Basketball Wives S:4~ Same Piss, Different Pot

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Episode 1: Same Piss, Different Pot


So, I am running extremely late. I was in Rosslyn with my good friend from 3rd grade at Cafe Asia. So, I chose quality time with my homegirl than to watch BBW. But now that I am home… let me catch up in the middle of this.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

Now after watching the commercials a few weeks ago I noticed that there were some new faces that I didn’t recognize. SO I did some research. The two new cast members are Kenya Bell and KEsha Nicole. Now, if memory serves me correctly…didn’t Kenya stab her husband, Charlie Bell? Kesha Ni’cole Nicholas was rumored to have been dumped by Richard Jefferson right before the wedding via email. DAYUM!!! Your cooch aint worth SHIT if you get dumped via email! lmao!

Side Note: The commercial was weak as hell. I didnt get the nautical and Vegas themed references. And why int he hell would Shaune fire a flare? Um, on a boat that means that you need help. Was she calling for help? And what in the hell made Royce stand up in the hot tub? You watch and be the judge~> * BBW Promo

I’m lost, why are they starting off in New York? Diane Valentine is Evelyn’s wedding planner and she is meeting Evelyn in New York.  Wait…. She said that she and Chad have 5 kids together?!! DAYUM!! And she also doesn’t want bridesmaids. Good look.

Jen and Suzie are in New York as well. Wait…so now Suzie lives in New York too? So is everyone moving to New York? I’m so confused. Please help me out. And then Jen is from New York? Oh lawd! And Jen says that she has not spoken to Eric after the whole drink in the face incident. And Now Jen lives in New York now as well? UGH!  Cat out of the bag, Jen and Evelyn are not talking? Here we go again.

Royce is meeting Kesha, a fellow dancer, to see what she is about. Kesha really does have a Texas accent. And Kesha owns her own dance company as well. And Kesha mentions that Royce needs to meet Kenya Bell as well since they are all in New York. I mean really…. You can’t make me believe that Shaune got tired of the Miami scene and asked all of the girls to rent New York apartments so that they could have a change in scenery. This is getting good and we are 7 minutes in.

Tammi meets up with Evelyn and comes to find out that she and Jennifer are really not friends. And, in some ways, I feel like ever since Evelyn got engaged to Chad, she has been more willing to let other people go. I mean, I see her side, but the way that she is going about it is horrible.

Royce meets with Kenya Bell and Kesha. So Kenya is hilarious!! She is hoping to be divorced from her husband soon. And she apparently has a music career and may use Royce for her dance company. This I have got to see. Now I need to do my research and find out her music side.

Suzie meets up with Royce and the talk begins! Royce reveals that she still has her issues with the way that Suzie tries to play both sides of the fence and failing miserably. Royce mentions that Suzie should meet up with Kesha and Kenya. And it begins.

One thing that I really hate is how they make us think that these people have just randomly met. You all know that Shaune set this shit up pre-season!

Kesha was the first one to meet with Suzie. And dayum… Suzie said that she doesn’t look like a Kesha and she sounds like a “redneck hillbilly”. OUCH!!! Can you not talk about how someone sounds, with your lisping ass! And Suzie, in the same sentence, says that she is the only one cool with Royce right and in the same breath reveals why people are not cool with Royce. Dayum, this tongue whispering trick just never learns.

Tami decides that she will meet up with Jen to figure out what she and Evelyn are no longer friends.

Side note: Can someone please tell me what is going on with Tami’s hairline in this traction afflicted part?!!!! This style was not good for her post “in need of a perm 5 weeks ago” hair-do.

Jen is skipping around the issue and not really admitting to anything. Jen is trying to be so hard and it is not believable.  Tami admits that friends, much like her and her hairline, grow apart. I agree.

Oh my word!!! Jen meeting Kenya and Kesha to see if they can come in the clique is too much!!! And Suzie did NOT say that she can give good “head”!!!! I agree with Kesha, you are in PUBLIC… why are you asking these females how they behave sexually. But it just came across as fake small talk.

Tami and Royce are now meeting up with Kesha and Kenya. And Tammi blurts out to Kesha with the question of is she white. Kesha said that she is mixed with black and white.  Kesha said that Suzie was cool and then she says that once Suzie got with Jen then she tool it up a notch. Kenya says that Suzie is straight forward and that Jen is bourgsie and she likes bourgsie people.  Royce says that Kesha and Kenya are just like her and so they all should get along very well.

Oh LORD!!!! Is this the adult telephone game? Tammi goes to meet up with Jen and Suzie to see what they thought of Kesha and Kenya. I am sooo upset with Tammi. I mean, damn, can you not keep a secret? Can you have a conversation without snitching on the new girls.  Suzie and Jen already hate these girls and the mess has already started. Damn! And don’t think that I didn’t peep Suzie calling Kesha by Ke$ha’s name.

Reminder: I just turned it on with Jen and Suzie meeting KEsha and Kenya….so I have no clue what has occurred in the past hour. So if I say something that doesn’t make sense…. Blame it on my social life.

Really, Shaune and Tammie really think  that Evelyn and Jen are going to be friends after all that has occurred.  Evelyn is claiming that she is upset for something that went down on Jen’s blog.  And Jen says that her publicist wrote the blog and she only glanced over it. And then Evelyn tells Jen to “calm it down before she punches her in her motherfucking face”. Um, really? SECURITY!!!!! Tammi says that Jen and Evelyn are behaving like two bitches who just met and do not have any loyalty to one another.  Oh goodness….. it just continues to go on.

Honestly, I see both sides. Jen should get to say what she wants to say, whether she or her publicist writes it, but she should also be ready for any backlash that springs from that. Evelyn should also know how to take her emotions out of things and be able to talk to people without flying off the handle. I am trying to tell you she is going to run up against the wrong person one of these days.

Jen steps up and says that the way that it has gone down is ridiculous and just mean. Evelyn told Jen to take her crocodile tears to her publicist. She also says that she never wants to be in Jen’s presence ever again. Basically, Jen is Evelyn’s enemy.

Fast Forward: The look into the rest of this season is HILARIOUS!!! I have seen someone come up and straight pimp slap another girl. I have seen Evelyn jump over a table, pick a fight, and chuck a full bottle of wine in someone’s direction.  Oh my word!!!! This is going to be a very interesting season.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*!~

  1. This show is super funny! Lol! These women kill me! Shaunie is tricking the hell outta all of these girls. Or on the flip side, is she really tricking them if money is being passed around???

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