L.A. Basketball Wives S2:E1~ Delusions of Grandeur

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 2

Season 1 Recap: Finale aka Everybody Hates Jackie

Episode 1: Jackie aka Victim

Episode 2: Delusions of Grandeur 

I need therapy just trying to figure out where Jackie’s delusions come from. But I guess I will watch this episode.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Is it just me or does Brooke not photograph well in the face? I have yet to see a pic where her face trumps her ass. I keep singing Nelly’s “it must be your ass cause it aint your face” every time I see her. I’m not hating, her body is BANGING an beautiful… and when she is sitting down and talking, her eyebrows don’t bother me as much as I thought they would…. it is just when she photographs.

I love how honest Gloria is being towards Jackie. Sad thing is, Jackie is not taking any of this in. I wish there was commentary bubbles to Jackie’s inner monologue like the first season of Girlfriends. And Laura’s face when she said ” Well, you can’t come here to lie” is hilarious! And, yes, Jackie is fucking up this apology. Just keep it short.  BWHAHAHAAHH! Laura said “don’t come in here with some shit that you wrote it out, thought about, went to Google and looked up ‘how do you apologize’”….lls! And the way that Gloria put Jackie out of the party is CLASSIC! When Jackie walked out Gloria  said “now lock the door”.

Brooke is dating Vernon Maclin, and she looks like a hobbit walking next to his tall ass. Lol. And she says that they have only been dating for about a few months. I think she said that they met 7 months ago. She said that she loves that he is not around 24/7 because it keeps the excitement going and helps her build the excitement of seeing him. They appear to make a cute couple.

I try so hard not to tune out whenever I see Jackie on the screen. Her delusions of grandeur really make me sick.  Umm, Malaysia, boo…..Jackie is crazy and you need to just walk away. Wait…. Did Malaysia say that Laura is “stubren”…not stubborn….stubren?

Brooke and Draya meet up to talk about the dinner crashing situation. Brooke says that she thinks that Gloria and Laura were cool. She also thinks that Jackie’s “apology” was bullocks. Yeh, I’ve been watching British shows….work with me.  Gloria walks up in the middle of their lunch to join them.  DAYUM!!!! Draya asked Brooke what she thinks of Jackie’s clothing. Brooke said “well, everyone is not a fashionista…”. Gloria rebuttals with “but she is a designer, she has her own fashion line.”  No matter how many people say that, and the scenes of her holding up these terrible clothing samples…. I will still treat her as if she was the co-founder of She by Sherae. Real talk. Who is buying her clothing? Post-Menopausal Dolphins?

Malaysia meets up with Gloria and Draya and finally apologized for bringing Jackie to the dinner. Draya is starting to feel a little remorse for the way that they put Jackie out and prank called her after she left. Gloria is standing firm in not going out of her way to mend things with Jackie.

Brooke is sitting there getting ready for this King magazine photo shoot. Draya pulls up and sees Draya inside of the shoot. She walks out because she signed an agreement that where she feels that she should work on a closed shoot. Draya feels that there should only be her, hair, makeup and the photographer. Brooke feels that Draya leaving may have helped her to get on the cover because she got more frames and places to shoot. So now Draya is having this delusion of grandeur. She may be more like Jackie than you think. Boo, until THEY pay you to show up like they pay an A-List Celeb….then you show up and you put on your A-game. And I thought that Brooke was supposed to be your girl. Just saying. That was childish.

Jeff Clanagan is Gloria’s manager and she got the role to be in this new web series that is Tom Raider-ish. Apparently she is a hit woman by night and then a professional ballet dancer during the day. So now she has to do all of her stunts, and a month to learn ballet. lol. Congrats.

Jackie meets up with Laura for lunch. Laura tells Jackie that she is not angry with her, she just accepts her for who she is. Laura said that when Jackie came in to the dinner, she felt that she was being fake and that Jackie was under Malaysia’s spell and control. Laura said that at moments Jackie feels like a “foot fungus. She spray it, you kill it, but then you miss that itch.” lol. But I love how Laura is calling Jackie out for the moments when behaves crazy. lol. When Laura stood up, she has slimmed down a LOT! She is looking gorgeous! Loving it. Now what is up with this jacked up dress that Jackie has on in this meeting? UGH!

I want to make a pair of the earrings that Brooke has on in this multi-colored photo shoot. Gloria was invited to the photo shoot and she talks with Brooke. Brooke lets her know how the King magazine shoot went. Well, either this is Brooke’s real hair or these are some great infusions. lol.

Malaysia is going out with her friend named Bambi. Okay, what is up with these names?! And these 50’s inspired bows are killing me. Malaysia said that Gloria was a little rude. Okay, so I have no clue if this scene happened before or after she apologized with Gloria. Trick, you brought Jackie up in HER house unannounced! She had a right to be rude. Immediately Bambi doesn’t like Brooke when Malaysia brings her up in the conversation. Sooooooo Bambi says that Brooke’s man [possibly Vernon?] buys her gifts. YIKES!!!!

Next Week: More drama and Jackie gets a gay pride tattoo. I mean, I love my gay friends… but you will die and have me renounce Jesus as my Lord and savior before I ever get a tattoo of anything! SMDH




~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. What a great article, my thoughts EXACTLY !
    heh . . . . stubren

  2. I’m watching S2- the first episode on my DVD. I’m only about 15 minutes in and I’m like “This bitch is whack.” She’s sitting poolside with her friend who’s too nice to tell her that she’s bat shit crazy. Jackie…..PULEEEZ seek help you are out of your mind. You started all the lies, all the trouble, and in the end blamed everyone else. They ALL caught you, you look stupid as hell, and now you’re trying to pull an MJ and moonwalk outta this. Newsflash. You have no talent…nothing they want. MJ is the King of Pop. You’re the Queen of Quack

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