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Love and Hip Hop ~ Should’ve Called It Rap

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 15 March 2011 at 12:38 am

        Okay… so for weeks I have seen commercials for Love & Hip Hop and I never really paid attention. But something told me that i needed to set the DVR right now and get ready! I’m not gonna even try to speculate as to what I will see…. I’m just prepared for some coonery. That is all. 

        P.S. Judging by the commercial, they shouldnt have called this Hip Hop…it should have been named merely Love & Rap. One day people will stop confusing the two. I am actually in my feelings about the foolishness I see in the previews. That is all.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, My Mic Sounds Nice!

        Damn… I was on the phone with  my production company diva and straight up missed the beginning of the show, so now I have to watch something else while the DVR records so I can give you my first response to the show. tick tock tick tock

Take 2, Literally!!!!

        Just the intro of all of these videos full of hoes, and cameos by the tricks of Flavor of Love already make me hate this show. I mean, really….arent we already Famous Male Jump-off-ed out? This is nothing more than Basketball Wives set to music. Yes, we get it….famous black males who represent an urban background have NO respect , whatsoever, for the black females in their life. We’ve seen it before; Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, The Game, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, BET, UPN, the evening news…..how many shows can we possibly have before the world gets that HOUSTON, we have a problem. Didnt Jim Jones kill enough people with the kool-aid once before….I’m not drinking it this time. I’m calling a spade a spade and a nigger a nigger… this is foolishness!  And who is this Quiet Storm sounding chick that is doing the intro? Ugh! Okay… Lord….. please don’t cause me to treat this like Let’s Stay Together.

        Okay, soooooo Chrissy just said that she has only known Olivia for a few weeks? Umm… set up for a reality show is a tad bit too obvious with that conversation. And then she had enough nerve to say thats “my homie”….bitch, you deserve to have troubles because you get friends too quickly. So, Chrissy is supposedly with Jim Jones…..never heard of her.

        Okay, so Emily is Fabolous‘ girlfriend and baby’s mother…..and you just admitted that your man doesn’t claim you? Ummm…. yeh. I’m so confused. I know there is an image to uphold but baby a real man doesn’t give a damn about the world when it is him and his girl/family. Even Jay-Z once said “give my heart to a woman, never happen….” *in my Chris Brown voice* Look at me now…lol. Okay, not if the rumors of him and B divorcing… but you catch my drift. A man will lay down the game for the person he really loves.

        And why is Chrissy in the club with that tacky red ass bra on?!! And let your man do his job bitch. You’ve been there for 6 years… you aint going anywhere… you are too comfortable. okay, I shouldnt have called her a bitch… but bitch, please. You know that is how your man makes his money…so leave him alone.

        Okay… who is this rapper, Somaya?  Has anyone heard of her? Or is this a promotion for her. If that snippet is what we have to look forward too, then she better share a studio apartment with Olivia…. WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Is this girl sleeping in a bed in a hole in the fucking ceiling?! LMAO!!!! I was so just joking when I typed that line and then I looked up! lmao!!!!! Oh hell… baby!….lol AAAAAAAnd she plays the violin? Ummm… did she just say Jim was scoping her out? Chrissy is gonna put her foot all up in that ass!!!

Olivia is stirring up some shit with Emily & Fabolous. LMAO!!! Chrissy said “chewing with the next one…lol.

        OH SHIT… Mashonda…..*leans in* She actually looks beautiful. I mean, I would have put a little more Olive Oil to cut down on that frizz. And I mean… really…Emily showing this side of her relationship with Fab actually makes him look bad. Do guys know that them saying they have a girl brings them more attention and that the thirsty bitches come up out of the woodwork even harder!!! UGH!!!! I’m not even a Fabo fan like that but now all he’s gonna get are hoodrats. All of the real women are looking at him like another dog right now… I can put money on it. Nigga, it is OKAY to have a woman who you claim. It actually makes you look like a man, don’t turn Emily into Cassie! She deserves to walk the red carpet with you and not just the bitch that creeps in your bedroom after hours!


        Ummmm did she (Chrissy) just admit to drinking and driving? I mean she was already talking and driving at the same time…laws being broken all over the place.

        WTF is Somaya doing in this onesie!!! LMAO!!! Chrissy said she thought it had “snaps in the crotch” lmao!!! This girl needs a stylist. Hey, maybe Emily can help her since her man isn’t claiming her. WHat? I’m just repeating fact.

       I mean, really…really…you (Chrissy) will get into Jimmy’s money like that because you are insecure!!!! I don’t care… at least Jim called you and told you that he was in the studio w/ Somaya. Hell… ask Emily, I bet you Fab doesn’t do that…. *UGH~

        Okay….show ended, too much to recap on what the previews allude to for the rest of the season, but they sparked my attention and I shall be watching. THANK YOU GHETTO RICH PEOPLE!!!! I can tell that Chrissy is going to get on my fucking nerves the most. I guess that she doesn’t know that now people may not want to fuck with Jim because she is a loose cannon… again…*ugh*


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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