ALPHAS S2: The Quick and the Dead

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Season 1: CLICK HERE

Episode 1: Wake Up Call

Episode 2: The Quick and the Dead

If I havent mentioned before….this is my new favorite Television show! It never disappoints!

Shout out your ability in 5, 4, 3, 2, #ALPHAS

WOWZERS! The opening is bananas. I am trying to figure out if his power is to freeze everyone still or to make water fall rather dramatically. OH SNAP!!! He can slow down time and then speed up again like the vampires on True Blood! HILARIOUS the way he snatched that doctor up from the table before his wife even completed a full chew rotation of whatever it is that she was eating.

Okay, so this love scene with Cameron and this mystery woman better have a purpose, because rather than focus on the erotic nature of the event, I keep noticing how many times Cameron keeps pulling the covers over the female actress to keep her in as modest of a light as he can. #FAIL.  And what is up with this weird power in her hands? Enhancement, maybe?

WAIT!!! That’s Rosen’s daughter? FREAK! Isn’t Parrish pimping her out? Now the power emits from her hands make sense.

Poor Gary!!!!! Who took his pudding? I’ll beat them up. I swear I love this actor… he evokes such true emotions in me. LOVE IT!!! Still my favorite character. BWHAHAHAH! I love how he announces, “Dr. Rosen, I’m slamming my door.”

So  Gary helps use his power and locates blurs of the Alpha that snatched the guy from the table and moved at hyper speeds. Dr. Rosen thinks that he is burning accelerate amounts of calories, therefore his body is literally eating itself from within. So he tells Rachel that she needs to use her senses to locate an odor, like bad breath, to find him.  In the midst of sniffing she locates lilac perfume on Cameron, who then says that he “accidentally” bought the wrong soap when Rachel asks if he as a new girlfriend. Lol.

YIKES!!! The dead body of the kidnapped guy falls out of a freezer in a fish packing plant. Cameron locates the knob turned down, Bill uses a screwdriver to open it, and the dead body [missing an eye] falls directly on Rachel. Eeeeeeewwww.

Prints on the screwdriver go back to some guy named Eli.  And the price of his having an accelerated speed is that in 4 years’ time he looks like he could be his own father. His age is accelerated as well.

Gary starts intercepting Cameron’s text messages and discovers that he had pancakes with Dr. Rosen’s daughter. Shortly after threatening Gary within an inch of his life, Gary reminds him that Cameron would never kill him because that would be premeditated homicide. Lol. CLASSIC!

In random thefts, Nina pushed someone and manage to obtain an original Van Gogh. She says she likes it because it goes with the couch. Reporting to you live from Alpha Headquarters. Back to you in the studio, bob. Hahahahahahah Nina goes in to help Bill interrogate the wife of the dead guy and it gets HILARIOUS! The wife reveals that she doesn’t know Eli, but then Nina prompts her to reveal anything else she may be hiding. And as if revealing that your never paid taxes and you had an affair with your husband’s brother weren’t enough, revealing that you masturbate every day your husband leaves for work will definitely top the cake! Lol.

Gary informs Dr. Rosen that a new abduction via a blur has occurred just 8 minutes ago. Dr. Rosen thinks that the victim may still be alive. To the bat cave, Robin! Bill and Cameron show up on the scene just as Eli is threatening to kill this new doctor. He escapes past them and down the street. Bill amps up and damn near catches him until Eli hooks a right down an alley and that was all she wrote.

Once back at HQ the doctor reveals that he and Dr. Weston, the dead doctor, were a part of a medical team in Connecticut that administered brain wave therapy to kids….and apparently Eli was one of them.

Dr, Rosen’s daughter is in the hospital with an elderly woman, using her powers to make the pain more tolerable, and the woman turns out to be Stanton Parrish’s grandchild. She mentions that it is sad and that no one should ever have to bury a grandchild. Parrish says that he has buried 31, she will be the last. WOWZERS! NOOOO, Dr. Rosen’s daughter is trying to break up with Cameron. Dani….nooooo.

Nina comes and apologizes for using her ability on Cameron and mentions that she wants to try a relationship with him again. But, he tells her that he is seeing someone and wont tell her who….so she renigs on her apology and pushes him into revealing that it was Dani Rosen. Shame.

While on a stakeout where they are using the 2nd doctor as bait, Gary reveals Cameron’s sex code. Lol. HILARIOUS!

Okay, so Rachel offers to go to the stakeout because Eli is fast and they could use an extra set of eyes. Upon walking out of the office a gust of wind in the hallway passes her. She pauses, thinks nothing of it and keeps right on moving. Yeh, she is going to be a GREAT help if she didn’t think to warn Dr. Rosen that Eli was in the building and just past her. Lls.

Eli comes in and tells Dr. Rosen that he just wants this aging to stop. He also reveals that he has seen Parrish before because he ran the hospital in Connecticut, but doesn’t know much about him. STRANGE! And Dani comes in and calls Cameron, Eli finds out and freaks! He drives with Dr. Rosen to where the clinic was. Dani intervenes and uses her ability to make him feel better by slowing him down. A mysterious shot comes from nowhere and kills him. I think Parrish had something to do with this.

Dani meets up with Parrish and lets him know that she really wants to be with Cameron.

Nina Is still missing and Gary is still reading Cameron’s text messages, via his ability. Cameron says that he will kill Gary, but Gary says “ I will kill you first, I get up at 7:42” hhahahahah I love this show!

Parrish goes in and kills his granddaughter, though the pinching of the nose with the loosely covered mouth technique wasn’t all that convincing.

And in brief news, Nina pushes Dr. Rosen into accepting that she is gone, but not before revealing that Cameron is banging his daughter.

And that… is what you missed on ALPHAS ( in my GLEE voice) .lol


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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