2013 BET Hip Hop Awards

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 15 October 2013 at 8:08 pm

Now, this opening, a mock Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton, simply HILARIOUS.  As an Actor, I feel shamed, yest entertained. lol

Wait… did the camera really tune to Joseline and Stevie J? Ugh! And ummm… did Snoop just tell one of the models that she has a bright future behind her? I mean really? UGH! I am already hating this. UNTIL…

But I love how he is giving props to Kendrick Lamar for waking up the Hip Hop community with that verse. Yeah, no one did it quite like Kendrick.

Of course Kevin Hart would be the first to come out. And he looks so small in front of the cops. lol.  First award….

*Reese’s Perfect Combo Award ( Best Collabo, Duo or Group)*

A$AP Rocky ft Drake, 2Chainz, & Kendrick Lamar- Problems – Winner

Ace Hood ft Rick Ross & Future- Bugatti

J Cole ft Miguel- Power Trip

French Montana ft Rick Ros, Drake & Lil Wayne- Pop That

Kendrick Lamar ft Drake- Poetic Justice

Wale ft Tiara Thomas – Bad

Then Meek Mills performs….

Few commercial and then the first cypher features Wax from Washington, D.C. I’m listening….he reped the DMV well.  I am not feeling this girl though. For more of my opinions about the cypher and the lyrics CLICK HERE (I lied, the cyphers were so boring that I didn’t feel they were worth taking the time to transcribe.) and you can see the lyrics.

This 2Chainz intro to his performance was almost as horrible as his lyrics and cadence. I have to mute my television. I hope that gives you an idea about how I feel about him. The show is kind of slow this year. If this is what we have to look forward to, then I suggest they reconsider a few things for next year. Now, bringing out Mannie Fresh was a pleasant surprise. HOLD UP!!! Juvenile?!!!!!!!! Okay, I had a flashback!!!

I am so confused with Keisha Chaunte and Bow Wow… I thought that there were 4 hosts so where did she come from? I’m confused.

Rookie of the Year

Action Bronson


Joey Badass

Trinidad James

Earl Sweatshirt

What does it mean if I have only heard of one of these and I hate his ignorant ass? lol.

Commercials you say? And more cyphers. Oh… so that is A$AP Ferg. lol. He sounds short bus-ish

Oh Yeah, on 106 & Park they announce the following winner:

*Best Hip Hop Video*

Drake- Started from the Bottom – WINNER

A$Ap Rocky  ft Various Artist- Problems

B.O.B ft T.I & Juicy J- We Still In This

J. Cole ft Miguel- Power Trip

Kendrick Lamar – don’t Kill My Vibe

I am not a fan of this Future performance. I mean… he is still sexy to me, but these performances don’t have people rocking in the crowd quite like they use to back in the day. Yes, you have a few people mouthing the words… but no one is really ROCKING to the music. Poor Hip Hop. I never thought I would still be alive to come to your funeral, but the day has come.

Oh Dj. Khaled… I wonder if he will propose to Nicki again?

Now, the OTHER BUTLER segment was HILARIOUS! Okay, I give Snoop his props.

Commercials and another cypher. Who is this Travis dude? Does he know he is on TV? I mean, can he give us eye contact because this shy rapper shit aint working.  And this chick… did she think she did anything? I mean. I didn’t get it. Just like Lil Kim’s wig didn’t get brushed.  But at least DJ. Premiere was killing the track in the back.

Okay, This TDE performance has been the best, to me, thus far. Oh wait, am I allowed to use terms like “thus far” in a blog about Hip Hop? kmsl

Is it me or doesn’t the audience look rather zombie like when the camera does a sky view during a performance? Sad….


Sorry, this got so boring that I went to go search Pinterest.com. Another cypher is on… I have yet to really WOWED by any of these Emcees. This is what happens when your friends cise you up so much. These cyphers are the equivelent to the first week of American Idol for Rappers. And why is every rapper out there today set on raping Halle Berry in their rhymes? Is she the knew Sara Baartman? A thought…. hmmm.


*People’s Champ Award*

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton

Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

Power Trip – J. Cole ft Miguel

Problems – A$AP Rocky ft Drake, 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

Started from the Bottom – Drake – WINNER

Okay, let me be real… this show is boring as hell. And you know it sucks when Joseline presents an award. Remember when the cyphers used to have people we loved in them. Hell, people we KNEW!!! You can go to BET.com to see the winners. They were listed as soon as the show started. I just am too bored to continue.

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