He Is (Poem)

In Writer's Block on 2 July 2012 at 4:13 pm

So, usually I dont do love/crush/infatuation poems, but I think it is about time I express my hopeless romantic side and let the universe know how I feel. So I have been crushing on this one particular guy for YEARS!!! When I tell you that he is awesome….. it is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. Well, I decided to write this poem today because it was begging me to write it.

Sadly enough, I told him that I had a crush on him and got nothing back. If I felt like giving you the details you would offer me a drink. But just because the response to the news was weird doesnt take away from the fact that he is still an awesome person. He can still be an awesome person and not be into me, right? One thing that I did learn from the experience is to not be afraid to express how you feel. I learned how not to shut down just because how you feel about someone was not reciprocated in that immediate moment. In short…. I learned how to love.


~*He Is….*~

Good things come to those who wait

Change for the better comes to those who know him

He posts word that ring alarms,

give hugs that embrace calm.

He is danger and comfort,

Stranger and Friend.

He is someone who I know

 but want to know better.

He is everything and yet nothing

 with ambition to become it all.

I have faith that he will.

As I wave from his sideline.

Not all cheerleaders see the field.

I know.

Result of a platonic hug

Turned friendly cold shoulder

He is winter night by the fire,

summer day by the ocean.

Spring draped in the mating dance of Mother & her nature,

he is PDA & I want it

Nasty, with passion

Inappropriate but just right for the occasion

Hand on my lower spine

His genealogical imprint on my thigh

Ready to create an ancestor after my dot coms

He is masculine gentle

Intentional kisses on my forehead and cheek

He is fingers through my hair in private moments

Confident exuberance on stages

Old skool handsome

New school swag

Mama raised him right

I think he’ll make a wonderful dad

He is “remember when” when you don’t want to

Show up just because when he didn’t have to

My J.R. Winters invention

Call, don’t break in case of emergency

The Mitumba range that I am not afraid to climb

He is John P. Moon in my galaxy

Producing Apples a day to keep ignorance away

He is “why didn’t I think of that”

2 shades lighter than midnight blue black

That Friend when asked how long you’ve known each other who says

Oh, us?

We go waaaaaaay back

That whisper in your ear low enough for only you to hear

He is strategic

Mathematical emotions

Scattered behavior on purpose


He is Ghandi-minded

Martin tempered

Malcolm movement

Ready to keep the peace

But will clapback if you don’t get your hand out of his pocket

He is lyrical genius

The cause of my in awe of

Color coordinated grown man

With a spirit that emits the truth

He is tabernacle, synagogue, ashram,

Conviction and the proof

He is “I see you”

Because he does

Takes the time to acknowledge the God in you

Maturity clocked in

Youthfulness on standby

He is “you okay”

And “talk to me all the way until you make it home”

He is the source that creates the shine

I know because

He is

He is what I want

Probably will never have

So I just bask in the aftermath of his presence

They say that good things come to those who wait

I say change for the better comes to those who know him

So I don’t mind waiting

Because he is worth waiting for.

Trust me,

He is



  1. Wow!!! I felt every word because I too was in the exact same love affair with the exact same emotional feelings. OMG!! I thought I was alone and no one else felt as I did about someone. Now I see He Is did….

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