Let’s Stay Together: Race to No Where

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 13 March 2012 at 11:56 pm

Episode 1: Beginning

Episode 2: Ex-Rated Issues

Episode 3: Married Duties

Episode 4: Trust In Me

Episode 5: Univited Advances

Episode 6: Sick Intentions

Episode 7: While the Cat’s Away

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10: Race to No Where

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,2 #BoredomInMotion

Oh Lord, even your sister starts the show off in your bedroom. So Tasha is buying clothes and hiding them over at Stacy’s house. And in walks Charles and Stacy spills the secret. Shame and so predictable.

So they are all at dinner at this same restaurant. So Crystal has changed her major again. Yeh, so is she the Denise Huxtable of this show? In short we discover that Stacy is training for a marathon in support of Children’s Diabetes.

Can someone tell me why Tasha had to stand up to make this whole point about her being the athlete and Stacy being the brainiac. And why is Jamal going to be Stacy’s 10k trainer? Oh Lord.

So Charles is paying for a commercial and apparently Crystal is filming it. So this commercial is for Charles’ business. Sadly, I see Crystal as Kyla’s character from One on One the minute that she says she wants to be in the entertainment business.

Why in the hell is Tasha jealous that Jamal is paying attention to Stacy? And now Tasha tells Stacy that she will not be able to finish the race. Now Tasha says she’s going to finish the race in 55 minutes just moments after Stacy says she will finish in an hour. So sad. The jealousy seems so random people.

What I hate about this show , and this season of The Game, is that each episode is independent of another. Can some things be left unfinished and solved 3 episodes later? Can concepts and ideas begin in one episode and then come to life in another rather than seeming random as hell?

Now Charles is Tasha’s trainer? And can we please afford a more supportive sports bra for her? This bra is doing nothing but hurt my eyes and fuck with the color balance on my TV. I have never seen a fuchsia bra this bright in my life. Wait, did Charles mention time in the army? I’m confused. Also, why is someone’s sister running around your house in front of your husband in only a sports bra? See how terrible this shit is? But it is still a challenge between Stacy and Tasha.

Crystal’s abstract concept for Charles’ ad was horrible.  But were we surprised? And why is this turtle’s name Beyonce? Lawd!

So Stacy ran the entire 10k in under an hour and she raised the most money. While Tasha ran it in under 2 hours. Lol. And I hate how Stacy acted as if her shoulder and arm hurt when she went to give dap to Tasha and then moments later she was waving the arm  and standing up to battle her sister. Lord, stick with your injuries woman!!!!



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