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Lisa Raye~What Chili Wants?

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 15 April 2011 at 4:02 pm

Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Episode 2: Take 2, Literally

        So, today I feel HORRIBLE! I think that death came and raped me last night and left me with all kinds of illnesses…lol. All curable, of course, but still illness just the same. My head hurts, ear is throbbing, TMJ on the brink of world domination…you name it, I’ve got it. So I went to work late and left early. I slept from 4:30pm until around 11:30pm……and I woke up so that I could blog about the Real McCoy. So y’all better appreciate this mess!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #Lights,Camera,Diamond

        Okay… sooooo there is something to be said about how sick I am. I forgot to set my DVR and sooooo I have to wait until later today for it to come back on. I apologize for being late, y’all. Blame it on death and not my heart…lol.

        So, I have been sick all day, I slept, worked from home for a minute, went back to sleep and woke up in enough time to catch it at 3pm.

        Well, Well, Well. I need to find out more information about Divas Simply Singing event and The Diva Foundation founded by the all around diva herself, Sheryl Lee Ralph. This is the first time that I have ever heard of this event, and what a great way for me to do it. I have a great suggestion for the organization and I wonder if I can get it to her. But for those who have not watched this show yet,Divas Simply Singing is an event that raises funding, provides testing, and information for AIDS/HIV testing.

        And I get the whole entire scene with Lisa Raye crying when Sheryl talks about finding her blessing in her husband, Vicent. Sheryl said that people have to stop saying that there are no good men out there in the world and begin to understand that you just havent come across yours. And the whole” we can be Betty White” joke when Lisa Raye said that she isn’t getting any younger stung.  This week of all weeks is NOT the week that I needed to watch this particular episode. I understand why Lisa cried, I wanted to cry too. I feel like every time I lift my head up I am hearing another guy tell me that I am not what he is looking for. I have heard every reason in the book. So Lisa Raye, honey, when you want to cry again…call me and I’ll bring Ben & Jerry…lol. We’ll both find our guy one day while our ovaries are still functioning….at least mine.

        Now, the two of them heading over to the Shawn MacKenzi Agency to see a matchmaker made me cry laughing. So, does Jasmine Diaz, the matchmaker, ask everyone the same questions, or was that asked just for the show? But, I must disagree with Lisa about money being the top of my list. But again, she and I are two different people, so I can’t judge it…. I just don’t agree or understand it. I agree whole heartedly, the size of the penis does not matter to me as long as you have enough not to pee on your nuts but enough to work it. Too much penis looks nice, but it hurts and is useless, so men need to get that out of their minds. Only loose women, women who started off with huge penises, and damaged women actually like the gigantic penises. And I know they will tell me otherwise, but I want what works for me…and huge doesn’t work for me.  Wait… did Lisa just say that she wake Quincy up every day….naked? lmao! All that view wasted on a gay man. The world is so cruel…lol.

Now….WHAT the hell is Joe eXclusive?!!!! People actually let that man look like that? I mean, I am all for self-expression, but self-destruction… your friends need to produce an intervention!!!!  This blonde hair and nails on this highway tar black man is not working for me. An amber brown is the lightest that he should EVER go. But who am I to judge…again…I just dont get it.

Okay, so….Lisa Raye is at Meso Solutions to get her cupping done. She has all of these cups on here and they suck the fat cells up to the surface to erase the cellulite dimples that appear. And she even got a butt lift, naturally with this suction action. Hmmm….let me google how much this technique actually costs…..brb. Boo, hiss. I was able to find spas who do it, but no price was included. Moving on.

        I loved how Lisa Raye helped to raise money for The Diva Foundation. It was hilarious to watch her make people give money into the hat, auction style. I saw B. Scott through the curtain, the guy who played John Coffee, and many more. It makes me wonder can regular people come to this event as well. Hmmmm… Is that Omarosa?

       On to the date. WOW! Okay, so she is like me. I, too, hate roses. But can I get a guy who wants to send me a lilly…hell, a flower period.  J. Alexander Martin, the owner of FUBU is Lisa Raye’s blind date. And he has never been married, and doesn’t have any children running around and he is sitting there waiting for Lisa Raye. HOLD THE HORSES! J. Alexander said that he loves Lisa Raye because she is a sign of the women from his generation; she is ghetto and bourgsie (sp). But for Lisa said that it is easier for men to eat sushi because they eat pussy all the time….smdh. I swear, why can she get away with saying stuff like that?  And J.Alexander is the perfect gentleman from what I saw. I wish that there were more guys like him floating around in my area. And if there are….where can I find them? *Sigh* See, this show hit too close to home this week. LAWD!!! Give me something that I can judge and criticize…lol. I have more fun judging….lol.

       Okay, this was a great episode, something that I needed to see.  But it does remind me of What Chili Wants….lol


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Real McCoy~Take 2, Literally

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 8 April 2011 at 12:10 am

Season 2-

Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Okay, so…. is it normal for two episodes to come back to back or is it just because it is the season premiere? Either way, I am enjoying watching

Take 2….Literally!

Okay. I am understanding the interview portion with Jackie Reid.

Quincy’s face is hilarious when she said “homo” bag…lol.  Okay, now when Lisa Raye  must have the STRONGEST ankles in the world for her to double dutch in 4 inch heels!!! lol. Patrick ( the housekeeper) cracked me up jumping rope. But hell… she did it!!!! Let my ass try that shit. All kinds of joints would be broken and fractured.

Okay, she said that she needs to put on her work wig? Umm… have we seen Lisa Raye’s real hair? And by real I mean not purchased, borrowed with a follicle origination from her scalp. I mean, she is beautiful either way, in my eyes, but……what does she look like unaltered?! I digress.

I am really, really loving her wanting to take on action. Now, I must be honest… I am going to need to see her not playing a damsel in distress. LLS!!!! Her with this huge ass wig on is killing me!!!!!! It is so funny!!! I didnt know that she was this corny yet comical! She is hilarious!!! hahahahah I love it! Her combat training was fun to watch. I really do hope that she sticks with it.

LMAO!!! Quincy said that he was forced to be there.  LMAO!!! As soon as Lisa found out that the BBs could hit her in the face she about changed her damn mind. lol. She said ” Now look, I work with my face.” Well, this is what you decided to do to train. Angelina wouldnt care. She would have hopped right in and kept it moving. Sooooooo get to it , woman! Leh Go! Hell… I want to go to CQB‘s training facility!!! They are making this look so fun!!!

hahahah Lisa said that Tom fell like baby Huey!! hahahahahah They didnt cover a “man down” situation..lol. HILARIOUS!!!


Dear Celebrity, can you please market other items that we, as a community, need? Just asking.

Okay, I understand that she needs a line for people with booties. And as a chronic sufferer and the CEO of Donk Deficiency Anonymous, I do not feel her pain. BUT, I do know that there is a market for people who need jeans to fit. So, I am not knocking your hustle…. just saying that we have seen this hustle remixed more times than Diddy appears on his artists’ tracks.

Yes, I am laughing, just a little at the flat assed girl on the front row. I’m not pointing her out… just know that when you see it, or if you saw it… you will know. LMAO!!! I love the White girl with the ass. hahahah Lisa Raye had to ask her if she was white…hahaha. Priceless! Wait, did this girl just do a toe-touch after her number was called? smdh. Man, I am really hating that this white girl has more ass than I do. lol.

Next Week: Umm… the whole date situation and her commentary.  SMDH. I’ll save my thoughts for next week!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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