ALPHAS S2: Alpha Dogs

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Season 1: CLICK HERE

Episode 1: Wake Up Call

Episode 2: The Quick and the Dead

Episode 3: Alpha Dogs

Shout out your ability in 5, 4, 3, 2, #ALPHAS

I am catching up…. My apologies!

Bill, don’t fuss at your wife. She is just trying to make sure that you live another day, man! Gary’s mother looks like she is going to have a nervous breakdown any minute. Now, what in the world is up with Gary and all of that screaming in the morning? Oh, Dr. Rosen says that his screaming is a release or coping mechanism. Wow! I need to do that but my roommate would put me out. Lol.

Rachel is walking into the office and she can smell Old Spice halfway down the hall. John Bennett is in the office and apparently he is Dr. Rosen’s choice for lead tactical. And somewhere between the sexual tension between Rachel and John and her processing his Old Spice, Dr. Rosen comes in and tells them that an Alpha has been killed.

Jack Duffy was killed; he was one of the escapees from Binghampton. She can form electricity with his hands. He has burns all over his face and hands.  Rachel lifted a phone number off of Jack’s hand. The flashback scene seems like someone spit in his face and then pushed him off of a building. What a way to die.

Bill, Cameron, John and Rachel head to this old warehouse that was connected to the phone number that was pulled off of Jack’s hand.  Bill and Cameron go inside; apparently Bolivia was the password to get them inside of the fight club. Rachel stayed in the car with John and she tells him that he stinks. She catches a whiff of the hydrochloric acid, but she gets out of the car to go explore. I swear this is a setup for her getting snatched up! You know you cannot hear when you are smelling, Rachel.  Rachel runs into a guy with acid burns on his face…she received a name from him but the guy says that he hasn’t shown up all night.  In the meantime Bill is called into a fight, even those he thought that he was just going to watch. Yeh, all of this before the intro theme song. Lol.

A short chick comes in and reveals to Cameron that the guy fighting Bill has the ability to make a light go off in your eye, almost like a camera, and makes you see double or triple. She also reveals that all of the fighters are Alphas. Niiiiice.

Gary lets Dr. Rosen know that he screams because the government killed Anna the moment that they shot her in the head. He misses her; she was his friend. Rosen tells him to try to find a healthier way to release his anger and frustration that doesn’t scare his mother.

Bill got his ass kicked. A guy with a weird name is the perp. Kat, the short chick, says that she can work with Bill to help him win another fight. She writes her number on Bill’s hand. I bet, if he would have taken a minute to look at his hand, the number would have been the same number that they found on Jack Duffy’s hand…..you know, the dead guy. If I’m right, I still stand by my Alpha ability being stating the obvious or a psychic. Lol.

Hahahahahaha. Gary thinks that his solution for not screaming and scaring his mother was to move out. He feels that if that was Dr. Rosen’s solution for Rachel then it should work for him as well. The way that he asserted himself to his mother was hilarious to me. Gary is STILL my favorite character. He is so real and honest and does not have a filter and I love it. I am laughing with his wit and not at it. GENIUS! Well, Dr. Rosen plays a little mind game and gets Gary to go back into the house and mentions that they will discuss his future at a later time.

So the acid spitting guy’s name is Ivan Bazevich. Took me two rewinds and a pause to get that off the caption of the driver’s license, but now the creep has a name. lol

Kat is an Alpha as well and her ability is that she is a quick study, she can pick up on anything y watching it once and she can duplicate it.  Kat helps Bill to relax and to tap into himself and his ability rather than thinking that he has to hold everything in and only use the ability when it is an emergency. He taps in and basically destroys her fighting studio. Lol. She told him that it is a part of him and he needs to relax and use it at any time and he will become less cranky. Hmmmm, profound.

Oh yeh, somewhere in here John brings in a bag of soap for Rachel to smell so that he will offend her less when they are on stake-outs.

Dr. Rosen goes to a hospital and finds Dr. Zachary Harrison’s files. His lucky day comes to life when a nurse finds Dr. Harrison’s files in the archives from the Civil War. The flashback shows Parrish being shot in the head, presumed dead and coming back to life just moments later.  Dr. Harrison leaves his name anonymous out of all of the Dr. patient files. So Parrish’s ability is that he can heal faster when his body is harmed. Hence why he can live for hundreds of years because anything that would age is practically dying, hence it heals itself.

Cameron comes and confesses to Dr. Rosen that he is dating Dani, Dr. Rosen’s daughter. Dr. Rosen says he doesn’t care as long as he keeps his daughter happy. Niiiice.

Bill’s wife comes past the office to bring him some food. He is so relaxed and spontaneous that he puts the food on the desk, pulls his wife close and shuts the door. I will let your imagination take you to where the scene went during the commercial break. Lol

Gary makes his case to his mother as to why he needs to move into his office. Gary makes logical reasons and Dr. Rosen says that it is helpful for Gary to do what he feels he needs to claim his independence. Rosen also calls out Gary’s mother’s inability to let go.

Kat and Bill are out there getting hot dogs.  Bill is pulling her for information. Along the way Kat says that her brain is wired to make room for all of the new information that she puts in daily so she can only remember things for a month and then she forgets.

Dr. Rosen finds a newspaper that recalls the murder of Dr. Harrison before his lecture. A flashback show that Parrish killed him because Dr. Harrison was going to do a presentation on his ability to heal himself.

Bill goes back to the fight club, in his work clothes, and gets ready to fight Rubber Man.  Rubber Man is jumping all over him like a street dance battle. Bill taps into his ability and with one punch puts Rubber man to sleep.

Rachel and John are in the van when Rachel smells something. Of course John thinks that it is him again, even after he made the change to the soap of her liking. A couple gets out of the cab and Rachel says that Ivan wasn’t in that cab now, but he was in there. Now, judging by the way that they cut to Kat, inside of the fight club warehouse, drinking a drink and offering up to fight Bill next….she has something to do with Ivan.

If I were a betting woman, I think that she spits the acid because she is a quick study of all of the Alphas and she had picked up on their abilities, even Ivan’s and she may use it against Bill to make extra money. I could be wrong, but remember…I am still working on my Alpha ability to predict better. Lol.

In short, Kat whooped Bill’s butt! While I type this, he is unconscious on the floor. The ring leader of the fight club pulls Kat to the side and informers her that some investors want her in on a job, she goes with them in the cab.  They trail the cab to a weird place. Rachel can smell Ivan inside and she can see artillery, ventilator machines, and respirators. She can see Kat on the table and being put under. Bill doesn’t wait for the backup that John called for, he runs in screaming Kat’s name ( funny because Kat is being put under…lol).  Bill makes it to Kat and helps her after taking out a few lab techs and security guards. They found Ivan dead on a table.  Kat even makes a pitch to be a part of the team, and Rosen walks away at the request. Lol

Rachel is so sweet in how she asks John out to Italian. He was polite in saying that they shouldn’t because they work together and so she walks off. Awww, poor Rachel. But they will end up dating, I don’t care what anyone says.

Rosen is sitting at a diner when in walks Parrish. I LOVE the suspense.  I don’t think that anything came from this conversation other than more confusion and a list of how many times Parrish has been shot in wars over the centuries.

Gary’s mom lets Gary sleep in his office.  That scene was sooooo touching! He still needs his mom, almost in the same amount that he needs his independence.

Bill shows back up to the fight club to fight.

And you’ll have to wait till next time to find out what happened.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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