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The Game~ What Now?

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 9 February 2011 at 12:00 am

Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Recap Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Recap Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Recap Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaing To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

        Okay… usually my intros would be filled with witty banter and clever wordplay that would make a Sylvia Plath read seem joyous. But today… I had stuff to do. lol. I had to live my real life and I just got home from work. So, you’re just gonna have to deal with a tired artistic woman who is doing this because I like to make people like my homegirl from high school, Cristina, laugh and give me her blunt ass feedback the day after. LMAO!!! YEs… this is the best that you may get today.

        So, I really couldn’t remember what happened last week so I am sitting on my plush Ikea bed watching it again. I don’t know how I feel about that. I use to remember everything about this show and now I can’t even remember a week back. WOWZERS! But after watching a few moments of it, I remember that it was slow as hell, yet at the very end I ended up feeling as if I connected with how Malik felt by Derwin’s not being there at the conference. Yes, one redeeming factor. So…..was it worth watching? I guess, erah ummm, let me keep thinking on that.

       I really only saw Tasha Mack complaining that her money was hood rich and that she was proud of it….so I really have no clue what this week is supposed to be about. Oh yeh, Janay doesn’t want her son near the DNA police either. I guess they are working their way back to the multi-plot scheme that we grew to love. While I’m on what we grew to love… predictable ass sets. I think the only repeat sets that have made it from Episode 1 to 4 has been Tasha’s house and  Derwin/Melanie’s livingroom. I need to become familiar with things.Not even the characters are the same as we remember, so please give me a stable set….a foundation of sorts. Its starting to look more like a reality TV show, which doesn’t sit well with many palettes or aesthetics, than a sitcom or drama.  TREAT ME LIKE A BLACK CRACK BABY IN THE HANDS OF MADONNA OR SANDRA BULLOCK!!! SAVE ISAIAH, BITCHES! SAVE HIM!!! Dont make me call Kelsey Grammar! I’ll do it… you know I will. Speaking of white people, where does Kelly live? Hell, where does Jason live? OH LAWD!!! They’re turning this reverse vitiligo having Brittany into ISAIAH!!! Okay… I’ve had enough… ready for the real thing.

Show starts in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. #GameOn , Bitches!

*Side eye at the opening scene* Wow! I’m not liking that Melanie is so open about disliking church. Before you didn’t know what she was and Derwin was just so strong about being a Christian. They are making her look like such a hoodlum now. Not sitting well with me. Why is that a part of her character that they have to bring out?

Speaking of bring out….sooooo last we saw Janay she was upset with Derwin and planning to send him to court. So when did she change her mind and let Derwin spend every day over the house while he lies to his wife? Melanie would understand that in order for him to be with his son he has to spend time at Janay’s leisure. All I have to say about this…. REAL BLACK MEN, DONT TRY THIS SHIT AT HOME!!! I swear, you will come home and have to choose between Taraji in I Can Do Bad All By Myself in the bathroom with the radio or Regina in This Christmas with a bottle of baby oil & a belt. Translation, negro don’t do it.

Side Note: Both of those women DID the damn thang!!! You hear me?  I could watch both of those scenes on repeat and never get tired. *Standing O*…okay… back to the regularly scheduled Take 2

Someone watch my back while I sit in these bushes and aim a gun at Kelly Pitts for over acting!!!! And get the car started as I reload to take aim at Tasha Mack. This is too much. There were subtle ways that she could have retaliated at Dontae checking her purse strings….this is a pointless plot. Well, not unless Derwin drops her and she loses her money. And I would have popped her in her face for calling Janay’s attention in the restaurant knowing that I didn’t want to start anything.

Speaking,again, of punching someone in the face….. I OUGHTA KNOCK THE HELL OUT OF MELANIE!!! You don’t let the sideline hoe know that your man is lying to you. I would have mentioned the whole “Thank you for letting DJ go to Disney World with us” thing, but as soon as Janay mentioned she didn’t know anything about it…. I would have kept the rest to myself and handled my business when I got home. I mean, what of  link does Janay’s webcam have where you can view it on the world wide web? More females need to get that kind of access to their men…lmao! Oh lawd…. was Janay about to have a Lady in Blue moment? Damn, the negro apologized….lol.  But I understand….. and then again I don’t. No matter how many times Derwin came to your house, he is still married.

My Grade: B+. This one had more of the multi-plots that we are accustomed to. I could connect on some leve with Janay’s point of view…. however far-fetched to why Derwin had to lie about it. I need Melanie to be stable just a little bit… I don’t know who she is yet. The game has changed her too much. But I guess that is life….and maybe that is why I am fighting it so hard. I want Tasha to relax in herself more and not broadcast, and I want Kelly to get hit by a bus. But… the B+ is because I am enjoying it. It’s not quite Big Mama’s home cooking, but it is Auntie Junie mimicking her recipe and I can respect that…at least its all still in the family.

Next Episode: I cant remember… I am over here laughing in my own right. Is it just me, or does the woman sitting on the steps listening to Malik look JUST LIKE USHER’S BABIES’ MAMA?!!! I mean, it is a rehab clinic… no telling what being broke could have Tameka doing. lmao!!!! RUN MALIK!!! You saw how she sucked the life out of Usher!!! RUN!!!! Okay, these are just jokes. But I want to see why Melanie is going off on Kelly, and what happened to Tasha and Rick Fox that it has taken him 2 years to call her when in last season he was showing up to her house after the wedding. Hmmm… a must watch! I see you trying! Keep it up!


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The Game: Dont Call it a Comeback! Pt1

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 11 January 2011 at 2:23 pm


        Tasha Mack’s “Pow, Pow”s and the mystery that lives in her trunk. Girl Melanie aka Med School & her declarations of “I’m in Medical School”. Kelly “Independent Woman in the Making” Pitts and her Above Ground Railroad journey back to herself. Derwin “Ding Dong” Davis and his overall confusion about life. Jason “Oh SO Cheap” Pitts and his coupons. Malik “2nd Chance El DeBarge” Wright and his mama’s boy tendencies. Brit Brat, Rick *hand gesture* *2nd hand gesture* Fox, T-T, Dione, and a slew of other people. Guess what…. they are back, TONIGHT!!! Yes, its true, The Game will grace our TVs TONIGHT!!!

        I know I am not the only one who has religiously watched The Game while it was on and since it has been gone, but somehow never left. I feel as if I am in a cult and I worship the Sabers. There should be a Game Support group for those of us who were suffering from withdrawal, watching episodes as if it were the first time and then calling your girlfriends to tell them how we were going to hunt down Drew Sidora for breaking up a happy home. Yes, this was us. Quoting Melanie when she said, “You faked a ‘That’s what’s up'”. Or Malik when he gave Melanie advice, hopped off the counter and said, “I’m going upstairs before I start my period.” I even had the urge to ask Tasha could I borrow Pookie’s number to take out this wench I couldn’t stand. They all became a part of us. Even the Sun Beam from the earlier episodes who always wanted to fight Melanie….yeh, her too.  And even after all of the cast changes….they finally got it right.

        Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tia Mowry Hardrict, Pooch Hall, Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, and Coby Bell may all sound like foreign names from movies and TV Shows like Steve Harvey SHow, Sister Sister, Twitches, Joe Dirt, Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, Smart Guy & a plethora of other projects, but they are the geniuses behind the characters that we have all grown to love. I think it takes a special kind of actor ( and I know because I have my Masters in Theatre) to make you forget who they have been, who they truly are and the fact that they are playing a role. I think I speak for the entire The Game Nation when I say that they BECAME these characters.  I didn’t see Regina or Wendy, I saw TASHA MACK! I didnt see Tia & wondered where Tamera was, I saw MELANIE! I didn’t see Brandy or Brittany, hell I saw Kelly. I think you get my drift. Jason was not a caricature, but a real person, with real fears, who had a cheap way of expressing them.  Malik, though a stereotype was believable, relatable, and human under all of the hubris. Derwin was a constant reminder of what could occur when you let fame and riches go to your head & how we should keep those who have been there for us closer, no matter the cost. So when they left, we felt like our friends had walked away from us without an explanation. It hurt, and I mean it hurt badly, but my inner Dione wouldnt allow me to cry.

        Twitter was the only place we could talk with our Game family other than staring at the TV on BET to catch glimpses of episodes. But what happened to them? Where’d they go? How does Derwin’s son look? And even though I didn’t agree with a rushed chapel wedding, how are the Davis’ doing and is Janay a crazy baby mama? Is Jason still an ass? Because I WISH A LIGHT SKINNED BROTHER WOULD let me find him legal representation, show up in court and then ride out with another chick ( Damn Stacey Dash is still gorgeous!)!!!! And what happened to Malik? Is his sister still in the pic? How is Brittany getting along with the divorce? Did Kelly forgive Tasha? Did Tasha take boxing lessons or go to her trunk after the credits rolled because she got KNOCKED THE *BLEEP* OUT by Kelly? SO many questions!!! Is Dione still in the picture? Why wasnt she at the wedding? Or was she. I swear I could go on.

        The time is now 2:00pm EST, and I already know that so many people will be sitting in front of their TVs tonight watching as if it were the Super Bowl. I know that they will have a turn out so big that it will set record numbers in viewing history , no matter the channel. The fans requesting this show to come back and the pressure that we placed on Hollywood to bring it back is a testament that America craves QUALITY TV programming. We want actors that will make us feel, we want substance to grace our screens and we want beautiful women and fine ass men to be there weekly at our demand…lol. Yes, there is no denying that we NEED The Game to come back. I have no doubts in my mind that this will be on for a long time. Okay I lied….I do have a doubt….how is Tasha gonna cuss if BET keeps bleeping out Hoe & Bitch? Those are her primary vocabulary choices! It just isn’t the same if “The word you’re tripping on is Hoe” gets bleeped out. But we will see. So, if you’re like D.C. and under a snow advisory, go to the store and get your goodies, bundle up with your boo…because this show is NOT gender specific…it fits us all….and cuddle up in front of the TV at 10pm EST. Be prepared to see greatness return into our homes. I say this as a fan, as a supporter ( borderline groupie …no restraining order needed) and as a non-employee of the network or the show. This is just amazing to me and I KNOW I am not the only one who feels it.

        I thank the cast & crew of The Game in advance. It’s like Christmas all over again, but better (No Offense, Jesus). It may seem dramatic, but it is done with great intentions. May God watch over all of you, cover you in his grace and His mercy, and provide you with his favor. May you be the ambassadors of QUALITY American television and show the people who doubted you how NOT to mess with God’s people. It’s your time to shine. I’ll be watching. America will be watching. All of us will be ready to give a standing ovation and a “That’s what’s up”. Did I say that right, Derwin…I mean Pooch.. Hell you know who the hell I mean.  God speed.

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on the Welcome Back episode of The Game

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