2012 BET Hip Hop Award Cyphers

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 10 October 2012 at 8:45 pm

WARNING: This is the cypher the way that I hear it. I could be getting some words wrong. Hell, next year tell them to enunciate.  Lol. But I think that transcribing the cyphers are a great way to see if these rappers are really SAYING anything. Yeah, it sounds good on a beat, but fool…what did you really SAY? You be the judge….who actually SAID something this year?


T.I Hosts this first cypher:

Trae Tha Truth ( Houston, TX)

Give me the beat let me crash it like I was reckless/ This cypher used to be rap now it’s thug and fresh out of TX/ Focus soon as I’m speaking/ no sleeping like they was restless / I demand to be respected guess hatas ain’t get that message/ Now they got theyself a problem/ Call them king of the state/ only ya’ll should just take they plate/ dinner finished/ tell ‘em they late/ Like Weezy the way I skate on glass paint/ where theres a lake I aint the risk/ tell em I’m great legendary/  Tupac and Nate you feel me/  I’m built like that, for real like that/ been tempered so I’m steel like that/ with steel like that/ Dope fiend rich, covered in pecks, multiple rocks/ step inside my garage I can disappear, multiple tops/  tell ‘em the state we in/ you can find us on multiple blocks/ Rolly, PK and U blow, rolling through multiple plots/ I’m classic/ this year I’m on fire/ somebody fan me/ next season gone be repeated like the Heat and Miami.

Next up:

Chip (Tottenham, North London, UK)

Aye yo, hit me/ talking too tough delivery and flow but aint saying too much/ its London boy/ what’s up, suicide flow/ I let it bang myself/ you be the best in the building if I hang myself/ come on/ these days everybody’s Al Capone/ they got a neck full of jewels but doesn’t own they homes/ see, you could totally suck/ take they Rollies home/ yet everybody stunts until they break a bone, come on/ go against the team Tip’ll give you the drop/ that’s red dots to ya frame/ not buried, so rot/ see, the rags are tagged and yes this aint my prime yet/ so keep your whack bars/ I’ll dissect your dialect/  uh/ better’than what ya coming for/ I’m coming for the papes/ Al Qaeda/ I’ma blow up in the States/ I don’t play fair, I play foul/ so whose up next/ no mercy/ I’m killing everything/ including the ref.

Repping for the ladies!!!!!

Iggy Azaelia (Sydney, Australia)

Look/ The game’s in repair and paparazzi following/ stalking for shit I’m wearing/ Huh/ Young Iggy I’m stunting while bitches frontin/ If I’m not your competition what you mad for/ Nothing/ Normally I’m no subliminal criminal/ but you get famous if I say your name in an interview/ So I mean it when I say I hope they never remember you/ So you finally realize that we’re not that into you/ Look/ I’m back to the murder bidness/ I’m killing the competition/ So stuntin’ is just a given/ Position to get a win & going against it is a sin/ Flowing the next level/ Lifestyle Rolex bezzlin’/ The accent just sound like Rex spin/ I’m that sick/ Rozay and stack fear/ i.a.,  i.e. I’m that bitc/ Tip heard it one time and said “that’s that shit”

Side bar: Iggy’s flow and swag was so tight that I need to Google her and make sure she is added to my MP3 playlist like ASAP before Rocky. Okay…. I see what you’re working with. She did the damn thing. Okay, back to business.

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