!! Their father shows up and Mam Evelyn brings out the Bible on his behind! PREACH!!! Okay… its 2am and I am headed to bed. Peace out!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


The Braxtons~ Appreciate What Now?

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Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Episode 6: 1 for All & All for the Album

Episode 7: Happy Birthday Ms. Evelyn & Fight

Okay, it is 1am and I just got back in the house from hosting one of my poetry shows and I am soooo tired. But my soul wouldnt let me go to sleep without writing this. If I want to switch over to doing this full time one day, I need to put the work and the effort in right now. *sigh* I love it, but I am Tie-erd. So, y’all better like this post, that much I do know!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

Okay, so Toni is thinking about doing Playboy. Okay…. soooooooo I’m jealous! I want to have a Playboy body NOW and Toni is a few years my senior and her body is HOT! Now, I do understand what Tamar ( Lord forgive me for agreeing with that nut job) said when she said that everyone else’s kids could come back and bring it to Denim. But at the same time… I do agree, however, that if it is tastefully done it is okay. So, if she did like the Marilyn Monroe white sweater butt cheek pic…that kind of tasteful is okay in my book. Wait… did Traci say that the model’s vagina was down to her shin? lmao! First off… we need to give them an anatomy lesson. Her labia majora….yes, her vagina….no!

The video quality of this dinner table is so different and it is messing with my eyes.  WAIIIIIIIIIT! Did Mama Evelyn say that she is willing to be a Saber Tooth Tiger instead of a Cougar? LMAO!!!!! And she said that she doesnt want her back to crack. Sitting here watching Mama Eveln, I see Traci and Tamar true and clear. I am trying to figure out where Trina, Towanda and Toni get their temperments from.

WOW! I’m am shocked that Vincent didnt detour Toni from doing Playboy. Lord knows he wouldnt have that if Trina were to be asked to pose. lol.

Wait. Did this ThisBitch.com just say “I’m throwing my husband an appreciation party ( with his money, no less) to show him how much I appreciate him. And then he can do my record so he can show me how much he appreciates me”? What kind of ghetto, narcissistic bullshit is that? On no planet did that make any kind of sense. This is not an appreciation party, this is a bribe you party. I swear I hate this bitch the more she talks every episode. If she come sup missing in a ditch somewhere… I didnt do it, but I want to shake the hand of the person who did. This bitchcant be this shallow and stupid in real life. I promise you this HAS to be an act. I pity Vincent, and love must TRULY be blind.

Now that I am fresh from my BOCA (Bellydancers of Color Association) conference, I find it hilarious that this episode is about belly dancing. So the instructors, Shenes and Schadia, look very energetic but Schadia’s voice is getting on my fucking nerve! But the hip wraps with the shimmies on it…. I just received my very first one this past weekend from Dr. SUnyatta Amen and her mother Mama jackie. I have been rocking it in my house…practicingg…lol. So if I have to practice….. Tamar need to shut up and pay attention in this class. It is NOT easy, but it is fun. If I were the instructo, the minute that Tamar took over the class I would have kindly asked her ass to get the fuck up out my establishment. Just an FYI…..that is NOT Belly Dancing.

LMAO!! Mama Evelyn said she doesnt want a “rough neck”! What is a Senior Citizen “Rough Neck”? Does he have a cane and wears a wife beater and Depends? lmao!!! But I am happy that she is going on a blind date. That is good for her. I spoke tooooooo soon. She is getting on him being late. And in walks this older guy with a Phat Farm valore sweat suit and I though he was for her. But the uy that does walk in for her….. she called him a snowflake and says, “I’ve always dealt in chocolate”. lmao! And then he called her children the Kardashians! lmao! Minus 1. And then he is drinking Scotch at 1pm….minus 2. This poor snowflake is a lush! Poor thing doesnt even stand a chance with Mama Evelyn.

Wait… did mama Evelyn say “pacific”? Her sentence was ” He seems to have a very pacific idea…..”. Hmmmm. Interesting. AND THEN the snowflake touched he face. If she werent a lady, I think she would have cussed him out! lol. WAIT!!!! Mama Evelyn tuned in because this snowflake has a driver… so she thinks that he is financially stable? Umm… mama. You gave this guy so many negatives and then his wallet came out and now you like him? All he said was i will have “someone” pick me up. Not a driver. So, I aint saying she’s a gold digger… but she aint messin’ with no broke nigga.

Preach, Mama Evelyn!!! Men are sooo sensitive when it comes to their women or future women to be seen naked by other men.

Sooooooo Tamar set up a surprise photo shoot that Toni should practice with for her Playboymmm… I am GLAD that Toni got in dat ass!!! Tamar deserved that! And why does Tamar look like a retarded model? I still have the urge to hit her with a Mac 10 truck with Mac 10 driving.

Awww Toni just broke the news of her moving to L.A. to her mother. Man, I thought that she would have told her by now.

I must say that I am looking at this appreciation party like….this bullshit here. I mean, I am LITERALLY upset that she is pimping her husband. It makes me sick to my damn stomach to see a good man with a female like this. Ugh. I mean, I cant even find the words to express how disgusted I am.

LMAO!!! The PREGNANT belly dancer is enough to make me pee myself! lol.  LMAO!!! Denim in the back trying to copy his aunts just made me hurt myself!!!! hahahahahahahah.

This gift!!!! A huge ass photo of Tamar half naked in front of everyone’s kids. Was I the ONLY one who noticed the KIDS taking twitpics of their Aunt? Just….ummmmm…..creepy! Again, whi is Vincent married to this self absorbed trick?

Okay…it is 2am. I need to go to bed. And I pray that I don’t cuss Tamar ut in my dreams.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Braxtons~ Happy Birthday Ms. Evelyn & Fight!

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Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Episode 6: 1 for All & All for the Album

Oh yeh, before I forget… who was dumb enough to put Tamar on the pedistal up above in the pic? It has been driving me nuts since I first saw it. Had to say it.

I have a feeling that this week will be a continuation of the whole album fiasco that occurred last week. Want to put money on it? Oh nooooo this is when Traci snaps! I’m awake now! Let’s go!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

Terrence Lee Jones, ummmmmm I’ve never heard of him, but if you say that he is fabulous then I will gladly believe you.

LMAO!!!! I am maaaaaaaad that the camera man zoomed in on Trina when Tamar said that they dont drink all the time anyway….lmao!!!

And I find it funny how Toni wouldnt stay for the vocal lesson. And I am ready to punch this bitch in her throat. Really……umm…. Tamar, boo… you were flat. LMAO!!! Tamar when she sun ” I know” lmao!! I cant even put into words how horrible she sang that note.

And yes, the fight breaks off between Tamar and Traci. Buuuuuuut, Traci, the way you told her ” I give you a few years or if it makes it that long” did come off a little sideways. But I do agree that Tamar did blow it up out of proportion. But Traci did turn a tab bit schitzo while walking down the hall. Well, Tamar… if you would SHUT THE FUCK UP all the damn time then people would feel like they could defend you rather than let you get a taste of your own damn medicine. I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for you whatsoever. I dont. Sorry. You have to look at what you bring on to yourself.

LMAO!!! Tamar said “pork and beans…..on a guy” lmao! Girl, just say dick and balls! you’re grown, right? lol This outside painting is cracking me up!!! Please tell me why they have Michael, this huge, naked male model. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! Toni said that the male model had the smallest penis that she has ever seen in her life….lmao! I’m done!!! i cant take it… lmao!!!!!

Oh lawd I cant even comment on this fight… y’all know that, instinctively, I will NEVER side with Tamar. lol.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!! Please tell me why they gave Tamar this whole fucking commercial?!!!!!I swear she is nothing but a glamorized coon in Prada. I only comment on her because I like the other sisters and she just happens to be on the show. I would NEVER hang out with a wfemale like her. Ugh! This bitch makes me want to go BACK and get another degree in something just to make me feel like I got my brain cells back after listening to the things that come out of her mouth. yes, that run-on was well worth it. lol.  I’m not even going to spell check this blog. I type while I watch the show so it should be full of errors.

I am going to die watching Trina and Traci shopping for a gift for their mother’s 60th birthday!!!! lol.

Sidebar: I forgot that I always watch thive via DVR, so not being able to fast forward is making this take up my sleep time. I have to be at the gym in the morning….come on, people!

LMAO!!! Toni said that the balloons tied to the front column of the house is like ” a ghetto version of the movie UP! lmao! I swear this woman is hilarious people! I think it is funny what rich people spend their money on.

I dont care what you tell me, I need to see Mama Evelyn’s birth certificate because I dont believe that she is 60. This woman is soooo beautiful to me. We already know that black doesnt crack but she made sure it didnt melt either…lol.  and Towanda getting happy cracked me up!!! lmao! mama Evelyn with the dancers cracked me up too! lol.  LMAO!!! mama Evelyn fanned the candles out with her hand instead of blowing it out…lmao! I am hurting. My side is cramping from laughing at them.

Lawd, 15 more minutes of this? I am not going to sit here and watch them fight for 15 minutes. I’m gonna let Tamar and Traci go at it over the buying of dog gifts for their mother’s birthday presents while I read The Help on my Nook. Let me know when they shut the hell up over petty shit!

Did Traci change clothes before she sang around the piano?Because when she was fussing with tamar she had a jean ruffled bottom dress on and then at the piano she had a long black dress on. Hmmmm… okay. Confused. About as confused as Traci looked while around the piano. But they did sing beautifully.

This apology is bugging me. Just…yeh.

P.S. WE TV… this small ass writing at the bottom of the screen that says ” #BFV yadda yadda yadda” I cant read that mess!

NExt week: WHAT THE HALLELUJAH!!!!? Did I just hear that Toni was thinking about doing Playboy? Ummmmmm I’m conflicted on ow I should respond. I don’t want her too, but only because her body looks better than mine….lol.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Braxtons~ 1 for All and All for the Album

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 23 May 2011 at 12:02 am

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Am I behind in writing this? Yes. Am I deeply apologetic? Kind of….lol. Anywho, let’s get this party popping!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

I am still tryting to figure out why their hair is seldomly on point!!!!I mean, I know a girl in Southeast D.C. who can hook all of their weaves up out of her kitchen for the low, low price of 29.99….lol.

Okay, so Vincent brought p the idea that they should think about doing a family (Braxton) album. I think that they sound beautiful while singing the Lord’s prayers.

But of couuuuuuuuuuuuuuurse! Tamar is thinking of herself. I think that this would be a wonderful opportunity for her to warm back up and work both albums at the same time. I think she is thinking too shallow.

ANd now, the more I see Andre, Towanda’s husband, I just want to choke him for her. Just saaaaaaaaaaad! They have to move into Toni’s house b/c the house that they were renting was being forclosed on, and as a MAN he should have stepped up and been looking for another house, apartment and the like to take care of his family. Just sad as hell! Ugh he makes me cringe!!!!

I did NOT know that Toni was that OCD, but I do understand. When my sister visited my house I thought I was going to flip a lid! I just hate it when people walk into your space and dont ask how your space operates before they go about their business. But I love her though

And I mean, dayum!!!! Is everyone ganging up on Traci’s husband too…wow! Wait, did Tamar just say, “Bust me”? OOOOOOOooooooooooooh! She knew better than to say that within a 200 mile radius of me….Lawd knows I would bust that chick in her nipple! hahahahaha

Okay, I could be skeptical, but it does seem fishy that Gabe, Trina’s husband, wasnt to get a new house. And is Gabe a personal trainer? I mean, I think that all of these marriages could work if they all put a little more effort into them and stopped being selfish. And everyone has a part in the process.

WIGS!!!!! They are trying to fix Traci’s wigs!!!! I hope that they are honest with the look that she gets because they ALL need Jesus to touch all future lace fronts and half wigs. At least Trina’s hair is looking flawless while she is in the wig shop.

Can someone please tell me what the big deal is about Toni doing this album? Are they banking on her celebrity? hahahahaha Mama Evelyn is so cute. She said, “It would be the best gift that you could ever give me. And I dont say give me, as in you have to, but you have to.” hahahaha. Traci and Mama Evelyn doing their “shout” dance…lol. Y’all better let the Lawd use you! lol

Andre…. can you please grow the hell up!!! All she asked you to do was to take the kids to the dentist appointment. I dont blame Towanda for being tired of being the responsible one. Girl, take a break.

I think that Toni should be allowed to live her life and not be guilty. If she didnt agree to come out as a solo artist then her family would not have some of the opportunities that they have been allotted. I would never pressure one of my children to bring in the other siblings. If it is meant to be then it will be for them, I dont even expect my kids to take care of me if they get rich. Hell, I had my life to reach a comfortable place. Now, if they choose to give me something, then by all means…. thanks… but I will not expect it. Not saying that Mama Evelyn did that, but just saying. It reminds me of Que’s mama. Once he made Day 26 I think he mentioned that she quit her damn job!!! Woman, are you crazy… it was premature and ghetto mentality that even parents are looking to come up. I think that Toni would be more willing to share if she didnt feel like she had to. Yet, and still, I’m happy that Toni put her foot down and said what she really wanted to do.

I respect Towanda’s efforts to take and inniative to find an executive and personal assistant for Toni.  I think that she should live her own drea, which is what Toni wants for herself….so there should be support there for Towanda. Did Tamar call the house a Mazada Miata? lmao! Why does Tamar equate love to money? Will Vincent look at this? I mean,if Gabe wants to apologize he should give Trina a Bentley, a platinum card, etc? Shut the hell up, Tamar. Trina, boo….do you!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Braxtons~ Vodka and a Pickle

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 18 May 2011 at 12:01 pm

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Okay, sooooo last week I was sick ( which has been the trend for me lately) SO I missed it and I send my deepest apologies. Soooo, I wanted to make sure that I caught you up today. Now, let’s see what the ladies are up to, shall we?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #THISBITCH.com

I want to go to Russia!!!!! Okay, so, Tamar was suppose to meet them in Atlanta to rehearse but didn’t. And THEN ThisBitch.com asked to be brought back a bottle of Russian Vodka! Well, hell… at least Trina is going to work on her marriage.

Okay… SKANK ALERT!! Be woman about yours Tamar!!!! If you didn’t want to go, just speak up and say that you don’t want to go and she could have prepared better. You are so full of SHIT!!! OH I want to smack this woman in her clavicle!!!! And every time she speaks to Vince I just want to shake my head. I feel like she married him just so that she could be spoiled and then have her record done by her husband because he is such a powerful man in the industry. I could be wrong, but she doesn’t seem to be appreciative of a damn thing this man does for her.

DAYUM!!!!!! Trina’s husband just admitted that he was a sex addict. Lmao!!! And wow… married for 7 and cheated for 5 and you are JUST now trying to have counseling? Hmmmmm. I don’t know if I could forgive any of this mess. She is a better woman than I could EVER be!

Trick.. SHUT UP!!!! I need for Tamar to shut up or put up! Point, blank, period. I am so Overthis.com! You don’t want a record… you just want the fame. If she wanted this, she would put in the work.

From what I see, Towanda is too GREAT of a person for her to be married to Andre. Like, the way that she wants to be with her children, it just pains me to see how sorry of a man Andre is and not really helping her… ugh! It just makes my skin crawl.

So, how do you lose luggage? Wow…. EVERY time?  I think that is a sign that you need to get to the airport on time to ensure that your luggage gets on early enough. But that is just me.

Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins, has kept the weight off…. Congrats!!!!

Did Tamar just say that she did the “Single Ladies look that Beyoncé had on first? Where? But at least there is some common sense with all of these music people, because they are making more sense than Tamar. LMAO!!!! Dark Child said “man of the house” PREACH!!! And just by the faces that Tamar is making is just showing me that she is not ready to be married… submit to your husband woman. You can make demands once you get on top of those charts, you don’t get to make them JUST because you are Vince’s wife.

Wait… did Trina just admit to not being able to read a map? LMAO!!! They got happy with finding one Black Russian….lol. Funny. And Trina WOULD find the Russian Vodka. Lol. So their toast is like Sestrovia (sp) Hmmmm. And who would ever think to put pickles with Vodka? I’m gonna have to try that next time I have Vodka… but is it only with Russian Vodka? Hmmmm.

LMAO!!!! Yes, Toni…. Knowing that you have to do #2 before EVERY show is TMI!!!! Lmao!

I almost pee my pants when Toni imitates the Russian audience…lol. Toni is such a character and I love getting to see this side of her. She is hilarious!!! And this guy that comes on the stage that comes and dances with her…..wow!

Trina, Trina, Trina….. how many bottles of Vodka and Champaigne did she have? I mean, she looks a HOT MESS when Towanda came to her door. Wow!!! She needs to stop, she looks like she is a day away from rehab.

And all that I will say about Tamar meeting with her stylist, Davida, is…. BULLSHIT!  First off, the outfits that she tried on looked a HOT ass mess and if that wind that she keeps doing is all that she can do, then boo…. You wont make it. Secondly, the way in which she just punked her husband on national TV is so damn disrespectful. Who admits to doing that to their spouse? That is sooooo disrespectful and makes him look like he just got played. I swear this woman pushes all of my buttons. See, she thinks that she is running things, but the fact that she just showed her hand confirmed to me how stupid she is. Ugh!

Wait… did THISBITCH.com just say secketary and not secretary?!!!! LMAO!!! Ghetto ass…lol.

WOW!!! Towanda and her family are getting evicted TOMORROW because of the issues on the house that they are renting? Ummm… and what did Andre try to do to help with this situation? I feel like Towanda is doing EVERYTHING! Ugh… I cant stomach anything else.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Braxtons~ www.Lupus.org

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 4 May 2011 at 12:04 am

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

I am not drunk enough to listen to Tamar today. But here goes nothing!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #THISBITCH.com

Okay, why are they starting off with THISBITCH.com?!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to have to rewind my DVR to make sure that I got them, there were too many.

Tamar’s House Rules

Commentary by 2Deep

  1. No eating in the bedrooms Ummm, Bitch , I’m grown)
  2. Cleanup after yourself; maid is just for Tamar (Bitch, dont make me punch you!)
  3. None of these rules apply to Mommy (Shiiiiiit, they dont apply to me either)
  4. Wash your hands and take off shoes (Do I look like a child or a stripper to you?!)
  5. No singing in the house unless I ask you to harmonize (Bitch, do I LOOK like a Pip to you?Dirty Money to your Diddy?)
  6. No sitting on furniture until showered (*Farts*)
  7.  No visitors unless pre-approved (Excuse me, can this ass whooping come over in 2 minutes? I asked it to come meet me here.)
  8. No speaking foreign languages around Tamar (Escucha, punta!)
  9. Mandatory 8am work out (I watch the Biggest Loser, not participate)
  10. I quite…. I think the last one was to get Toni to go tanning…….lol…smh at this female.


AND DID THIS BITCH JUST SAY THAT TRACI IS GHETTO?!!!! Please punch this bitch in the face!


And then…. THISBITCH.com just but her sisters into the kid’s room?

Wait….they Braxton’s have a brother? Damn! Mikey looks good…..is he married. I mean, what? In a nerdy kind of way…..*looks for the ring*

And I HATE to call Toni stupid…. but to follow Tamar into the tanning salon to get spray tanned….it wasnt the smartest decision in your life. And then to have the white pale looking women standing behind the counter NOT using their own products should have been SIIIIIIGN Number ONE!

IS THIS SESAME STREET? I feel like asinine is the word of the day!


 /ˈæsəˌnaɪn/ Show Spelled[as-uh-nahyn] Show IPA



foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements.


of or like an ass: asinine obstinacy; asinine features.


LAWD!!!!! Hoodrat.com?!!! I mean, just listening to Traci smacking and how she eats is KILLING ME!! No, she just needs her mother to reach across the table and smack the shit out of her. *Wait….why is this segment of Tamar talking look like someone filmed it with a Sony camera*

Ummmmm can someone please point out the wrinkles on Mama Braxton’s face?!!!! I am trying to find them, but I can’t. She looks beautiful. I must be blind. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony making the “panther” face almost made me pee my pants. And can someone please tuck in Dr. Hamilton’s tag on the back of his scrubs?

Okay, sooooooo Tamar does make sense in the whole “charge your family” situation.  Well, kind of. I think that if you want me to come from my life to perform for you to get money….PAY ME! I don’t care if we are family. Now, if you are doing a charity event….fine, I’ll chalk that one up for the team, but you are being flown out and getting paid, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sorry. If I am helping you, you help me. I don’t think that you should only come to family when you don’t want to pay someone else to do it. So that part of the argument….I am not down with. But I do understand that Tony shouldnt be the sole person helping their mother pay for bills when there are 5 girls and one boy. Hell, if everyone gave $100 she could pay a bill or 2.

Sidebar:  MAYBE I would need to be a millionaire to understand this…but if my mother were alive, I would buy my mother a lifestyle that she could maintain on her own. I don’t believe in that whole….my mother never has to work again. SIKE YOUR MIND FOR A DOLLAR NINETY-NINE!!! No, I will buy my mother a house so that she doesn’t have to worry about a mortgage. I will buy my mother a car so she doesn’t have to worry about a car note. I will buy my mom her ideal business so that she can bring in income the way that she sees fit. I don’t think that I should have to support my entire family. Fuck nawl! I put in the work…you put in the work too. And scene.

Can someone please explain this Christmas, Salt, G.I. Jane looking outfit that Tamar has on at the restaurant?~~~

Soooooo who is the white dude in the background by Tamar in the bar? And WHAT IS UP WITH THESE CELEBS AND THESE DAMN ONESIES!!!!!! *cough* cough* choke*choke!!!!! Toni doing Tamar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “what?!” TOWANDA and the “What?” Face…lmao!!!! Oh no!!!! Towanda and the booty shake dance!

Dr. Schapira…..? Isnt he a lawyer too? hahahah j/k.

Diana’s Color Collage or College? I will go with College. Mrs. Olson is so proper… I love it! I really do think that an etiquette couch is needed for ALL OF THEM!!!

Okay, can someone please tell me how Toni’s coming out about her Lupus managed to be about consoling Tamar? Please give me permission to punch this chick in her clavicle!!!!!!!

Sidebar:  My mother passed from Lupus, well… a heart attack as a side effect of Lupus, so this is very near and dear to my heart. For more information check out the Lupus Foundation of America’s website at www.Lupus.org .


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The Braxtons~Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 27 April 2011 at 12:20 pm

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Yes, I know… I posted this late. I was extremely tired last night, set my DVR and woke up this morning…13 hours later. lol. So… my deepest apologies for those of you who faithfully hit me up at midnight asking when I will post my blogs. You are appreciated!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #KillTamar

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TONI ( mega late… but go with the spirit) Secondly… I love the intro to the show. I never really paid close attention to it than what I just did. I looooooove it. If it were a full song, I would play it all the time. I wish she could reuse the beat and do a song with it too. 

Wait… did Tamar’s ass just call Toni the “Fun Police”? Come on. People are just different. There are places that I would not want to do for my birthday. And I love how Toni called her out about being “New Money”. Yes, it is soooo evident that Tamar is full of ignant New Money ideas and activities. She should listen to Toni…no offense… but Toni has filed for bankruptcy TWICE, right? And lawd!!! Did Vincent really give Tamar his card? I want to do an intervention on Vincent.

Sidebar: Vincent, honey. I have no clue what it is that you see in Tamar, but from what I am seeing, honey…..you need a better and more appreciative woman. I mean, really? Is this just an act or is she this way all of the damn time? I cant stomach it. I really want to find a wman who is appreciative and deserving of a good man like Vincent.

And the yacht that Tamar got was nice… but it was a little over the top. But again… she is NEW MONEY. And Tamar roasting Toni…lmao! PRICELESS AND ON POINT!!! Lmao! OKAY… Tamar made a funny. I can give her that.

I am in LOVE with those Sex in the City sunglasses. The Carry Bradshaw shades are on point!

Wait…. Did they just say that Trina doesn’t have any sexual inhibitions out of the blue?!!! I didn’t even see the transition. LMAO!!! Trina said that she is Try-sexual…lmao! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!! Trina took down her panties to show someone how to masturbate? LMAO!!!! That is funny amongst all funny.

LMAO!!! She said that you need to role play… and Tamar said, “Pretend what?  That your husband doesn’t cheat?” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Traci and this whole “knock boots with your mother in the house. You cant even bust a good nut.” statement had me about to get fired. Lmao! And when Traci did the Legally Blonde “Lean & Snap” cracked me up! But I am not mad at them! Keep it going ladies! Women should be more liberal in their sex lives and be proud of expressing their wants and needs.

So LIV nightclub….I have to remember to go there next time I am inMiami. And awwww Toni is in the room. I love how she stuck to her guns. If she didn’t feel like going out…. Don’t go out. This world is about our wants and needs. I love how Toni has her own mind and she sticks to it. BEAUTIFUL!!! But it was comical how they went from the club and then did a slowed down record sound when they flashed back to Toni in the hotel room. But I don’t understand why Traci was unable to go out.

GENIUS!!!! I love how Toni said “ I don’t do sequels” when Tamar requested that she date an ex-boyfriend….lol. MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! I’m procrastinating accepting a friend request on Facebook from an ex at this very moment….lol.

Traci saying that Tamar has more houses than she has shoes….lol. Again, I don’t have millions, so I don’t understand it….but more than 4 houses is a bit too much. Wait… did this woman just say that it has 9.5 bathrooms? Who has to shit that much!!! And 7 bedrooms? SMDH.

Ummm… is the perfume called Booty Crack and Don’t Get me Wrong I don’t Swallow?….smdh.

I love how Traci is able to let Toni’s success be hers to enjoy. I feel some kind of way about Trina and Tamar saying that they will always be Toni’s Sisters. Well, boo…. Step ya game up. It is very selfish because Toni congratulates you all, from what I can see….on all of your accomplishments. You should NOT make her feel bad about it. Because something that you all have is because of HER! So Tamar, you wouldn’t have yoru husband if it wasn’t for Toni’s success. We wouldn’t even know you if it wasn’t for Toni. PERIOD! So, get over it.

I love how Vincent said, “We’re not ready for kids right now, we have Tamar” lmao! And I read a blog earlier this morning, and I agree with one of the comments…I think that Tamar wans to have children, but Tamar just doesn’t want one with Vincent. And really…. Tamar, the WORLD is giving you the “shut up” face.

HOLD THE FUCK UP!!! For Tamar to role call on her sisters and their men… I would have punched that bitch in her face. She is sooooo wrong for that. They let that selfish, bad weave wearing, high pitched, fish face, ghetto bitch get away with that. I wish a mother fucker would!!!! And her spending 3 thousand dollars on SHADES!!!! Shoot me now. 

And yes, Vince… put your feet down and let her know that she is wasting YOUR money. And he told her that she does a lot of talking and not enough listening. PREACH!!!PUT HER ON BLAST!!! Tamar, I don’t want her to say shit else until she signs that contract paperwork that Vincent gave her to get her record ready.  Put up… or Shut up. Point. Blank. Period.

I am in LOVE with this look that Toni has while she is sitting on the couch when Towanda comes over to discuss a blind date for Toni. She looks so naturally beautiful. I tell yall… black doesn’t crack! WAIT!!! Lmao! Is Toni really looking for a Rabbit vibrator?!!!!!!!!! Lmao! I cant write this while at work! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. #dead!

Next week: The clip is so vague that I cant tell you what it is about…. But, I do know that I will be watching. Yeh buddy!


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