The Game S5: Making Amends

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 13 March 2012 at 11:57 pm

Episode 1: Season 5 Begins

Episode 2: Know Your Role

Episode 3: Classy vs Trashy

Episode 4: Stereotypical Black

Episode 5: BORING!

Episode 6: Off Sides

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9: Making Amends

I know, I know, I know. I have not been on in two weeks because  I was in California performing. So, my performance and travel schedule was much more important than me hitting the computer to blog about a show I am unsure as to whether I like it or not any more.

I have no clue what happened either. Maybe I should On Demand it.

It’s Game Time!!!!!!!! #@TheGameBET

I am lost. Why is Melanie a fashion designer all of a sudden? Oh wait, Brain fart. This was the Sun Beam charity fashion show.

I need Tasha to pick a hair length and stick to it.  But at least it always looks fresh! And I am loving these long earrings on this short hair. And Tasha and her ghetto ass eating these Sour Patch Kids. And Saint James turned up at the fashion show. Okay, so he is a gigolo? And Tasha is paying him to have sex and to remain exclusive?

Yummy…Malik in his undies. THANK YOU LAWD! And these basic bitches are ruining my scene. And then the fact that he is having erectile issues is comedic!! Considering I have a mental picture of how his “being ready” looks in real life. JEEEZUS!!!!! His side profile is killing me!!!! But this scene is soooo Showtime and not BET access.

Tee-Tee is killing me. And this interaction with Melanie and Tasha is too much. It is pointless and petty and I have never seen such foolishness go on this damn long. And that mic check is HILARIOUS!!! It caught Tasha admitting to paying for sex. Lol. This is why I hate that BET always shows the good part of shows in the commercials. I knew that was going to happen so it was of no surprise.

Sooo where did Derwin, Jason and TeeTee get a key to lock Melanie and Tasha in the bathroom? And then they left them in there for the fashion show.

And so Malik goes to the rehab building because he figures that she is the reason that he cant get it up.  What does Jenna play in other than this? It is driving me crazy right now….oh Stomp the Yard: Homecoming. And why is Jenna’s hair that short?  In short, Malik told Jenna how he feels and she gave him her permission to be him. He confessed that he still l oves her and the scene was over.

So Melanie and Tasha had it out and words were thrown right before bitch slaps. So Melanie gets slapped by Tasha and then slaps her back and runs into the handicapped stall to avoid getting her ass beat. And the only thing that gets her to come out was realizing that Tasha was waiting on an apology. And then we have this pitiful tear fest where melaie hyperventilates and cant get a sorry out. And tasha says that they are family, and with family you don’t have to say sorry, you just have to mean it.

HILARIOUS! Finally Malik gets the three girls back in the room and now that he is at his full potential they don’t think that they can handle all of him. Funny.

I love this Lady GaGa inspired jacket that Melanie has on as she reenacts how the fashion show was supposed to have gone while they were locked up in the bathroom. Now they are all friends again. And they promise to ban the word bitch from their terms of endearment. I think they settled on Ratchedy Dan as a replacement. *side eye*



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