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To Work Or Pandora… that was the dilema

In Writer's Block on 1 September 2010 at 11:35 am
"To Work or Pandora?"

This is how I feel while at work sometimes...music revives me


“Where dey do dat at?” Seriously, it is 9am on a beautiful Wednesday morning and it is silent in my office, in my head… in my will to perform any of the tasks that I have been gainfully employed to complete. I figure that I am very competent, but this… this.. this SILENCE was not apart of my employee agreement!!! I need music to comprehend the words on the screen. Must….plug…in… to…. PANDORA!!!!

WTF!!!! Please, dear Universe, don’t tell me that I had the audacity to carelessly leave my headphones in my other purse; the purse that I wore on Monday, the very same purse that does NOT coordinate well with my current ensemble and is sitting its happy purse ass on my kitchen counter where I just so happened to have traded its inner parts into my beautifully coordinated purse..well everything EXCEPT MY HEADPHONES! Yes, run-on sentences aside… this is something kind of like a big deal. Huge, colossal… 2nd coming of Christ!!!! I will simply die of boredom in this office if I do not have music flowing through my subconscious. How do other people work like this? A work day without Pandora or Hulu is like a day in a sweatshop…well I don’t know but I could always ask Naomi Campbell.

So, out the door I sprinted…damn near trotted…. to go and purchase headphones from the Rite-Aid across the street. On the way I run into another coworker and guess what…….. I’ll wait while you guess…… SHE FORGOT HER HEADPHONES TOO! lol. Or at least she thinks that she has forgotten them in her car and refuses to walk back to get them. She too is contemplating purchasing replacement headphones because the burden of working with complete focus on the tasks at hand seems so inconceivable to the Generation X employee. We converse..

Sidebar: Converse – (verb) to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking.

                    Conversate –  (verb/slang) by 2000, apparently a back-formation from conversation or an elaboration of converse. According to some, from black Amer.Eng.

Back to our regularly scheduled Standardized American English…..

We conversed and went about our separate ways, her into the building to dread the thought of her headphones not actually being on her person and I to the Rite-Aid to beat the devil at his own game for attacking my memory & routine of placing my headphones in my current purse. Eureka! New headphones and I am back in the office.

Is work on my agenda… no. Picking the proper Pandora station that matches my current mood and writing this blog were at the top of my list. At the completion of this blog I might actually do some work, but it was the Universe’s and the devil’s fault for having caused me to leave my headphones at home, therefore causing me to have a mental meltdown and indirectly being incapable of actually doing any kind of work that would be deemed productive by my employer. That is and shall never be my fault. I cannot help when I was born. Music while studying is like crack to my brain, working overtime produces better outcomes in both work product and work ethics. Who knew?! Well, my brain did. At least I know that I am not the only one who suffers from this same dilemma.

As Rhianna’s “Rude Boy” blasts in my new headphones , I like the bass output, I am at ease…..to work or to Pandora… that was a dilemma that has been averted. Now… my day can continue.

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