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P90X Journey: Day 2

In P90X Journey on 19 October 2010 at 10:45 pm


So it should be NO surprise that I did not wake up this morning and do P90X. I meant to, had every intention in doing so, but my schedule is shot! I think that I will have to workout in the evenings this week and then rest up on the rest day so I can switch to mornings next week. But trust me… I will workout when I go home tonight.

My challenge this morning was lack of preparation. I have the foods needed to do the Fat Shredder Phase II meal plan, but I had no idea what I was going to eat. I was running late to work because I sat there trying to figure out how much of protein and carbs I was allowed to have and where in the day would I place these choices. I have a good feeling that if I slip on anything….it will be the food portion.

So this morning I ended up having a few slices of bacon, 8oz of Soy milk ( lactose intolerant), and that was about it. I could have had some egg whites, but I was in a rush. I will prepare better for tomorrow. For snacks I have celery and peanut butter, and string cheese. Lunch will be pita bread, spinach leaves, Boca burger and avocado slices. Not bad huh? I will have to write later what I ate for dinner. Oh yeh, yesterday….I wasnt on the meal plan at all. lol

So, corrections that I already see that I need:

1. Better meal preparations

2.Better sleep habits

3. Buy the resistance bands

4. Stay determined and do NOT psych myself out.

More updates once I get home and work out. I think I do Cardio X today…..yipeeee!

Okay… here I am fresh from Cardio X.  This was a fun workout. I actually pushed myself and felt like I could accomplish everything in the workout. Well, maybe not everything…but more than the workout from yesterday. I can do the cobra from the plank YET, nor can I do the Dreya Roll…but everything else I can do. I may not be able to do it perfectly or at the crackish speed that they do it, but I do it at my pace and I keep pushing through the burn.  When the instructor yelled ” Come on, show them that white men can jump” I almost slipped on my jump shot…lol. So far, I like the P90X program. Maybe this really is the time that I was meant to have my fitness breakthrough.

I understand that I may not be able to do every singe thing either at first or at all, but I just keep moving or even do a previous move  that I can do. I cant do the Dreya Roll because my knees dont bend as swiftly and my back kills me when i bend at the waste and even worse when I try to roll back on it. I will have to get that checked out b/c my lower back and right hip make me feel like I am over  80 years old. It feelsbetter when I stretch and even better the morning after I exercise…so maybe I just need to move…. but I work within my limits and I will stay focused.

When I workout, I am focused on the workout and I am not paying attention to the time or how long I have been working out. I am focused on trying to keep moving even if I cannot do the exact move on the screen. And the fact that I ate a Sbarro pizza for dinner has nothing to do with my lack of focus…lol. This is just what I need. I even took my before pics and felt goofy as hell standing in my rd bra with my roomie taking pics. I told her they will never see the light of day unless I lose weight completely. lol. Well, let me get ready to go to bed, I have to work out in the morning because I am hanging out with my boo tomorrow night after work. I can’t even let him distract me from my fitness goals, and he likes me just the way I am. But this…. this is my journey. So let me also finish off this Brita water filter pitcher of water… I finished an entire pitcher in a day. GO ME!


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