ALPHAS S2: Return of Skylar

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Season 1: CLICK HERE

Episode 1: Wake Up Call

Episode 2: The Quick and the Dead

Episode 3: Alpha Dogs

Episode 4:

Episode 5: Return of Skylar

Shout out your ability in 5, 4, 3, 2, #ALPHAS

Okay, so I missed last week and need to watch it on Hulu following this tomorrow… but for now I will pretend like I know what is going on.

Yikes…. Rachel’s senses are grossing me out! I would never eat if I could hear people eating that loudly. I hate smacking. Awww, John tried to touch her and she pulled her hand back.

I love Gary’s metaphor! The brain stays in the head and the office is the head. Lol. And now Gary wants to be appeased if he has to go on the trip with everyone to figure out the use of the machine. And Nina is back? Yeh… I am missing an episode.

Dani overhears that Nina will be going along with the group. Shortly after Dr. Rosen sends his love and Cameron hangs up the phone…. Dani texts Parrish and informs him that the Alpha team is on the move.  Gary jumps out of the van because there are no longer any Wi-Fi signals and then a group of people stop the van and tell them that they are on private property and need to turn around. Dr. Rosen tried to play the Skylar card and Cameron tried to ignore the warning to turn around. One of the guys there used his Alpha ability to completely shut down the car. Hilarious moment…..when Gary says “ I wonder what the other guy’s ability is.” Nina tells him that he doesn’t want to find out. Shortly after Gary says, “Oh, look he can open doors.” It was such a throwaway line but it was PERFECT! I swear he is the highlight of this show for me. He tickles my brain and I like it.

Skylar seems to be on some Alpha reservation. Zoe, Skylar’s daughter, comes in and Dr. Rosen was great with her and taking her attention away from bothering her mother.

I love the guy that can communicate with the bees. I think his name is Claude and he is the founder of the colony of Alphas. He tells Gary that nature is full of signals if you are open to listening to them. Gary looks confused. Lol.

Claude comes into Skylar’s hut and practically ignores Dr. Rosen. Skylar informed Rosen that the stunt he pulled on TV informing the world of the Alphas did not make him any friends there on the colony.

Gary found the pulsar ( star) and picked up a signal. The way he got excited was like the dog on the movie UP where he is talking and then in mid-sentence says “squirrel!” Now, who can tell me who this strange guy with the weapon is behind Bill and Gary as they gaze up at the stars?

So the sneaky man has company. And they are not going to move in and take the machine unless Dr. Rosen figures out what it is. The guy said that if they take it then Rosen will know how valuable it is.

Gary is HILARIOUS describing the sounds of the food’s signals. COMEDY!

Oh snap! Dr. Rosen just got ganked on this path back to the hut. And the energy guy zapped the machine, but not before Cameron chucked something clear at the guy’s trachea lol. He informs Rosen that his wife left him because Rosen opened his mouth on television. His wife also took his kids. Claude stopped Rosen from explaining what caused him to speak out on national television. I wonder why. Hmmm

So Rachel discovered chips in the wires themselves wither her sensitive eye power. Shortly after, Skylar said something to the effect of not wanting to be the mother of the weird kid and Zoe overheard her. She runs to catch her. Rachel tries to turn off the machine and it turns on and the light flashes. She hits the floor and has a minor seizure. Rachel is on the floor with amplified abilities. Dr. Rosen tells her that since it is her ability then that means that she can probably control it.  She tries.

Zoe is still out in the woods when one of those weird stalker people shows up walking beside her. Another stalker person shows up behind Skylar. Why does he have a knife? They drop Zoe’s toy and let her know what they have her. They will not give Zoe back until Skylar gives them back the machine.

OH SNAP!!! Gary has his own cabin. He is not leaving he colony! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG his mother is going to be pissed! Oh yeh.. one of the Stalker people is the dude that escaped Binghampton.  He used his fire power on Skylar right before Rosen used the machine on him and knocked him out. While trying to escape Rachel could hear Zoe a quarter-mile away with her ability and Skylar went in search of her with Cameron and Bill in toe.

Snap! Dr. Rosen forgot that when you use the machine it enhances people’s abilities and this dude just woke up and set a barn on fire. Oh lordy.

Oh snap! Which happens to be my new phrase. This girl is whooping Cameron’s butt. She chucked something sharp at him. Skylar finds Zoe, but before they can get out, dude with the fire burns the banisters to the basement and traps them inside.  Skylar is using her ability to make a fire extinguisher.  Skylar nad Zoe get out on time, and bill comes back for Cameron and carries him out because he is injured.  While walking along the road Rosen sees them and stops the van.

Skylar and Zoe are at a diner and up walks Parrish. He offers them to join him.

WOWZERS!!! Rachel is kissing John? Nothing like a life threatening event to make you throw aside all of your inhibitions.

Rosen told Clay that the machine got burned up in the fire. Bill and Rosen are trying to figure out who near them is giving away their whereabouts to Parrish.


The End.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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