ALPHAS S2: Wake Up Call

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Episode 1: Wake Up Call


Oh how I have missed them.

Knowing who you are in 5, 4, 3, 2, #ALPHAS

Wow! They put Dr. Rosen in a mental hospital? See, the government really wants to keep him quiet. And his therapist, Natalie, thinks that he is making up the ALPHA project.  So, is an Alpha going to come and help him break out of this place? He has been there for 8 months? Dang! Okay, we need an Alpha with the ability to shape-shift into Dr. Rosen so that he can switch and get out.

Okay, Bill and Ryan are in a grocery store waiting for an Alpha to show up and create some kind of drama. In comes this crazy lady in the back shortening the electricity and another man comes down the aisle with guns announcing this is a robbery. Now, surprise, surprise…..Bill isn’t the ONLY Alpha with the ability to gain strength from adrenaline, the nut with the gun can too. And some dude with the ability to make a sound that hurts everyone comes in over the intercom and cripples the alpha government tactical team. I swear the guy who makes the noise is the Asian dude from GLEE, but I am not sure.

Bill was able to capture the girl distorting the electricity, but the other two guys got away because Ryan wasn’t able to shoot at the truck. Something was happening to his ability to pinpoint and hit the target which is his ability. It was getting blurry.

Wait, Gary ran away? And the only way they have contact with him is when he signs in to an online chat-room for people looking for answers about Alphas?

Rachel is stuck in her room, she has been there for months! Her senses are overactive and she can hear everything super loud. Her father says that she has been there for months.

A weird dude on the street is yelling about how he knows about the existence of Alphas. He looks like a madman. Just then, Nina comes down the road and tells him that he should stop talking. Obviously, she isn’t a part of the team any more either.

Bill and DUDE take the electricity girl to Binghamton to building 7…..where they find GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! How did Gary get into Binghamton?!!! I’m pissed! GET HIM OUT OF THERE NOW!

So Clay’s dumb behind sent Gary on a special assignment and he got picked up and sent to Binghamton. The boy is Autistic…. They should know better.

Dr.Rosen’s daughter came to visit him in the mental ward.  She informs him that the government is making him look bad, they are trying to prove that he has a history of mental history. But he is waiting for an event large enough that the government will have to come and get him for his help.

WHAT!!! They have put a chip in Gary’s brain to turn off his ability. In the meaning, they tried to chip Mae, the electricity girl, and indirectly let her into the system of Binghamton. Any one of the prisoners there which have a chip in them now have the ability to override the chip, use electricity and be controlled by her.  During all of this chaos Bill ran into a prisoner who he put into Binghamton. The prisoner remembered that Bill has a weak heart and knocked him cold, but not before threatening to stop his heart completely.  They throw him in cell with Gary.

Cornel, apparently the boyfriend of Mae is somewhat behind the riot within Binghamton.  They took one of the guards/wardens hostages and used another Alpha to use her powers to make the hostage almost shoot himself. And right on cue….Cornel says that the only person he will negotiate anything with will be Dr. Rosen. BINGO!!!

Clay goes to get Dr. Rosen out of prison. Rachel awakes to Dr. Rosen standing in her room informing her that he needs her help. Nina is caught in the act of brainwashing a guy she practically kidnapped on the street earlier in the day to pay her way. Dr. Rosen informs her that Gary is in trouble and they need her help.

Nina, Dr. Rosen, and Rachel pull up to Binghamton where Cameron and Clay await them.  The funniest line of the episode is where Nina asks Cameron if he “feels like jumping off a building”.  Yeah, their whole breakup was NOT pretty, funny, but not pretty.

Dr. Rosen walks in by himself where the Tim, the guy who threatened Bill, punches him directly in the shoulder where Dr. Rosen has had plenty of issues. So apparently Tim’s ability is to see damage and weakness within a person’s body and he can use that to his ability.

Cornel wants to know why Dr. Rosen could justify putting all of them into Binghamton in the first place. Cornel wants to know why they are all screwed up.  Dr. Rosen says that they were not all mistakes, the mistake is not the ability but how they choose to use it. Dr. Rosen pulls up Stanton Parish… but is quickly interrupted when Mae comes and tells him that they are ready. The prisoners interrupt the camera feed instantaneously and line up all of the hostages to start shooting them. Hostages include Dr. Rosen, Gary, Bill, and a gard. They have already killed the guard. Cornel takes it upon himself to set Dr. Rosen on fire.


Rachel informs everyone that the scene on the monitor is all fake!!!! So apparently Mae is using the 1’s and 0’s of the security cameras to create a scene that doesn’t exist. The prisoners use the tactic as a distraction to break out of the side of the building. They take Bill and Gary hostage, but they will not let Dr. Rosen get inside because he is not an Alpha.  Cameron is trying to focus again to take out the car that has Gary and Bill when it gets blurry again.  Dr. Rosen tries to focus him, but his shot flips the van containing Bill and Gary over. It looked like they could have died.

Dr. Rosen renegotiates with Clay about the possibility of him taking back over the ALPHA program for the government.

They bring Gary back to the headquarters and try to get him to talk, but he won’t talk.  Dr. Rosen decides to take over trying to get Gary to talk.  Dr. Rosen tries to make him talk by reminding him of what happens at 3:45pm; so he calls his mother. This opened up Gary and he begins to talk the way that we became to know and love Gary. Glad to have you back, Gary!

Wait, is Dr. Rosen’s daughter speaking with Stanton Parrish? WTF!!!! I am soooo confused. And as he turns around, the rest of the escaped prisoners are standing behind him on the bridge, just seconds before they blow up a train.

El Fin!

Now, this season already promises to bring the thrill more than ever! Stay tuned. This is the first show of 2012 that I feel compelled to blog EVERY episode and on time! See you next Monday at 10pm EST.



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