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Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Dream Big

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Okay, I am only a few hours behind in posting this. I had rehearsals all yesterday and still have to get ready for my performance tonight in the B. Smith’s competition. So….. enough about me, on to the show!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

Okay, so Jane just did NOT call Bill, the doctor who she sexed after their first date. Wow! You never call the guy the day after. You leave it up to him to have space and determine if you like him.  If not.. .your loss and keep your legs closed next time.

Okay, so Molly Heller (Romy Rosemont of Glee) conceived her dwarf teenage boy, Eli (Nic Novicki), from a sperm bank. So they want to sue Zygote Life because they didn’t screen the donor for the dwarf gene? Hmmm… interesting.

BWAHAHAH! Did Parker just pull out Kim’s panties at her “office” hahaha. Funny. I wish i that they would just get over it and say they love each other. But I love Kim’s stubborn determination.  

Ummmm, so Grayson is going to ask for his fiancée’s hand in marriage AFTER his bachelor party? HILARIOUS!!! I guess it doesn’t matter when but just as long as it happens.

HAHAHAH!!!! Parker canceled Jane’s version of Grayson’s bachelor party and moved it from a restaurant to a gentleman’s club. Hahahah and Jane sitting in the chair with hand sanitizer is hilarious.  Don’t tell me that Grayson just gave a stripper law information. And Jane is cracking me up with this stripper giving her a lap dance.  Wait, why is Jane dancing on the pole…lol?

If I wasn’t already freaked out by Fred being in a strip club…I still can’t get over an ex-guardian angel having sex. Somewhere,  an arch angel is getting in a fight and breaking a human’s hip…lol.

Ummmmm why would Terri write a recommendation on behalf of Kim? Funny!

So Jane finds a way to sue Zygote Life by suing them from the angle of Product Liability. Sweeeet! And then Jane took Eli on as his client to beat the statute of limitations loophole! I so love this show!

And Grayson’s fiancée irks me. Woman, stop being so insecure just because the strippers are in hi office.

And I wonder if Fred will remember this lie about his past that he is making up.  Wow…I can’t wait to see how he gets himself out of this one.

OUCH! In order for Jane to prove Product Liability, she has to prove that Molly had expectations that were not met once Eli was born. Man, that is emotionally difficult just to hear him read it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don’t leave a voice mail even when Bill didn’t call you back yet! Just move on!!!!! You just broke Girl Code #5523 Section B-2.

I am soooo proud of Parker confessing his feelings and his mistakes to Kim. Odd how it is at another firm she is interviewing for… but fine jus the same.

WAIT!!! Who is this actress that is playing Jenny? She played the Bride of Chucky!!!! I haven’t seen her in years! And she still looks young. NIIIIICE! I think her name is Jennifer Tilly….but don’t quote me.

Man, this re-direct that Jane did on Molly was so touching that I swear I wanted to scream STOP at the screen before Eli did. That was brilliant writing, acting, and intense thrill.

Bwahahahah Jenny is cracking me up playing Fred’s mom….lol. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! “Menopause makes mommy crazy.” Hahahahaha.

Hahahaha Jane reading this email and her facetious surprise at the discovery of the Zygote Life rep denying the required tests back in 1993 almost made me pee myself…lol. COMEDY!

And Grayson got all of the strippers rehired. And then he FINALLY got to ask the judge for his daughter’s hand in marriage. FUNNY!

And I want to be like Kim when I grow up. She stood her ground by coming back with the firm but not coming back to Parker. The tension between her and Parker couldn’t be bought… this is MAGICAL!!! I love it.

So Jane won the case for Eli and his mother…… phenomenal!!!!! I just wish that we knew how much money was in the settlement. It must have been a million or more…lol.

And come to find out……. Bill, the neurosurgeon, actually left his phone at Jane’s house…under her bed…and that is why he hasn’t returned her call all day. So , he is a good guy after all. And he managed to check his voicemail even though Jane tried to erase the messages….lol. Comedy! But I am glad that they are going on a date…..and Bill called her on it…lol.

This show just gets better. And next week looks even yummier!!!!



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Drop Dead Diva S:3~ False Alarm

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Okay… I APOLOGIZE!!! I had so much that was going on that I had to make a choice. I chose the BET Awards because I knew that I could come back later and watch the full episode of Drop Dead Diva  on www.mylifetime.com . So, please forgive me for being a few days late, but better late than never, right?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

Okay, so Jane sprays some perfume called reAwakening on at the opening of the show. Hmmmm…. *googles*. Okay, now the only thing that I can find that even comes close is Molton Brown’s reAwakening perfume….hmmmm.. Who knows. Wonder what it smells like.

Wait… so Jane is taking Grayson to his doctor’s appoint ment because his fiancée has a deposition she can’t get out of? DANGER! DANGER!!! That is why she is getting all dolled up! Say it aint so, Joe! Hahahahaha  Stacey suffers from “compulsive running”. Can I purchase this addiction? I have love handles…lol.

Awww…. Stacey said that she and Fred kiss so much that she thinks that kissing IS the sex. Hahahahahahaha. Why can’t I fall in love with my best friend’s guardian angel?! They don’t make guys like that here on earth, you know that? Consider yourself lucky, sinner! Lol.

BWAHAHAHHA! Did Teri just tell Grayson to “next time use a crosswalk”? hahahaha I love her! And the way that she explains how her “boyfriend” wound up being sued is HILARIOUS!!! And luckily for him he still had his uniform on….hahahah smdh.  So Teri’s dude, Gary, helped a lady out of a burning building, but on the way out she fell and broke a rib and now she is suing him? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! If that doesn’t scream God Bless America then I don’t know what else does.

Wowzers! I wish I could date Parker, let him mess up our relationship so then he would feel guilty to assist me with all of my future cases like paying up front costs. What? I’m just saying. Kim Kaswell has one hot ex.  And I love how Kim’s diss to “not needing Jane at the firm and not needing Jane now” came back to bite her in the ass…lol. Guess we will see you at Harrison and Parker on Wednesday? Lol.

So the case that Kim and Jane are working on is a malpractice suit where a young girl who wanted to be a model went in for breast implants and never came back out alive. She had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, a side effect known as malignant hyperthermia.

Malignant Hyperthermia: is an inherited disease that causes a rapid rise in body temperature ( fever) and severe muscle contractions when the affected person receives general anesthesia.

Parker winds up taking over Teri’s boyfriend’s case. Wait…. Gary isn’t really a fireman? So he lied to Teri !!!  Wow! But it is good to know that firemen are exempt from certain lawsuits.

OUCH!!! Kim just called these doctors the “Jiffy Lube” of cosmetic surgery.

I have mentioned that I want Teri as my own assistant, right? I mean, she even Googled Grayson’s neurologist.  WOWZERS!!!! Grayson told Jane to “pretend its your wedding and pick out what you like” when he asked her to assist him with planning the finishing touches to his. She is a far stronger woman that I because I would have said hell nawl, told him I was Deb and kept the party moving.

FUNNY!!! Because Fred just explained that he didn’t know how to have sex since he was, after all, an angel. Lol. Jane suggested Judy Bloom’s Forever and Wifey. Comedy! She also has a years worth of Sex in the City on the DVR. YOWZERS!!!

UGH!!!! The lawyers who pulled a stunt by hiding the autopsy report into a Redbook magazine was just stank! Yes, stank! They wanted to shame the mother into dropping the malpractice suit and it worked. Sucks. I hope that they figure out that the doctor issued the anti-depressant into the young girl’s system so that the SSRI would show up on the autopsy report to cover their asses. SUCKY doctors!!! I just hope they can find a way to prove that. You love my foreshadowing, right?

I’m going to die of a heart attack because I can’t stop laughing at Fred trying to perform foreplay with Stacy…hahahahahaha. I guess he had a ton of time on his hands because he read that foot massages and biting someone’s ear is sexy. And did he just swallow Stacy’s earring?!!!! And then Fred mentioned that since women discuss all of their likes with their best friends then Jane would be the gatekeeper to this “big night” happening. Bwahahahaha. So, apparently Stacy likes to have her bangs lightly moved out of her eyes, tuck her hair behind her ear because it makes her feel taking care of. Now once you’ve done that tuck… gently move your hand down her shoulder….gentle kiss on the lips….. and follow her into the shower.  ARGH!!!!!!! This angle of Fred dropping his boxers to get into the shower has traumatized me for life!!!! Angels, not even ex-angels are not supposed to have sex.

I know I shouldn’t say this… but I am not feeling this neurologist with Jane.  Wait… but the doctor came home with Jane. And his name is Bill. Sooooooo both Jane and Stacy got it on last nigt but both of them seemed surprised to find out that the other got busy? Either these guys aren’t working it right or these walls are sound proof.

Bwahahahahaah! The way Jane responded when she slipped up and said that the “Sunset Bay Agency” was this sleezy agency that tried to get her, meaning Deb, to sign a few years ago and Kim asked, “You?”. Hahahahahahaha *Rewind* Wow!!! Richard bay, owner of Sunset Bay, owns stock in the surgical facility…. Like Southland Surgery Center, the one that killed the young lady from the malpractice suit.  So the guy find models and then suggests that they get surgery and then he gets a percentage of the surgery payment. JUST DISGUSTING!!!

UGH!!! So Teri’s guy is an arsonist too?! It just keeps getting worse. And I wouldn’t have the willpower to give Grayson the wedding planning album that Deb made if I were Jane. Just wrong. It seems like the only people who are happy are Fred and Stacy. Well… maybe next week will be happier.


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Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Amended Circumstances

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

If there ever was a show that taught me the importance of watching a pilot and never judging a book by its cover…. then Drop Dead Diva would be that show.

I remember Season 1 like it was yesterday. I got to watch the vapid Deb Dobson (Brooke D

Orsay) as she modeled her dress for Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst) and was there as she was polishing her finger nails as she slammed/got hit by the truck. I witnessed her go to “heaven”, meet Fred (Ben Feldman), and hit the “back to earth”button and be transported into the body of Jane (Brooke Elliott). Subsequently, only her best friend, Stacy Barrett (April Bowlby), and her guardian angel, Fred, know that Jane is really Deb trapped inside of Jane’s body. Confusing, right? NOT!!! makes for great entertainment. I was there for it all and have not missed an episode yet! I saw the episode when her mother came to town, the episode where my elementary & college friend Justice Leak played the guy at the clothing boutique that discriminated against her because of her side, and the episode where the lawyer guy moved away. Yes… these were classic moments for me. And I almost wanted to quit watching the show when Grayson fell in love with the red-headed chick…..she deserves a name…but I refuse to give her one…lol. Can’t you tell how emotionally invested I am in this show? DONT JUDGE ME!!!…. unless you are Rosie O’Donnell playing the judge who is cool with Jane.

Kim Kaswell (Kate Levering) needs to stop trying to be so hard, I love to hate her! Great acting. Parker (Josh Stamberg) is such the suave playboy…….classic. The array of guest actors never hurt the dynamic of the show…and I like that. Bravo!

Outside of the fact that a plus sized woman is the lead on a show and has had the opportunity to be the love interest……this show is full of wit and comedy.Brooke Elliot is a fabulous actress and I am so glad that she is the lead on this show. I cannot even fathom who else could rock this role so well. I just wished that I had been blogging when the show first started! Teri Lee ( Maragret Cho) is my FAVORITE legal assistant in the world….when I get rich I’m hiring her. I wont be able to stop her  brother or cousin from deported like Jane did…. but she would be entertaining to have around before the feds showed up. So, enough of my blabbing…. time to watch the season 3 premiere!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

Show starts off with Jane running into the ER to see if Grayson has made it in from the accident where he was hit by a car. Now….this has GOT to be a dream. Jane asks the nurse at the desk for Grayson and the lady, rather nonchalantly, informs her that he didn’t make it. Ummm…Sign number one. Then, on cue better than Paris Hilton at the opening of a bad hair weave appointment, this random guy runs around the corner claiming to be Grayson who died, went up to heaven, and pressed the button and returned in another body. Yeh…. I have it on pause right now… because as soon as I release it, I want Jane to sit up in her bed with Stacy beside her telling her that everything will be okay. Frankly, because Grayson getting hit was semi her fault. What? You should have watched the season 2 finale. *Presses Play* Bwahahahahahaha! I told you!!! An older black man comes out of the room claiming to be Grayson and recanting the same story! hahahahaha I love this season already! ENOUGH! hahahahahah A Justin Bieber looking kid comes around the corner stating the same thing. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT, PEOPLE!!!!

*Side eye* Did Jane just break out into song and dance in the hospital with the entire Saint Katherine’s Hospital staff? hahahahah The hunky guys in the wheelchair…this is soooo wrong! hahahahah She just turned Grayson into Lazarus in this dance number. Wait, where is Paul Abdul? Does she only show up in court musicals?

Oh snap! I forgot that Kim Kaswell quit the firm!!!! And she is working out of a coffee shop. Wait, Penny, the client, slept with her ex-husband and wants to technically sue him for a booty call. YOU CAN DO THAT? Like, no… seriously? If so, I COULD BE PAID!…in theory if this sort of thing were to ever happen to me, but since it hasnt we shall move on with this log. Shall we.

So, Jane & Stacy meet the actor, Tim Klein, at a bungalow at the Waverly Hotel when the Extra Extra cameras ambush him and she gets suckered into representing him in his hit and run trial. Wonder how this will turn out. Mmmmm Mario Lopez…*drools a little*.

Wowzers! Parker shouldnt have kissed Claire, but come on Kim… there are worst things that could have happened. Didnt Claire and Parker go to gether first? Okay, yeh… I would have been upset too…but not enough to quit my damn job…lol.  So, Kim is placing the “booty call” lawsuit under three causes of action: civil battery, negligent affliction of emotional distress, and general sexual misconduct. If this works….*tilts head*

Parker opening statement in the “booty call” lawsuit quotes Askew v. Askew, a real California Court of Appeals case, by stating, “The Judiciary should not attempt to regulate the human condition. Relationships begat complications which defy reason.” Okay, I am soooo hating this patterned skirt, red blouse, and odd colored blazer. Even though she is more than tacky in this ill coordinated apparel, Kim amended the complaint to add the claim of “false advertisement” as the judge deemed the case had no merit. With that change, the judge allowed it. I agree, a man saying he can do this and that and that he has changed when he knows that he has not is, in fact, false advertisement. Again….I could get paid if this is for real!!!

Speaking of outfits….As Stacy and Jane meet with Tim Klein and his manager/brother, Mark, The only people who appear to have changed outfits are the men. I swear Stacy had that SAME dress on during the first interview….hasn’t it been several days and a court appearance later since they’ve met, or did the costume designer forget to bring more clothes to this location? I’m a stickler for detail. WAIT!!!! Amy, the girl who was hit in the car accident just died and hour ago and the charges have been amended to Second Degree Murder?!!! Is this the amended case episode? Sucks for Tim!

THERE IS PAULA ABDUL!!! I talked her up! But to be in bed with Jane when she wakes up…priceless! lol. AHA!!! Paula on one side and Fred on the other to tell Jane that she needs to stop pinning over Grayson. She just needs to be a supportive frieeeeee……

HOLD UP!!! “How you doin’!” Wendy Williams is the guest judge to handle the “commercial” aspect of the definition of “false advertisement” in the “booty call” lawsuit? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bwahahahahah I’m done! This episode is toping itself that the rest of the season will only get more outrageous or suck like hell because it couldn’t top this! But why does Wendy sound like she is damn near yelling.

Okay, now I know I am supposed to know the singer, I think she is a singer, who is playing Launa Klein, Tim Klein’s wife. Shoot me for her songs not being in my every day genre playlist on my mp3, but I recognize her face!

And the psychiatrist that is speaking on behalf of Penny’s ex-husband is soooo going to get this case ruled in Kim’s favor. The more things change the more things stay the same. He even called another chick a “3-Beer Betty”. Wowzers.

I am sooo afraid for Jane to have her back to the door as she confesses her love to Grayson in the hospital room. I have a feeling that Vanessa, Grayson’s fiancée, will pop in the door. WRONG!!! Jane confessed to Grayson that she is really Deb and BINGO he comes out of his coma, but she doesn’t even recognize Jane. Amnesia, while Jane is left alone in the room with him, is dangerous!! She could reprogram this man in her favor and it could come back to bite her in the butt!!!! So he has Retrograde Amnesia… hmmmm.

So, Judge Wendy ruled in favor of Penny and order her husband to buy a billboard warning females about dating him. hahahahah And she can do this because it was a commercial lawsuit. So, false advertisement it is.

Wait, Mark…Tim’s brother just walked into Jane’s office to confess that he was driving the car and killed the girl. Of course this happened right after Stacy noticed that the car seat was pushed up to the steering wheel and that wouldn’t have been the case if Tim, over 6 feet tall, were to have been the driver.  So, Stacy and Jane head over to the Police Impound to figure out who was the last person who drove the car. So……Launa, Tim’s wife, was driving the car!!!!! And the DA dropped all charges and will refile them against Launa Klein…..WIN!

And Parker still trying to get back into Kim’s good graces is wonderful. And Fred reminding Jane that Grayson asked to speak to Jane and not Deb was right on time.

Awwwww…. Grayson regained his memory, told Jane to come meet him just to announce that he wants her to be his best man and that he has moved his wedding to one month away! My heart hurts!


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The Game~ Game Over

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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

Episode 8: BEST Episode Ever!

Episode 9: What The Hell Happened?

Episode 10: The Redemption

Episode 11: Baby, Baby Please


        Okay, sooooo I am running soooo late!!! I had to host tonight and Eboni is here in my room with me about to watch the Season Finale of The Game at 1am. Yes, DVR it is… and I have not looked at Twitter or Facebook the entire night because I didn’t want to have to kill anyone for spoiling it for me.

     I could speculate, but I wont. I just want to watch the show and hope that it leaves enough suspense to get me to come back next season but closes up enough information that leaves me satisfied for this season. All I want to know is ….who is the mystery person they have been showing on the commercials? Hmmm.. .okay, enough questions.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, …. #GameOn , Bitches!

        Okay, so I happened to watch the episode beginning that i missed last week while @abmoore20 was here. Wow… Mario Van Peebles’ body looks good as hell. But his explanation of his disease *side eye*.  But…..on to the Finale.

        Okay, why is this my FIRST time hearing the football players collide on the intro? Man, I’ve been slipping. But…the opening with Melanie & Derwin talking baby talk again….I just want to watch this on fast forward. I mean…. can we get the pacing of a scene correct. It started off so slow. It didn’t take all that time to place “Loving You” in the background and get out a few words. *sigh* okay….next.

        Soooooo I am sooooo confused. Tasha is making her situation with Bo seem like she was with him for months. Can we please not test the intelligence level of my willing suspense of disbelief. You found him, dated him, and killed him all in one episode. Now she is talking about him like Bo was the love of her life. *See this face……..*tilted smirk* WAIT!!!!

       Did Bo just walk up to Tasha…wait….this is a set-up! I called it in the last episode!!!! This negro isn’t dying!!!! His name is Ronnie?!  But you can’t make me believe that TASHA DIDNT KIRK OUT!!! Hell to the nawl!!!! He wouldn’t have gotten away with it that easily… again… don’t test my intelligence.

        Okay, isnt this the SAME exact studio where they opened the season with the Derwin/Melanie Essence photo shoot? They couldn’t afford another backdrop? Didnt these bitches know that I would be watching? And yes, I know that this was filmed ages ago, but they should know that assholes like me exist. hahahahah Malik set up a fake ass photo shoot just to get Jenna back? WOWZERS!!! Okay.. Hosea… my address is 2504 I Saw Your Nude Pics Ave. Now, can you set up a fake photo shoot for me too? I’ll wait. Nothing says lovin’ like stalking a bitch via a fake photo shoot that you paid for. lol

        WHO IS THIS DUDE?!!!!!!!!!!! The new QB, Kirkland, for the Sabers….*licks lips*…..*exhales* I will press rewind to get his name. Now, if you will make him a permanent member of this cast, then you can make each episode as slow as hell and I could care less.

        Umm… this fight between Melanie and Tasha is bordering hilarious. I can’t focus. Hell, even Eboni just said she can’t focus on the scene because she can see both of their bras through their shirts……sad. I swear I am trying to get it, but I can’t. It is so contrived. Yes, I get it…. you want your man to be represented. And yes, there was a better way for her to ask Tasha….but really. To get all upset with your girl when a negro faked his own death , kids, and marriage and you didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow? Get the fuck out of here. What about not sweating the small stuff.  Hell, I was going to sweat the small stuff and ask why is the season finale only 30 minutes, but I don’t know if I could take more than this. *sigh*. Okay…. they at least get to come back  next season and fix it.

        SNAP!!! If i were a Lesbian, I am pretty sure that the looks I just gave Stacy Dash could be constituted as distant rape. It makes no sense for a woman her age to look 10 times better than me.  WAIT!! It’s not fair for Stacy to get the new dude!!! *Sigh* I don’t know who to stalk first… Stacy or Kirkland.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Jenna didn’t go back on the crack.

        Wait… I am soooooo uncomfortable knowing that Derwin brought his own sexual stimulants to a birth clinic. OH MY GOD!!!!! Melanie had an abortion?!!! Was it Troy, Trevor…shit the dude she slept with after she broke up with Derwin!! You know, the football dude’s baby. The one in last season who told her that he would pay for her tuition. I don’t think that it was Derwin’s Baby.

Conclusion: Ummmmm. Whack way to end the season. I mean, stuff was left dangling, the episode moved so slowly and it was too dramatic. I had to rewind the show twice to catch that the ONLY way Derwin was able to tell that Melanie had an abortion was because she said “definitely”. Had Tasha not called her “definitely” lying phrase out in the scene before, I would have never caught it. Oh wait…. maybe it was Eggs’ baby…you know, Mehcad Brooks from True Blood. *Sighs* soooo many options. But I don’t like the way the abortion came up. It wasnt there EVER!!! Dont spring a secret on me in the same episode. The actor should react a certain way to babies and other things if this is in fact her back story. I am not happy with the conclusion of the Jenna/Malik storyline. Okay, so Tasha is not doing any better. *sigh* The only person who was consistent throughout the entire season was Jason/Colby. Okay….. Writers, please go spend some time together, watch the previous seasons, and study them.We want that believability back. We want the comedy back. We want the charisma back. I have no clue what happened, but we are just going to blame it on the fact that you were gone for 2 years. So yeh, I’ll be praying for your return. I know you can do better.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Game~Baby, Baby Please

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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

Episode 8: BEST Episode Ever!

Episode 9: What The Hell Happened?

Episode 10: The Redemption

        Okay… here we are… sitting on my couch laughing my ass off with @abmoore20 and I almost missed the opening to The Game. I think I did miss the opening of The Game… Noooooooo. What is Mario Van Peebles dying from? I missed it.

        Okay, so now Melanie is trying to keep this lie going? I am sooooo disturbed by this.

       Okay…. I know I am late, but you must understand when I tell you that I am unable to keep focused on this whole episode. After learning of Hosea’s naked pics… watching him lay in bed brings soooooo many kinky visions to mind. I am trying to stay focused on Malik… but I can’t. The brother is hung like drapes dangling from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the ground.

       Ummmm… how is Tasha walking up in people’s houses? I mean wow…dont people lock their doors in gated communities? Did Melanie just tell Tasha she was being boinked Buddhist… lmao. LMFALS!!! Did Tasha just correct her wig…lmao!!! I can’t get past that…lol. I am dying laughing soooo hard! hahahahaha.

         Okay.. so when did Tasha meet Bo? Is that his name(Mario Van Peebles)? Because didn’t she JUST officially break up with Donte? I’m so confused. How much of a gap is this suppose to be from the last episode? Okay, so obviously i was laughing too hard and missed the intro, but @abmoore20 just told me that he saw Mario walk up to her at the party…. confused. Yeh, gonna need to watch the rerun in order to capture my head around this. I need cliff notes… something. Someone please, help me out.

           Okay, so, Malik in the office of the owner allowing Derwin to beg on his behalf….I am not getting that. Especially how Parker’s picture is still on her husband’s desk. I mean, Derwin needed to hush when asked if he had a wife. Derwin cheated on Melanie so he should not say shiiiiiiit. And Malik should not get upset because he did all of this for himself.

       NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Keith Sweat did NOT just walk into the room. LMAO!!! Wowzers. Okay, did Keith just say Jim-balaya? Isnt it jambalaya? HELL NAWL!!! Tasha didn’t say “cap ’em and deal ’em” instead of carpe diem!!!! And now Tasha is giving up the goodies to a dying man… shame. Wait, where did Keith go? I’m so confused. @abmoore20 is not allowed over my house to watch these shows… I cant focus because he keeps me laughing. I love my mentee….not that you care. lmao!

       Okay… as this commercial break is going on… I don’t think that Mario Van Peebles is dying. I think he is also married and this is something that he tells innocent women to get them to speed up the process. Besides, we all know that black people don’t go to doctors and when we do we don’t believe a word of what they have to say. We believe in the LAWD & when he says its time for us to go home. Am I right? Can I get a witness!!*@abmoore20 says: Hallelu!” *passes collection plate & cues the ushers*

       LMAO!!! Melanie went to Brazil….lol. That was a funny way to say she Waxed on, waxed off her va-jay-jay…lmao. And I feel all kinky watching Melanie and Derwin almost getting kinky. Wait….. Niiiiiiiiiiiice buttcrack shot, Derwin. #TeamPoochHall’s Ass!  I wonder if they wrote in Melanie being pregnant because Tia is pregnant in real life? Hmmmm.

       Oh wow… Tasha even gets left alone after having one night stands from dying dudes. I am soooo confused about her entire situation. Hell, Rick Fox was the closest that we saw her to being happy. I hope that Malik is  calling Jenna…. wait.. he called his mom? Confused, but okay, I get it.

       NEXT WEEK!!! Okay, I love how they set this up, the finale… I mean. I pray that it is not a let down. Wow… okay I will have to make sure to watch.  It is too juicy. I hate that they allude to Jenna not giving Malik a 2nd chance… boo , hiss! Okay, time to watch this boring ass show that comes on after it. Watch and suffer with me! [insert link here to Let’s Not Stay Together]


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Game~ The Redemption

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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Recap Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Recap Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Recap Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

Episode 8: BEST Episode Ever!

Episode 9: What The Hell Happened?

Okay… a recap of my day is so more interesting than last week’s episode.

        Not that you care, and not that I care that you don’t care, but I had one of the busiest days of my life. Sweet heavens. I went to work and immediately wrote a to-do list just so that I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. I mean, between the production company, the script, the web series, poetry, slam, and breathing……I had to scream out for help to my BFF and my personal assistant. *woosah* I do faaaaaar too much and need to know which battles to fight, when to say no, and obtain better time management skills. I even had to have a lunch date with my boo just so I could see him this week…lmao. Sad, yet true. So, I just finished my radio interview (Thanks DJ Gemz)….and I made home in time to fold clothes and get ready for my maid to come in the morning. And now I am all ready for you. Yes, I’m here for you.

So if you missed last week, or any week for that matter, click on the links above and get to reading.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2,….. #GameOn , Bitches!

        Damn…. all of these hoes. Okay, let me stop being a hypocrite….I would dance for Malik ( Hosea).  And awwwwww, Malik said that Jenna is his Jada. And I hope this episode gets better because this opening is as slow as Hugh Heffner running through the Playboy mansion. *yawn* Come on…. don’t make me do it! I will “Let’s Stay Together” you…. I will!!!!!

        AAAAAAAAAH!!! My inner fat girl jumped the fuck up out this bed and then knocked the soda out my own damn hands when Tasha was working out to P90X on the couch! Lmao!  I havent worked out to those discs since before I went on my cruise in December. And I would still have dust on them but my maid cleaned them off….lol.

Now is the time for me to admit that I am not really feeling TT’s acting. Somehow it managed to work when he was silent.

        And damn! Parker is on some Crazy, Deraaaaaanged type shit. I mean, really, girl… is Malik carrying the magic stick that created the magic stick?  Because I can’t see AAAAAAAAAANY man laying pipe enough to make me stalk him. Okay… there was this one time at band camp…. No, there was this Chocolate Dude….noooooo there was the…. Wait. Get out my business. Back to the story…… She is sitting in his car in the parking lot to his practice stadium. She is not even trying to be discrete any more, she is just buck crazy kind of bold. Shame.

Okay, Tasha could have told everyone that Dontae was going out of town….but noooooooooo. She’s planning this party with Melanie for someone who she broke up with weeks before.

        DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! Parker’s husband just called her a $2 Hooker! Okay. I get it! Abused, Craaaazy, Dereaaanged!!! Okay, so she needed  Malik’s magic stick.

        Wait!!! DONTAE JUST MADE THIS SHOW INTERESTING AS HELL!!!!!!! He showed up, but who in the hell told him that his party was going on? Hmmm…. Awwwww Dontae is being so sweet and romantic.

        AND MALIK IS ABOUT TO FUCK IT UP!!!!! DON’T GO HAVE SEX WITH PARKER IN THE BATHROOM!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Stay with Jenna. She’s not stupid. Okay…. False alarm. But I have a feeling Malik is about to get caught in 5, 4, 3, 2, ……2……2…..Malik’s bathroom therapy session to tell Parker her worth….2……2…. (I bet Parker is going to snitch on them…to get back at her husband)….2….2….2….2… OH SHIT!!!! Jenna just walked into the girl’s stall after Parker left and Malik just played it off. I bet you the mess is going on outside of that bathroom…..and his confessing that he is in love with Jenna is not going to make this mess any softer.

WTF?!!!A Commercial?

         Okay… they made it out of the hotel and there is Parker and her husband….BAM!!!! You mean to tell me that Jenna only HEARD that Parker and Malik had sex and she walked off? Come on now. I thought that Jenna was better than that. In all seriousness, Jenna and Malik have only been together for a few weeks. So this could have been before he went to rehab. I just lost faith in Jenna… if she doesn’t come back she can keep her faithless ass off the show!

         MESSAGE!: Black ladies… yes, he did sleep with Parker while he was with Jenna, but Jenna needed to ask Malik what she was talking about. To ask for clarification. I don’t think you understand just how upset I am right now! I was really rooting for Malik & Jenna….shame… black love just can’t prevail, now can it. And wow!

         So, Malik’s Rick Ross of a bodyguard is allowed to bring a gun, pop it off 3 times and get to stand there in *country music voice* Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide Open Spaces!? Come on now…. Make me believe that this isn’t going to be a Shine Part 2. He could have come and taken one of the Owner’s side men who were jumping Malik. But really….smh. Stereotypes.

         Okay…. So I can’t remember what next week alludes too, but I never do so nothing new….lol. But, I have to admit…the pace was slow, but it was very interesting and full of surprises, though unbelievable. Okay, so beside the ghetto friends, bitter black woman exits, and psycho jump-offs….this episode did redeem itself from last week’s episode. I give this episode a B+. Not what I was expecting… but better than what you gave me last week.  And scene!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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