When Meme-ing Domestic Violence Goes Wrong!

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Over the past couple of days I have been home sick with a stomach virus. But nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, has made me so sick to my stomach as this:


Can someone please tell me, since when has domestic violence become the root of jokes? Since when has it become okay for us to meme an act of violence. Bad enough Worldstar Hip-Hop has become synonymous with ratchedness and violence, but now we make jokes about domestic violence?

Now, before I swing my leg completely over this high horse I am going to side-saddle for a moment and touch on the double standards. Yes, Chris Brown did plead guilty to hitting her. So yes, I am all for videos of him getting his ass whooped. What? He was the man who hit a woman ( FOR WHATEVER REASON) and he should be hit back. Now, on the flip side of things…. I wasn’t in the car. Rihanna could have provoked him. But in the end, all I have to go by is her face in the photos and his plea in court. Rest my case. :::swings leg over high horse::

Yes, I admit, when I heard that Rihanna was conversing with Chris Brown again I flipped a lid. I was one of the people who screamed “How stupid” and “Let me know when he hits her again”. But I wasn’t joking. As an advocate to stop domestic violence, it pains me inside to see a woman go back to a guy who has beaten her, even once. I speak from watching a family member go through this. So I felt from the bottom of my heart for Rihanna when I saw her listening to her heart and not necessarily her mind. But, who are we to judge? Plus, I know that you cannot help a person who doesn’t want to be helped. You cannot stop a woman from going back to a person who beats her ass if she wants to be with them. Trust me, I know. I drug a female from Alabama to Baltimore, Maryland and she hopped back on a bus with her two sons ( under the age of 6) and went back. So, I understand how this works. It is an addiction disguised as love. And unless you’ve ever been around an addict or a domestic violence victim, you will never get it. Hell, even I don’t get it, but I know how it goes. You just sit and wait for them to get hit hard enough for common sense to walk away to fall in place and that they love to see another day. Sad, yet so true. Man, I am on a comma high today.

But when I saw this photo on Facebook, all I could write was  “ Oh my word… this is so wrong. I can’t even laugh at this. I have to take a stand against this.” And among the sea of LOLs there were a few “Geezus”” and “oh my” comments but they were outnumbered by the abundance of ROTFFLMAOs. And my heart stopped. My brain clicked. I came to write.

To the person who made the picture:

                 Sir/Ma’am, I understand that Rihanna hanging out with Chris Brown is an unfortunate situation that is being played out in the public eye, but it is not grounds for us to judge. Yes, I have placed my comments on the situation, but out of concern. What were your intentions? You pictured her getting thrown into the ocean. The image is violent and promotes violence. If your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, whomever were to be in a violent relationship, would you want another asshole on the internet to insert their abuser in Chris’ place and insert your female family member in Rihanna’s? And before you say that I am taking it to far, suck a dick. Somewhere, some abuser is using Chris and Rihanna’s relationship as a mind control to keep the woman he is abusing in check. Somewhere, a little boy who has watched his mother get her ass whooped daily and excused the busted lip and swollen eye away to him as mommy and daddy were just playing too rough, then turning around and seeing Rihanna take back the man who hit her on TV. Do you have kids? A Daughter? Do you live near this little boy? I heard he likes to hit things when he gets angry. I know… I have someone in my family who has turn out to be a little fighter. His mom is a victim of domestic violence. So I speak not from a place of speculation, but I speak from a place of experience and a place of a person who has stood on the legislative floor in the state capitol and spoken out again domestic violence in an attempt to get stronger sentencing for criminals who commit such acts in front of children. Sir/Ma’am, you have walked dead smack into the middle of my platform. The center of my voice. So pardon me while I voice my disdain!!

Have you become so dis-attached from right and wrong that this became a joke. Do you not know what this image perpetuates? Do you think that you or your family members are immune from domestic violence? It is everyone’s problem, and your posting of this shows that you have no moral conscience. I pray for you, seriously pray for you. Because you OBVIOUSLY know not what you do.

To the people who laugh at this:

Read my comments above, choke on the same dick, and then know that you never know who near you is suffering. Your posting of that picture could make a woman near you who is already good at hiding her wounds hide even more because she doesn’t want to be laughed at by you. I mean, after all…. It’s all fun and games until someone hits someone YOU love, right?

If you have anything to say……you can say it. I’m not scared. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS WRONG!!!! Whether it is a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man or either hitting a child. Anyone laughing at any of it is just plain insensitive.


The Family Member of a Domestic Violence Victim, A Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate, & My Mother’s Daughter.

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